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Chapter 7


Edward glared at her, his face melting in disgust. She paused, watching his eyes flicker over her dismissively. Cringing under his appraisal, she let go of a breath she didn't know she was holding when he turned and left in her office.

An overwhelming silence pressed down on her as she turned her back on the spot where he stood. An eye for an eye, she thought bitterly. She waited for a vengeful relief that did not come.

Her blue eyes fell on the bottle and she fingered it delicately. Relief would come in the first gratifying sip of vodka.

Ric collapsed heavily onto the end of the bed in the on call room, clutching his head in his hands. Her words echoed in the silence, as he tries to figure out why Serena is acting like this and why she is having all this alcohol and he is trying to figure out how to help her.

She is living in denial. He lunged up with a guttural roar that cut sharply through the quiet. He picks up the glass bottle slammed into the wall with a resounding crack, shattering easily into a dozen pieces.

The overwhelming scent of Serena's perfume filled the on call room. He kicked at the broken shards but staring at a passed out drunken Serena.