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I picked up an unlikely life partner

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Within the span of 20 minutes since Koro stepped into Karasuma’s home, he was provided a proper meal but sadly, no cake or desserts. At first, that made Koro frown but he ate his meal anyway. On the opposite side, Karasuma didn’t seem to be in a hurry to change out of his suit and was tapping a finger on the table as he examined the man before him. He furrowed his brows.

“...I’m asking you one more time. What is your name?”

The former assassin took his time to chew on a big mouthful of rice.

“‘Koro’.” He replied before scooping another spoonful. “Technically, I’m still not sticking to any one name but Kayano gave it to me.”

Karasuma pursed his lips. It was obvious that this man looked nothing alike to that creature and though his face beared a resemblance, all of his data as a human was burnt down in the lab. Well, except for the general information but it was simply impossible to ascertain whether this man was speaking the truth about his identity. For all he knew, he could be an impostor. Karasuma took a breath and began to toss his questions.

“When Takaoka challenged the class to make an example out of the children, which student was picked?”

“Shiota Nagisa.”

“What is the main dish served during the school festival?”

“The answer is acorn noodles which were made out of Japanese stone oaks placed in water with its interior blended and soaked in a sack of cloth for a week. Then it is dried for three days and grinded to flour.”

“What are the results of the second semester final exam for the students? ”

“Akabane Karma in first place, Nakamura Rio third, Isogai Yumma in fourth and in fifth place--”

“--That's enough.” 

Karasuma saw no point in continuing. As far as he knew, he had personally made sure that the incident with Takaoka was not known to anyone outside of the class. On top of that, trivial questions concerning th class wasn’t something that would be memorized on a whim. This man truly seemed to know about Class-E, even answering without an ounce of hesitation.



The former assassin placed his utensils down.

“I had enough of being dissected and experimented in a lab so as insane as it seems, just hear me out.”

Normally, the God of Death would consider all sorts of experience to be good because any knowledge and experience, good or bad, may be handy for future assassinations. But the torture that he had to go through and the death of a dear friend was not something that he would like to relive again. The agent paused after hearing his words. At this point, Koro had assumed that he had no choice but to believe that he’s the monster and if that were true, then he had to surrender him to the officials. 

Scientists and medical professionals would stop at nothing to examine a resurrected man.

Karasuma gazed at the man for a moment before he sighed, relenting for now. He would simply be inhuman if he ignored what he just said.


The former assassin crossed his arms over his chest and began to speak.

“The last thing I remembered was making a final roll call for the students and feeling my consciousness leave my body. Then today at sunrise, I opened my eyes on a bed of crushed tulips behind the school. I immediately felt a wave of sleepiness that I couldn’t fight so I suppose I passed out until I heard your footsteps coming closer.”

The former assassin watched the agent’s reaction. He didn’t seem to give much but was in deep thought, Finally, he parted his lips to speak.

“...I will believe you for now but you are not to leave my sight. If I find that you’re an impersonator or that you lied, then I will hand you over personally.”

The God of Death didn’t seem to be fazed with that threat at all. In fact, a smile spread across his lips.

“Great!..So you said that you’re not going to let me out of your sight but there are exceptions right? Like going to the bathroom? Because I need to go now and also, I need a bath.”

Karasuma went silent and the lack of reply worried Koro. Suddenly, the chair dragged as the agent stood and he gave the former teacher a look that tells him to start moving. The smile on Koro’s lips died off almost immediately. 

“...Karasuma, you really don’t have to do follow me. I swear on my name.”

Which is a fake name, but what sort of honour could a dead man even put to the table?

“There’s a window in the bathroom.”

With such a simple answer, Koro knew that he wasn’t clear of suspicions yet. He leaned to the front of his seat.

“Well, yes but it’s the fifteenth floor. I can fly before but now? I’d be dead if I dropped from this height!”

Karasuma narrowed his eyes at the man before him. 

“...You said that you’re that person, didn’t you? Then surely you of all people would have thought of a way if you do want to escape.”

After leaving those words, Karasuma left his seat. Koro was dumbfounded. That was true but there’s a limit to how strict this man can be! While the agent was ahead, the former assassin quickly got to his feet and followed him.

“We’re both men, what are you fussing about?”

“That’s an interesting question. So you honestly don’t think that anything can happen between two men? Or do you just not know?”

Karasuma stopped in his tracks while the lips of the former assassin curved into a smile as he walked past him. He turned on his feet and placed a hand on the frame of the door, a smirk adorned his lips as he gazed at the agent’s expression.

“...You knew about my past but not in detail. I know, because I would never leave any trail behind. So here’s a word of advice from a former colleague... just because I like women and fancy their appearance doesn’t mean that I can’t like men.”

The agent examined the other. Normally he would just be annoyed when that yellow-headed monster was close to him but he seemed like nothing but human as he smirked at him so confidently. 

“Fine. But leave the door open.”

Though he was caught off guard with the question, he still managed to rationalise and gave a sound answer. Koro smiled in return and replied ‘sure’. The former assassin took his time as he dipped in the bath. Honestly, he pushed Karasuma on edge because he just wanted time alone to think of a plan to find out more about how he had miraculously returned to life. Despite what happened to him, he was pretty calm. Within a couple of minutes, he tried to move his arm expecting them to turn to tentacles but there was nothing. There was also an odd feeling of being in his body but not at the same time, as if he was deconstructed and constructed again one cell at a time.    

While the former assassin was lost in thought, Karasuma’s footsteps came closer. He did think that the agent would come running if he made any suspicious noise but to think that he would still barge in after all that he said...

“Your change of clothes. Use mine.”

Karasuma didn’t seem to mind as he casually walked up to place the clothes on the shelf beside the tub and placed the change of clothes.


Koro couldn’t tell what this man had in mind so he simply decided to behave as if the agent wasn't in the room and placed an arm on the rim of the tub, relaxing himself. Unexpectedly, instead of walking away as anyone would have expected, Karasuma turned his attention to where he was, causing the former teacher to instinctively flash a friendly smile in return. The God of Death did not seem pale, nor did he look like he was starved for a long period. In fact, he seemed plenty healthy and even had muscles on him. How was this all possible? He couldn’t help but feel that his explanation was either a lie or that he had somehow reverted back in time. Whilst the number of possibilities ran through his mind, Koro had kept up his smile.

“...Hmm. As much as I miss you too, you can’t just stare at a naked man in the tub Karasuma.”

Karasuma didn’t seem fazed as he looked straight into Koro’s eyes. He only had one question in mind.

“Were you always like this?”

Koro blinked, not expecting that question. But he could understand the curiosity over a dead man who used to have an odd, monstrous appearance. 

“Yeah, I think? I would say that I’m not as fit as I was in my prime but this is similar to how I was right before the antimatter cells took over my body. I was allowed to keep my body fit because they needed my heart and organs to be as healthy as possible. I also had just enough food, though they were bland. Why do you ask?”

Hearing his reply, Karasuma then shifted a glance at his face. In the first place, he looked foreign but human just like him. 

“You look different compared to your profile document.”

Hearing that casual comment, Koro let out a light chuckle. He waved his hand, notioning that Karasuma was being silly with his words. 

“Of course, Karasuma. I was a round-headed tentacle monster. I told you that I was a human once. Did you not believe me?”

“No, I meant you look better in person. I saw your picture as a human from the document in the rubbles of the lab. It’s unexpected.”

The agent seemed focused on placing a fresh towel as well as other things that would be needed. On the other hand, the infamous assassin stared at the agent, surprised at his words to the point that he was almost rendered speechless. After a second of hesitation, he muttered. 

“...Did you just compliment me?”

Karasuma bent to take the worn clothes and placed it over his arm. He turned to look at the other, giving nothing away from his expression.

“You were right. I do live in a conservative society so some topics don’t sink in as quickly. But that doesn’t mean I’m blind to appearances. You had a look like you were wondering why I was staring so I just decided to be forward. Also, don’t take too long in the tub. We’re not sure of what happened to you and you used to not do so well with water.” 

With that, Karasuma left the room and closed the door behind him. Not having a chance to speak, Koro was left with his mouth hanging and he closed it. First he was interrogated while eating then complimented while still in the tub. Compared to all the annoyed look he'd been thrown with in the past, he decided to take Karasuma's words as a compliment. Still, it was the first time that he realized he knew nothing about the man called Karasuma Tadaomi, well other than the fact that they had opposing jobs and were both teachers of Class E. Now, he had to live in the same space as his roommate. He took a breath and raised his voice so the agent could hear.

"Karasuma, are you saying that I'm handsome~? Since you've seen me now you'd be doing me a huuuge favor if you spread the word when you see any of the students next time. They didn't believe me when I said it myself~"

Shortly after, Koro swore that he heard a 'tsk' coming in from out the door. 

The God of Death's airy chuckle echoed in the bathroom.