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Izuku Midoriya hid things from people. Just so they didn't worry about him, because he thought it was selfish to 'burden' other people with your problems. Not the best way to think. Heck, most of his class knew hardly anything about him. Izuku strived to be the 'happy sunshine boy', and played the part well.

No one in his class knew about the quirklessness, only Bakugo and the faculty knew about his absent father, no one but Bakugo of course knew about the past bullying, and absolutely no one knew about his YouTube channel. Oh Nezu, if they knew about that..




That's a nightmare Izuku didn't even want to think about.

The greenette might be self-deprecating, but he took pride in his channel. He sung songs he wrote, or maybe covers of songs, and did vlogs and challenges. He did gaming too, and was really proud of the 6.8 million people that subscribed to him. If anyone in his class HAD to know about his channel, he would rather is be someone who respected boundaries, like Kouda, Tokoyami or Shouji. Possibly Jirou. His fellow emos.

Oh right.

No one knows that Izuku is emo.

And the worst secret he kept, the one that stopped him from sharing his feelings with people. The fact he had been raped a couple times by adults and people he trusted, and only used for sex in his past relationships. Once the person was satisfied making his life hell, they would break his heart and practically throw salt in the wounds. Izuku vowed to never tell another person that he liked them, or go on dates with people, because he knew he had a good body, the past experiences reminding him of that. He knew his body is the only thing people wanted.



Izuku was having a pretty bad day. He had accidentally dropped one of his weights on his foot and dear NEZU that hurt. He had missed breakfast and a general education student had the bright idea to throw water balloons at him, so now Izuku was soaking wet and late for class.

Shouta Aizawa was watching his students and wondered where his resident problem child was. Iida said that the teen wasn't sick or anything. His thoughts were interrupted when the classroom door slid open, and a soaking wet Izuku Midoriya walked in. Bakugo snorted and laughed. "Damn-" "Don't say a word." Izuku glared death at the explosive teen and sat down. Aizawa wanted to laugh but also didn't want to get on angry Izuku's bad side. This was probably the first time he ever showed any other expression other than nervousness or happiness. "Midoriya, go change into your gym uniform, I don't need you getting sick from sitting in that soaked outfit." Aizawa said, looking at the waterlogged boy. "T-thank you Aizawa-Sensei." Midoriya quickly bowed and went to his locker to change.

Izuku came back in a few minutes trying to brush his untameable bush of hair. He had been fooling with it after finishing his worksheet. Aizawa was watching with delight as the teen was struggling get the brush through his hair. Izuku scowled when the brush wouldn't move and got stuck, and just gave up. Yaoyorozu held in her laughter and tossed a comb and a bottle of detangler she made at the greenette, who looked at her thankfully and began trying to fiddle with it again.

Three bottles of detangler later his hair was ever so slightly combed out and people had begun making bets to see how long it would take to get it done.

"HA I won. Give me your money, fools." Jirou said. She had bet that it would take three bottles and rightfully won. Aizawa grumbled and gave her some money too. He thought it would take at least 5. Izuku was embarrassed but didn't say a word, and just nervously chuckled. The lunch bell rang, and they all headed to the cafeteria. A group of general education students looked at Midoriya and laughed.

"Greenie! How was the shower we gave you?" One of them yelled. Midoriya glanced back. "Aha, took 3 whole bottles of detangler to fix my hair..." The group busted out laughing and Uraraka glared at them. "They did that to you?" Midoriya nodded. "B-but it's fine, I'm over it." He answered. Tsu shrugged.

Hero class rolled around and All Might thought it would be smart to pair up Midoriya and Bakugo. Like, haven't the past experiences taught you anything my guy?

"So, young heroes, today's lesson is all about constructive criticism. You will be giving your partner advice on how to better use their quirk, fix fighting stances, etc." Noodlehead McGee said. Midoriya internally face palmed and threw himself off a cliff. There was no way in hell that Kacchan would take constructive criticism. "Cementoss has created pillars for you all to stand on with your partner."

"S-so...uh...K-kacchan.." Midoriya stuttered to his former best friend. "Shut up Deku, I don't need your advice so if you could make yourself fucking useful for once and hop off the pillar that would be nice." Bakugo immediately responded. Midoriya gulped. They were on the highest pillar in the room....which of course, another suicide baiting. "K-kacchan, we both need to give each other help for this exercise." Bakugo scoffed. "Okay then, you want help? You're a useless human being that just get pros and so many people hurt, and even an invaluable pro hero killed, while trying to save one person. That sure is hero-like." Midoriya hadn't killed Nighteye..He knew what he was getting into the moment they planned for that rescue. "Let's see, you always get into people's business and fuck everything up. Shall I go on? Is this enough? So you can get your stupid grade?" Bakugo mocked. He was loud enough for everyone to hear in the room, and had an audience staring at them. Midoriya was pissed. "For your fucking information, I never got Nighteye killed. Overhaul was an overly powerful person and everyone in that rescue KNEW what they were getting in to. Not my fault. And you know what isn't hero like, Bakugo? Suicide baiting someone and bullying them for over a fucking decade and misinterpreting the kanji in their name, to form the beautiful nickname Deku. You also know what isn't heroic? Making fun of that person because they didn't get a freaking quirk. And making sure every single person knew so they didn't have a friend until HIGH SCHOOL. HIGH SCHOOL BAKUGO. CAN'T FORGET THAT EVERY RELATIONSHIP I WAS IN, YOU TOLD THE PERSON TO JUST PLAY WITH MY HEART. I NEEDED A FRIEND, I NEEDED SOMETHING BUT I DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING. AND IT'S NOT LIKE YOU CAN GO OUT IN THE STREET AND TALK TO PEOPLE. REMEMBER WHEN I WAS GONE FOR A WEEK? I WAS RAPED. A GUY DECIDED IT WOULD BE FUN TO MESS WITH ME. I WAS SO FUCKING ALONE, AND THAT WAS YOUR FAULT. SO SURE, YOU'RE THE PERFECT HERO. YOU'LL BE THE PERFECT NUMBER ONE WHILE TREATING EVERYONE THAT ONLY EVER CARED FOR YOU LIKE SHIT. AND DESPITE ALL OF THAT, ALL OF THE SHIT YOU DID TO ME, I'M ALWAYS WILLING TO SAVE YOUR UNGRATEFUL ASS." Midoriya screamed. The class stared in shock. Raped? Suicide baiting? No quirk?

Bakugo glared and punched Midoriya in the face, almost causing him to fall off the side. Midoriya yelped in surprise, and glared at the explosive teen. One for All was activated and Midoriya did the famous right hook and slammed Bakugo in the face. He gave him the middle finger and wiped the stray tears from his eyes, before running out of the gym with his quirk.

Bakugo stood up and winced, that damn nerd broke his nose. All Might and Aizawa were giving the teen death glares, along with th rest of the class.

Midoriya ran back to the dorms, not caring if he got in trouble or not. He just wanted to sit in his room and bawl, maybe play video games with his online friends. He slowed down once he was getting closer to the dorms, and walked past two people of 1-B. Kendo looked at him with concern. "Hey, Midoriya right? Are you okay?" Even Monoma looked concerned for him. Midoriya was never rude to 1-B, and never bragged about it. Monoma kinda liked the guy. (as a friend) Midoriya looked back at her, tears pooling in his eyes. "Y-yeah, fuck it, no. I just want to go b-back to my dorm and die." Monoma snorted. "Big mood. But does this have anything to do with that explosive pomeranian?" Midoriya nodded. "I m-may or may not have called him out on the stuff he d-did to me when we were younger. Didn't go so well.." Kendo scowled. Monoma looked pissed. "C'mon Neito, let's go suckerpunch a mutt with a superiority complex." Monoma nodded his head and handed Midoriya a piece of paper with his phone number on it. "Once we're done, I'm adding you to the 1-B group chat and we're going to play Animal Crossing and Minecraft." Midoriya gave a watery smile. "M-make sure to record you punching him and send it to me." Kendo and Monoma chuckled and gave him a hug.

Midoriya went back to his dorm room and flopped on his black comforter. He got on his phone and watched Zootopia before his phone dinged and it showed a discord ping in his server.

@zuzupet, when is the next video coming?

zuzupet: uhhh lol gimme a few minutes, i just got back to my dorm and I'm ready to belt my heart out. sorry it wont be gaming today

kyle-kun: got it my guy, and if you have emotions, go right ahead.

zuzupet: yeeee

Midoriya picked up his guitar and turned on his camera. The recording button was on.

"Hi guys. Uh..ignore how I look like crap, I've had a pretty bad day. I'm ready to have a mental breakdown after I'm done with this video, and today I will be singing a song I wrote maybe 2 or 3 months ago. It's dedicated to my former-childhood friend who I've just had it with. Bottom line, they're a bitch and it's honestly disgusting how they treat people. So this is called Just Say When."

"Bakugo is a little bitch. Monoma, I give you permission to go feral on him." Kendo told her friend. Monoma's eyes had a dangerous glint to them. "I would go feral with our without permission." Kendo slammed the door open to find people looking concerned. "WHICH ASSEHOLE HURT THE GREEN BEAN." Kendo yelled. Bakugo looked slightly guilty while he was being scolded by All Might. "Ahh, Bakugo! Most points in the entrance exam, winner of the sports festival.. You just do everything perfectly! Including perfectly destroying a friendship between one of the most caring and sweet people in this school!" Kendo said with a smile on her face. Eraserhead was amused watching it, not even bothering to stop the two. "Sic him, Monoma."

Monoma had copied Bakugo's explosions. "Oh gee, I wonder how it feels to be abused your whole entire life by someone you used to trust!" Monoma shot an explosion at the teen's face and Kendo suckerpunched him in the balls. "Go fuck yourself Bakugo. Now if you'll excuse us, we're stealing the green bean and moving him to 1-B." Kendo and Monoma skipped out of the gym and sent the video to Midoriya.

Uraraka busted out laughing at the way Kendo punched Bakugo, because he was curled up in a ball trying not to throw up. Jirou chuckled. That bitch deserved it.

Eventually, it was Present Mic's class and everyone had figured out that Midoriya was just skipping the rest of his classes. Made sense, none of them would want human interaction after that. Jirou internally cursed when she didn't have her homework. She raised her hand. "Uh, excuse me, Mic-Sensei? I left my homework at the dorm this morning." Present Mic smiled. "You can go get it, besides today's class is just interacting with people in English so it won't be bad if you miss parts of it. By the way, could you check on Midoriya while you're at it?" Jirou nodded and thanked her teacher, before scurrying to the dorm.

She went upstairs to the third floor, and was preparing to knock on the door to see if Midoriya was okay before she heard sweet music.

"Okay, so, here we go..."

We used to dream
We used to name the stars
Tracing futures lying in the dark
They said we'd never last
The brightest flame burns fast
We say words
We don't talk anymore

Midoriya was talking about Bakugo. That much was obvious. But this song was so pretty, it could be used as a love song. But Jirou knew it was directed towards his ex-friend.

Tonight we're growing closer
Closer to the end
Were we fools for each other
Or fools for falling in?
Are we looking at forever?
'Cause I don't see it in your eyes
Have you had enough or do we try again?
The glass was half full when we stopped pouring in
So just say when

There, the song title! Jirou looked it up on YouTube really quickly, and was shocked to see a live stream titled. "I've had a bad day, so why not live stream? Singing my new song, Just Say When." Jirou shoved her ear plug into the device and yep, that was Midoriya's voice. She clicked on the YouTube channel and was shocked to see 6.9 million subscribers. That was amazing.

I see that sunset in your eyes again
I got that sinking, sinking, same feeling
They said we'd never last
And they were right, but I can't help looking backTonight we're growing closer
Closer to the end
Were we fools for each other
Or fools for falling in?
Are we looking at forever?
'Cause I don't see it in your eyes
Have you had enough or do we try again?
The glass was half full when we stopped pouring in
So just say when

Jirou was sad, this song had so much emotion in it, and the way Midoriya sang every word so broken. As much as she wanted to bust into the room and squeal, she didn't want to mess up his live stream.

Oh, we keep circling it never ends
We keep breaking down but never bend
Oh, we've been half alive
We've been half alive for way too longTonight we're growing closer
Closer to the end
Were we fools for each other
Or fools for falling in?
Are we looking at forever?
'Cause I don't see it in your eyes
Have you had enough or do we try again?
The glass was half full when we stopped pouring in
So just say when
So just say when

Jirou internally squealed, and lightly knocked on the door. "Hello?" She couldn't quite catch what she said, but looked on the phone and Midoriya had fallen out of his chair and yelped. "Jirou? Uh...c-come in." The emo walked in and chuckled. "Didn't know you had a voice. Pretty cool." Midoriya blushed and people on the live were jokingly making fun of him and asking who she was. "Haha, T-thanks. Uh..this is my friend Jirou. I was not expecting anyone to be in the dorms." Jirou chuckled, trying to keep her cool. Midoriya had always been so nice to her, but didn't have too much in common with the musician. But now that she knew he sang? Oh they were best friends now. "Your lucky is wasn't anyone like Toru or Mina. That would've been a nightmare." Izuku fervently nodded his head. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me as long as you let me guest sing on your channel." Midoriya spit out the drink he had and coughed. "Uh..sure? What do you guys think?" Comments started flooding in all agreeing.

"Well fuck. Jirou, welcome to the channel. You need a nickname. You didn't expose mine, which is clever on your part cause you probably thought I hadn't and if you had actually said it that could've potentially messed up my channel although everyone here already knows it-" Jirou put her hand over his mouth and chuckled. "No problem. Uh... call me Anton." Izuku busted out laughing. "Highly praiseworthy? Aight bet. You get one song to prove yourself. By the way, people named me Kalliope. I was Zuzu pet for a bit until one of my old videos went viral and everyone started calling me that. Now it's my channel name!" Jirou giggled. Izuku smiled at the girl.

"So aNtOn, I have a song I wrote that I want to hear you sing. I'll sing the first part and feel free to join in." Jirou smiled and picked up the sheet that her friend gave her. "Nightmare. Nice, Kalliope."

Izuku got on his laptop and went onto a file and clicked play. Music started playing and he smirked.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray to Nezu, my soul to keep (HA I WONT BREAK IT YET >:3)
If I shall die before I 'wake
I pray to Nezu, my soul to takeI, I keep a record of the wreckage of my life
I gotta recognize the weapon in my mind
They talk shit, but I love it every time
And I realize

Jirou almost immediately fell in love with the song.

I've tasted blood and it is sweet
I've had the rug pulled beneath my feet
I've trusted lies and trusted men
Broke down and put myself back together again
Stared in the mirror and punched it to shatters
Collected the pieces and picked out a dagger
I've pinched my skin in between my two fingers
And wished I could cut some parts off with some scissors"Come on, little lady, give us a smile"
No, I ain't got nothin' to smile about
I got no one to smile for, I waited a while for
A moment to say I don't owe you a goddamn thing

Izuku motioned for Jiro to join and when she opened her mouth, the words flowed so easily and it felt amazing, like the song was perfect for her. But looking at the lyrics, she inwardly frowned at things such as 'I've trusted lies and trusted men' because she kept going back to the argument between Bakugo and Midoriya, and him yelling about how he was raped and Bakugo just made it worse.

I, I keep a record of the wreckage of my life
I gotta recognize the weapon in my mind
They talk shit, but I love it every time
And I realizeI'm no sweet dream, but I'm a hell of a night
That I'm no sweet dream, but I'm a hell of a nightNo, I won't smile, but I'll show you my teeth
And I'ma let you speak if you just let me breathe
I've been polite, but won't be caught dead
Lettin' a man tell me what I should do in my bed
Keep my exes in check in my basement
'Cause kindness is weakness, or worse, you're complacent
I could play nice or I could be a bully
I'm tired and angry, but somebody should be

Izuku was mesmerised by her voice and let her sing while he got his phone out and recorded it for his TikTok.

"Come on, little lady, give us a smile"

No, I ain't got nothin' to smile about
I got no one to smile for, I waited a while for
A moment to say I don't owe you a goddamn thingI, I keep a record of the wreckage of my life
I gotta recognize the weapon in my mind
They talk shit, but I love it every time
And I realize
I, I keep a record of the wreckage of my life
I gotta recognize the weapon in my mind
They talk shit, but I love it every time
And I realizeSomeone like me can be a real nightmare, completely aware
But I'd rather be a real nightmare, than die unaware, yeah
Someone like me can be a real nightmare, completely aware
But I'm glad to be a real nightmare, so save me your prayersI, I keep a record of the wreckage of my life
I gotta recognize the weapon in my mind
They talk shit, but I love it every time
And I realize
I, I keep a record of the wreckage of my life
I gotta recognize the weapon in my mind
They talk shit, but I love it every time
And I realize

I'm no sweet dream, but I'm a hell of a night
That I'm no sweet dream, but I'm a hell of a night

Jirou finished the song and took a deep breath. Izuku had stars in his eyes. "Damn, Anton. No need to flex on me." Jirou laughed. "I like your song, Kalliope. You write from personal experience?" The greenette nodded. "My life has been pretty shitty. I can just use all of it for song fuel. ANYWAYS PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS, ANTON CAN KEEP HER NAME." Jirou felt proud of herself. Comments were flowing in on how good she did. Her phone dinged and she cussed under her breath. "Fuck. I was supposed to be back in class." Izuku said 'oop'.


sanic: Jirou! It is unheroic to skip classes when going to get your homework! It should not take that long.

pikachu: yah jirou where did you go

allpanicnodisco: uh tell the teachers I'm staying with mido, he's sad. and fuck it I'll skip class if i want to. mido is my new best friend and no one is changing that

uwuaka: go sis

Pikachu: ...

sanic: Language Jirou!

allpanicnodisco: Japanese. also you would be surprised on how much mido cusses lol

uwuaka: i blame bakugo for tainting the lad

kermitsewerslide: he is probably the one at blame kero

allpanicnodisco: tell aizawa I'm taking mido to the mall

uwuaka: got it

"WELL ANYWAYS that's the live stream for today, everyone! Anton is now my partner in crime. see ya next time!!" Izuku shut off the live after Jirou waved goodbye.

Izuku smiled at her. Maybe he could get an actual friend? One that didn't solely want him for his body?

Jirou smiled back. "Let's go to the mall and buy tacky stuff"

Izuku chuckled, grabbing his phone and wallet. "Let's go."

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"Mido, let's get some pretzels, and maybe to go the music shop." Jirou said as she dragged along her friend. Izuku was walking beside her and eyed a restaurant with a sign that said 'Karaoke'. It was called Sushi Tu Uta.

"Actually, Jirou, let's get an early dinner." Izuku grabbed her hand and ran towards the restaurant. Jirou yelped in surprise and chuckled at the stage inside. "Karaoke? Aight, me against you." Her eyes twinkled with determination and Izuku nodded slyly.

Jirou ordered their food, and Midoriya was stuffing his face with rice. "So, Mido. How long have you been doing the YouTube thing?" Midoriya looked up at her and swallowed his food. "Uh..I was 9 or 10. I started out doing covers for songs, and wrote very small songs that weren't the best, considering I was a child." He told her, putting more food in his mouth. "I put out gaming stuff, challenges, and rarely I did vlogs. Another big part of it was my hero analysis videos." He finished. Jirou nodded her head. "It's cool you were able to make a channel with things you like doing, then becoming successful." Jirou smiled at her friend, then the speakers were filled with a mans voice.

"Jirou Kyoka, to the stage please!"

Izuku evily giggled and took out his phone and opened the camera. Jirou gave him the stink eye and put in her requested song.

"Jirou Kyoka, singing Loving is Easy, by Pomplamoose! Whenever you're ready, Jirou!" The announcer said. Jirou grabbed her microphone and nodded her head towards him, and music started to play. She slightly swayed her hips to the tune.

Loving is easy
You had me fucked up
It used to be so hard to see
Yeah, loving is easy
When everything's perfect
Please don't change a single little thing for me

Izuku smiled and was recording the girl singing. She would be a fun friend. If he didn't think about his past relationships...He clapped to the music and saw Jirou shoot him a smile.

Listen, boy
When you can't even hide it
And it didn't take forever to find it
I was all on my own
Almost glad to be alone
Until love came in on time, on time

So loving is easy

You had me fucked up
It used to be so hard to see
Yeah, loving is easy
When everything's perfect
Please don't change a single little thing for me

Oh, oh

Ah, ah
Oh, oh
Ah, ah

Midoriya and Jirou didn't even notice how people were actually listening instead of ignoring the karaoke, because most singers sucked.

So listen, boy
When you can't even hide it
And it didn't take forever to find it
I was all on my own
Almost glad to be alone
Until love came in on time, oh, on time

Loving is easy

You had me fucked up
It used to be so hard to see
Yeah, loving is easy
When everything's perfect
Please don't change a single little thing for me

Oh, oh

Ah, ah

Oh, oh

Ah, ah

The room bursted with applause and Jirou blushed. "Thank you, Jirou! Next up is her requested competitor, Midoriya Izuku! Midoriya to the stage please!" Jirou walked down the stage stairs and got pulled into a hug by the greenette.

"That was really good, Jirou. But mine will be better!" He said coyly, which earned a light playful slap on the head. "Rude."

Izuku hopped onto the stage and adjusted the microphone stand. People were watching to see who would win the competition. "Okay folks, Midoriya will be singing Daises by Katy Perry!" The announcer told everyone, and some people raised their eyebrows. Jirou looked excited.

The music started and Izuku had a playful gleam in his eyes.

Told them your dreams and they all started laughing
I guess you're out of your mind 'til it actually happensI'm the small town
One in seven billion
Why can't it be me?

People were watching him and Jirou had her phone out, recording the greenette. Even if she couldn't share it with people, it was fun to have in case she needed blackmail.

They told me I was out there
Tried to knock me down
Took those sticks and stones
Showed 'em I could build a house
They tell me that I'm crazy
But I'll never let 'em change me
'Til they cover me in daisies
Daisies, daisiesThey said I'm going nowhere
Tried to count me out
Took those sticks and stones
Showed 'em I could build a house
They tell me that I'm crazy
But I'll never let 'em change me
'Til they cover me in daisies
Daisies, daisiesWhen did we all stop believing in magic?
Why did we put all our hopes in a box in the attic?I'm the long-shot
I'm the Hail Mary
Why can't it be me?They told me I was out there
Tried to knock me down (knock me down)
Took those sticks and stones
Showed 'em I could build a house
They tell me that I'm crazy
But I'll never let 'em change me
'Til they cover me in daisies
Daisies, daisiesThey said I'm going nowhere
Tried to count me out
Took those sticks and stones
Showed 'em I could build a house
They tell me that I'm crazy
But I'll never let 'em change me
'Til they cover me in daisies
Daisies, daisiesHey, hey
Oh, cover me in daisies
Hey, heyI'm the small town
One in seven billion
Why can't it be me?They told me I was out there
Tried to knock me down
Took those sticks and stones
Showed 'em I could build a house
They tell me that I'm crazy
But I'll never let 'em change me
'Til they cover me in daisies
Daisies, daisiesThey said I'm going nowhere
Tried to count me out (count me out)
Took those sticks and stones
Showed 'em I could build a house
They tell me that I'm crazy
But I'll never let 'em change me
'Til they cover me in daisies
Daisies, daisies

Midoriya finished singing and the crowd was cheering and applauding. "Thank you so much!" He smiled, and saw Jirou playing with her phone. That means she recorded it.

"OKAY EVERYONE! Big thanks to Midoriya! Jirou, if you could, please stand up on the stage with him while I calculate the votes!"

"Mido, loser buys the winner a Gucci outfit." Jirou said with a smirk. Midoriya's eyes had a glint of determination in them. "You're on."

"Oop! We have a tie! Looks like you're going to buy Gucci outfits for each other!" The announcer said. Izuku and Jirou groaned. "Dang it, there went my salary."

Midoriya paid for the dinner and put their trophies from Sushi To Uta in a bag. Jirou chuckled. "Chill out, we're not buying Gucci." Midoriya let out a sigh of relief. "We are however, going on the carousel."
"Jirou I get motion sick on stuff like that." Midoriya whined. Jirou rolled her eyes. "You'll be fine. And if you do get can throw up in the trash can." Jirou said, pulling her friend over and putting money in the ride. All was well for her, but Midoriya was trying not to throw up. She took a selfie with him, and he did not look well.

Midoriya emptied his food all over himself and the carousel ride, Jirou may or may not have been cackling.
Izuku looked up at his friend and weakly glared. The ride stopped and he ran towards the trash can, throwing up again.


"Let's get some boba and head back before Aizawa-Sensei murders us." "I can't eat anything else unless you want me to puke again.

On the train ride back, Jirou was sipping her boba. "So, when are you recording your next video?" She asked. Midoriya looked at her and shrugged. "Honestly I don't really have a schedule. I was aiming for tomorrow though since it's the weekend." Jirou nodded her head in understanding. "Are you going to go search for villain fights and analyze stuff?" She asked her friend who almost choked on his spit. "...Maybe.."

They walked into the dorm room, Midoriya holding his old clothes in a plastic bag. Uraraka looked at him with concern. "Deku what happened? Are you okay?" Jirou giggled. Midoriya scowled. "I got motion sick thanks to Jirou. If you'll excuse me, I have to go wash puke out of my favorite hoodie."
Uraraka glared at Jirou who started laughing. "I got a picture and video, we had to get help to clean it up." Bakugo laughed in the other room. "Send it to me. Blackmail." Jirou shrugged and sent it. Midoriya walked down the stairs a few moments later with laundry. Uraraka had some miso soup. "Deku, do you want any food?" Midoriya shook his head. "I'm not hungry, but thanks!" Midoriya went into the laundry room and dumped his stuff in. "I'm going to go study, see you guys later!" Midoriya waved and ran up the stairs.




sorry i didn't know what to write for this chapter, im aware its bad.

Chapter Text

Hizashi Yamada was sitting in the teachers' lounge, scrolling through YouTube on his laptop. School had let out an hour earlier, but the faculty was getting away from the children they had to deal with.

So imagine his surprise when his recommendation showed a certain green haired teenager with a familiar emo teen with him. He put his earbuds in and clicked the video, and it was a video of them running around the town while Midoriya was analyzing stuff quicker than Jirou could keep up. It was actually funny, and after they finished running around, they went back to the dorms, and played a shooter game.

"DAMN IT ANTON. FUCK YOU." Midoriya or otherwise known as "Kalliope" yelled. Jirou smirked and shot another teammate. "Do it coward." Midoriya froze and turned a shade of red while Jirou was cackling. Midoriya threw something at her and the video ended. Hizashi chuckled. He noticed that they were livestreaming? Oh heck yeah.


"Shouta, you wouldn't believe who I just found on YouTube." He said while plugging his laptop into the tv. "Zashi I don't give a fuck about YouTubers." Midnight looked at the tv and gasped, giggling. "You may now. Look." Aizawa grumbled and opened his eyes and looked at the tv. Was that...Problem Child? And Jirou? They were at someone's house, and were talking. Midoriya was laughing and gaming with his friend. Midoriya frowned when Jirou shoved him off a cliff. "I swear to Nezu, Anton. Why the hell did you do that, I had obsidian but now I'm dead." Jirou or 'Anton' chuckled. "Sorry Kalliope. Also read the comments, we haven't done that in a few minutes." Midoriya shrugged and looked at them. "Ha, they want us to sing Bring me to Life." Jirou cackled. "Hell yeah. You get the drums and I'll do the guitar, we can use a computer for the other parts."


Aizawa sighed. "So Problem Child is even more of a problem?" Hizashi chuckled. "I didn't expect him and Jirou to be best friends. Or for them to sing. This oughta be interesting."

"Yeah, can't wait to hear two teenagers with voice cracks because they probably haven't hit puberty."

All Might coughed into his hand at that.



"How can you see into my eyes like broken doors? Leading you down into my core, where I've become so numb. Without a soul, my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold, until you find it there and lead it back home." Jirou sang while Midoriya was getting ready to play the drums. He was trying not to laugh.





"SAVE ME!" Midoriya sang without letting his voice crack. Shouta was impressed.


They're voices blended together nicely, and eventually, the song ended. Midoriya was laughing. "Beautiful, Anton. The meme that is genuinely a good song."

Jirou laughed and signed? something to the greenette. He nodded.

"Okay well, it's time for Q&A! So, ask questions that we may or may not be uncomfortable answering."


Hizashi smirked. Midnight smirked. Aizawa sighed.


aaaAAAAAAughh: yo midoriya and jirou, how's it going? Aizawa was impressed that your voice didn't crack.


Midoriya and Jirou paled at that message.


Hizashi busted out laughing. "How much do you want to bet they'll avoid us tomorrow? Sho, I dare you to vaguely mention this in front of them." Aizawa smiled. "Sure, I'll make them embarrassed. I bet 5,000 yen."


Aizawa waltzed into the dorm room an hour later, seeing all of his class either watching a movie or making food in the kitchen. Midoriya was holding a carton of eggs while Jirou had a bag of flour. Time to move.

He walked into the kitchen and leaned against the refrigerator. "I was set on your voice cracking, Kalliope." He said.

Midoriya accidentally used his quirk and cracked all the eggs. Jirou dropped the flour and it spilled all over her.

"S-sensei..h-hel-lo.." Izuku warily said, stuttering. Mina popped her head in. "What do you mean, voice cracking? Wait, Midoriya can you sing?" Midoriya turned a deep shade of red and glared at his teacher. Jirou was coughing after inhaling way too much flour.

Bakugo poked his head up from the couch. "Yeah, the nerd used to sing when we were younger. It's the only thing he's not entirely shitty at." Midoriya gave him the stink eye. People were shocked. "Wow, Bakugo actually complimented someone. That must mean, Midoriya, you can sing really well!"


"Jirou if I murder someone, will it prevent me from getting a hero license?"

Jirou nodded. "Yes. Yes it will."


"Midoriya, no."

"It's a small price to pay for revenge."

The room sweatdropped while Aizawa wrapped his capture scarf around the boy. "You're not killing anyone today. I've put too much work in all of you for it to go waste."

Uraraka laughed. "C'mon Deku-kun, we can do karaoke so you aren't as embarrassed!" Most people agreed and Midoriya sighed. Jirou gave him a sympathetic look. "I'm not singing."



"C'mon Midoriya, we won't laugh at you." Mina pleaded. Midoriya was getting mad but didn't say anything.

"Midoriya, do it for the ladies."

"I said no."

"Mido come on!"

"Guys, stop, kero."

"It would be entertaining!"

"That's enough, my answer is no."

"Mido. Please? We're all going to sing, no one is going to laugh at you!"

"I SAID ENOUGH," Midoriya said, raising his voice. "I'm not singing. Stop bothering me." The teen put the plate he was washing away and went to walk out. Bakugo picked up the microphone. "I knew you couldn't beat me. Even at the thing, I know you love, even more than heroes."

Midoriya paused. He turned around and snatched the microphone out of the blond's hand. "I will always win against you when it comes to singing."

People 'oooooh'ed and Jirou smirked.

"Jirou, could you grab my laptop please?" Midoriya asked the girl. Bakugo chuckled. "You brought this upon yourself, Katsuki."

Bakugo may or may not have feared for his life at that second but shook the feeling off. "Nerd, isn't your dad in the music industry or something?" Midoriya nodded. "He's a manager for some American idol. I think her name is Taylor or something."

Jirou came down the stairs holding his laptop. Midoriya gave her a thank you before plugging his hidden flashdrive in.

Jirou took out her phone, as well as multiple other people in the room. Midoriya hooked his computer to the speakers and picked up his microphone. "Remember the third-grade talent show, Katuski?"

Bakugo shuddered. "Yeah, the only competition you ever won."

"Yeah cause I got bullied out of participating in the others.." Midoriya said to himself. A few people might have heard.


Music started up and Midoriya smirked at his audience.


Party boys don't get hurt
Can't feel anything, when will I learn
I push it down, push it downI'm the one "for a good time call"
Phone's blowin' up, they're ringin' my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the loveOne, two, three, one, two, three, drink
One, two, three, one, two, three, drink
One, two, three, one, two, three, drinkThrow em back, till I lose countI'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't existLike it doesn't exist
I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier


"HOLY SHIT." People were yelling and some had their mouths gaped open. Aizawa hid his expression behind his capture scarf. Sure, he had heard the kid sing with Jirou, but he hardly had a part and this was on a whole other level. He was recording it for Hizashi. Only for Hizashi...

And I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I'm just holding on for tonight
Help me, I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I'm just holding on for tonight
On for tonightParty boys don't get hurt
Can't feel anything, I push it down, push it downI'm the one "for a good time call"
Phone's blowin' up, I feel the love, feel the love
I feel the love, feel the loveSun is up, I'm a mess
Gotta get out now, gotta run from this
Here comes the shame, here comes the shameOne, two, three, one, two, three, drink
One, two, three, one, two, three, drink
One, two, three, one, two, three, drinkThrow em back till I lose countI'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist
Like it doesn't exist
I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelierAnd I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I'm just holding on for tonight
Help me, I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I'm just holding on for tonight
On for tonight
On for tonight


Midoriya finished and smirked. Even Bakugo looked impressed. Jirou was a little shocked, she hadn't heard him sing anything like this. "Still want to go, Katsuki?"

Mina started screaming and applauding. Bakugo shook off his shock. "Damn nerd, ever thought of being a singer instead of a hero?"

"On multiple occasions. But I'm here, and as much as I would love to be a singer, I'm not dropping out of high school for a dream that could very well not happen. Besides, why not be both?"

Chapter Text

Midoriya went upstairs after singing one of his newer but older-ish songs, Chandelier.

The room was dark, just the way he liked it. He flopped onto his bed and looked at the texts from his father.

Hisashi Midoriya.


Hisashi Midoriya.


Hisashi Midoriya...




"You'll always be my baby girl, Izuki."


No shut up. He is a boy. Boy. Male.


"Daddy's little girl!"


Fuck you.


"Izuki, are you sure?"

"Y-yes...I'm m-male...n-not fem-male.."

"Okay sweetheart. I believe you. Are you keeping your name?"


Inko smiles at her little gi- nope. Her little boy. Her little 12-year-old boy. Get used to that, Inko. Her little boy, Izuku.

Hisashi was not going to be happy.

"What do you mean she's transgender? Inko, she probably doesn't even know what that word is! And Izuku?"

"Hisashi....please...Trust me, Izuku knows what the word is."

"I don't want to hear that filthy word come out of your mouth." Hisashi said as he took another sip of his drink. Inko gasped. "HIS name is Izuku. Hisashi we said we would support our child no matter what! This isn't supporting!"

Izuku was sitting in her room, crying silently. Her parents did not know how to be quiet. The fighting was getting worse and worse. Her silver-white hair was at her shoulders...She picked up her scissors and cut her hair. She was happy with it.

"INKO. You know how I feel about the LGBTQ+ community! I'm not letting my daughter into that."

"Your son. Your fucking son."

Hisashi growled. He went to hit her before Izuki*Izuku ran out into the living room.

"DAD, STOP. DON'T HIT MOM." She pleaded, standing in front of her mother.

Hisashi chuckled. "Looks like the feminine faggot has arrived. What are you going to do, Izuki? Play hero?"

Izuku had tears streaming down her face. "Dad...Why do you hit us? You've done it for so many years when will enough be enough?!"

Hisashi smacked her across the face.


Izuku woke up in a cold sweat. 'It's not real..He's gone. He's in America. He won't hurt you or mom ever again. He can't get to you. He can't get to you. He can't get to you.' He wiped the tears that were slowly coming down his face and opened his phone back up to the messages he had sent him.

~(10) New Message from 'Oh wait I have a father'



I know you read these. I know what I said can never be forgiven, no matter how nice the person is. But I want you to know I'm so incredibly sorry. You can be who you want to be. I got sense knocked into me, here in America. You are my little boy. I should have NEVER put my hands on you or your mother, I deserve to go hell for that. But I love you, Izuku. I made horrible, unforgivable mistakes. I'm sorry.

Izuku? Please reply.

You're online! Izuku, please answer me.

Izuku. I'm so sorry. So fucking sorry and I can't be forgiven. I've gone to therapy though, I've changed. I don't expect you to love me anymore. It's been five years since we've spoken last.

I'm sorry. I was so horrible to you.



I'm so proud of you, as well. I know there was nothing natural about your quirk, and I still have no idea how it happened, you probably have pyrokinesis somewhere in your jumble of quirks. Your mom told me you dyed your hair green. It looks amazing on you. And put a green contact in your right eye, to make you look more like mom and probably less like me- I love you. I can't wait to see your debut has a pro-hero.

By the way, Mom told me about your YouTube channel. Your voice is amazing. I may or may not have told Taylor about it and she thinks it's great as well. Izuku, you don't have to answer me, but I love you. For you. I' fucking sorry for everything I did to you, and I never will expect your forgiveness. I'm proud of you, son.


Izuku had tears running down his eyes as he read those. Hisashi had been sending them for 2 years now, apparently, he had gotten therapy and had changed. But Izuku didn't know what to say to his father...


Izuku let the tears fall from his face. He had to go tell Kacchan about this. Even though Kacchan was being an asshole earlier today. Bakugo was the person he could forgive. Hisashi would take a long time. He changed into pajama pants and a shirt, taking his binder off and replacing it with a sports bra so it would be hard to notice with the hoodie on, just in case someone was in the kitchen.

Bakugo was sitting at the counter, talking to Aizawa who had just finished up a patrol. He turned and looked at the boy who ran down the stairs.

"Kacchan! Good, you're down here, I thought I was going to have to break into your dorm room. Okay, so I have updates on my fathers' text messages- Oh..... Aizawa-Sensei. H-hello.." Midoriya whisper-screaming to the blond before noticing his teacher. Aizawa raised an eyebrow. Bakugo's eyes lit up. "You actually answered that bitch?"

Midoriya shook his head no and went and got water. "No I'm not ready for that. He said he was proud of me. Sure, he's said it before but he actually said 'it' with a U this time." Bakugo slowly nodded his head. Aizawa frowned. "What do you mean, it with a u?" Midoriya quickly shook his head. "Nothing, it's nothing."

Bakugo had picked up the phone. "Deku, I love the name for him in your contacts." Midoriya chuckled. "Well, I will be going back up to my room, I just wanted to tell you stuff. Night Kacchan, Night Aizawa-Sensei!" Midoriya waved as he ran back up the stairs.


'That was close, Izuku.' He thought to himself. He got his box of hair dye and went to his personal bathroom and dyed it back green (his roots were starting to show) and went to bed.

Chapter Text

~a/n~ Imagine afos hair color please on mido lol and his eye is an ashen blue

Izuku woke up and smiled to himself. Today would be a good day. He hopes. He has a song to record for YouTube, then he's going to actually call his dad. Oh Nezu, he's actually calling his formerly alcoholic, abusive father.

He got dressed for school and put in his eye contact. Maybe one day he would take it out for good...And stop dyeing his hair....Maybe. He went downstairs and smiled at his friends. Shut up, they are his friends.

Jirou may or may not have been preparing to put a dead lizard in Bakugo's coffee with Kaminari and Sero before Midoriya walked over. "You are doing it wrong, he wouldn't care about that. Give me the mug." They gave it to him while Midoriya got the sugar bowl out and poured the entire thing in. He stirred it up and fixed the topping so it looked like it wasn't tampered with.

Midoriya took out his phone and secretly recorded sleepy Bakugo take a sip of his coffee. His face puckered and he threw up the drink, causing Kaminari to bust out laughing.

"What the-"

Iida rushed over and tried to help Bakugo before noticing the three teenagers dying laughing. "Guys this is not a time for laughing! Bakugo is sick!" Bakugo spat the rest of the drink out in the sink and got water. Midoriya was struggling to breathe on the floor, due to laughing so hard. Bakugo frowned at the three. "I hate you so much. Deku, I will not hesitate to kick you where it hurts." Midoriya laughed even harder on the ground.

Bakugo went over and cleaned up the pile of puke and slid the mug of hell to Midoriya. "Drink that, Deku. Know my suffering." Midoriya shrugged and took out small shot-sized red solo cups (THESE ACTUALLY EXIST) and poured 18 cups. There was still a ton of coffee left in the mug, and he passed it out to everyone.

"Kacchan is a pussy and can't handle the sweetness. You guys try it."

Five more people threw up. Kaminari had accidentally shocked people, and Todoroki was on a sugar high. Sato looked at the drink like it had shot his puppy right in front of him.

"Dear NEZU MIDO. You still haven't drunk the drink of death." Uraraka said to the greenette. Everyone was smirking and Midoriya took the coffee and chugged it. "There, nothing left, y'all can't handle a tad bit of sweetness?"

Uraraka looked offended while Bakugo just smashed his head into the table. "BITCH HOW-"


Midoriya turned around and made an even sweeter brew, pouring more sugar than the last time, and some sweetener. He may or may not have added a tad bit of Red Bull for extra power. Everyone was looking at him with disgust.


"Aizawa-Sensei, how sweet is your coffee?" Ashido asked her teacher. Eraserhead smirked. "It has 2 cups of sugar in it. The staff says it's poison." Everyone stared at the greenette. "Well, Midoriya poured enough sugar to fill two or three sugar bowls (this would actually make you throw up) into his. On the sickeningly sweet brew no one drinks, and a lot of sweeteners. Then Red Bull."

Eraserhead paused and stared at his Problem Child. "How the fuck does one sip not give you diabetes?" Midoriya shrugged and took a sip of his coffee. "This morning we pranked Bakugo and poured a lot of sugar into it, making him throw up, then put the remaining into shot glasses for everyone to try. 5 more people puked and they made me chug the rest, which needed more sugar in it."

Aizawa sighed. "Let me try yours."

Midoriya took out his spare (why) red solo cup shots and poured a bit into it. Aizawa could just see diabetes written all over this. He took the shot and immediately ran to the trash can. The class busted out laughing. Midoriya simply picked up the drink and took a long swig. Shouta looked at the kid in disbelief.

Mic ran in moments later and saw his husband throw up in the trash can. "Shouta are you sick? What's wrong?" The worried blond asked. Aizawa glared at Midoriya. "That brat can somehow drink one of the most sickening coffees ever. You can try it at your own risk." Hizashi sat there shocked, Shouta could take really sweet coffee, how bad could it have been to make him throw up?

"The entire faculty is going to try my coffee, aren't they?" Izuku said as he took out an extra thermos of the demonic liquid. "Take this to them, let me come so I can see their reactions," Hizashi smirked. "Come on then, Nemuri is going to hate it."


Midoriya came in later laughing. Aizawa looked at him with confusion.

"I-i c-can-t o-oh n-n-nezu-" Midoriya said between laughing. He sat down in his seat, cackling. "Cementoss took one sip and just walked out, and everyone else threw up. After All Might was done, he looked at the rest in the cup and called it the 'personification of evil.' Nezu was cackling with me and everyone watched in disgust when I drank the rest out of the thermos."

People were chuckling. Midnight walked in for art later, giving Midoriya the stink eye when seeing the thermos, and him drinking it.


Finally, the heroics class came and they all got dressed and waited outside. "Okay, today we're going to be fighting the opponents that you fought in the sports festival. Midoriya and Todoroki, Tokoyami and Yaoyorozu, Bakugo and Uraraka, and everyone who didn't fight against a classmate, come here. The same rules apply to the festival. And Midoriya, I beg of you, don't end up in surgery again." Midoriya blushed and shook his head.

Todoroki and Midoriya walked into the ring and the timer started. (I'm not good at writing fight scenes so bear with me here)

Midoriya powered up OFA and Todoroki tried to shoot a blast of ice his way, only for it to be stopped with black whip.

Midoriya went in for close combat, using 20% of his power to push Todoroki back. Todoroki built an ice wall behind him to stop the push and shot more ice at his friend, successfully getting one leg caught in. Midoriya powered up his quirk and broke it before falling to his knees.


Todoroki ran over. "Midoriya are you alright? Did I hurt you?" Midoriya shook his head 'no' and stuck his hand on Todoroki's left side to heat his arm up. Todoroki looked in confusion before Midoriya touched his eye. "My eye contact got messed up and damn that hurts." People giggled on the sidelines while Midoriya looked like he was in pain. "Give me your arm, my hand is still too cold to get the contact out, it's making it worse." Todoroki heated his friends' hands and watched the greenette sigh in relief when it was out. His eye had a beautiful grey/blue color to it. "Oh thank fuck, that hurt."

"I thought your eyes were green?" Todoroki asked in confusion, looking at his best friend who apparently also had heterochromia? "Nah, my other is but this one is the natural color." Todoroki nodded. "Why did you cover up the other?"

Midoriya looked up at him and chuckled. "Daddy issues. Now, let's continue the match even though I cannot see out of one eye!"

Aizawa stopped the fight. "Midoriya, you're out if you can't see. Bakugo will fight Todoroki after Uraraka. Do you have any glasses or other contacts?" Midoriya nodded. "They're at the dorms so I'll be blind for a bit."

"Cool eyes, Midoriya. Did you say daddy issues?" Jirou asked. Midoriya nodded and sat down on the bench, taking the other contact out. Luckily, that one was still green. "Alright well, now the world is fuzzy. Tell me, how do the leaves look on the trees?" Midoriya said. Jirou playfully groaned.


Eventually, the winners of the matches were Tokoyami and Bakugo. The others lost and Midoriya was trying to look at his notebook. He basically had his face dug in it. "I DID IT, IT'S SLIGHTLY CLEAR!" Jirou chuckled. Iida looked at the other blind (i don't mean actually blind. bad vision) teen and grimaced at his struggles.

"Alright, good job class. Head back to the dorms and do whatever, I don't care."

Bakugo walked over and flicked Midoriya in the forehead. "Sup nerd."

"Hi, Kacchan. Good job on your match."

"Not like you could see it."

"Stop making fun of my bad vision, jerk."


They got back to the dorms, and Midoriya was screaming after looking for his glasses. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY GLASSES. I CAN'T SEE WITHOUT THEM, AND MY OTHER CONTACTS GOT SERIOUSLY MESSED UP."

Bakugo was chilling on the couch, holding the greenette's glasses in his hand, for revenge from earlier.

Suddenly they got ripped out of his hand, along with his Animal Crossing game. He had found Raymond on a mystery island, and Midoriya exited the game before it autosaved, without saving it. He smirked. "Fuck you."

Bakugo may or may not have cried.

Chapter Text

(warning, this chapter will be triggering and covering a heavy topic. Read at your own risk.)


Hisashi sat there, the phone ringing. He was waiting for his daught-son to answer the phone. 3 tries later, he sighed and gave up. His client, Taylor Swift (haha B)) looked at him with concern.

"Your son not answering?"

"No...but if I were, I mean him, I wouldn't either."



Izuku looked at the phone with tears in his eyes. It was too much to answer that phone call. But he wanted to answer it because he's still my father...

But he hit you. He abused you and your mother. And you're going to forgive him and make him happy by talking to him?

Shut up. As much as I would love to forgive leave him...I just can't.

Izuku looked at his notebook and took out a pencil.


My first album

Name: Experience


He smiled to himself and grabbed his phone, before going downstairs with a notebook in hand. Aizawa was grading papers.

"Excuse me, Aizawa-Sensei?" Midoriya asked his teacher. He made a noise of acknowledgment. "May I go to the music room?" He nodded and Midoriya squealed. "Thanks!"

Midoriya walked into the kitchen to grab a water bottle, seeing Bakugo crying.


"It's alright, Bakubro. We'll find him again."


The greenette quickly exited the building and went into the school's music room. He sat down on the piano and looked at the notes he had.

Sweet music filled the room, and Izuku closed his eyes, letting the tune embrace him.

"Oh, father...."

His eyes sparkled as he thought of a new song.

"Four years old, with my back to the door..." Izuku sang, thinking of the aftermath of the quirk doctor. Inko and Hisashi were yelling, and Izuku just wanted a happy family. They had always fought, but this was louder than usual. "All I could hear was the family war..."

"Your selfish hands, always expecting more... Am I your child or just a charity ward?"

"You have a hollowed to heart but it's heavy in your chest, I try so hard to fight it but it's hopeless. Hopeless...You're hopeless..."

Izuku closed his eyes once again, letting a tear fall out of his eye. All he could remember was his dad drinking and hitting his family. That's all it was. Hisashi would know his limits, but it always hurt so bad. Why couldn't he just leave his dad alone?

"Oh father, please father, I'd love to leave you alone but I can't let you go. Oh father, please father! Put the bottle down for the love of a........"

Izuku gulped.

"daughter...." He might be male now, but he was a girl then. Besides, when he releases this, females might relate.



"Where's Midoriya? I want to talk to him about something." Jirou asked her friends. Kaminari shrugged. "Oh, Midobro went to the music room at the school. I heard him ask Aizawa about it." Kirishima answered her, still trying to get Bakugo to calm down. Jirou smiled. "Thanks, Kiri! IF Aizawa asks, tell him that's where I am." Kirishima gave her a thumbs up the teen ran out to the school.

She finally arrived and heard piano music playing. Smiling, she opened the door to see her best friend with tears running down his face. He didn't seem to have noticed her walk in, so she listened to the music start. Eventually, he started singing. What was this about family war-?



"It's been five years since we've spoken last. And you can't take what back, what we never had, oh oh... Well, I can be manipulated, only so many times! Before even 'I love you' starts to sound like a lie!"


Jirou had never heard her friend singing with so much emotion. She recorded it with her phone, just in case he hadn't written lyrics down.


"You have a hollowed-out heart but it's heavy in your chest, I try so hard to fight it but it's hopeless. Hopeless, you're hopeless!"

"Oh father, please father, I'd love to leave you alone but I can't let you go. Oh father, please father! Put the bottle down for the love of a daughter."


Jirou may or may not have gotten a tear in her eye hearing him sing like this.

Izuku slowed down the music and wiped his eyes. "Don't you remember I'm your baby girl... How could you push me out of your world?! Lied to your flesh and your blood, put your hands on the ones that you swore you loved?!" Izuku had tears streaming like waterfalls, pouring down his face now. Jirou wanted to go over and hug him so badly but didn't want to be rude. And what did he mean by daughter? And baby girl?

"DON'T YOU REMEMBER I'M YOUR BABY GIRL, HOW COULD YOU THROW ME RIGHT OUT OF YOUR WORLD?! So young when the pain had begun, now forever afraid of being alone..."

Jirou silently left the room and went back to the dorms, deleting the recording. That song wasn't for her to hear. She would, however, question Bakugo about her best friend's dad.

"Oh father, please father, I'd love to leave you alone but I can't let you go. Oh father, please father!!! Oh father, please father, put the bottle down for the love of a daughter....."

"For the love of a daughter..." Izuku finished, leaning into himself and bawling.

Izuku wiped his tears away and turned off the recording button on his phone. He put his glasses back on his face and grabbed his bag, and left the room.



Jirou grabbed Bakugo and brought him into another room despite him trying to blow her up.

"WHAT THE HELL-" "What's the situation with Midoriya and his father?"

Bakugo's face softened for a second. "It's none of your business. If you want to know, ask the nerd himself." Jirou sighed. "I walked into the music room, and he was crying singing about his dad, and there was fighting in the lyrics, and I just want to help him, Bakugo."

"Ugh fine, I'm only giving you a few details. His father was an alcoholic, and he sometimes abused the nerd and his mother. That's all I'm giving you." He told her, looking at his feet. "It's a very fragile situation and I really shouldn't have given you that much information. Don't gossip or whatever with anyone about it or I will end you. Got it?" The raven-haired girl nodded. "I wouldn't dream of it."


Mineta wasn't invading anyone's privacy..or..snooping...He was..uh... checking Midoriya's room because he heard a strange noise? Ah, fuck it he was snooping. He wanted blackmail on the teen. Who knew what marvelous secrets he had?

So while everyone else was minding their business downstairs, unlike some grape, Mineta picked the lock of the door and quietly snuck in. There was paper everywhere, so much music equipment, and feminine products?

Wait a damn minute. Mineta eyed the boxes suspiciously, but what intrigued him the most was the transgender flag on the bed, and a few binders sitting near the closet. The purple boy opened the drawer to see female underwear and smiled evilly. He gathered a few of the items and made his way downstairs.

"GUYS LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN MIDORIYA'S ROOM! SHE'S A GIRL!" Mineta screamed while tossing his findings in the common room. Bakugo immediately jumped up. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Jirou's eyes widened and Aizawa was walking into the room to see what was happening. Uraraka was steaming along with a lot of the members.

But everyone was oblivious to the greenette that had walked into the dorm building.

Uraraka was getting held back by Hagakure, whereas Iida was getting ready to sucker-punch the grape boy. "MINETA, ALMOST EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM IS APART OF THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST OUTED MIDORIYA LIKE THAT. WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO YOU?!" Even Kirishima was yelling. Aizawa walked in, upon hearing the ruckus. "Mineta did....what now?" He said. Mineta had tears in his eyes.


Midoriya was silently standing there, and dropped his backpack, and ran out of the dorm building. Everyone looked at the sudden noise and cringed. Jirou went after him, along with Bakugo and Uraraka.



Did Izuku know where he was going? Nah. Did he care? Nah. Was he just outed in front of his classmates? Yup. Did he want to kill Mineta even if it restricted him from getting certified as a hero? Yup.


Izuku ran to a nearby park and climbed up a sakura tree, and sat in the branches, crying. Why did life hate him this much?


Why was he still here?


Was there a tall building nearby?


Teehee. Yes there was.


Izuku giggled and made his way over.

Chapter Text

(just an an really quick, the oc is just for thickening the plot and will be removed in the next few chapters. They are only here to make izuku suffer. (: with that being said, enjoy! ALSO IZUJIROU IS COMING L A T E R IN THE STORY! IT IS HAPPENING buT Vocal is going to be a very long story

Izuku went to climb down the tree and realized what he just thought. He was NOT going to commit suicide. He had an okay life, and it wasn't worth killing himself over being outed.

He sighed and looked at the sunset. It was beautiful...

Izuku went down to Dagobah beach and picked up his guitar, (who knows where he got it from) and sat down on the sand. He strummed a tune, oblivious to the person watching him.

"Often, I am upset that I cannot fall in love but I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it. Are you tired of me yet? I'm a little sick right now, but I swear when I am ready I will fly us out of here..."

Izuku sadly smiled to himself and looked at a turtle crawling around in the sand. "I'll cut my hair to make you stare....I'll hide my chest and I'll figure out a way to get us out of here."


Zenaku Masao watched the boy with admiration. (Yes I just named this guy evil saint 😉) He looked to be around his age, and dammnnnn he had a nice body. This might just work, haha.

"Bad day?" Zenaku asked the greenette. The teen quickly turned his head. "Ha, yeah.. It's been pretty rough. What about you?" Izuku asked the blond. "Oh, I'm Midoriya Izuku by the way."

"Masao Zenaku. Nice to meet you. My days' been pretty bad as well. I got water sprayed on me by a car, and I was late to class." Izuku grimaced. "Certified oof right there. I got outed in front of my entire class and ruined my contact lenses." Zenaku cringed. "That's rough. What was that song you were singing? It was pretty good." Izuku brightened up. "Oh... I just needed to vent, it's my own song. I might make a full version."

Masao smiled. "Epic, I would love to listen to it. Listen, I got to go, but want to meet up at a cafe soon? Here's my number." Masao gave his number to the other teenager, who nodded eagerly. "Sure! Sounds fun, I'll see you later then, Masao!" Izuku waved to the blond, who walked off the beach and waved as well.


Izuku smiled to himself. Maybe it was time to forget about the other relationships and uh....the adults...and make a new friend! He got up and brushed off his pants, and went to a store and picked up some mochi for himself. Izuku skipped back to the campus and walked into the dorm building, smiling. Uraraka immediately went over to hug him, as well as other people. He had a mochi ball in his mouth and choked on it when he was squeezed.

"Deku! Are you okay?!" Uraraka asked with concern. A few other people were giggling as Midoriya was coughing up a lung. "Could be better, I need water." He answered after finally swallowing the ball. Uraraka gave him the drink and he accepted it eagerly. "Oh thank fuck. Yep, I'm fine!" He said with a smile. Bakugo frowned at him. "Nerd, there's no way you can be okay with what the grape did." Jirou and Iida nodded. "Nah, Kacchan. As much as I want to kill that fucker, I met someone at the beach! I have a coffee date on Saturday."

Bakugo sputtered. Kaminari laughed. "Good for you, Mido." Izuku smiled. "Thanks, Kami! Now where is Mineta... I just want to chat!" Bakugo laughed. "Yeah no, we don't need you killing anyone." Izuku frowned. "Damn it. Well, I'm gonna go to my room!"

Izuku ran up the stairs, wiping the tears that came to his eyes and bolted into his bedroom and shoved his head into his pillow, crying.


"Okay I'm making katsudon for the nerd, because there is no way in hell he's alright. If there's any left, you can have it I guess." Bakugo said to the group of students who watched their friend bolt up the stairs with concern. Kirishima chuckled. "Aw, you're going soft!" Bakugo gave him the finger. "No, I'm just being a good person towards my childhood friend, who is the most stubborn brat in the world."

Jirou giggled. "Softie." Suddenly, the lyrics of the song Midoriya made sense. He was transgender, and his dad probably didn't like that. She was going to have a talk with him soon, but she needed to post on her own YouTube channel.


Izuku looked on his discord server and smiled at his friends, who were sending threats towards a certain person with the hero name Grape Juice.

kyle-kun: I'm going to kill him. I'm going to fucking kill him

zuzupet: kyLE NO

kyle-kun: right right, that's your job

depressymeal: LMAO KYLE

zuzupet: good kyle

depressymeal: IM DYING LMFAO

zuzupet: nOOoO don't die. bTW i have a surprise for everyone soon

kyle-kun: :O merch? meet and greet? uH an album?

zuzupet: two wrongs and a right in that

depressymeal: MERCH?! HELL YEAH

zuzupet: sure

kyle-kun: i believe its the album

zuzupet: yaaaa don't tell anyone about it, i trust you two only

depressymeal: ay ay captain




zuzupet: QUEEN. ew someone knocked on my door and intruded my emo hours

kyle-kun: arent you emo all the time though-

zuzupet: yes. i do not want anyone intruding my time.

depressymeal: tell em to fuck off

zuzupet: [recording;fuckoff;]

depressymeal: LMAO

zuzupet: oh shit its kacchan

kyle-kun: answer it or i can guarantee you might not live to tomorrow

zuzupet: i mean that's alright with me buT okay

depressymeal: nOooO don't say that

kyle-kun: yeah if you're going to die, let us come with you

zuzupet: noted. oh shit he's trying to break my door


"GIMME A MINUTE," Izuku yelled, not even bothering to put his binder back on, considering it was just Kacchan. He stood up and opened it, revealing Bakugo and Aizawa. "OH SHIT HOLD ON" Bakugo scoffed and used his foot as a doorstop. "Deku I don't care about it."


"Too bad move it." Bakugo strolled in as Izuku had quickly shoved a baggy hoodie on. "Fuck you." Aizawa lightly chuckled. He sat in a chair across from the greenette. "Kid, are you okay? And don't give me lies."

Izuku gulped and sighed. " I don't know I'm just mad." Bakugo picked up a piece of a paper. "Yo nerd, what is this?" Izuku sputtered and went to grab it. "KACCHAN NO GIVE THAT BACK." Bakugo held it above his reach. Aizawa looked at the two with confusion. "You writing a song or something?"

Izuku blushed and ripped the paper out of his friend's hand. "Yes. Yes, I am. Happy? Don't touch anything else." Bakugo chuckled. "Sing it." "No." "I made you katsudon. Now sing it."

Izuku growled and flipped off his friend. "Not singing and you can't force it out of me."

"Well fuck you."

"No thanks, I'd rather not have sex."

Bakugo turned a couple shades of red before smacking his friend on the head.

Chapter Text

(a/n~~~~ again, this oc is ONLY here to make Izuku suffer and he will be removed ASAP. I doubt he'll be here until chapter 15 so just bear with it for a bit. And more of jirou's perspective will be added, ,,,,,,llllllllll something is stuck in my comma key- wooplll,,,,,,,m,..;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,,,l,,klllllllllllllllllllllllllll ;;,,,,,,,,.lk;;;;;;;;;;;;;l ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FIXED IT! now enjoy the chapter!,,,,,*song is This is Home by cavetown!)

It had been a few weeks since the date with Masao. It had all been going smoothly for them! All was well in Izuku's love life.


Aizawa groaned when Nezu announced that the students would be staying in the dorms for the next two months due to the coronavirus. The hellions were already crazy enough when they were allowed to leave the dorms, but this was going to be a living nightmare.

He looked at his students that were chilling in the common room. Midoriya was on cooking duty and ah, Shouta was looking forward to the dinner. Midoriya was number one on the best cook list. Bakugo was pissed with getting second but accepted his defeat.

"Food is ready!" Midoriya called from the kitchen. People ran to the bar to grab their plates of food. Kaminari took a bite and sighed. "This is so good. Mido, you gotta play Mario Kart with us after dinner." Bakugo choked on his food and Jirou shook her head. "NO. That bastard is amazing at that game." Bakugo nodded his head. "He's freakishly good at almost every video game you let him play." Kaminari shrugged. "Well I'm the god of Mario Kart, there's no way he can beat me. I bet $500 on it. (yeah I'm not converting it to yen, sorry)" Midoriya laughed evilly. "Okay, I bet $500 too. Winner will have $1000." Mina was laughing. "I'll put $100 on that, for Kaminari to win."

Midoriya was smirking. Jirou took out some of hers. "$100 for Midoriya."

Eventually, the winner of the grand prix would get $3,000. Even Aizawa had pitched in. Kaminari handed Midoriya the green controller, and Kaminari took the yellow.

"Okay, we need to have the same car so it's just based on our skill level," Kaminari told the greenette who nodded his head.



"HAHA KAMINARI GIVE UP," Mina yelled. It had been a few hours and Kaminari hadn't even won one race out of each grand prix. Midoriya was sitting there, eating chips as it showed the replay of the last race.


"Kaminari, It's been 136 grand prixs and you haven't won one race. I've won 544. It's 544-0 right now. Give up." Midoriya said, crunching another chip. Kaminari tossed his controller on the couch cushion and curled up in a ball and cried. Midoriya chuckled. Iida looked frazzled and Jirou and Bakugo were laughing at Kaminari's demise. "Midoriya had won 544 races in a row, and Kaminari won none- the $3,000 goes to Midoriya!" Iida announced. Izuku got up and fist-bumped Jirou. Aizawa stood up and turned off the tv.

"Everyone, I meant to mention this earlier, but you all will be in the dorm building for two months, classes will be held virtually due to the coronavirus. Normally we would allow you all the chance to go home, but because of the League targeting many people in this class, and U.A in general, we need you to stay here for protection. We have gotten permission from your guardians as well. Am I understood?" Everyone nodded and Midoriya tensed up for a second, before relaxing. "Okay, great. I'll be ordering food and supplies for this month, you all can order yourselves things for the second."

Midoriya quickly went online to the store he got his hair dye from and looked it up. It wasn't there. Wait. It wasn't there.

He googled it.

The viridian green will not be returning to stores, as it was unpopular.

Did Midoriya just have to bite his lip to make sure he didn't scream? He did. Bakugo seemed to have looked over his shoulder and held in a laugh. Izuku turned around and glared at him.

"Okay, meeting dismissed. I would rather you all get to bed early considering Kaminari and Midoriya played 544 straight races in Mario Kart."

Bakugo busted out laughing as soon as Aizawa was done and Izuku rightfully smacked him. "Don't laugh at my pain, jerk." Aizawa raised his eyebrow. "Nothing, nothing, there was something on his phone..." Bakugo let out one last chuckle. "If you aren't careful, Katuski, I will put bleach in your conditioner. Wouldn't want streaky hair, would you?" Izuku spat out venomously. Bakugo scoffed. "Not like you'll be any better-AH" A mochi ball was stuffed into his mouth and Izuku eyed him. "Don't you remember that incident in fourth grade? We wouldn't want a repeat."

Bakugo's eyes widened and he quickly left the room. Midoriya smirked. "Bitch." Kirishima looked at him curiously. "What did you do in fourth grade-"

"I sent a kid to the ICU. Bastard stole my lunch but I didn't get charged because I acted in self-defense even if it was a little extreme."


"Well when you steal my bento, hippity hoppity your limbs are now my property."

Uraraka busted into giggles, as well as some other people. Aizawa just sighed and poured another cup of coffee into his mug before plopping on the couch.


Aizawa was grading papers when the dorm alarm system buzzed.

'A student is on the roof! Go check it out!' The monotone electronic said. Shouta groaned. Who the fuck would be awake at......4:19 in the morning?! If it was Tokoyami he was leaving him there without a second thought.

He grabbed his capture weapon because he's a paranoid bitch and opened the door, only to reveal a certain problem child sitting across from the railing. There were a blanket and pillow up there, and the melodic tune of a guitar. (OR UKELELE IDK WHICH THE SONG HAS) He slowly went over to the child and peered over him.

"Problem child, what the fuck are you doing up here at four in the morning?"

"Stargazing. Relaxing. It's nice...And I write better like this." Was the small reply he got. He sat down next to the kid and placed the blanket over him. "You're going to catch a cold, kid."

"Worth it." Izuku smiled softly at him. "Just look at the stars...they're beautiful. Look, there's Leo." The greenette pointed to the sky. His eyes shone, the blue and green taking in everything.

(idc if they japan doesn't see that constellation, I'm adding it to this dadzawa moment :3)

"You really should be sleeping. It's not healthy being awake at this time if you haven't gotten enough sleep." He told the boy who was still strumming the guitar. "But what are you writing?"

"Just a song....I'm thinking of releasing an album sometime this year and I'm basing it off my life so far." The greenette told him. Shouta eyed the notebook with lyrics everywhere, some scratched out, others in bold letters. Then there was the music sheet with so much writing on it. "Cool. Can I hear the song so far?"

Izuku almost choked on his spit and shrugged it off. "S-sure. Warning, it still isn't good because I'm getting started on it."

Izuku looked at the music sheet and stopped the tune he was playing, only to restart it.

"Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love, but I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it. Are you tired of me yet? I'm a little sick right now, but I swear when I'm ready I will fly us out of here." He sang, focusing on the stars above him.

"I'll cut my hair... to make you stare. I'll hide my chest and I'll figure out a way to get us out of here." Izuku sang while staring at his guitar for a second. "I'll be adding more instruments here..."

Shouta nodded and let the boy finish.

"Turn off your porcelain face, I can't really think right now, and this place has too many colors, enough to drive all of us insane! Are you dead? Sometimes I think I'm dead. Cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my head. But I don't wanna fall asleep just yet." The greenette chanted, closing his eyes and letting the music wrap around him.

"My eyes went dark...I don't where my pupils are but I'll figure out a way to get us out of here. Get a load of this monster, he doesn't know how to communicate, his mind is in a different place will everyone please give him a little bit of space? Get a load of this trainwreck! His hair's a mess and he doesn't know who he is yet. But little do we know the stars welcome him with open arms."

"Time is....slowly...tracing his face, but strangely he feels at home in this place." Izuku finished and looked at his teacher.

Aizawa smiled softly at the kid. "I like it. It will be really pretty with more instruments. I'm guessing that song is about...?"

Izuku nodded and wiped the stray tear out of his eye. Shouta just knew this would happen. You can't talk to the kid without him crying.

"You know, you have every right to be mad at Mineta for what he did. I know we talked earlier but that didn't give you enough closure, did it?"

The greenette let a sob escape his lips as he desperately tried to wipe away the tears. Shouta placed his hand on the kid's hair and ruffled it. "It's okay to cry, Problem Child."

"Yeah but I always cry. 'Makes me weak."

Aizawa looked the kid straight in the eyes. "No, it means you've been strong for way too long. And you're one of the strongest people I know. Crying shows you have emotion, kid. It's perfectly normal. But I'm guessing you had it rough, didn't you?" He asked the crying teenager.

" one t-took it v-very well in j-junior high. Or my stupid father. God, why does he even text me? I want nothing to do with him but he keeps coming back. And then we have the issue with Katsuki. I just want to be furious with him, like I was that day but it just won't happen." Izuku angrily cried before being pulled into a hug.

"Shhhhh, kid. You're alright. Your dad is a bastard for doing whatever he did to you and your mother. Bakugo deserves to be punished and will be. And don't worry about Mineta, we're trying to get him switched out with Shinso." He told the boy. Izuku gave a wet laugh before wiping his eyes. "Replacing bad purple with better purple. Thanks Aizawa-Sensei..." Midoriya said as he hugged the man one last time.

(bruh i once got hugged by my teacher during a mental breakdown and that was fucking heaven)

"No problem kid. You need to get to bed, I'll excuse you from classes for the next two days."

"H-huh? Why?"

"You've been sitting on a cold roof in the middle of night while it's cold outside in a short sleeve shirt, and probably running on very low energy. If my 'Dadzawa' senses have taught me anything, it's that you'll probably be sick tomorrow." He answered the teen, using the term he's heard the entire faculty use.

"Ha...Dadzawa...I guess you're right. Thanks, again.."

"No problem, kid. Come to me if you want to talk. I'm always available."

Chapter Text

(a/n~~~ shits getting real folks. I hope you enjoyed the smol dadzawa moment because angst is about to hit really hard on both Izu andJirou. Enjoy the final nice(ish) chapter >:D Someone on chapter 1 may or may not have accidentally foreshadowed something.)

Izuku woke up the next morning, with chills running down his spine. Of course, his teacher was right. But hey, he was excused from classes so it wasn't all that bad.

He curled into his blanket and tried to fall back asleep, only for his door to be opened and a small laugh.

"Knew it, Problem Child," Aizawa said before leaning down next to the kid's blanket burrito. "Let me check your temperature."

Slowly the greenette lifted his head and gave a weak glare at his teacher. Aizawa huffed once the small machine beeped. "Okay, yeah, you're allowed the next two days off. Feel better, kid. Hope that stargazing was worth it."

Izuku coughed into his arm. "So worth it."

Once his teacher left the room, he pulled out his phone and looked at his discord.

zuzupet: my teacher is a bitch

kyle-kun: huh i thought you said he was your favorite teacher

zuzupet: he is. last night/this morning he found me on the dorm building roof stargazing and said i was gonna end up sick

zuzupet: guess what flipppin happened

kyle-kun: ha get reckt.

depressymeal: what did i miss?

kyle-kun: nothing much, just zu being miserable. how's it going for you, nagisa

depressymeal: bitch cant be killed istg

zuzupet: you'll get him eventually.

depressymeal: i hope so

kyle-kun: hows the album going zuuuu

zuzupet: idk man, i have like two songs written and one in progress

kyle-kun: you need a concert

zuzupet: ikr. i don't have any connections though, and I'm not using my father

kyle-kun: i wouldn't want ya to my guy. hows masao 🥺😉😏✨🥰💖😎🧚♀️🤩

zuzupet: do you have a death wish lol. he's fine, we're great. but I'm not telling him i like him, because i dont

kyle-kun: i hate that i believe you


Izuku ran over to his camera and hooked up to YouTube before hitting the live stream button. Comments all came in and a lot were questioning why Izuku was smiling so brightly.



Anton: oh shit kalliope call me something just came up.

"Okay Anton." He picked up his phone and hit the dial button before squeals were heard.



Izuku paled and hit the decline button. He sighed. "Yes, I have a YouTube channel. Wish it didn't come out this way...But for everyone else, I'm sparing you the details of what happened and we're going to play some," Izuku paused before sneezing into his arm. He coughed and looked at the comments again. "Playing some Yandere Simulator so I can obsess over Senpai and murder Osana."

kyle-kun: yooo make oka cola or whatever its called

"Sorry, Kyle-Kun, I already eliminated her. I'm using my how to get away with murder tips to play this game, and it's been working out well."

Anton: pikachu just ate your notebook

"I- fuck you Pikachu. Moving on. So we last left off with trapping people in my basement, so today we're going to attempt to kill Osana! Senpai is mine, bitches. Back off."

Anton: boomboom explodey is questioning why you play that game

"Boomboom explodey doesn't need to know."

~sometime later~


Anton: uh togata just watched you say that and left the room quickly.

"Oops. NO NO NO NO NO NO I WORKED SO HARD, I SWEAR IF I GET ARRESTED I'M GOING TO KILL YANDEREDEV." Izuku yelled as an npc noticed him kill a girl. He took a swig of his water and coughed.

kalliopefan1124: kalli, when will you be singing?


Izuku sighed. "Yes, you idiots, I can sing. Remember the karaoke night? And to your question, kalliopefan1124, I won't be singing today."

~meanwhile in the classroom~

Jirou sat in her desk, focusing on what Aizawa-Sensei was talking to them about. Apparently Midoriya caught a cold and wouldn't be at school for a bit. Her phone pinged and she stuck her earbud cord into it, listening to her best friend squeal.


Jirou straight up screamed. People looked at her oddly and she blushed. Mina rushed over and looked at the phone and started squealing too. "MIDORIYTA?! WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL?!" People started getting up and crowded Jirou to see the screen. Izuku was happily replying to comments and although he looked like crap, he was enjoying himself.

"Hellions, settle down. I didn't have plans for today's class anyway so you can watch it on the TV." Aizawa said, pulling up the video on his computer and casting it to the television. The problem child had switched to a game called 'Yandere Simulator' and apparently he was murdering people.

"HAHAHAH SENPAI IS MINE YOU FUCKTART. YOU FLIRT WITH SENPAI, YOU GET YOUR NECK SLIT." Izuku yelled. Mirio had walked in to deliver something to the 1-A teacher before quickly leaving at hearing that from the greenette.

People were cackling at how their friend played the game. "SENPAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Izuku yelled before sprouting into a coughing fit. His hoodie fell off and you could see little white streaks at the top of his head. He quickly put a beanie on and continued the stream.

"Uh, Unicorn4053, you want me to play Mario Kart? I hate to say it but I'm a god at that game and it won't be entertaining. I have Five Nights at Freddy's and Slender; The Eight pages though."

He launched the game on his computer and played it for the next hour before his phone dinged. Izuku picked it up and sighed at the notification. "Well, I'm going to go, I'll probably sleep for eternity, or not at all considering my sleep schedule. Bye guys, I'll see you next time!" Izuku waved to the camera before turning it off.

"Wow. He had a pretty cool stream, I see why people watch him." Kaminari said once the stream was cut off and it showed recommended videos. "Jirou, why did he call you Anton, and there's an Anton in this video?" He questioned, pressing the next button. Jirou blushed.

"Ayo sleep demons! Welcome back to my channel! I have my lovely insufferable friend here, Anton! By request, today we are playing...duhduhduh! Guitar Hero!"

"Yas. Winner gets some of Kalli's food. His stuff is delicious. If I lose, I get to clean out the men's bathroom. Yay."

"You act like it's a disease in there. I'm the one who usually cleans it, it's always nice."

"Fine, loser cleans the girl's bathroom." Jirou said, smirking at her best friend.



A few attempts later, Izuku chucked cleaning supplies at his friend. "Clean now."

Jirou flipped him off and waved to the camera. "Fuck you, see ya people."

Izuku laughed. "Well everyone, that's all I'm doing today, I'll see you in the next video! Bye!" The greenette waved and the video turned off.


"I'm surprised he's on his channel. Much less than he is around us.." Uraraka said quietly. People nodded their heads while Jirou sent her crus-friend a text.

ear: they like your channel

zuzu: cough

ear: tf?

zuzu: cough I'm sick

ear: lol do you want to be left alone?

zuzu: achoo

ear: aight my guy, feel better sooooOoOOoN

zuzu: ahfuckingchoo

Jirou snorted when she read his texts and put her phone down.



Inko Midoriya was just having a pleasant stroll outside. It had been a while since she had seen her son, so she was taking in the beauty of the trees.

Inko went down to the store to grab some groceries.

Not all good things end well.

Chapter Text

(a/n~~~ teeeheeee chapter 10! can't believe im already here :3 thanks for the 833 reads or however many it was, i wasn't really looking. By the way, if you get triggered easily, these next few chapters will not be for you. I promised some people I would put a LOT of angst in here, and I'm holding to it. Zenaku will be removed by chap 15 and Jirou will get her ownnnnn big bit of angst as well as izujirou sailing. Stay tuned ;D)

Inko was just minding her own business that day, going to the store to get groceries. So why was she now being held at gunpoint?!

"Give me the money or this woman dies." The masked person said to the cashier who was desperately trying to empty the machine out.

"P-please sir, I w-won't call the cops, just let me get my g-groceries and go." Inko pleaded to the man. "M-my son is w-waiting for me." The man growled. "Your son can see you on the other side."

Inko's eyes widened as she quickly looked around the room. She was going to die. She was going to die and Izuku would have to be in Hisashi's care. Oh, how she wished she could've sent her son a text saying how much she loves hi-

A gunshot went off, and Inko Midoriya fell limp to the floor.

'Be a hero for me, my sweet little boy. This wasn't your fault.'


Izuku went down to the common room and flopped on the couch. He had a while before his classmates came back. He picked up his bowl of leftover katsudon and turned on the tv.

"Shooting in the **** store leaves three people dead. The police arrived on scene when a civilian was about to enter the store but quickly saw what was happening. For the families of those three people, I'm sorry for your loss. Moving on, hero Mirko..."

The teen's phone started ringing so he answered it curiously. It was an unknown number.

"Hello, is this Izuku Midoriya?" The voice said from the other line. "Hello, yes that's me."

"Your mother, Inko Midoriya was shot in a store shooting. She was barely alive when we found her, but she's close to death. Could you come to Musutafu General Hospital?"

Izuku's eyes widened and he dropped his food, the bowl shattering. "Y-yes, thank you." The voice sounded sympathetic on the other side. "Thank you, Midoriya."


"Just watch the hero news or something, I didn't get as much sleep last night as I wanted." Aizawa said while curling into his sleeping bag. The other people agreed and turned it on, only to hear about the recent shooting.

Kaminari sighed. "Three people? Some villains might steal from a casino or something, but killing innocent people like that is much worse. They're the real villains here." Iida nodded his head. "I hope the families are okay. It must be heartbreaking-" The tall boy was interupted by the classroom door opening and a teary eyed Midoriya. Bakugo looked at the greenette with concern.

"Deku? Aren't you supposed to be in the dorms?" He asked, Aizawa eyeing him curiously.

"K-kacchan it's Mom. S-she was in a shooting or some shit and... just come with me please." HE pleaded the blond. People around the classroom gasped and Bakugo immeditely grabbed his phone and bag and ran out of the room.

"His mother?! Do you think it was from the shooting?!" Uraraka asked while trying not to cry. She had the pleasure of meeting his mother, she was so nice!

Aizawa tried to hide his concern for the problem child. That situation couldn't be pretty for him.

"Hell class, stay here. I'm getting a teacher to fill in for me while I take care of Midoriya and Bakugo." He said while quickly sending Hizashi a text saying what had happened.


Midoriya was a mess and had tears streaking down his face. Bakugo was following behind and letting some fall. Auntie Inko was on her deathbed. Nonono, this couldn't be happening! The two were running down the street, trying to get to the hospital. Eventually they arrived and got the room number.

Izuku busted in and looked at all the things his mother was connected to. Her heartbeat was dangerously low, and there was blood staining her face.

"Mama...Mama please... don't leave me here. D-don't. Kacchan is here with me, and Auntie Mitsuki is coming as well. Stay with me Mama." He said while clutching her hand. Katsuki had tears running down his face and Mitsuki barged in the room moments later, gasping at the sight.

"Izu?" A quiet voice asked. Izuku looked at his mother in surprise. "Y-yeah, that's me. Izu. Save your strength."

"Izuku...I love you, o-okay?" She told her son whos' eyes were flooding with tears. There were little streaks of white, he must not have anymore hair dye. "I love you too Mom, I love you so much, I'm sorry I couldn't have been there to protect you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please don't leave me." He held her hand close to his face. Katsuki was hugging his crying mother.

"Hush baby. 'S not your fault. Y-you should s-stop dyeing your hair..." She told her child who was sobbing. "O-okay Mama, I'll let my hair go back to what it was.. I love you."

"Love you too..."

A loud beeping was heard and Izuku screamed. "MOM NO, NO NO NO DON'T LEAVE ME PLEASE... I LOVE YOU." He had to be pulled back by Katsuki while the nurses wheeled her away. Katsuki and Mitsuki hugged the boy who was a sobbing mess on the ground. "Shhh, Izuku it's okay, you're okay, you're okay.." Mitsuki said in between tears. Katsuki looked at his phone for a second and noticed the hoard of texts. He scoffed and put it back in his pocket. Izuku hugged him so tightly, and Katsuki returned the favor.

"C-c'mon kids, let's go back. I'm sorry but it'll have to be U.A., I have things to do in the morning." Mistuki said sorrowfully. "I-it's o-okay Mom." Katsuki said to her. They went outside, earning sympathetic looks from people, and got into the car to drive back to U.A.

Izuku got out and hugged Mitsuki, she had gotten them loads of snacks and comfort things because it was the 'least she could do'. Bakugo hugged his mother too and they regretfully walked into Heights Alliance, only to be swarmed by people. Izuku was still crying and he pushed everyone back and went upstairs. Bakugo tried to do the same but was being held back by Kirishima. "Bro. You okay?" He asked the blond. "N-no of fucking course not-" He was pulled into a hug by the red head and he sobbed into his chest. Kirishima shooed off the other people and led the sad pomeramian to Izuku's bedroom. He cringed and opened the door. Izuku was a mess. The teen was sobbing into his pillow and huddled in a blanket burrito.

"Midobro? I- uh...I brought Bakugo." He said quietly, while Bakugo ran over and hugged his childhood friend. Izuku ripped open a bag of gummy worms and weakly smiled at Kirishima. "Thanks..." Kirishima smiled and gave him a thumbs-up. "No problem. And please, talk to us."

Kirishima exited the room and entered the common room. Jirou was talking to Uraraka and they both had concerned looks on their faces. He went over and looked at the shattered bowl and food on the floor.

"Uh, I think Midoriya dropped this.." He said while other people inspected it. There were little bits of blood on it like he cut his hands trying to pick it up. Iida walked over and cleaned it up.


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Chapter Text

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"K-kacchan...what am I supposed to do now? Hisashi lives in America, and there's no way in hell I'm moving there." Izuku said softly to his childhood friend. "I....don't know... wouldn't U.A. let you stay?" The blond answered back. Izuku made an o shape with his mouth. "You're right, nevermind.."

Katsuki bit his lip and placed his head on the greenettes shoulder. "Izuku?"


"I-I'm sorry for everything I did to you in the past. You never deserved any of it and I was an asshole. I needed to apologize to you...and Auntie but I'm too damn late. I'm just so sorry Izuku."

Izuku had tears in his eyes and hugged his childhood friend. "I forgave you a long time ago. You're like my big brother."

Katsuki sobbed and squeezed him. "You're too forgiving. T-thanks.."

The two sat in silence for a while, really coming to terms that Inko Midoriya was dead. She was actually dead.

Izuku's phone started blowing up with notifications and he sighed, picking it up only to see everything was from his father. "Oh Nezu."

OWIHAF: Izuku? Hey could you call me? I know right now isn't the best time but we have to figure out what to do about your mom.

izukU: funeral.

OWIHAF: Okay, okay. But please, son, call me.

izukU: i'd rather not.

Izuku chucked his phone across the wall and Katsuki snorted. "Didn't know you had sass."

"I've always been sassy, you just never noticed."


The next day rolled around. Izuku had planned a small quiet funeral with some of Inko's closest friends as it said so in her will.

Izuku picked up his new suit and tears streamed down his face. He reluctantly got dressed and tied his messy green/white hair into a bun. Looking at himself in the mirror, he sighed and went downstairs into the common room. People gave him sympathetic looks, and Aizawa looked concerned seeing the boy. He sat down on a kitchen stool and stared at his cup of water. Multiple people tried to talk to him but got no response. Some questioned the white in his hair, but same thing. Bakugo walked down, looking just as sullen. He took Izuku's hand and pulled him into a hug, causing the green teenager to cry.

"Kacchan I can't do this." He spoke quietly. Uraraka had a tear in her eye seeing him like this. Bakugo scoffed. "Hey. Auntie wouldn't approve of that frown. She wouldn't want you like this. We have to be strong, okay?"

Izuku silently nodded his head and wiped his tears before getting a hug by Jirou and Uraraka. He hugged them back and gave a weak smile before exiting the building with Bakugo.

(a/n~~ im not writing the funeral because im too lazy for that. AND NO, IZUKU WILL NOT BE MOVING TO THE US! He will stay at U.A. :3 buuuuut he's going to have a concert soon >:33 and if you're wondering why Izuku is going to be kinda cheerful is because I'm basing it on my own experience with death. i was a mess the first day, and every day i was usually happy until i was alone. then i broke down :D fun times fun times)

Izuku and Bakugo walked into the building a couple hours later with sad looks on their faces. Aizawa followed behind them wearing a grim frown. Izuku went into the kitchen and took two water bottles and chucked one at his friend. Bakugo caught it and ripped off the tie of his suit. "This thing is suffocating. I don't see how you can wear it." Izuku snorted. "I don't even know how to tie it correctly."

"Idiot." Bakugo said jokingly. "Rude, you know my father he never taught me. Which is why I sport my amazing knot of fabric." He said back, trying to joke. Bakugo chuckled and gave him a noogie. "FUCK YOU, DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK TO GET MY HAIR LIKE THIS?!" Izuku yelled, smacking the blond across the head.

"It looks like you're a Sir Nighteye rip off with your hair." Katsuki said while flopping onto the couch and ignoring the chuckles of other people. Izuku made a fake offended face. "Not my fault they stopped selling the hair dye."

"Wait, you dye your hair? It isn't naturally green?" Jirou asked with curiosity. "No..It's kind of white/silver. I started dyeing it when I was 12. Also that's when I wore different colored contacts."

"Oh cool."




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Chapter Text

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It had been 3 weeks since Inko Midoriya was killed. Izuku was very slowly recovering on the inside. But on the out, he had gotten over it in a week or so.

Happy Izuku was back in town, ready to be a hero, beat Mineta's ass, and be a happy teen again.

Zenaku and Izuku had trusted each other with their given names and had the best friendship ever. Being crackheads at random times, venting about life's issues with each other, and were just.....happy.

Which is why Midoriya quickly said yes to going to Zenaku's friends' house for a get-together because hey, he needed actual human interaction instead of hiding in his room all the time.
"So, 'Zuku, you want to go to the meet up? I think my friends would like you. We're all pretty chill." Zenaku said over a donut at the nearest coffee shop that allowed visitors. Izuku nodded his head. "S-sure... I just have to ask my best friend because we were going to get dinner later. But a party sounds fun! More fun than putting 48+ hours of Animal Crossing in in one day." Zenaku gave a sickly sweet smile to his friend. 'C'mon Zena, you're so close. Gotta get him drunk... Nah, just got to get him to the party and he WILL be my pet~' Zenaku thought to himself. Izuku was happily chattering away to his friend and occasionally nomming on his crossiant. "Let me call her real quick, Zena'." Midoriya whipped out his phone and dialed Jirou.

~on call because im ✨lazy✨~
izuku: Hey uh, Jirou sooo I kind of got invited to a party tonight...
jirou: really? epic. I know you probably asked to make sure it was okay you'll miss dinner. And it's fine, go have fun!
izuku: sometimes you scare me with your accuracy.
jirou: you scare me in plenty other things, let me have this
izuku: lol ok, thanks! I'll see you later!
jirou: Buh-bye
~call ended~

"Well, guess I'm free to go to the party!" Midoriya said with a grin before taking a sip of his vanilla milk. Zenaku chuckled. "Great! I can't wait. We can go to my house until the party, go shopping, or just meet up there. What do you think?" Izuku sighed. "I have to do something before I go, so meet up there?"

Zenaku nodded. "I'll see you there, Zuku!"

~you're going to hate me so soon, this is all for you guys. also here's my incomplete discord server

Izuku paid for his food and waved to his best friend and walked out of the cafe. He had to find a cool outfit for the party tonight! He strolled past the stores and made his way back to the U.A dorms. Jirou was sitting there in the common room playing Minecraft with Kaminari. He felt an all too familiar pang go through his stomach at that but ignored it. He wouldn't have a crush on his best friend. Jirou would leave him right then and there if he even confessed, which wouldn't even happen. He smiled and waved to her before getting jumped on by Mina.

"YOU'RE GOING TO A PARTY? MIDO OMG LET ME GET YOU AN OUTFIT!" She yelled, getting the attention of the other heroes in training that were loitering in the dorm building. Kaminari had the surprised Pikachu face and dropped his game controller. "WHAT?! Our boi is growing up." He said while Mina chuckled evilly.

An hour later, he stepped out into the common room with a brand new outfit and his streaked hair styled to the side. Jirou let out a whistle and immediately turned red after realizing what she had just done. Mina started cackling and Kaminari awkwardly giggled. Midoriya was a shade of pink after hearing the noise. Bakugo rolled his eyes from the other room. "You made the nerd turn into a strawberry."
Midoriya shook off the blush and jokingly glared at Bakugo. "I might be a strawberry, but at least I'm not a rabid pomeranian." He said before quickly running out of the building, waving to his friends. Izuku could hear the explosions and the laughs as he just kept sprinting down to the gates. Aizawa looked at him curiously as he sped down the pathway.

Oh BOY would he regret this night.

Zenaku sat near the gates of U.A. High, waiting for his friend to come out. The innocent, naive little greenhead suddenly popped out and ran into him. "Oh SHIT, I'm sorry Zenachan! I should've looked before running out." Izuku profusely apologized. Zenaku laughed and flicked him on his forehead. "Don't worry about it. It's fine, so why don't we make our way towards the party?" He told the teen. Zenaku had already informed his friends of what he was planning to do, they were in on the situation.

1: Get 'it' to the party.
2: Get Zenaku upstairs with 'it'.
3: Leave 'it' there while it happened.

A simple three step plan. Made by three assholes. Just don't let anyone in the room.

"This is my first real party... The others just consisted of me being a wallflower." Izuku said to his friend as they got closer to their destination. Zenaku chuckled. "You'll definitely not be a wallflower this time. I hope you enjoy it." He said to the teenager. 'I know I will...'

They eventually got to a large house in a gated community that had flashing lights And not so subtle music being blared. Izuku guessed that the other neighbors didn't care about the WAP being played around their children.

Zenaku led the greenette inside the massive building and immediately the smell of alcohol and vomit flooded Izuku's nose. There were plenty drunk people vibing, some dancing on tables while others were making weed brownies. Izuku laughed at the group that was chicken fighting.
Zenaku smiled at the teenager and subtly winked towards his group of fuckboys.
"Yo, Zuku. Want to try a drink? I want to talk to someone real quick if you want to socialize." He said to the teenager who was mesmerized by the flashing disco ball. Izuku went to talk but Zenaku had already walked away.

Izuku looked around nervously and got pushed around by a few people. They kept elbowing private areas and were close to triggering his fight or flight.

30 minutes and 2 small cups of beer later, Izuku was getting scared. He couldn't find Zenachan anywhere and was having no luck socializing with anyone.

'Okay, Izuku. You can do this! Just find Zenachan or sit down in a calm area. You're okay!' He thought to himself while making his way through the crowd of people. 'There's no way you're going to find Zenachan in your panic, just go to the bathroom and wash your face off.'
He ventured around, stepping over a couple fainted bodies and finally found the bathroom and locked the door.

He was finally alone.

Izuku let out a puff of air and was very soon somehow engrossed in a panic attack.

~a/n dramatic music starts playing~

'Calm. Down. Izuku. You're okay! You're totally fine. No one can find you here. Wait. Zenachan! If he goes looking for me he won't be able to find me!' He thought to himself as his breathing picked up. 'Chill out Izuku. He won't leave the party if he can't find you. Sing a song or something, it helps you.'

Izuku leaned back and slouched against the bathroom wall, trying to dry the tears on his face.

"I am hanging in the bathroom at the biggest party of the fall... I could stay right here or disappear, and nobody'd even notice at all." He sang, tugging at his shirt sleeve. Oh, the comfort of his bed sounded nice at the moment.

"I'm a creeper in a bathroom cause my buddy kinda left me alone. But I'd rather fake pee than stand awkwardly or pretend to check a text on my phone. Everything felt fine when i was half of a pair. And from no fault of mine, there's no other half there..."

He looked at himself in the mirror and flinched.

"Now I'm just Midoriya in the bathroom, Mido in the bathroom at a party... Forget how long it's been. I'm just Midoriya in the bathroom, Mido in the bathroom at a party! No you can't come in!" He said to the person knocking on the door.
"I'm waiting it out 'till its time to leave, and picking at grout as I softly grieve! I'm just Midoriya who you don't know! Midoriya flying solo! Midoriya in the bathroom by himself. All by himself....."

Zenaku was very aware of the situation and was sitting outside of the room, hearing his 'friend' neck deep in a panic attack.

"I am hiding, but he's out there, just ignoring all our history. Memories get erased, and I'll get replaced, with a newer, cooler, version of me. And I hear a drunk girl, sing along to Whitney through the door... I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY!" Izuku belted out while sitting in the bathtub.

'Impressive.' Zenaku thought as he heard Izuku replicate Whitney Houston.

"And my feelings sink cause it makes me think, now there's no one to make fun of drunk girls with anymore! Now it's just Midoriya in the bathroom. Midoriya in the bathroom at a party. I half regret the beers. Midoriya in the bathroom, Midoriya in the bathroom at a party! As I choke back the tears. I'll wait as long as I need until my face is dry, or I'll just blame it on weed or something in my eye! I'm just Midoriya who you don't know! Midoriya flying solo! Midoriya in the BATHROOM by himself!" He sang while tears poured like waterfalls down his freckled cheeks.

Zenaku could almost feel the slightest tinge of sadness for the teenager. 'Just wait until you walk out of this room, sweet Izuku...'
He knocked on the door to see if it would gain any response.

"Knock, knock, knock, knock. They're gonna start to shout soon. Knock, knock, knock, knock, ah hell yeah, I'll be out soon. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, it sucks he left me here alone! KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, here in this teenage battle zone! CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG. I feel the pressure blowing up.. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, MY BIG MISTAKE WAS SHOWING UP, SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH! I throw some water in my face, and I am in a better place! I go to open up the door, but I don't hear knocking anymore?" Izuku yelled at hearing the constant banging on the door that kept him safe from the party-goers.

'Damn, that had a better response than I thought.' Zenaku muttered quietly. Izuku would probably do anything he asked of him now if he's so scared. Wonders what social anxiety can do to you.

"And I can't help but yearn for a different time... And then I look in the mirror and the present is clearer, and there's no denying, I'M JUST..." He stopped while trying to stifle his sobs. " a party.... Is there a sadder sight than, mmmmm, Midoriya in the bathroom at a party! This is a heinous night...I wish I'd stayed at home in bed watching cable porn... Or wish I offed myself instead, WISH I WAS NEVER BORN. I'M JUST MIDORIYA WHO'S A LONER SO HE MUST BE A STONER, RIDES A PT CRUISER, GOD, HE'S SUCH A LOSER, MIDORIYA FLYING SOLO, WHO YOU THINK THAT YOU KNOW! MIDORIYA IN THE BATHROOM BY HIMSELF. ALL BY HIMSELF. ALL BY HIMSELF!" He sobbed while trying to dry his face. Izuku looked like a mess after rubbing his face with a towel he hoped was clean. "When all you know about me is my name, awesome party, I'm so glad I came." He finished. Izuku sighed and rinsed off his face once more and plastering on a sweet smile. As usual, singing did wonders to calm him down.
'Now just find Zenaku and tell him you want to leave. Say your dad died or something. Damn, Mom I need your help right now.' He opened the bathroom door and looked around before a hand was placed on his shoulder. He quickly turned around and was relieved to see Zenaku. "Oh thank heavens, I thought I was going to have to look around this entire house to find you. It's been stressful." He blurted out. Zenaku sighed and smiled. "Don't worry about it, Izu. We could go upstairs to chill out for a few before leaving, maybe? This was way to lively, I didn't know it would be this crazy." Zenaku lied. Of course he knew it was probably going to end up with a person burning down the house, drunk or not.
(I swear if you don't get the reference-)
Izuku internally panicked. Did he really want to go upstairs? Zenaku wouldn't hurt him. He wouldn't hurt him. He wouldn't hurt him. He put on a fake smile and nodded. "S-sure, let's go!" He let his best friend lead him across the house and up the stairs oblivious to the look that Zenaku gave to his friends.

As soon as they got into a bedroom, Zena locked the door behind him and sat on the bed. Izuku hadn't noticed and flopped next to him. "S-so, uh, Zenachan... h-how were your f-friends?" Izuku stuttered, trying to start up a conversation. Suddenly, Zenaku was taking his shirt off. "They were pretty dull. But they promised me one thing to make up for the crappy party."

Izuku paled and his breathing sped up as Zenaku started taking off his pants. "W-what p-promise..."

"You, my dear pet. If I came to this lame excuse for a party, I was able to toy around with my dear friend alone for as long as I wanted." He said seductively, taking off his underwear. Izuku gagged and tried to bolt the door before a needle was injected into him. His body went numb and unusable as Zenaku laughed.

"P-please, Zenaku. Don't do this. WHAT DID I DO TO YOU?!" Izuku pleaded for the other male to stop, but a sock was stuffed in his mouth as Zenaku took off Izuku's clothes.

'All Might. I know you can't hear me. But please, save me.'

Chapter Text

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All Might felt a chill go down his spine and immediately he knew something was wrong. It was a gut instinct that all pro-heroes developed. But....what was wrong? The students were safe, he was safe, his co-workers could protect themselves...Did he leave his oven on? No, that wasn't it. Eh, it might've been the food he ate earlier.


After 2 hours of torture, Zenaku chuckled at the sight of the greenette. He was shaking violently and was having an issue breathing. Zenaku finally got off of Izuku and threw his clothes across the room so he would have to find them on his own. "You are a great toy, 'Zuzu. A well-oiled machine." He told the traumatized teenager. "W-why would you d-do this?! I t-trusted you." Izuku said between sobs. There was blood and a.... unnameable substance everywhere. Zenaku chuckled. "Too bad. Geez, Izuku-"

"Don't call me that."

"Feisty. Anyways, did you really think someone could look at your beautiful body and want you for your personality? You're the fairest of the fair. Who could turn you down when you guaranteed a great night, consent or not. We have a connection, you know."

Izuku whimpered and noticed his phone buzzing. Zenaku noticed it too and kicked it across the room. "A-ah-ah, can't have anyone come rescue the hero. Can't even save yourself, Izuku Midoriya. How pathetic. And I truly wonder what your fans will think about you sleeping with every person you find!"

Izuku sobbed and tried to find something to cover his body with. Zenaku giggled. "Tata, Izuku." He left the room and locked the door from the outside. Izuku curled up in a ball and leaned back against the wall.

'How could you be so stupid?! Trusting to go upstairs at a party! A PARTY! Damn it, you should've known better. Now you're stuck here again. Good job, Izuku. Mom is probably ashamed. All Might is going to want to take his quirk back from the kid who just keeps having sex. Jirou is going to abandon you. And your subscribers! Them too! Geez, Kacchan was right. You really are useless.' He thought to himself. It hurt to move, it hurt to do anything really, and his stomach was aching. His phone was sitting across the room, so he mustered up the only strength he had left and crawled over to get it.

(376) New Messages from: Ear
(3) New Messages from: Dadzawa
(1) New Message from: Noodlehead Mcgee
(999+) New Messages from: Class 1gAy

He was so, so tired. Izuku pressed the call button on Aizawa's contact number.

'What the hell, Problem Child. It's 2 in the morning.' Aizawa thought as his phone rang with the caller ID of Izuku Midoriya. He groaned and hit the accept button.

"Why are you calling me at-"

"Help. Please, help me." A tired, quiet, weak voice said, cutting him off. Aizawa's breath hitched and he tried to answer the boy calmly.
"Where are you? What's wrong?" Izuku sobbed. "I'm in a bedroom, naked, I don't know where the hell my clothes are, and the guy locked me in."

Aizawa tried his best not to cuss out whoever did this to his Problem Child. "Izuku. Listen to me. Explain what happened to me, I'll trace your call and come to get you." He spoke, trying not to get hysterical. He texted All Might the situation. "W-we got to the party and I w-wasn't expecting it to be so lively. So many drunk people. Z-zenaku left me alone and I got a drink or two, only a little, and looked around for him. It had been an hour maybe a-and I started panicking and went to the bathroom to try to calm myself down. I had a p-panic attack, and after uh, calming d-down I walked out to try and find Zenaku again b-but he found me first and noticed my panic, I guess." He said and then coughed. Aizawa grimaced and hoped it wasn't as painful as it sounded. "Go on, Izuku. I'm almost there."

That was a lie, he was actually a ways away, but it would hopefully give the greenette comfort. All Might had texted him back and was ANGRY. Shouta was pretty sure that he'd murder a couple of kids. Shouta quickly texted Tsukauchi to stop the party and Nezu what was happening.

"O-okay. H-he asked m-me if I wanted to go c-chill out u-upstairs and I t-thought h-he was a-actually a good person, b-but as s-soon as we g-got into a b-bedroom he l-locked the door and took off his c-clothes. I t-tried to get away, I really did b-but he p-put this weird thing in me and I c-couldn't move. He just kept doing it and I c-couldn't stop him. I'm s-sorry, I'm weak." Izuku was sobbing and coughing every once in a while. "M-my stomach h-hurts so b-bad..."

Shouta gulped. If he had emotions, he would probably start crying. "Izuku. You aren't weak. This is not your fault. This was never your fault. Now, who did this to you?"

"M-my f-friend Masao Zenaku. Dear N-nezu, why did I think h-he would actually want me as a friend."

Shouta grew angrier by the second. He kept Izuku talking and responsive for the next 10 minutes until he arrived. All Might was standing outside the door with a murderous face, and the police officers were steaming. Shouta was prepared to kill that brat and his friends for hurting the Problem Child.


Izuku was curled up in a ball, trying to soothe the pain. Zenaku had used his disgusting quirk to make him go limp, and had used his claws to scratch Izuku and puncture him. All he could smell was the iron from the blood, and he tried to stop his tears from streaming. His phone had died right in the middle of the call and he felt even more alone. Suddenly, a big bang was heard and people were screaming.


All Might transformed into his buff body and slammed the door in. People looked scared immediately while some were too drunk to notice they were in deep crap. "I am here!" Tsukauchi and his fellow officers started rounding up the teenagers and were getting ready to look for Masao and his cronies. Aizawa immediately ran upstairs and started opening doors to find his student.

At the most unsuspected door, he slammed it open only to find one of the most horrifying rape scenes he's ever seen. Surely a teenager couldn't have done this much damage. What was worse was his student whimpering in a corner.


Chapter Text

"Midoriya." Shouta breathed. The teenager was huddled up against a wall shivering and whimpering. There was blood...oh god....all over the bed and some on the ground. The room reeked of iron and ammonia and the small bit of vomit. Izuku had tears streaming down his face.

Shouta approached the child who looked so relieved to see him. "S-sensei! I-I'm s-sorry.." He said in between sobs. Shouta shushed the child. "Shhh, you're okay, it's okay, this isn't your fault. No need to apologize, kid." He tried to comfort his distraught student and prayed the ambulance would be here soon.

"I'll find your clothes for you. Just stay there for me, okay?" Izuku nodded and tried to calm himself. It wasn't like the teenager could really go anywhere in his state.



(a/n I'm sorry i might rewrite this scene later but idk how to do it at the moment, so tHeReS tHaT. my discord link 😎>>>

mEaNwHiLe dOwNsTaiRS

All Might was steaming. Whoever hurt his successor was going to pay hell. From what Aizawa had told him, it was a boy named Masao Zenaku. That certain boy could be found talking to his friends about the crime he had committed.

"That little faggot. It was hilarious, she really thought someone wasn't going to want her for her body. Like have you seen her hips and legs?! Izuki is hot as fuck. Too bad she's so naive. " He mocked.




This tiny demon had the audacity to misgender his successor and deadname him.

"I believe you mean Izuku, Masao." He said in his most intimidating voice. The group flinched and Zenaku turned around slowly. The sheer panic on his face was amusing. All Might was not wearing a smile. "Y-yeah, of c-course! I-it was an a-acident All M-Might, sir. I w-would n-never purposely do that t-to h-him."

All Might smirked. "Of course not! Silly me. You would also never rape someone, would you?" Zenaku paled and frantically shook his head. "You, young man, are under arrest. Come quietly and we won't add the lying to officials on your criminal record. For the rest of you, come with me as well. I'm aware you all helped plan this. You're lucky I'm a pro-hero and have morals." The group of boys were lead ahead of them, and people were filing out of the house thanks to the police officers. There was an ambulance waiting outside. All Might prayed Young Midoriya wasn't hurt.


back upstairs ;3

"Hey, Izuku. I'm going to have to carry you downstairs, but I want your permission before I touch you." Aizawa said to the child who was still shaking with fear. Izuku slightly nodded. "T-thank you."

"No problem. It might be loud down there, but we'll quickly go outside and into the ambulance. The EMT's will have to touch you though, to make sure you're okay." Izuku froze and paled. Aizawa scooped the now dressed child up and walked downstairs with him, quickly exiting the place that still smelled like alcohol. He got outside, Izuku holding on to him for dear life. Aizawa tried to walk past the teenagers that were being arrested, but Masao had to open his mouth.

"FUCK YOU, IZUKI. IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU BEING A WORTHLESS SHIT, I WOULDN'T BE ARRESTED. THIS IS YOUR FAULT, I COULD'VE BEEN A GREAT HERO!" Masao was quickly shut up but Izuku violently flinched and the tears came down even larger. Aizawa wanted to dropkick that brat but sadly, he was a hero. He did however flip the child off and continued his beeline towards the ambulance. Izuku was sobbing, trying to hide his face.

Aizawa got the child to the EMT's and placed him down in the chair. Then, the uneventful ride to the hospital began.

Chapter Text

Izuku was crying in the ambulance, and Aizawa just wanted to scoop up the boy, hug him, and never let him go. Izuku shouldn't have experienced this at all. No one ever should. From the outburst that happened at the training lesson, it sounded like it had happened before. Goddamn it. 

"P-please, don't touch me!" Izuku wailed. The nurses were trying to get the teenager to calm down. "Hey, hey, Izuku, they only want to help you. They'll stop, just let them help." Aizawa tried to tell the boy. Izuku shook his head frantically. "Nonononononononono, they a-always s-say they'll s-stop." The EMT grimaced at him and then looked at Aizawa. "We might need to sedate him." 

Izuku paled and started thrashing around. Right before Aizawa was about to say anything, Izuku 'yeeped' and fell quiet. The greenette's face calmed and another EMT held the child's head and placed him back onto the bed. 

Aizawa glared at the two workers. They were definitely going to be fired later, Shouta would make sure of it. 


Izuku opened his eyes just to see white everywhere. Where was he? Was he back in the bedroom with Zenaku? Was he able to move? The ceiling was exactly like the bedroom. Zenaku woke him up to do it again. Did Aizawa-Sensei come and find him? Or did he leave him to suffer? 

He felt someone go up to him and touch his leg, so the greenette used that chance to kick whoever it was in the crotch. Male or not, that would hurt like hell. Suddenly, a small spurt of laughter was heard. Izuku blinked and took in his surroundings. Aizawa was curled up in a ball on the floor, and...Present Mic? was laughing at his husband. 

"I-i'm s-s-orry." Izuku sniffled. Hizashi was cackling, and Aizawa was mumbling something on the ground. "It's okay, Midoriya. I shouldn't have touched you like that."


Suddenly, the memories started flooding back to him. The feeling of invasion, being so weak, the amount of pain- "Hey, breathe, kid." Aizawa said to him. Izuku took a deep breath and looked at his teacher. "You're okay. I'm never letting anyone hurt you again. You're safe now."Aizawa's eyes didn't hold pity. They held a fierce look of protectiveness and determination. "Hear me, kid? You're totally okay." 

Izuku nodded. He noticed his hair wasn't dirty anymore, and he didn't smell like crap anymore. "I'm c-clean." He said confused. Aizawa grimaced. "Yeah. The nurses showered you. But don't worry," He started, patting the child on the head who looked panicked at that. "I made sure they left right after. They didn't hurt you, and won't." Izuku calmed a bit. "T-thanks.." 

"I expected you to be antsier. It's a surprise." Aizawa said. Hizashi had left the room, only coming in to bring his husband a sandwich. Izuku shrugged.

"Well when this happens to you a lot, you kind of get used to it." 


Aizawa let out a small growl and leaned down next to the boy. Aizawa lifted his chin and glared into his eyes. "I never want you to say that again. You never deserved any of this. None of this was your fault. Saying you got used to it means you've dealt with this too many times." 

Izuku let out a sob and hugged his knees to his chest. "I w-want this nightmare to be o-over."

~henlo im currently freezing my ass off and can't move my fingers properly✨~

~another day has passed and my fingers are still here~

"I'm s-sorry Sensei." Izuku cried. Aizawa gave him the rare soft smile and hugged the kid. "And uh, ag-gain, sorry for k-kicking you in that...area.." The man snorted. "I told you, it's okay. My fault."



"Question from lollipopxX, 'Do you think Kalliope and Anton will get together? Do you ship them?'. Uh." Todoroki paused and looked at the recording camera. "Kalliope and Anton definitely have something going on. Whether it be romance or a deep friendship, there's chemistry. I think they would be a cute couple." He said.

Todoroki had his own YouTube channel if you didn't know. 5 Minute Conspiracies. 4.2 million subscribers and counting. If you couldn't guess from the title, he told his own conspiracy theories to the internet. He wore a mask the entire time to hide his identity.

"Moving on to the next topic and one of the most common ones I've talked about, All Might. We don't know much about his personal life, not even the hero's real name which is usually easily found out with a little bit of internet snooping. I've got more evidence about him having a child and-" He was interrupted by his door opening and Jirou popping in. "Oops. I see you're busy, sorry about that-" The heterochromatic shook his head and welcomed her over. The raven immediately knew what set up this was. The comments were blowing up.

lollipopxX: omg ANTON! WHERE'S KALLI?

x.charlidonuts.x: didnt know you knew anton, Ice.

megabigd: ooOp

"Anton is my classmate. Continuing on with my theory about All Might, I've had some connections and we've figured out his name. I'm not giving it out to the public for privacy reasons. My...connections...went through the public marriage documents and could not find a single thing on marriage with All Might's name, meaning he isn't married. But it's rather obvious he's family oriented, which brings us to the secret love child theory once again." Todoroki explained calmly. Jirou busted out laughing. "YOU'RE STILL ON THIS?! PFFT-" She had curled up in a ball on the floor and was wheezing with laughter. Todoroki rolled his eyes.





~i love that show lol~

Suddenly Jirou got a call from her teacher as she struggled to get her laugh under control. Todoroki had sent an icy glare at her.

"H-hello?" She stuttered, trying to keep her cool. Todoroki looked at her with concern when Jirou's face paled. She ended the call.

"I-it's Izuku."

Todoroki immediately hopped up and ended the stream. Jirou was shaking. "I'm going to rip someone's head off as painfully as possible while their torso is being shoved in a garage disposal."

"What's wrong?!" He asked the girl. "Izuku's been raped."

Chapter Text

Todoroki and Jirou grabbed their jackets and a bag and ran out of the dorm building, getting odd looks. Bakugo rushed down as well and gave them a look of understanding. They were all going to the same place, the hospital where their friend ended up too often in. Aizawa had called only Jirou and Bakugo telling them what happened with Izuku's permission. Todoroki was going to pop in, make sure his friend was okay, then visit his mother.

He's a busy guy. anYWAY ignore my shit and continue reading (':

Jirou busted through the hospital doors, causing multiple people to jump at the sudden loud noise. The receptionist glared at the three when they approached her.

"Izuku Midoriya? We're his f-friends, he asked for us." Jirou said while panting. The nurse smiled at them and looked through her computer then back at the trio. "Room 420. Please be quiet in the room though!" "Thanks!"

Bakugo looked about to burst but ran up the stairs following Jirou, almost tripping over a patients' IV drip, Todoroki in tow who was apologizing to the doctor.

After nYOoming through the white hallways filled with an aura of despair and the smell of antiseptic, they found their friend's room.

Jirou knocked on the door lightly, and it was opened seconds later by Aizawa. Midoriya looked to be having a panic attack, and no one was able to calm him down.

"He's been like this for 10 minutes, and no one has been able to get him calm in the least. It makes the whole situation worse when someone mentions a sedative or even holds out a needle." He told them while running his hand through his hair. "He's listening to everything but can't seem to quiet down."

Todoroki looked down. "I'll be visiting my mother, give him some words of encouragement for me." He slunk out of the room, leaving Bakugo and Jirou who rushed in.

"Get the hell away from him! It's probably making him freak out more!" Bakugo growled. Jirou nodded. "He doesn't like to be crowded." The nurses luckily backed away, and Jirou took this moment to slink next to her best friend and carefully take his hands away from pulling his hair. Izuku screeched and started panicking more, but Jirou quickly hushed him.

"Shhh, Izuku it's me. It's Jirou. You're okay, no one will touch you again." She cooed, causing Izuku to stop thrashing around in her grip. "Kyouk-ka?"

"Yeah, it's Kyouka. Can I touch you?" She asked quietly. Bakugo had kicked the nurses out of the room and left himself, going to sit outside or something. Aizawa eyed the pair and sat down in a chair on the other side of the room. "Mhm."

"Okay. I'm just going to rub your back. Could you tell me what's going on in your brain right now? If not, totally okay. No pressure." She asked while rubbing her friend's back. Izuku sniffled and leaned against her. "I f-feel like a used rag. I'm too trusting a-and I keep getting hurt because o-of it, God I'm so stupid, a-and worthless, and d-dumb-"

"Shh, you aren't stupid, or dumb, or worthless. Here, sit back against the bed so you're more comfortable." She gently took his shoulders and leaned him against the bed. She stroked his forehead for a moment before giving the most comforting smile she could manage.

"You're alone, you're on your own, so what?

Have you gone blind?
Have you forgotten what you have and what is yours?
Glass half empty, glass half full
Well either way you won't be going thirsty
Count your blessings not your flaws" She sang. Izuku looked up at her with shock. She just smiled once more and continued with her song. Izuku was focusing on breathing.

"You've got it all

You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king again." She told him, while Izuku gave a weak smile. "Reclaim my crown? Did I even have one in the first place...."

"Don't think that way. You're amazing, Izuku. And I will not let anyone hurt you again."

"You don't get what all this is about

You're too wrapped up in your self-doubt
You've got that young blood, set it free

You've got it all
You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king." She hugged the teenager who grabbed onto her torso so fiercely and cried once more. Jirou just hugged him back and made eye contact with their teacher, who snorted at the exchange. He mouthed a thank you to the girl who smiled and nodded and focused her attention on her friend.

"There's method in my madness
There's no logic in your sadness
You don't gain a single thing from misery
Take it from me

You've got it all
You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king."

Izuku had calmed down a lot and his eyes were shut as he laid on his friend, as he fell asleep. Kyouka resisted the urge to chuckle and finished the song.

"You've got it all

You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king again...."



"Thanks, Jirou. We probably wouldn't have been able to calm him down without your help." Aizawa said after a moment to make sure Izuku wouldn't wake up. Jirou nodded. "He's had.....nightmares before and came to me for them. I've learned how that way. H-how bad was it when he came in here?"

no need to spill the tea about Ultimate Cuddles, Jirou.

Aizawa grumbled. "The Problem Child was a mess. The bastard that, well you know, started yelling at him when we tried to get him in the ambulance. Then an EMT sedated him against his will. Usually, I wouldn't have too much of an issue against it, but he was begging not to." He looked at the sleeping teenager while Jirou wiped the tears from Izuku's eyes. Although Jirou was acting all tough for her friend, he could see the fear in her eyes.

"He'll be okay, Jirou. He's got U.A., all his friends, Bakugo, but most importantly...






"He has you."

Chapter Text

It wasn't often Midoriya ever really asked for help, which is why Jirou tiredly went to open her door at what......2:30 in the morning? She had heard sniffles and a weak version of her best friend's voice.

Now if this were any other classmate, Jirou would've ignored them and continued on with sleeping. But this was her ~crush~ best friend. Ah- no, she totally didn't harbour feelings for the greenette.


Fine she did. What's it to you? Who couldn't fall head over heels for the teen anyway? He was sweet, cute, wasn't rude, really didn't have a bad bone in his body-

Okay that's a lie, when Izuku is really angry he's fucking scary.


Kyoka opened her door, not expecting to see Izuku with red rimmed eyes and sniffling quietly. "Mido, what's wrong? Are you okay?" She asked. Izuku just shook his head no. Okay then, guess he didn't want to talk. "Do you uh, what to come in? We can cuddle if that makes you feel better..." The raven haired teen asked her friend hestiantly. Welp. Izuku took a second to 'reply' persay and nodded his head slowly. She gave the most comforting smile she could muster up and opened her door all the way, allowing the boy to come in.



Mina Ashido was just walking downstairs to get a drink of water when she overheard the conversation of two people.


Okay the words of one person. It seemed awfully one sided.

She poked her head around the corner as quietly as possible and saw Jirou ask Midoriya if he wanted to cuddle.


That......was.....THE BEST TEA EVER. She took a photo and quickly sprinted back up the stairs to her room and grabbed a slim speaker. She turned on some fluffy music and slid the device under the closed door.


Mina was determined to make their night special.



"Do you want to tell me what's wrong or no?" Kyoka asked Izuku. The teen opened his mouth but nothing came out, so he shook his head and sat in the fetal position against Kyoka's bed. The girl gave a relaxed giggle. "I'm not cuddling on the floor. Get your butt over here." SHe teased playfully. Izuku looked slightly panicked. "I'm not going to hurt you, Zuku. This isn't a one night stand, it's platonic-"


ouch that hurt to say out loud

"-cuddling! And you aren't sitting against my bed all night either. That's uncomfortable." She reassured him. Izuku weakly smiled and crawled under the blanket next to her.

"Okay, we must spoon. It's like the one rule of cuddling. You can be the small one even though you're taller." She told him. Izuku nodded his head. "Thanks, Kyoka. I....had a rough night."

"Understandable my guy. Now get over here, the cuddle fest must begin." She teased. She placed her hands around her best friend and gave a relaxed sigh.

'Tresure this moment, Kyoka. You won't know when you'll be able to cuddle your crush again' She thought to herself.

Izuku turned the other way and hugged his friend. His heart was doing backflips. He was spooning with Kyoka Jirou! Holy heck. This was a dream come true, much better than his nightmare that had happened earlier. He squeezed her a bit and Jirou chuckled. "You're good at cuddling, Mido." She hugged him back, trying to ignore the tranquil music that was playing in her room.


Probably Mina's doing.


They both fell asleep hugging each other, feeling the happiest they had in years.


When Izuku woke up, he was.....on the ceiling?! He seemed to still be holding Jirou. If Uraraka did this-

Nah, she wouldn't.... He tried deactivating Float, the most recent quirk that popped out of nowhere, but to no avail.

"Uh......PSST, Jirou.." He said, while poking her face to wake up the other. "W-what? Wait why the HELL ARE WE ON THE CEILING?!" She asked with a tone of irritation. "I don't know, I woke up to this!" He hissed back. The room had soft clouds moving past it, and he looked up only to see a beautiful sunset. It wasn't too bright, just orange, pink, purple, and blue stretching on for miles, with stars glittering in them. A crescent moon was shining in the beautiful view.

"This looks like heaven...." Jirou said quietly. Izuku nodded. Did they die? No, wait, maybe?!

Izuku went to move around, and suddenly a soft cloud picked up the two and started carrying the around the sky. Jirou smiled and hugged her friend closer, getting the same squeeze back. She let go and laid on her back, seeing Izuku do the same. The music was still playing, and Izuku gave a soft smile to his friend. "I never want to leave this. We should uh...cuddle more often...It was nice."

"Yeah, I agree with that. Do you know how to get back down though...?" She asked curiously. Izuku shook his head no.

Suddenly a pastel purple and green sheep skipped near them. "It's your quirk, dipshit. BAA~ BAA~ BAA~" The sheep said then frolicked off.

Jirou snorted. "Sheep these days have no respect. So...this is your quirk? It's beautiful-" She turned her head back to the boy, but he was chasing the rude sheep. She laughed and ran off to catch them. This might just be some hallucination and she was going batshit crazy, but why not enjoy it?

"Come back here! I need...answers!" Izuku yelled at the sheep who somehow gave him a middle finger. Izuku tripped on a rock and fell into the soft grass, Jirou tripping over him and falling ontop of the boy. Both were laughing with a tint of blush on their cheeks.

"You're so clumsy." Jirou joked. Izuku nodded and sat upright on the grass. They had arrived at a cliff, and there was a large mountain with sunlight shining off of it. Down below in the valley was a crystal clear river with the flock of multicolored sheep, green bunnies, and a baby orca whale playing with the bunnies.

Izuku took Jirou's hand, causing them both to blush and ran down the hill to the river. "You're going too- fast!" Jirou exclaimed before they tripped over themselves and tumbled down the hill locked together. Izuku was dying laughing and Jirou joined in soon after.

She had never heard him laugh with pure joy before. Not while they streamed, not when she told a funny joke, this was just complete bliss. The rabbits and a baby sheep came over and nuzzled the two.

The previous ram that insulted Midoriya came over. "You're probably still- BAA~ confused. This is Izuku's- BAA~ original quirk called Ultimate- BAA~ Cuddles. HE never had someone love him enough to cuddle, BAA~ so Knight Jirou, you have unlocked Sir Izuku's- BAA~ quirk. To leave, just stop cuddling. Time moves- BAA~ different here, so back at U.A., you're still spooning. It's only been thirty seconds there, while it's been 30 minutes- BAA~ here." The ram then bowed it's head.

"If you're wondering about the- BAA~ animals, Sir Izuku represents a rabbit, and Knight Jirou represents an orca whale. She acts tough, but is very kind and will protect the people she loves. Sir Izuku is a rabbit, because he's rather intelligent, kind, and sweet. Goodbye, BAA~" The ram skipped off, baa-ing once more to the animals.



"I don't want to leave yet."

"Neither do I."

Chapter Text

Kyoka sat on the couch and gazed at her friend as he laid prostrate on the ground. 

"Uh...Izuku? That cannot be comfortable." She said, only after taking a photo and posting it on her Instagram. A muffled grunt was heard from the boy. 

Izuku was released from the hospital earlier that day, and after showering to get the stink of medicine and sickness off, he just flopped onto the ground in the common room. Kyoka was extremely worried about her friend's mental health, he had been doing so good after the passing of Inko.

"It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine." He said in the most monotone voice ever. Bakugo snorted. "Sure. Just fuckin' go to Hound Dog or some shit, he'll fix you." 

Oh, and the Bakugo situation. The resident explodo boy had gone back to being a semi-jerk to Midoriya. He wasn't telling him to die or anything,  but he oddly went straight back to asshole mode when Midoriya had the incident with Zenaku. 

Jirou rolled her eyes as Iida walked in and also joined in at staring at his friend. They had all been told that there was a minor villain attack, and that's why Midoriya ended up at the hospital again. Izuku didn't want to tell people the events that had actually happened, which was understandable. 

"Yep." Izuku responded, still sitting on the floor. Jirou sighed. "C'mon Zuku. We're going to the beach."

She picked him up and grabbed his car keys, leading them outside. Izuku was sputtering but Jirou wasn't putting him down.


Once they were out of U.A.'s gates, she let him stand up. "Kyoka! W-what?! Where are we going?"

Kyoka looked at her friend and stayed silent, dragging him along. Izuku gave up on asking and followed her.


Once they got to the beach, Kyoka plopped down on the sand and looked at the sunset.
"This beach was covered in trash, until some wack ass teenager cleaned it up."
Izuku blushed, and let out a nervous chuckle.

"It was for training. Besides, it wasn't really anything to be proud of." He said, looking at a sandy shell. Jirou scoffed. "Why won't you ever be proud of yourself."

Izuku gulped and forced himself to look at her. She was staring at the sunset, the light reflecting in her purple eyes as the soft wind blew her hair. Yet her eyes held a rage of emotions and she wasn't even looking at him.

"You always make sure everyone is taken care of before you. And that's not a bad trait but it always ends up that you forget about yourself. Or you're purposely neglecting yourself a-and letting people worry!"

Izuku shot his head up. "Y-you worry about me...?" The greenette then noticed the tears slipping down her face as she cleared her throat and made eye contact.

"Of course I fucking care for you, Izuku! Ever since the first damn day of school I've wanted to get to know you better, and I've always wanted to know why you shy away from a loud noise, whether it be a book falling, a fucking explosion but we both know that one, or a voice! Or the way you flinch every time a hand is raised even if it isn't even directed towards you, or it's just a fucking simple act of kindness!" Jirou's voice was raspy as she held his head in her hand.



They were both standing up now, the wind blowing their hair in their faces. Jirou sniffed. "I-I didn't mean it that way. I-I'm sorry I yelled at you.." Izuku said, as he wiped his tears and began to leave. "I'll just g-go-"

"I like you..." Jirou whispered, her head down. Izuku choked on his spit, trying to comprehend what his crush had just said. "W-what?"


Jirou's rant was stopped by soft lips smashing into hers as they fell into the sand. She gasped and looked up, only to see the green eyed boy kissing her with tears in his eyes.

The kiss ended, leaving both of their lips tingling as if some sort of creator had intended them to happen for a long time. (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

"I love you too, Kyoka. Don't break my heart, o-or just use me like some sort of sex pillow, and I'll treat you the same way. Promise me that, Kyoka."

Kyoka smiled as the tears fell from her eyes.

"Wha- I promise."

Chapter Text

Midoriya looked in Jirou's eyes as they layed in the sand, stars getting ready to shine throughout the sky. The raven haired girl kissed her friend, leaving him laughing afterwards.

"So...are we uh..."

"Boyfriend and girlfriend?"


"Yep, I guess so."

Jirou turned over in the sand and cuddled up next to her newly acquired boyfriend, not remembering what had happened last time they cuddled.

Immediately the setting changed, and they were sitting on a cloud once again, but the sand they were just sitting in was below them, and it appeared that they were sleeping right there.

Izuku snorted. "Do I need to invest in a quirk sufficient bracelet because this might become a problem." Jirou chuckled and looked at the stars above them as birds flew by and the waves crashed against the shore with rage.

Kyoka snuggled closer and stuck her face in his neck, making Izuku get flustered. He quickly place his head over hers, and their legs intertwined as well as their hands. The two were at peace, just watching the stars illuminate the night.

All of a sudden, they could hear someone yelling their name and Izuku quickly cancelled his quirk, only to see Aizawa with a pissy look on his face.

The two scrambled up, Izuku having sand caked into his hair. Jirou tried not to laugh at it.

"What the hell were you two thinking?! There's literally so many attacks on your class and you think it's acceptable to just sleep in a public place?!" He glared at the two, and Izuku cringed.

"Well uhm... WeWeren'tReallyAsleepIFoundOutIHaveACuddlingQuirkThatBringsMePlacesWithMyMutualLoverOrFriend." He said it quickly while looking down, and Jirou was trying to appear as small and vunerable as possible in order to escape their teacher's wrath.

Aizawa laughed. "Okay! Even better! Problem Child has yet ANOTHER quirk! How many is that now? 3? 4? Let's play a game to see how many mutations and fucking quirks can Midoriya get?!" He ran his fingers through his hair before openly breathing in and out, regaining composure. He glared at the two and pointed his fingers towards his car, both of them silent for the trip back to the dorm building. "Y'all are grounded."

Jirou snorted, and in a joking manner replied to his comment. "Okay dad."
Izuku laughed. "He's the closest thing to my actual parent considering my mom got rootie tootie point and shootied."

Jirou choked on her spit and started laughing. "I-I'm s-sorry-" Izuku was laughing too as Aizawa just sighed at the two of them as they bonded over dark humor.

After the initial joke died out, Izuku's phone pinged and disgust was easily seen on his face.

"Would you look at that, suddenly I have a father." He muttered, and looked at the text properly.

OWIHAF: Izuku, I got something for you. It should have been sent through an email.
izukU: k
OWIHAF: ...?
izukU: ...tHaNk yOu fAtHeR dEaReSt
OWIHAF: child-
izukU is offline.

"My biological parental unit sent me something through an email. Watch it be something stupid." Izuku said, turning off his phone and looking out of the window as they neared U.A.. Jirou leaned onto him and he kissed her head, making sure Aizawa didn't see the exchange.

Once they got back to U.A, Aizawa grabbed the power washer behind the building and started spraying Midoriya with it.

Midoriya was squealing and Aizawa seemed very happy with the outcome. "You're a powerful kid, Midoriya. What's a little bit of water going to do to you?"

Everyone was filming it from inside, and Aizawa cranked it up, and Midoriya hopped over Aizawa's head and started running, using blackwhip to get to the dorm roof. He was soaking wet and could hear the familiar capture weapon about to be used, so he busted open the door and sprinted down the steps.

"I'M SORRY AIZAWA-SENSEI, AND WHAT ABOUT JIROU?! SHE WAS ASLEEP TOO!" He screamed as he hid behind Todoroki. Aizawa glared at him.

"You aren't allowed to hit girls, Midoriya. You should know that."

Jirou was trying not to laugh at her boyfriend's desperate pleas of help as he got mercilessly attacked by Aizawa and quite literally thrown up the stairs.


Once the commotion had settled, Mina looked at Jirou with a creepy smile. "So Jirou... how'd it go with you and Mido....alone...?"