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Chapter 2

Serena goes in to work on Monday still hung over from the night before but not caring at all she sprays herself and eats some mints in her office where she also hides more alcohol in her desk draws before locking it when she sees Hansen and Ric walking over to her office. When Hansen and Ric walk in Serena puts on a fake smile but inside she is heartbroken and just wants to be at home drinking. She sits there pretending to listen and pay attention to what they both are saying but she doesn't really care all she cares about is losing the love of her life because she pushed her to concentrate on her career.

After an hour Ric stays behind when Hansen leaves and says" Serena how are you are you alright". Serena says" no I'm not alright I have lost the love of my life because I pushed her away so she could go and live her dream and do her dream job when all I want is her here with me which now will never happen I pushed her away so later she couldn't blame me for making her give up her dream job and now I'm suffering because of it and I'm not alright I never will be". Before Ric can say anything Serena gets up and leaves her office and the ward where she goes to the ladies toilets. She stares at herself in the mirror for a while then goes back to the ward and her office she sighs with relief when Ric is no longer there she closes the door and blinds dots at her desk opens the draw pulls out a glass with a bottle of wine opens it and knocks back one full glass pours herself another and knocks that one back she is about to have more when there is a knock on her office so she quickly puts it all back in her desk draw locks it sprays more perfume eats another mint or 2 then goes opens the door to Donna and Cam who need her help.