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Midoriya looked in Jirou's eyes as they layed in the sand, stars getting ready to shine throughout the sky. The raven haired girl kissed her friend, leaving him laughing afterwards.

"So...are we uh..."

"Boyfriend and girlfriend?"


"Yep, I guess so."

Jirou turned over in the sand and cuddled up next to her newly acquired boyfriend, not remembering what had happened last time they cuddled.

Immediately the setting changed, and they were sitting on a cloud once again, but the sand they were just sitting in was below them, and it appeared that they were sleeping right there.

Izuku snorted. "Do I need to invest in a quirk sufficient bracelet because this might become a problem." Jirou chuckled and looked at the stars above them as birds flew by and the waves crashed against the shore with rage.

Kyoka snuggled closer and stuck her face in his neck, making Izuku get flustered. He quickly place his head over hers, and their legs intertwined as well as their hands. The two were at peace, just watching the stars illuminate the night.

All of a sudden, they could hear someone yelling their name and Izuku quickly cancelled his quirk, only to see Aizawa with a pissy look on his face.

The two scrambled up, Izuku having sand caked into his hair. Jirou tried not to laugh at it.

"What the hell were you two thinking?! There's literally so many attacks on your class and you think it's acceptable to just sleep in a public place?!" He glared at the two, and Izuku cringed.

"Well uhm... WeWeren'tReallyAsleepIFoundOutIHaveACuddlingQuirkThatBringsMePlacesWithMyMutualLoverOrFriend." He said it quickly while looking down, and Jirou was trying to appear as small and vunerable as possible in order to escape their teacher's wrath.

Aizawa laughed. "Okay! Even better! Problem Child has yet ANOTHER quirk! How many is that now? 3? 4? Let's play a game to see how many mutations and fucking quirks can Midoriya get?!" He ran his fingers through his hair before openly breathing in and out, regaining composure. He glared at the two and pointed his fingers towards his car, both of them silent for the trip back to the dorm building. "Y'all are grounded."

Jirou snorted, and in a joking manner replied to his comment. "Okay dad."
Izuku laughed. "He's the closest thing to my actual parent considering my mom got rootie tootie point and shootied."

Jirou choked on her spit and started laughing. "I-I'm s-sorry-" Izuku was laughing too as Aizawa just sighed at the two of them as they bonded over dark humor.

After the initial joke died out, Izuku's phone pinged and disgust was easily seen on his face.

"Would you look at that, suddenly I have a father." He muttered, and looked at the text properly.

OWIHAF: Izuku, I got something for you. It should have been sent through an email.
izukU: k
OWIHAF: ...?
izukU: ...tHaNk yOu fAtHeR dEaReSt
OWIHAF: child-
izukU is offline.

"My biological parental unit sent me something through an email. Watch it be something stupid." Izuku said, turning off his phone and looking out of the window as they neared U.A.. Jirou leaned onto him and he kissed her head, making sure Aizawa didn't see the exchange.

Once they got back to U.A, Aizawa grabbed the power washer behind the building and started spraying Midoriya with it.

Midoriya was squealing and Aizawa seemed very happy with the outcome. "You're a powerful kid, Midoriya. What's a little bit of water going to do to you?"

Everyone was filming it from inside, and Aizawa cranked it up, and Midoriya hopped over Aizawa's head and started running, using blackwhip to get to the dorm roof. He was soaking wet and could hear the familiar capture weapon about to be used, so he busted open the door and sprinted down the steps.

"I'M SORRY AIZAWA-SENSEI, AND WHAT ABOUT JIROU?! SHE WAS ASLEEP TOO!" He screamed as he hid behind Todoroki. Aizawa glared at him.

"You aren't allowed to hit girls, Midoriya. You should know that."

Jirou was trying not to laugh at her boyfriend's desperate pleas of help as he got mercilessly attacked by Aizawa and quite literally thrown up the stairs.


Once the commotion had settled, Mina looked at Jirou with a creepy smile. "So Jirou... how'd it go with you and Mido....alone...?"