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The Millionaire Pregnancy: Balance LIMITED

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Moonlight lit up the small apartment, illuminating the two connected men who shared a bed. It was a quiet private place despite the richer’s displeasure. But it was the perfect spot for his family to not find him. He had placed all his gadgets outside the apartment at the door so they couldn’t spy on him.

Their skin was soaking in sweat from their physical activity, the taller man penetrating the shorter one below him, yet entirely controlled by the younger. The two never thought in their recent connection they would get to share a bed, but after working together for a while, they just naturally sought out one another and trusted to keep the secret between themselves. 


“Kato, please~” 


Strong thighs brought the man above to thrust deeper into him. It wasn’t enough. 


“I will,” The other answered, sweat rolling down his face, “If you call my name,” He leaned down to seductively speak into the smaller man’s ear, “Dai-suke-sa-ma.”


The thighs clenched harder, his insides gripping madly, not letting the taller man escape, a whine escaping his lips. 




The sandy brunette gave it his all, giving one final push, filling the space with his seed, the richer coming undone below him, his grip loosening. They were a panting mess in the end. Haru rested on his knees, his arms cradling Daisuke to him, kissing his neck. Daisuke raked his nails across the broad back, giving in to the extra care as his toes finished curling into the bed. 


“Daisuke… I love you.” 


Without hesitation he started to answer. “I lo-”




Daisuke shot up in bed from his dream. He was breathing heavily as his stomach was trying to settle. The dream was a pleasant one, one of a recent memory, but it brought guilt. Haru had told him that he loves him but Daisuke never responded. He just let out a noise to let the older man that he knew but never said it back. Since then he never got the chance to tell the detective.


After the mission with Shigemaru, Daisuke hadn’t felt the same. He was weak after seeing the death of his father before his eyes. His nightmares plagued him and he gave in, seeking comfort from his business partner. The dream he had was of that night. Yet it still brought on a heavy feeling. 


His stomach flipped, causing him to feel bile rise in his throat. Swinging a hand up to cover his mouth and the other to toss back the sheets, Daisuke ran to his connected bathroom. He just made it to the toilet before his stomach was emptied into the blow. It took him a few minutes for his mind to adjust in the sudden change. Even after this occurrence happened for the past couple of days, he was starting to become scared. 


A knock came at his door, Suzue welcomed herself in, probably to wake him, but then noticed the thrown back sheets. Daisuke tried to control himself, but the feeling came back and he ended up sick again. Suzue heard him. 




She was at his side, rubbing his back, trying to calm him down. He wanted to shake her off, saying that he was fine, but he couldn't. He felt weak and oddly enough, wanted to have a sandy brown detective here with him. He wouldn’t tell Suzue that, although she had found out about their affair. 


“Daisuke-sama, what’s going on?” Her voice was worried. “Is this why you’ve been up before I wake you?”


He nodded. “It’s nothing concerning.”


“Yes it is! You feel like skin and bones under your pajamas. I’ve helped you get dressed. You are deathly pale!” She clenched her fist. “I’m calling the family doctor and you’re staying home to rest.”


“Suzue, I am fine.” He protested, feeling the nausea creep back up.


“Sure you are. I’ve tried not to talk about him around you since I’m not supposed to know, but Inspector Kato has even messaged me about his concern. Your performance at work isn’t up to standards and you’re always running to the toilet.”


Daisuke clicked his tongue. Of course Haru would notice. The man had a high attention to detail even if he acted airheaded most of the time. Knowing there was no way out of this situation, he sighed. 


“Alright. But once I have proof that I’m fine, I’m going to work.”


Suzue smiled, happy that she finally got the best of her family.



“Breathe in for me and breathe out.” The doctor instructed. 


Daisuke asked for Suzue to wait outside his room, just so he could have some privacy. He could hear both his grandmother and Suzue talking outside his door. He did as the doctor instructed. 


“Good.” The doctor took notes before scratching her head. 


The doctor was the granddaughter of his great-grandfather's doctor. Tamera Souh. The Souh family were happy to serve the Kambe family. It was thanks to the Kambe family they were able to go abroad and provide healthcare to other countries in need so they became indebted to the family in whole. 


“Well Mr. Kambe, I don’t see or hear anything wrong with your body in itself. Everything is in top shape. You take vitamins, get regular exercise while on the job. I don’t see how you could become ill. It’s no cold or flu.” She looked in her charts again, trying to see if she missed anything, which she did. “Oh.”




“Mr. Kambe, I’ve noticed something here in your file that I can tell I was not taught or informed of.” She showed him. 


Daisuke took the file, reading it over. The pen she carried pointed to a small area in between his hips. He read it, his eyes lightening. 


“See, it’s become more common these days and I can tell by the look on your face that the Kambe family had kept it hidden. Little known facts like this are often hidden to hide shame or ward off bad luck, or in I presume your case, lack of inheritance.


“But seeing as of recent times you become full heir to the Kambe estates as well as all stocks properties, charities, and funding, you don’t have to hide it anymore unless you need to. In this day and age, a lot of same sex couples are taking pride in our new evolution.


“So with this in mind comes my next question: Mr. Kambe, are you sexually active?”


Daisuke was trying to take in all the information. His grey eyes watching her lips as she spoke. The male carrier gene ran in his family? Well for one thing he was glad he didn’t fool around earlier. That would’ve brought more shame to his family name. The richer got lost in his head until a light tap on his shoulder brought him out. 


“Mr. Kambe?”


“Oh.” he remembered her question. “I was.” 


She seemed to smile, glad to have figured it all out. “If this is the case, do you mind if I take blood samples? I can get your results in 48 hours.”




Why was he getting nervous now? Was it because he found out about family medical history? Was it because now he’d have another burden to handle? He just took care of his life long horror and never wanted to go through with being a parent. He didn’t want to end up like his father. Shigemaru, did he also have this… abnormality?


“Mr. Kambe,” Dr. Souh’s voice was calm and collected. She had her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. 


If Daisuke ever wanted to look for a potential wife, he would surely go with Dr. Souh. Her family was traditional. She was beautiful like the night sky, collected, and prepared for anything. But the glistening ring on her hand took the idea right out of his mind. 


“I need you to breathe. It’s going to be okay. You’re still early if the test is positive to choose an option.” She helped him with some breathing exercises to return him to a calm mind. 


“D-do you know if Shigemaru also had this?” He didn’t know where the question came from but he felt as if it were important. 


“I don’t know, but I guess I can peek at his file. I’ll let you know when your test results come back. Are you alright?”


Daisuke could feel his heart level out and not block the sound from his ears. He nodded, rolling up his sleeve and presented his arm. He winced at the needle prick and looked away as the blood was collected. 


“I sadly do not have any anti nausea medication on me since I of course didn’t know this was a possibility. But I suggest ginger tea and plenty of lighter meals throughout the day. You of course lost a few kilos and although you don’t know the answer yet, you still need to take care of yourself.” 


She grabbed a notepad, and wrote down an excuse for his work, handing it over. He took it, looking it over. 


“I shall give you a call and talk further in two days. My brother will be stopping by for your therapy appointment on friday. Please talk to him about this when you learn of the results. It will help the confusion.”


“Thank you Dr. Souh.”


“See you, Mr. Kambe.”


The room became deathly quiet after she had left and it made Daisuke feel so alone. His room wasn’t too big, nor was it too big. He looked over on his nightstand to see the family photo. It pained him that so much was hidden. He figured it was for his parents to give him a happy childhood, but he had a feeling he would eventually learn the truth about his parents’ experiments. 


Letting out a sigh, he laid back down, his hands traveling to his lower stomach, splaying across the flat flesh. If it were true, that he was indeed carrying a child as suspected, what would he do with it? Could he really care for a child? What about Haru? What would the detective think?


Haru was just newly offered to return to the First Division but the man told his higher ups he would think about it. Daisuke was offered the same and he gave the right answer. But it was leaning towards the two staying in Modern Crimes since they all had become a family. Haru still sought out justice and enjoyed being a hero again, and Daisuke could see the struggle. Daisuke already knew his answer, that he would go where Haru would go. The detective had taught him he didn’t need to rely on money so much and the two were the perfect working pair earning nicknames around the office. The dark haired man could feel himself slipping into sleep again when a knock came at his door again. Suzue and his grandmother had entered, hoping that he was alright. 


“She explained briefly that it was stress? From Shigemaru?” Suzue’s matching eyes like his were teary. 


“I think so, yeah.” He answered, looking past the young woman, seeing his grandmother. She had known the truth of what was wrong but kept quiet. He felt a bit embarrassed that his grandmother knew he might be gay before even he knew he was gay. He might as well just come all the way out. 


“Good thing you have therapy this week!” Suzue beamed. “Um, if you’d like, we can request Inspector Kato to come to the estate.” Her voice dropped. “I know you’ve been nervous about talking to the Kambe family for guidance.”


“I am fine. I just need rest and some food. Suzue, could you help me make some tea?”


The younger woman lit up. “Of course! I shall also prepare a light breakfast since you haven’t eaten. Just rest. I shall be back shortly.”


Daisuke sat up a little, glaring at his grandmother. He knows he shouldn’t be too mad with her, but she did keep a lot of secrets from him while she raised him before his residency in the UK. The question from earlier still plagued his mind. Dr. Souh might not have proper access to his father’s file so while the source of pretty much all Kambe secrets was in front of him, he asked. 


“Did Shigemaru have the same thing?”


Kikuko put on her usual face, but seeing the seriousness in Daisuke, she answered. “He did…”


“What did he do when he found out?”


“He was told when he entered his teen years. He then had surgery to remove it.”


It was really no shock but the information relaxes him, thankful he wasn’t the only one. “Why was it kept hidden?”


“You know why.” She spoke, her voice showing a tone that she didn’t want to talk about it. 


Suzue returned, thankfully breaking the tension. Kikuko excused herself, leaving the room. The younger woman began to tend to the older male, a smile on her face, happy to be assisting the master. Daisuke felt his stomach settle as he sipped the tea and ate the porridge that Suzue made. It was sweetened with brown sugar and salted with butter. It was simple and easy on his stomach. He finished the meal and let out a small satisfied burp. Now it was the fun game of waiting to see if it was going to come back up. Suzue stuck around for a half hour and when nothing happened, she excused herself to let him rest. Daisuke laid back down, feeling the sleep return, dragging him under.