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smile for you

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the last time he sees daisuke, haru smiles at him.

he wanted to lunge at him, to wrap his arms around his shoulders and reassure him that "it's okay. it's okay, daisuke, as long as you're safe".

but he can't.

daisuke's screaming, flailing about in vain at the behest of their captors. somewhere in the observation deck, kambe shigemaru stands, watching his son lose himself to despair.

the fear of what's about to happen to him builds up in haru's throat, making him choke, and he can't say anything lest he shows daisuke how terrified he actually is. daisuke doesn't need that.

he doesn't need to see haru in that state, moments before haru leaves his life forever.

haru can't say anything, so he smiles instead.

he thinks of chosuke-san and takei-san, if they were equally as scared during their last moments in the kambe mansion's basement. he wonders if they're watching now, as haru is held at gunpoint. he wonders what his two mentors would say, because despite all their efforts and their sacrifice, haru still messed it up enough to end up like them.

deep down inside, he wonders if they're proud of him.

the last thing he hears before the world turns black is daisuke pleading, sobbing, telling them to let haru go, that "i'll do anything, give anything, how much do you need, damnit– please, just let him go."

haru doesn't think he's seen him look this devastated before.

'thank you, daisuke.' haru thinks into the smile, staring at those grief-stricken steel blue eyes he knows and loves for the final time. 'please, get out of here. live.'

then, a gunshot.