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Hate at first sight

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It was all Kamei’s fault.

Haru had told him time and again that he didn’t want to attend a group date or any gathering for that matter. He had just got his heart broken by his girlfriend, no, ex-girlfriend. He had found out that she had been keeping a man on the side the whole time she was going out with him. Only using Haru like a walking wallet.

He should have known, should have realized by the way she would always demand the latest shoes or accessories that came out on the market. How she would give him the cold shoulder and stayed mad until Haru would buy her those things.

Actually, Haru didn’t really mind it. Of course it burned a hole in his pocket. He even had to skip lunch sometimes to balance the budget but he was happy to buy it for her as long as it made her happy because he really did, genuinely love her.So, he had felt completely betrayed to see her bringing a guy into their shared apartment while he was away at his part time job. He would have been kept in the dark forever if it wasn’t for him feeling really sick that one Thursday night and was given an early leave from the job.

So yeah, he was not in the mood for this.

But there he was, dragged by Kamei to attend their college’s mixer, saying that everyone was going to be there and that it would be good change of pace from Haru feeling miserable by himself in his apartment.

He was also the one who left Haru to himself after spotting a senior student named Motoyama whom the blond had a crush on ever since he saw her at the college’s cafeteria but not before telling Haru to hit up some new girl and forget about his ex-girlfriend. A pat on the back and a cheeky wink later he was gone.

Haru groaned as he fell back on his seat.

He looked around, trying to find someone that might peak his interest. There were none. They all seem to give off the same vibe his ex did.

It was a little later that Haru spotted a black haired girl who was sitting across from him. He only saw her just then because his view was being blocked by a group of seniors who were previously huddled in the middle of the room.

Haru leaned forward to get a better look and damn she was beautiful. A total babe with her long lustrous hair that almost reached her waist and her blue round eyes which seemed to sparkle with curiosity as she gazed around the room. She had the innocent yet mature look which Haru always had a soft spot for these types of girls.
Haru smiled. Maybe coming out here wasn’t so bad after all.

He walked up to her seat and asked to sit down beside her which she gladly obliged with a smile. They introduced themselves and Haru found out that Suzue was her name. Spending even just a few minutes with her was enough to make him swoon. She was every bit like his ideal type and to make things even better she also seemed genuinely interested in him.

He really hit the jackpot, didn’t he?

She didn’t need to but she also introduced the guy who sat beside her. The guy’s name was Daisuke. And with one look Haru could tell he would not get along with him.

This guy was wearing sunglasses indoors, clothes looking more expensive than Haru’s six months worth of part-time salary, looking totally bored by his surroundings. The word spoiled prick came to mind. He didn't even acknowledged Haru when the man introduced himself, just sparing him a quick glance like he didn't want to waste even a minute of his precious time to deal with the brunet.

Haru so wanted to pick a fight but he tried his best to wave it off with a smile and continued his chat with Suzue.

Things were going pretty well. They were laughing and smiling, enjoying themselves until they were interrupted by the ringing of Suzue's phone who proceeded to pick it up only to tell Haru that she had to leave immediately as there were some problems back at home she had to take care of. She whispered to Daisuke and he gave a nod after which she hurried out the door. Leaving the brunet alone with her friend.

With nothing else to do Haru decided to strike up a conversation with Daisuke.

It took five minutes, maybe even less than that for them to discover that they loathe each other.

Haru found Daisuke to be an egotistical spoiled prick who thought everything could be solved with money while Daisuke found Haru to be an uptight, self-righteous fool.
                                      ~ ~ ~
“I got a proposal for you.” Daisuke took a puff from his cigarette. He had dragged Haru outside, away from the noisy crowd. The cold night air felt great compared to the stuffy atmosphere they came out of.

“Spit it out.” Haru had his arms folded in front of him, pointedly staring at the shorter male.
Daisuke smirked, walked up to Haru and blew a ring of smoke right to his face, making the brunet cough up a fit.

“The hell was that for you-?!” Haru tried to retort but was silence with Daisuke’s long, elegant finger on his lips.

“Meeting with you tonight has been terrible indeed.” Daisuke started, earning a deadly glare in return. “But irritating as you are, you’re admittedly very physically attractive and I’ve booked a hotel room a few streets from the campus. Interested?”

“You’re the most egotistical bastard I’ve ever met.” Haru told him, all ready to continue his sentence with a ‘hell no’ only to realized that he maybe, just a little bit, kind of wanted to go. If he was being honest to himself he had been too depressed to take care of his sexual needs so it had been quite a while for him. And Daisuke here was a totally spoiled bastard but.... “Which hotel?”

Haru saw Daisuke smirk, as if he had known what his answer was gonna be all along and Haru found himself hating the guy even more than before. What a cocky brat.

Truth be told, Haru was quite turned on by the concept. He never had hate sex before. All the sex he has had was done on mutual agreement, with only girls he was officially and properly going out with. Casual sex wasn’t his taste. Always using protection so as not to accidently knock up someone because he knew he wasn’t mature enough or have a proper paying job to start a family. He was just a college student who still had to depend, even if not entirely on his parents for financial matters.

Haru definitely despised Daisuke. They were not going out. He never had gay sex before but Daisuke was annoyingly attractive for a guy. So, really, what could go wrong?
                                     ~ ~ ~
Sex with Daisuke was, even though he won’t ever admit it to the guy was fucking fantastic. It was not his usual type of sex but rather a very different sort of sexual experience which in no way made it bad. No, not at all. In fact, it was probably the best sex he ever had in his life. Haru hadn’t expected Mr. Cool & Smooth guy to be moaning and gasping as he rode Haru’s hard cock, swearing under his breath and curling his toes as he came over and over on Haru’s chest. Cum spilling everywhere which only drove Haru crazier with desire and total ecstasy with the view on top of him.

By the time they were finished their bodies were filled with fingernail marks, scratches and bruises all over the place. There were a number of bite marks too, some deep enough to leave a mark for a long while.

Haru’s whole body was buzzing with adrenaline and the desire to do more. He knew he had to grab his stuff and leave. What kind of casual sex and that too hate sex partner would stick around and stay the night?

Haru hesitated a bit not because he wanted to officially go out with Daisuke, no way, he still hated him but he wasn’t seeing anyone right then so he liked the idea of getting to do this every once in a while.

He wanted to asked Daisuke but wasn’t quite sure how to ask the guy. Awkwardly standing in the room as he contemplated about it in his mind, ruffling up his hair in frustration.

Haru heard a small laugh and his head shot up to see Daisuke rolling up on his elbows and smirking at him from the bed, sheets draped loosely around his naked lower half. Again looking as if he knew exactly what was on Haru’s mind.

“You want my number?”


“For sex only of course.” Daisuke quickly added.

“You sure? What if you have developed feelings because sex with me was so good?” Haru had a proud look though it was soon replaced with an annoyed one when he heard a scoff from the black haired man.

“Never going to happen.” Daisuke stated as a matter of fact.

Haru's eyebrows twitch in irritation.

“Well, in some weird miracle that it does happen we’ll tell each other and we’ll call it off. Deal?”

“You have nothing to worry about that but sure. Deal.”

They shook their hands in agreement.

After spending a night with him Haru felt kind of awkward to see Daisuke the next day. He wanted to avoid seeing him in a normal setting but he always seemed to be present everywhere Haru went. Be it in the hallway, cafeteria or anywhere else in the campus.

"Dude, why are you being so jumpy today?" Kamei asked Haru who was trying to casually walk behind him which failed miserably cause that just made him look even more suspicious. "Who are you trying to hide from anyway?"
It was just the two of them at the moment since their rest of the gang, Saeki and Hoshino were away grabbing their lunch in a nearby pizza shop.

"You remember me telling you I got laid last night?" Kamei nodded. "Well, that person's over there, the one with black hair." Haru pointed to a group of high class looking friends hanging out under a huge cherry blossom tree in the campus.

Kamei's eyes went wide. "Woah what a total babe! Lucky you, Haru. What's her name?"


"Nice! Huh?" Kamei blinked. Once, then twice. "Wait, isn't that a guy's name?"

"That's cause the one I slept with is the guy sitting next to the 'total babe'."

Eh? Huh?

It took sometime for Kamei to processed the information.

"Told ya to find a new girl and you got yourself a guy." He finally said, whistling at the end.

"So what? You got a problem?" Haru spoke, squinting his eyes at the blond.

"Not at all." His friend replied, waving his hands in denial. "Just surprised that you could swing the other way too but I'm okay with this kinda stuff. Besides," Kamei glanced at Daisuke. "I could totally go for someone like him too." That last sentence earned him a punch to the shoulder.

Kamei’s loud yelp caught the attention of Daisuke and his gang who looked over to their direction. Haru felt flustered when his eyes met Daisuke’s ocean blue ones.

But compared to Haru, Daisuke was clam and relaxed like always, as if he thought nothing of the night they spent together. Looking at Haru as if he has never met him before. As if he was so used to sleeping around with many people that he didn’t care about remembering their faces and that thought made Haru’s chest ache a little.
                                      ~ ~ ~
It took about a month for Daisuke to text Haru as if he was playing some kind of waiting game but that’s not true, Haru wasn’t waiting around for his call like some kind of dog. Actually, he didn’t even see it in the beginning too busy spending time with his friends, drinking and chatting to notice the message on his phone. It was already too late when he did notice it so the two of them postponed.

Even after their second time Haru still hated Daisuke and was even reminded why he did. But by the time they were on their seventh meetup things went a little smoother. They even parted on a better understanding than last time. They even talked a little more. The only thing was Daisuke complaining about Haru being too touchy feely in bed.

Haru couldn’t help it though. He was the type to take care of his partner on the bed. He didn’t do it because he liked Daisuke. It was just that when they were having sex they both got so enthusiastic that he forgot not to do those 'touchy feely' gestures.

They had been doing this for two months or so, meeting once or twice every week to let some steam off at some hotel Daisuke had booked for them. They never went to each other’s place because it was like an unwritten rule. A kind of barrier. They were not even friends so keeping things at the hotel was more professional.

Haru was always the one who had trouble keeping his hands to himself. Fighting the urge to casually stroke Daisuke’s face which usually pale would flush red when he'd thrust over and over into him, making Daisuke totally wreck with pleasure. Or kissing those soft looking lips of his that Daisuke would bite into trying to hold back his moans.

He was careful not to break his promise about being ‘too handsy’ with Daisuke.

But after the ninth week of their meet ups Daisuke had, probably unintentionally or unknowingly brought his arms around Haru. The one who was scrambling for his partner’s hands, clutching them tightly as Haru slammed his cock into him, hard and fast.

Haru found that he didn’t really mind Daisuke clinging onto him like that. Daisuke was coming and he was close too. He even held back the black haired beauty who was writhing in pleasure underneath him, gasping for breath as they finally came together.

“Somebody was touchy back there.” Haru didn’t want to be a dick about it but pointed it out anyway as he put on his pants, getting ready to head out.

Daisuke was sitting on top of the bed still naked; taking a puff on his cigarette as usual. He brought his gaze over to Haru. “Hm, I guess I was.” He finally admitted after some time. “What? Did you really hate it so much?”

“Not really.” Haru shrugged. “You’re actually the one who was annoyed by it before. I’m fine with it.”

“Oh, I guess we have no problem then even if I hang onto you a bit. Good to know.”

Why you little prick. Haru thought but didn’t voice it out. Instead he asked, "You free next week?”

Daisuke shook his head. “No. My grandmother told me to accompany her for her check-up in Sweden. I will not be available.”

Haru nodded in understanding. It wasn’t like they had to meet up every week.

On a whole other note, Daisuke seem to be going out of the country a lot. Like England, Australia, Hawaii for one reason or another. Was he even attending college properly? Haru concluded the guy really was an adored grandson of a very rich and well to do grandparents who spoiled him rotten. He didn’t know about his parents though, the guy only ever mentioned his grandmother. Besides, he was just a casual sex partner so Haru wasn’t too interested (maybe) in Daisuke's private life. If the guy himself won't tell him Haru felt that he shouldn't be digging around for it either behind Daisuke's back.

But it doesn’t change the fact that Haru was a little disappointed about the news. What’s that about?

“I’ll inform you when I get back.” Daisuke added a little later as he got up to take a shower, limping slightly as he did. Haru couldn’t help but stare at his silky smooth pale back that was now covered by his marks. The bite marks he left on the curve of Daisuke’s back and between his thighs was especially a turn on. Getting hard just by the sight of it and had to force himself to look away.

“Okay. That sounds good.” Haru let out a strained voice, trying his best to hide his hard on with his jacket.

“Gonna miss me?” Daisuke said popping his head out from the shower, hair slick with water with his usual sly smile, almost teasing.

“Heck no.” Haru spat out. “I’m going back. See ya.”
Daisuke hummed his reply.

~ ~ ~


Just like he had told Haru, Daisuke was gone for a week, which was normal. Whenever he was flying out of the country a week was how long he would usually be away. But then, even after one week went by there was no news to be heard from Daisuke.

Haru didn’t want to say that he missed the guy but saying he only missed the sex didn’t sound right either. Maybe it had to with them meeting so often the past few weeks that it felt strange not to at least catch a glimpse of the black haired man around campus. They meet so frequently that even his friends don’t even bat an eye when he said he’s going to meet Daisuke. Before, they would tease him relentlessly and amusing themselves, frustrating Haru to no end.

“Geez! Just call the guy already.” Kamei finally said, a can of hot chocolate drink in one hand. He couldn’t take anymore of Haru fiddling with his phone and staring into space.

Haru groaned. “Are you kidding me? No way in hell.” He ignored the sound of boos that followed his statement.

“If you don’t want to call him at least text him. Seeing you like this is annoying man. Mopey is not a good look on you.” Hoshino told him, blowing up the gum he was chewing.

Haru kept quite. Contemplating about the idea in his head. Should he really do it?

“Do it! Do it!” Saeki started to chant with Kamei joining her immediately.

Haru and his friends were having a night out. It was like a little tradition of theirs to go out and have a drink every Friday night ever since they entered college. To take a breather from the dozens of assignments heaped onto them by their professors.

They were currently sitting in a park to sober up a bit before they head home. Saeki and Kamei were sitting on the swing, Hoshino was leading on one the side of the swing while Haru simply sat on the ground in front of them.

“What would I even say to the guy?” Haru admitted. “We don’t exactly talk much.”

“That’s your problem? Why not something like ‘I miss your tight ass’?” Kamei proposed in a teasing manner.

Haru made a face. “Don’t try to make me sound so crass.”

“I have a better idea.” Hoshino said as he brought up his hands as if he’s taking a picture. Focusing them on Haru’s crotch. It took a minute for Haru to get what his friend was doing. A blush instantly formed across the brunet’s face the moment he did.

Hoshino smirked. “Sent him that and say ‘I want to shove it inside you and make you scream in complete ecstasy’. Who knows? He might actually appreciate it.”

“I thought Kamei was bad but turns out you’re even worse than him Hoshino. I’m not sending anyone a picture of this.” He said as he gestured to his thing. “Get your heads out of the gutter you two.”

“You have no right to call us crude or dirty minded when you and Daisuke do way more unbelievable things together in bed.” Kamei grinned mischievously.

The brunet turned bright red at that, his friends leering at him with smug looks on their faces.

Haru fell back onto the ground to avoid said looks, choosing instead to gaze at the sky and wishing that in one of the planes twinkling in the night sky, Daisuke would be in one of them heading back to Japan.