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New Arrival

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"We don't need a random earthling telling us what to do, Copley," the dark-haired woman seethed as she paced back and forth in the glass-walled office. "We can do just fine as the three of us."

The Englishman sighed. It had been several years since James Copley became the leader of the Atlantis Expedition, but working with the Amazon-like alien got only harder with time. "It's not about what you can do, Andromache," he explained, soft-spoken as ever. "Regulations say-"

"Oh I could tell those puppeteers of yours what to do with those regulations," Andy spat out.

"I'm sure you could. It wouldn't change much about this situation."

"Who is it, then? Who's supposed to replace Quynh? Keane? Disraeli?" Well, at least she was somewhat resigned to it. She might even get over it, Copley thought, or hell might freeze over.

"They're sending someone over from the SGC. They are flying in on the Daedalus - if they keep the schedule, they'll be here soon," he offered, smiling placatingly. Andromache bared her teeth in response, threatening and unhappy.

As if on cue, the comms technician poked their head into the office. "Sorry, sir, you wanted to be alerted when the Daedalus came into orbit."

"Yes," he threw a warning look to Andy as if to say 'behave' and ordered: "Please tell them to beam Sergeant Freeman directly to the 'Gate room. We will meet her presently." The woman in the room rolled her eyes but held her tongue. Maybe she did understand why the team might need another member?

The two of them walked through the controls' room and down the stairs as the vaguely metallic tone and a flash of light of the Asgard transport announced the new arrival. The marine was in her fatigues, with a standard-issue backpack and a travel bag with her - presumedly she'd only been made aware that she was going to be meeting the leadership as her first order of business, as opposed to getting her quarters assigned and reporting officially afterwards. Her eyes widened a little as she took in the blue-green interior of Atlantis before her view focused on the two figures approaching and she stood in attention: "Sergeant Nile Freeman, reporting arrival, sir."

"At ease, Sergeant. We don't worry about propriety much around our city," Copley waved off her stiff position, offering a handshake instead. "Welcome to Atlantis."

The marine unstiffened somewhat, but her body kept the trained stance soldiers kept and shook the man's hand. "It's even more beautiful then people say," she said, voice coloured in awe.

"We try. This is Andromache, she is currently leading the team you will be a part of," Copley moved a little to let Andy into the forefront of the conversation as if she wasn't imposing enough on her own. He hoped the new arrival has noticed his wording - the leadership of the team was going to be an issue to be sure. While the other team members were used to listening to Andromache - she and Quynh had gotten along very well and figured out a good command order - the custom would be for a first contact team to be headed by a member of the armed forces from Earth.

The two women eyed each other, assessing what they could from a first glance. Nile saw an athletic, short-haired woman whose expression was empty short of surface irritation; Andy saw a soldier, still eager yet not without experience and likely strong-willed. "Pleasure to meet you," Nile allowed after a few seconds of posturing, which was reciprocated by a head nod from Andromache.

"Well, I'm sure Andy will introduce you to everyone else and get you settled - I believe she'll be wanted in medical first if you would," Copley announced maybe slightly more hurried than usual, and strategically retreated to his office.