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Chapter 1

3 days after Jason ' s wedding and her and Bernie have split up Serena is at home on her 5th bottle of red wine and she also has had 2 at work in her office. She has been like that since her and Bernie ended their relationship even though she didn't want to but she had to become she wouldn't make Bernie choose between her or her career and she didn't want to be the cause of Bernie regretting leaving her career at all she couldn't or wouldn't do that even though Bernie is all she wants for the rest of her life no one else.

At 11.00pm Serena slowly makes her way to the door to answer it even though she is really drunk and can barely walk when she does answer Leah is standing there with a bottle of wine and a big smile on her face as Serena says " what do you want why are you here for". Leah goes to step inside but Serena blocks her way so Leah says"come on Serena why you being like this with me now Blonde has gone we can fuck each other now you can cheat on her because you have split up. Serena steps closer to her and says " the problem with that is I love Bernie I only want her no one else that is why I did absolutely nothing with you I have never cheated and I never ever will as far as I'm concerned you are absolutely nothing at all to me when you kissed me I felt sick I told you you to stay away from me and never do anything like that ever again now I suggest you get the hell out of here and keep your head down at work until you leave in 2 weeks which can't fucking come quick enough for me". She grabs the bottle from Leah's hand turns around walks back in her house slams the door shut on her and goes back in to her front room to carry on drinking.

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Chapter 2

Serena goes in to work on Monday still hung over from the night before but not caring at all she sprays herself and eats some mints in her office where she also hides more alcohol in her desk draws before locking it when she sees Hansen and Ric walking over to her office. When Hansen and Ric walk in Serena puts on a fake smile but inside she is heartbroken and just wants to be at home drinking. She sits there pretending to listen and pay attention to what they both are saying but she doesn't really care all she cares about is losing the love of her life because she pushed her to concentrate on her career.

After an hour Ric stays behind when Hansen leaves and says" Serena how are you are you alright". Serena says" no I'm not alright I have lost the love of my life because I pushed her away so she could go and live her dream and do her dream job when all I want is her here with me which now will never happen I pushed her away so later she couldn't blame me for making her give up her dream job and now I'm suffering because of it and I'm not alright I never will be". Before Ric can say anything Serena gets up and leaves her office and the ward where she goes to the ladies toilets. She stares at herself in the mirror for a while then goes back to the ward and her office she sighs with relief when Ric is no longer there she closes the door and blinds dots at her desk opens the draw pulls out a glass with a bottle of wine opens it and knocks back one full glass pours herself another and knocks that one back she is about to have more when there is a knock on her office so she quickly puts it all back in her desk draw locks it sprays more perfume eats another mint or 2 then goes opens the door to Donna and Cam who need her help.

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Chapter 3

1 month later and Serena is still drinking heavily but now it is hell of a lot worse and Ric knows that something is wrong with her but doesn't know what but he thinks I am damn well going to find out so when Serena is in her office Ric comes storming in and says" Serena what the hell is going on with you you haven't been right since you and Bernie split up and she went back to Nairobi what is wrong tell me".

Serena just stares at nothing and says" I messed up I want Bernie I love her and I pushed her away I finished with her so she could concentrate on her work in Nairobi when all I want is her here with me in our home and I can't reach out to her because we haven't spoken since we split up I love her so damn fucking much and I fucked up badly". Ric stares at her as she gets up and walks out of her office with her coat and bag and leaves AAU and the hospital. She goes straight to Albies and orders to bottles of wine with a glass sits in a corner and drinks both bottles on her own. When she has finished them both she order 6 more then orders a cab before going the bathroom then grabs the wine along with her bag and coat leaving Albies when she gets outside her cab is there so she gets in gives him her address before pulling her phone out messaging Hansen telling him she is not feeling well and that she is going home before switching her phone off completely so no one can contact her in anyway.

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Chapter 4


When Serena gets home she throws her bag,coat and keys on the table before going to get changed upstairs then she gets a glass and wine bottle opener then climbs in the sofa and starts drinking the bottles of wine.


Ric tries and tries to call Serena on her mobile and the house phone but her mobile is switched off and the house phone is off it's hook. He's then starts banging on her door and starts shouting out her name but she just totally ignores him. He stops and leaves as Serena says"thank you just leave me alone she then turns the TV back on and carries on drinking again.


A few hours later Serena is passed out on the sofa completely drunk after drinking all the bottles of wine with the TV still on.

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Chapter 5

Serena sat tensely in the chair, the emerging shadows cloaking her still face. She had watched the hours pass, from the sun dipping behind the horizon to the diminishing height of the tapers. Dinner had long since sunk into cold, its once fragrant aroma hung heavily in the air.

Never again Wasn't that what she had said the last time

Serena stared at the door while holding Bernie's picture she let go of a breath she didn't know she was holding when she reliazed she wouldn't be walking through it at all.

An overwhelming silence pressed down on her as she turned her back. An eye for an eye, she thought bitterly. She waited for a vengeful relief that did not come.

Her eyes fell on the crystal decanter and she fingered it delicately. Relief would come in the first gratifying sip of vodka and wine.

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Chapter 6

Edwards hand covered her own as his other dropped out of sight. Beneath the cover of the table, his other hand rested comfortably on her thigh.

Despite the hum of the party in Albies, she heard Ric's and Cameron's muffled voices. She glanced up quickly, meeting their eyes. Both of their glare's cut through the silence and straight to the core of her being. She shifted uncomfortably and gently pushed the Edwards's hand off her thigh.

Serena's glass hit the table with a resounding clink and pushed her chair back from the table. Ric waited a long beat before following her out because now he has had enough and wants to have it out with her once and for all.

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Chapter 7


Edward glared at her, his face melting in disgust. She paused, watching his eyes flicker over her dismissively. Cringing under his appraisal, she let go of a breath she didn't know she was holding when he turned and left in her office.

An overwhelming silence pressed down on her as she turned her back on the spot where he stood. An eye for an eye, she thought bitterly. She waited for a vengeful relief that did not come.

Her blue eyes fell on the bottle and she fingered it delicately. Relief would come in the first gratifying sip of vodka.

Ric collapsed heavily onto the end of the bed in the on call room, clutching his head in his hands. Her words echoed in the silence, as he tries to figure out why Serena is acting like this and why she is having all this alcohol and he is trying to figure out how to help her.

She is living in denial. He lunged up with a guttural roar that cut sharply through the quiet. He picks up the glass bottle slammed into the wall with a resounding crack, shattering easily into a dozen pieces.

The overwhelming scent of Serena's perfume filled the on call room. He kicked at the broken shards but staring at a passed out drunken Serena.

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Chapter 8

Serena was drinking heavily. As many times as Ric had talked himself out of facing that fact, he could no longer delude himself about the issue. Oh he had come up with a multitude of excuses for her behavior- but no more. He loved as his best friend too much to let her continue down this path of self-destruction.

Ric had confronted Serena a week ago and asked her if she was drinking heavily and she had done something that in all the years he had known her, she had never done before. Serena Campbell had looked him dead in the face and bold face lied to him.

Deep down, he had known at that moment it was a lie, but he didn't want to accuse her falsely if he was wrong, so he let the subject drop; That was the worst mistake Ric had ever made in his life and that is saying a lot for a man who had lived as many years as he had. Every day he enabled her to go on as she was, while accepting the falsehoods she had told him, was a day he allowed her to put her life and the lives of others at risk. And that was UNACCEPTABLE.

It would be one of the hardest things he would ever do but Ric knew he had to confront her and force her to admit she was hitting the bottle hard. She had a problem and ignoring it would not make it go away.

Ric knew if she was in her right mind and her brain hadn't been polluted by the alcohol, Serena would be horrified that she had sunk so low as to be drinking at work he knew she needed help,love and support.

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Chapter 9

Cameron's jaw clenched, the muscles in his face working as he watched Serena over the rim of his glass. She was across the pub at a table engrossed in conversation with the man sitting next to her. "Long time " he said jovially.

She leaned into him, their faces nearly touching. The aged scotch warmed his throat as his hand gripped the glass tighter. Robbie's hand was covering Serena's, his thumb caressing hers.

Cameron scoffed into his glass and took another large sip of scotch. Serena looked up, meeting his dark eyes. And as she looked in to his eyes he shook his head giving her a disgusting dirty look then he stormed out leaving her feeling guilty and sad so she got up walked to the bar and carried on drinking on her own even though Robbie kept trying to get her to drink with him she just kept staying at the bar drinking bottle after bottle.

Serena heard Ric before she saw him his footsteps and shouting growing louder with each passing second. She hurried, pouring a generous splash of the colorless liquid into her orange juice.

Spinning away from the bar, she fled back to the table where Essie and Sacha sat.

He bent to her, ready to ask her something when he sniffed. "You're drunk again," he hissed.

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Chapter 10

Serena pushed herself up, drawing the sheet to her chest. Edward stood in front of the mirror, fastening his pants.

She blinked heavily, repelling a wave of nausea. "This is the last time," she moaned, collapsing back into the pillow's soft embrace. "It has to be."

"Whatever you say, darlin'."

"This is it was once and once only I was drunk out of my mind it will never be happening ever again". Serena lies there hungover disgusted with herself for sleeping with her ex but she gets up goes downstairs grabs a bottle and goes back to her bed.

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Chapter 11

Serena pushed herself up and closed her eyes as the room began to spin. With a groan, she swung her legs and tentatively felt for the floor. She reached beneath the sheets for her underwear, barely glancing at the snoring man. With her underwear dangling from her finger, she slowly walked to the bathroom.

She blinked under the light and saw her eye makeup smudged into her skin. She grimaced at the foul taste in her mouth. She could smell the alcohol in her sweat. She couldn't go to work in this awful state not that she wanted to go to work anymore.

Serena got dressed and went to walk out of the room when Edward woke jumped out if bed and said get back in bed and let's continue with what we did last night and every night for the rest of our lives together I knew you didn't love that Dyke Bernie you were just using her till I came back to you"

"NO I can not even bare to look at you anymore and you are so fucking wrong I do love Bernie and I'm always going to she is 10 times the person you are she never ever hurts me and she never turned my daughter against me ever and she always supported me no matter what unlike you," she snapped, angrily wiping her eyes.

Edward inhaled sharply and resisted the urge to grab her shoulders and shake some sense into her. "So, why do you keep fucking me then why are you not with her then when is your precious Bernie?" he hissed, glaring.

She scoffed. "Oh, please! Don't you dare stand there and make it seem as if you care about me or Bernie or how I'm feeling or what I want or need!"

He lunged for her and she shrieked as he pulled her against him. Her eyes widened as she struggled against him, whimpering his name. His lungs strained as his fingers dug into her arms. "You are my wife," he growled

To Be Continued