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I picked up an unlikely life partner

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Karasuma Tadaomi.

An agent with a soft spot for dogs. 

He’d always dreamt of picking one up, maybe one day. That same thought went through his mind as he hiked up a familiar little mountain. When the building came to sight, he could almost hear his student’s voices, greeting him. 

Except, it’s been seven long years now.

He no longer had the duty of a teacher but the agent had to return for inspection from time to time. Karasuma did not understand why he needed to do this annual inspection. Perhaps the higher ups are paranoid that the super creature may not be entirely dead but he knew what he saw that day and that person was definitely dead. He even remembered the pain that the students went through that day. 

Karasuma couldn’t help but think that if he was the one in charge of the operation then he could’ve done better so the students didn’t have to grief. But the past was the past, even if his rank had gone up to ‘chief’ by now.

In any case, he should start with inspecting the building. Nothing much have changed. Not knowing what to do with the building yet, where there was a small patch of soil and flowers, the class decided to regrew a garden of red tulips in memory of--


The agent shifted his sight to the window as he heard a light rustle. The center of the garden seemed destroyed but more importantly, on it and sleeping soundly was a stranger. A man in what seemed like a green hospital shirt and pants. His hair colour was dark and he didn’t seem Japanese.

For a second, Karasuma had thought that the stranger was a stray animal. But the moment he took a step closer to the man, his eyes fluttered open and hazy eyes were fixed on Karasuma as if the stranger had known that he was there all along. 

“State your name and purpose for coming here. You’re trespassing an owned land.” 

Not to mention, destroying Class E’s hardwork. It reminded him of the past though, the tulips were accidentally destroyed too once by the octopus. The stranger lazily sat up, ruffling his messy hair. He eyed the agent from the corner of his eyes and the chill that went down his spine had the agent holding back the urge to grab the gun under his coat.

The stranger opened his mouth to speak but instead, he was interrupted by a growl and he clutched his stomach.

“Uh...before that, do you have any food? I’ve been here the whole day. ” 

The agent glared, he didn’t like that he didn’t get an answer. After all, he might be a dangerous person. Looking at the man, the initial bloodlust was gone. Instead, he seemed non-chalant and weak, groaning on a bed of flowers.

“Karasuma....treat me to some food. I know you have the money,they always pay you well.”

Karasuma narrowed his eyes at the call of his name. How the stranger knew his name, he didn’t know. The agent sighed. What was the point if this stranger didn’t want to answer him? He should just go along with the usual procedure and subdue him if he resists.

“Stand up. I’ll get you some food then throw you in for interrogation.”

“You’re going to arrest me...?”

“You’re suspicious.”

Fair enough, the man thought. He just didn’t think that he’d hear such words coming from Karasuma. Well being threatened of arrest instead of being killed was better in a sense.

“Have you had anything at all?”

He tilted his head to the side, glancing at the tulips on the ground as he muttered.

“.....I don’t have money on me so only these flower petals.”

Hearing those words, Karasuma decided that maybe the first phone call he’ll make was to the mental institution. He could understand being hungry but who would ever casually eat a flower? It was possible, he knew, but this man was odd, in a bad way.

He couldn’t help it. Anything used to be delicious, even tissue packs and daggers. He wasn’t used to this body, that’s for sure, he could feel his stomach churning from the lack of proper food.  

“I can get you something to eat, what do you want?”


The agent stayed silent for a moment. He’s had criminals spitting and cursing at him or demanding high-class food like quality steak and wine but that definitely was not what he expected.

“In any case, you’re coming with me. You’re not to leave my sight until you identify yourself. ”

The man stood and brushed the dusts and dirt from his clothes.

“Me? I’m your colleague in Kunigaoka High. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten? That’s cruel, Karasuma.”

The agent blinked, looking back at the man with a raised brow. His memory wasn’t bad but he couldn’t remember seeing anyone like him involved with the events of seven years ago.

“I’ve never seen a man like you. Who were you? One of the teachers in the main building? Or perhaps one of the assassins? ” 

“---The octopus.”

The teacher answered with a smile over his lips and the agent took a few seconds to process his words. But the more he thought about it, the more absurd it sounds. Karasuma inspected the man from top to bottom before coming to one conclusion.

“You’re human.”

It was the only thing Karasuma could say but Koro on the other hand, raised a brow.

“I’ve always been human, you of all people should know that after my heartfelt and touching recollection of my past.”

Nevermind the unnecessary addition to his reply, the way that this person was speaking so shamelessly was the same as Koro had in the past. The agent curtly replied.

“You know that that’s not what I meant.”

Koro frowned. He was starving and parched. But knowing how Karasuma was before and now, he figured he wouldn’t let him go without an explanation.

“I really have no recollection. When I came to, I was drenched in this outfit lying here on a bed of flowers. I really am the Class’ ‘Koro-sensei’, I remember everything leading up to my death!”

Karasuma knew the man had no reason to lie to a chief of defense. In addition, information about Koro was confidential and impossible for a random stranger to know. Either that or he was actually a very dangerous individual who had somehow obtained that information. In that case, it would probably be better for him to handle this person himself.

“...I’ll take you home.” 

Karasuma finally relented. Koro on the other hand, grinned. He did prefer to have some proper place to collect his thoughts and memories instead. Plus, that may mean free accommodation!

“I’ll follow you.”

Hearing that, the agent begrudgingly made his way back to the foot of the mountain to get to his car. 

“Oh, right. Glad to see you well Karasuma. How are the kids? How long has it been since I died?”

Seeing the human that used to be a trange creature strapping his seat belt and smiling at him, he couldn’t help but breathe out a sigh. This was about to be a long ride home. 

Karasuma Tadaomi had always wanted to bring a pet home, not a human who used to be a monster moving at mach speed.