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Chapter 1

3 days after Jason ' s wedding and her and Bernie have split up Serena is at home on her 5th bottle of red wine and she also has had 2 at work in her office. She has been like that since her and Bernie ended their relationship even though she didn't want to but she had to become she wouldn't make Bernie choose between her or her career and she didn't want to be the cause of Bernie regretting leaving her career at all she couldn't or wouldn't do that even though Bernie is all she wants for the rest of her life no one else.

At 11.00pm Serena slowly makes her way to the door to answer it even though she is really drunk and can barely walk when she does answer Leah is standing there with a bottle of wine and a big smile on her face as Serena says " what do you want why are you here for". Leah goes to step inside but Serena blocks her way so Leah says"come on Serena why you being like this with me now Blonde has gone we can fuck each other now you can cheat on her because you have split up. Serena steps closer to her and says " the problem with that is I love Bernie I only want her no one else that is why I did absolutely nothing with you I have never cheated and I never ever will as far as I'm concerned you are absolutely nothing at all to me when you kissed me I felt sick I told you you to stay away from me and never do anything like that ever again now I suggest you get the hell out of here and keep your head down at work until you leave in 2 weeks which can't fucking come quick enough for me". She grabs the bottle from Leah's hand turns around walks back in her house slams the door shut on her and goes back in to her front room to carry on drinking.