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"Babe, have you seen my shirt?" Genji yelled from what was probably the bedroom. He walked into the living room, hair wet, shirtless, and wearing only a pair of gray sweatpants.

"I'm in here!" You answered from the kitchen, the smell of food wafting out in waves. Genji peeped his head around the corner, his eyes roaming around the room looking for you. 

And there you were, in his green shirt, only half the buttons buttoned up, legs on display. You turned, looking at him innocently. He pouted, walking into the kitchen.

"Hey, I was gonna wear that today. It's my favorite one." He leaned onto your shoulder, sneaking bacon off the stove while you weren't looking. 

"Mr. Shimada, stop stealing breakfast when you think I'm not looking." You brought your hand down on his shoulder. Hard. He winced, standing up.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry." He said, squeezing you and picking you up. He hauled you into the living room but not before turning off the stove. He didn't want to accidentally burn down the house. Again.

"What am I gonna do with you, honey, you stole my shirt and now you're reprimanding me for eating breakfast." He dropped you onto the couch, landing lightly on top of you to avoid crushing you.

"I dunno, what are you gonna do, Genji 'I-own-two-hundred-of-the-same-exact-shirt' Shimada?" You stared at him, eyes glinting with laughter.   

He leaned into your ear, lips ghosting over the shell.

"I'm going to," He started, his lips moving toward your neck.

He suddenly sat up as fast as he put you down. He stretched his arms, "The gym." He grinned at you, running up the stairs.

"You're such a tease Genji!" You yelled up the stairs. There was a loud thump before Genji actually replied.

"Only for you babe~" You could almost see the smirk and following kissy faces that always made you laugh.