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Chapter 11

Serena pushed herself up and closed her eyes as the room began to spin. With a groan, she swung her legs and tentatively felt for the floor. She reached beneath the sheets for her underwear, barely glancing at the snoring man. With her underwear dangling from her finger, she slowly walked to the bathroom.

She blinked under the light and saw her eye makeup smudged into her skin. She grimaced at the foul taste in her mouth. She could smell the alcohol in her sweat. She couldn't go to work in this awful state not that she wanted to go to work anymore.

Serena got dressed and went to walk out of the room when Edward woke jumped out if bed and said get back in bed and let's continue with what we did last night and every night for the rest of our lives together I knew you didn't love that Dyke Bernie you were just using her till I came back to you"

"NO I can not even bare to look at you anymore and you are so fucking wrong I do love Bernie and I'm always going to she is 10 times the person you are she never ever hurts me and she never turned my daughter against me ever and she always supported me no matter what unlike you," she snapped, angrily wiping her eyes.

Edward inhaled sharply and resisted the urge to grab her shoulders and shake some sense into her. "So, why do you keep fucking me then why are you not with her then when is your precious Bernie?" he hissed, glaring.

She scoffed. "Oh, please! Don't you dare stand there and make it seem as if you care about me or Bernie or how I'm feeling or what I want or need!"

He lunged for her and she shrieked as he pulled her against him. Her eyes widened as she struggled against him, whimpering his name. His lungs strained as his fingers dug into her arms. "You are my wife," he growled

To Be Continued