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i want to say i’d stay (but it’d be too late)

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Daisuke was torn — that, Haru could see. His eyes were darting towards him and the exit, where Shigemaru just ran out as an escape.

The bastard knew the two of them were coming, and planned to kill the both of them with a bomb he set up inside the lab, while he ran away.

He knew Daisuke wanted to chase his father, could see it in his eyes: how it trembled with determination because he was so close, the asshat couldn’t have gone far yet, not with a big-ass wound on his leg.

Haru could bet Shigemaru was actually limping now, Daisuke could chase After him no problem.


He should chase after him. Daisuke should.


But it seemed like Haru’s current predicament made Daisuke stuck like a statue to where he was standing.

Underneath all that rubble that collapsed due to the bomb was Katou Haru himself, head peeking out from all of the rubble, trembling, trying his best to pull himself out of the collapse, but he could only grunt in vain.

Haru could see Daisuke bend down and offer his hand But Haru quickly shooed it away, much to Daisuke’s surprise, and Haru could see the way his eyes widened when he looked up to look at him in the eyes.


Damn, i’m sure i’m looking like a mess , Haru thought, as he could blood dripping from his temples, and the way His shoulders hurt from the impact of all that fell on him, as well as his elbows, but he still made a shooing motion towards Daisuke. The latter could only look at him baffled, as Haru wheezed out a:

“Hurry up and go”

Daisuke glared at him, hand still outstretched.

“Are you crazy, Katou? Hurry up and I’ll help you. We chase my father down together!” He said, and oh, that was really tempting to hear: to be able to be pulled out of this rubble and chase Shigemaru together, where they would successfully save the day again - together.


Him and Daisuke. Daisuke and him.

It was really tempting.


But Haru knew at this very moment that if he accepted that hand, he would only be a burden.

He would only be a burden. He was so sure of it.

He couldn’t feel his lower body anymore after all.


He knew both of them could hear the sound of a chopper being operated, and damn it all if Haru would let the bastard get away.

They couldn’t mess this up this time. This was their only chance. Hurry! While Shigemaru’s wounded! They should be able to make it—


Daisuke should.


But he wasn’t moving, and Haru was frustrated.

This was the only time they could get ahold of the suspect and Daisuke thought it would he best to let it go?

No, not on Haru’s watch.

So he said it again. This time, louder, the firmest he could say it in his wobbly voice:




Daisuke only shook his head, but it was clear his eyes were frantic.

Haru didn’t want to be the one to keep him here, not when Daisuke had something to avenge.

Not when he had something to chase.

“I’m not leaving you!”

“Yes you will! I’ll be fine!”

That was a lie.

But anything to get Daisuke moving.


“Once you got your dad, you can come back, then you pull me out of here, if I haven’t already.” Haru said, grunting. Daisuke could only look at him in disbelief, but he looked back with pleading eyes, one that said: trust me on this trust me. you can come back if you so want.

This time, it’s for you to chase after the answers you’ve been looking or all your life.

It’s your time, Daisuke. You’ve done enough for me.

You going to the cargo ship for Cho-san’s sake was more than enough for me.

It’s your time now.

With a cross of his fingers under his chin where he knew Daisuke couldn’t see, Haru said:

“It’s okay. You go, and if you want, you can come back for me.

I’ll be here.”

It took five seconds with Daisuke’s emotions passing thru his face, but in the end, Daisuke nodded.

He stood up, turned around, but paused as he looked back at Haru, who gave him a wobbly smile and a thumbs up in return.

“I’ll come back for you.” Daisuke said. “I’ll come back for you.

I promise Haru.”

Then he smiled, determined, and turned around to run.

Away from Haru.


Haru bit his lip.

He wanted to cry.


He was gonna be here, alright.

He was going to wait.


The numbness in his legs started to crawl towards his torso. And Haru could only lie face down in the dirt.

After all the trust they built towards each other, and Haru couldn’t tell Daisuke that he wasn’t gonna make it.


He couldn’t tell Daisuke that there was no hope saving Haru, so before the numbness engulfed him completely Haru decided — to make Daisuke be a hero on his own and have the justice he so wanted — even if it meant leaving him behind.

As Haru’s life flashed before his eyes — all seven minutes of it — most of it was plagued with memories of his partnership with Daisuke: him being stoic all the time, him smirking, the way he threw money like it was just water running from a faucet, his smile, his hair down, his attitude, and him, him, him...

It was enough for him.



When Daisuke ran back to the rubble after successfully apprehending Shigemaru, Haru had a small smile on his face.


That small smile stayed even under the coffin.