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The case of the missing grandfather

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At this point I think we should stop going anywhere, especially to people’s houses. Although Alexander claims this is a Junior Pinkerton’s investigation, Daisy believes we should also help. It is kinda our fault. Mine in particular. 

It started a couple days before the end of the school year. Since Lavinia got basically engaged at Christmas, opening the post has been the most important time of the day according to the fifth form. Not that George writes often or that they talk about anything but politics. It’s still awfully fun for everyone else to mock her and gossip. 

Which means it’s much harder for me to hide when Alexander writes to me. Every single time Kitty awes and tries to steal the letter from me. She did it even that day.

«They’re not secrets, are they?» She said taking it from my hand and opening it.

«Even Alexander isn’t stupid enough to leave his relationship’s secrets in a letter everybody could easily steal» Daisy remarked, taking it from Kitty.

That was the nicest thing Daisy could ever say about Alexander.

«It’s just family things anyway,» Kitty then looked at Lavinia: «You both chose the most boring boyfriends there are»

She walked faster towards the dining hall, and Lavinia ran after her. I took the letter from Daisy, and held it firmly in my hands. In a couple of days we would both be in London, and we would meet —and kiss— again.

As we got to the table, I started reading what he wrote. I had to ignore Daisy clearly tapping “meet—” in morse code to Amina. 

Weston School, Thursday 4th July

Dear Hazel,

Tell Lavinia that George is fine. School is killing us.

My mother wrote to me today. I haven’t seen her since even before we met. My cousin— you should remember her, Arina, the pregnant one— is quite close to her due date. It’s later this July, and she says it’s the best occasion to come back home. The other day she sent me one of her pies, and George says that if I don’t invite him to Brooklyn this summer he will go by himself.

We telephoned Mr Mukherjee and he said he’s allowed to go, but only if Harold comes with us. They’ll stay at the Baldeugh Hotel, even though I know that Mom would love to have them at home.

I really want to see you this summer, but I guess we’ll have to find a way. I believe that Daisy would want to spend the summer with her brother —and you with her. And I’m quite sorry that good friends like Harold and Bertie wouldn’t get to stay together unless he decided to tag along, maybe with some relative who is particularly free to travel? Who knows.

Write back as soon as you can.


After reading the letter, I passed it to Daisy, announcing: «They’re not going to be in London this summer»

Daisy quickly scanned the text, then gave it back. I could see the wrinkle on the top of her nose, as she ate. Halfway through, she left, without telling anyone anything. We decided to go to class anyway without waiting for her.

The moment we got to the class, I felt a bop to my shoulder. I turned my head and Daisy gave me a piece of paper. It said: “Aunt Lucy mysterious affair is in New York, she’ll leave in ten days”. 

As we were sitting, I noticed that she gave a note to Amina too. I started thinking, naively, that this summer would be a crimeless version of this Christmas hols. As if any holidays would ever be that for us.

The next days were full of phone calls and letters, from and to four different continents. And just like that we were going to New York for the summer.