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Bruno inhaled sharply, a small whimper coming from the back of his throat while his eyes tightly screwed shut. The stretch of Abbacchio’s cock inside of him made Buccellati breathless, the back of his thighs ached at the harsh bend of having his legs positioned on Abbacchio’s strong shoulders. Buccellati had slept with his fair share of men in his short adult life, but never had he felt so captivated by one such as the man he had met tonight, who simply went by ‘Abbacchio’; unrevealing in his first name which was unsurprising to Bruno. Buccellati opened his eyes and looked up at the man above him and was absolutely tantalized by his visage. Abbacchio wore his hair cropped short and bleached white, parted lips painted black while his closed eyes were ghosted with shimmering, light purple eyeshadow. A deep flush was painting Abbacchio’s otherwise pale face. 

Buccellati had met the gorgeous man in his most frequented club and found himself needing to talk to the fascinating tall stranger whom Buccellati had never seen before. The stranger had been wearing a cropped tee shirt of some band Bruno had never heard of, black skin tight pants, and his boots had definitely been designer. He immediately knew he wanted to sleep with him. They found themselves talking and dancing all night while simultaneously keeping their personal lives under wraps, neither revealing anything identifiable other than their last names. Bruno had made the first move and Abbacchio had been positively darling; stuttering, nervous as all hell, and struggling to make eye contact. Adorable . One thing that is completely certain to Bruno, is Abbacchio isn’t a stand user like himself. This relieved him as it meant Buccellati had the upper hand if this charming man- if this hookup- turned dangerous. It wouldn’t be the first time. But it wasn’t dangerous in the slightest, it was wonderful, he was wonderful. Bruno could feel an intoxicated buzz going throughout his whole body that was only amplified by the feeling of his body being pushed up the headboard from Abbacchio’s force. 

Bruno felt like he was absolutely drowning, overstimulated when Abbacchio adjusted the angle of his fast thrusts to hit directly onto his prostate. Buccellati keened loudly and Abbacchio opened his eyes to look down at him, concern evident in his wide open eyes. Abbacchio slowed down his pace and spoke in a breathy, deep voice, “did I hurt you?” Bruno felt his face grow warmer when their eyes met, he found himself adoring the light shade of blue and the way Abbacchio did his makeup. Due to Abbacchio’s shyness and charming naiveté, Bruno had a hunch that he was definitely new to having sex, at least with a man.

Buccellati giggled quietly despite himself, wanting desperately for Abbacchio to continue at the pace from before. “No, no I’m okay just keep going, you’re doing amazing,” Abbacchio nodded quickly and thrusted deep, his light blue eyes screwing shut once more. Bruno thought Abbacchio was simply adorable as he bit down on his black painted bottom lip. Bruno felt an overwhelming need to kiss the lipstick right off of him. “May I kiss you?” Abbacchio gave a brief sound of amusement, taking Bruno’s legs off of his shoulders. “Please do,” Bruno wrapped his long legs around Abbacchio’s thin waist, pulling him down close. When they kissed, it was like nothing else Bruno had ever felt. Their chemistry was undeniable as he felt a surge of adrenaline course throughout his body. Abbacchio began to speed up, moaning into Bruno’s kiss, “god, you’re so fucking tight.” Abbacchio‘s groans were gruff and intoxicating and in that moment Bruno had never heard anything quite as wonderful. He ran his hands in Abbacchio’s short light hair as he peppered small kisses from his cheek to his neck, biting lightly on the soft pale skin beneath his touch.  

Bruno knew he was in trouble. He knew he wanted this to be more than just one hookup and he prayed Abbacchio was feeling the same. Buccellati bit Abbacchio’s lobe and whispered in his ear, “ what’s your name? ” He could tell Abbacchio was getting close and Bruno knew he would be soon to follow when he felt Abbacchio’s slender hand wrapped around his weeping cock. He rubbed his thumb on Buccellati’s sensitive head and jerked him off with relentless speed. Bruno’s head was spinning, feeling lightheaded and consumed by lust. He threw his arm over his face, the feeling of overstimulation returning with gusto. Abbacchio came with a singular deep groan, his mouth pressed tight. Bruno felt him finish deep inside of him and knew he wasn’t far behind. In the back of his mind Bruno knew they should have used a condom, he knew they should have, but neither of them had found themselves caring. Consequences be damned; a problem for tomorrow. Abbacchio gave a few final strokes of Buccellati’s cock and his orgasm hit him like a truck; suddenly and intense. Bruno whimpered as he came onto his abdomen, immediately feeling sleepy and satiated.

He winced slightly at the odd feeling of Abbacchio’s limp cock leaving his body. He then moved to lay down beside Bruno. “Leone,” Bruno didn’t respond at first, still feeling like he was floating miles away in pure bliss. After what felt like minutes- but was probably only seconds- Bruno spoke. “Pardon?” Abbacchio smirked, teeth hidden behind smudged lips, “my name. It’s Leone.” Leone Abbacchio . Bruno smiled, dark blue eyes twinkling and glazed, “that’s beautiful, it suits you wonderfully. I’m Bruno, it’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.” Abbacchio smiled, with teeth this time, “Bruno Buccellati. Really rolls off the tongue.” They laid together in the silent early morning with Abbacchio resting his head on Buccellati’s shoulder. The cum on Bruno’s stomach had started to cool and dry and his legs began to ache dully, “I think I’m going to head to the bathroom to clean up, I’ll be right back.” Abbacchio watched on as Bruno stood up on wobbling legs, not bothering to cover up as he walked away, much to Abbacchio’s curious arousal. He admired Bruno’s broad shoulders and plump ass, feeling color rise to his face once more. 

The door closed and Abbacchio exhaled deeply, feeling sleepy and content. Just as sleep was about to take him in its hold, just as he was beginning to drift off, he ventured a glance to the left of him towards the neon green on the alarm clock, absolutely flabbergasted to see ‘5:39AM’ read out before him. Shit. Shitshitshitshitshit . He jumped to his feet and began to gather his belongings, finding his clothes strewn throughout Bruno’s tidy room and dressing quickly. When Bruno came back into his bedroom his heart sank ever so slightly at the sight of Abbacchio upright and fully clothed. Quite a scenery change from what he left mere minutes before. “Are you leaving?” Bruno’s voice sounded small and too vulnerable for his liking. Abbacchio, however, sounded worried and rushed, trying to find his leather jacket. “Yeah I’m really sorry, Bruno. my shift starts at 7.” Bruno, still completely naked, glanced towards his clock which now read ‘5:41AM’. “You can sleep here for an hour if you’d like, getting a cab now would be hell- “ Abbacchio shook his head, sitting on Bruno’s bed and lacing up his patent leather boots.

“I would but I can’t, I don’t have my uniform with me.” Uniform? Intrigue stirred within Bruno and he thought about what it was Leone Abbacchio did as his career. He couldn’t be older than his early twenties, so maybe it was just a retail or restaurant job, or maybe he could just ask the man and find out, “What do you do? If you don’t mind me asking.” Abbacchio flushed a deep red and seemingly began to grow very fascinated with tying his laces. “I-I’m a cop. Surprising, I know.” A cop, an actual fucking cop. A cop and a mafioso. Poetic. Bruno smiled, trying to quell the rising panic he felt within himself. “How interesting. I’ve never met a cop that wore makeup.” Abbacchio gave a short bark of laughter, “yeah me neither.” A comfortable silence stretched on throughout the room. Abbacchio wanted to stall his departure as long as he could, feeling guilty that he had to leave so soon in the first place. Seeing an opportunity to learn more about Bruno and prolong his stay, he decided to make conversation as Bruno went to put on his robe. 

“What is it that you do? This is a beautiful home. Is it your parents?” They were now walking towards the back door and Bruno felt his confidence soar. What was he actually worried about? He’s a stand user, and maybe he’d regret telling Abbacchio this, and just maybe he was making a mistake, but his mouth worked faster than his brain and he found himself smirking and leaning in to respond to Abbacchio in a hushed whisper, “I’m a mafioso.” Bruno’s hands were resting on Abbacchio’s firm chest and his plump lips were dancing dangerously close to the taller mans. Abbacchio remained silent for a moment, shock evident on his charmingly boyish face. Without much warning, Abbacchio kissed Buccellati hard, pulling on tangled, short ebony hair. Bruno moaned quietly, his arousal returning tenfold. God, he wished Leone didn’t have to leave. Abbacchio broke the kiss, both of them breathless. He gave a small laugh, “That’s funny. Will I ever see you again?” Bruno smiled bashfully as he looked down towards his painted toenails, amused that Abbacchio had chosen not to believe his admission, “yes, you’ll see me again, I’m sure of it.” Abbacchio nodded, a small smile on his smudged lips, “well, goodbye, Bruno. I had an amazing night.” Buccellati ran a hand through his tangled black hair, thinking that he must look like an absolute debauched mess right now. He could feel the smudges of Leone’s black lips on his own. “I had a wonderful time too. Goodbye, Leone. Until we meet again.”