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Approach of Chaos

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Title: Approach of Chaos
Characters: Chaos Valkyria (OC), Ryou, Yuusuke, Fubuki, Honest||Ship: Ryou x Yuusuke
Chapter: One||Words: 500
Genre: Drama||Rated: G
Challenges: Diversity Writing: GX, Shadow Demons: A77, write about an enmity; One Big Series Bingo, #117, write about an enmity; GX Month Day #18, In Another Life
Notes: This is my Shadow Demons AU. Ryou is a demon prince; Yuusuke is a shadow mage. Honest is his guardian angel & Fubuki is an angel of love. And Chaos Valkyria doesn’t like any of them.
Summary: Her plans are set. Her goal is clear. Time to end this facade of sweet romance. A demon prince in love with a shadow mage? What nonsense.

There they were. She could see them from where she stood, strolling down the road as if they had a right to do so. How dare they?

The tips of her wings scraped the ground, hard enough to leave furrows in there. She snarled under her breath, jerking them up and spreading them wide enough to catch the wind, leaping forward so she could keep an eye on her targets.

One angel that should have fallen, given that he allowed his charge to not only consort with a demon prince but to study shadow magic. One angel that was so obsessed with common love that it sickened her. A shadow mage so far gone into such a foul art that he summoned demons casually and had even been touched by the King of Hell himself!

And the demon prince. Chaos Valkyria snarled, gloved hands tightening into fists. Oh, how she longed to be able to bind him in chains and cast him down into the very depths of Hell where he belonged.

And he’ll never come back. Chaos Valkyria all but salivated at the thought. This demon prince had spent far too long roaming around in the mortal realm. She anticipated getting the drop on him.

Once the others were shocked by her flawless defeat of the demon prince, then she could defeat them as well. Shadow magic had no effect on an angel of her caliber so nothing he could do would hurt her, and the angels surely weren’t so depraved that they would attack her after she disposed of the demon.

His influence is why they’re the way they are. It was all that made sense. She’d heard ridiculous stories about the angel of love having introduced the demon prince to the shadow mage. Bardic nonsense, that was all that it was. Perhaps to human outsiders, who weren’t as aware as she was of the true depths of depravity a demon prince could and usually did descend to it might look romantic, a sort of forbidden love.

No true angel would believe that nonsense. No true demon would either. She could imagine the demon’s real thoughts, kept hidden from the foolish, pathetic human and the deluded angels. The demon had likely already deceived the mage into making a bond with him, increasing his powers and damning the mage’s soul to Hell. He might disguise it as ‘romance’ or ‘love’ but demons weren’t capable of that kind of emotion. Demons only knew lust and hate and rage.

She would teach this one fear. She would teach him terror. She would teach him regret that he’d ever set foot in the human realms.

She would set all of this right. She would repair the damage that had been done.

Chaos Valkyria drew in an unneeded breath and gathered her powers about herself, appearing at her new hiding place.

They were almost to where her trap awaited. Before the sun set, it would all be over. And she could hardly wait.

The End

Notes: Oh, the full story on what she has in mind will be fun!