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Chapter 13

Serena pushed herself up and closed her eyes as the room began to spin. With a groan, she swung her legs and tentatively felt for the floor. She looked under the covers so glad that nothing happened, barely glancing at the snoring woman, she slowly walked to the bathroom.

She blinked under the unforgiving fluorescent light and saw her eye makeup smudged into her skin. She grimaced at the foul taste in her mouth. She could smell the alcohol in her sweat.

What did you say?" The woman neared the bed, looking down at her as she repeated something unintelligible. She pulled her back down next to her. And she tried to pull her closer to her but Serena pulled away stood back up and moved to pick up her things then Serena turned back to the woman and said" I said goodbye for ever whatever your name is I will never be seeing you again and do not coming looking for me we only kissed because I was so drunk now bye" with that she left and never looked back.