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My heart goes to you

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The next day, Blades needed to go to work with his teammate, but wasn't sure what to do with the robo baby. Fortunetly, he knows a great student that can take care of the Robo baby... Whirl, Hoist, Medix, Hotshot, and Wedge.

"Recruits, I have an assignment, well almost a assignment"

"Sir, we're happy to hear it from you, but as you know, I'm too busy playing cube"

"I need to finish one of my project I'm doing with Professor Boulder"

"I haven't finished reading all of the police code!"

"I can help with that! After all, my uncle taught me everything I need to know about babies"

"So that way, we can get one someday, right babe??"

"Hotshot, this isn't the right time to discuss! Maybe some other time?"

"But I really wanted to start a family with you?!"

"Okay, but this Robo baby can be very helpful guide and tips for us to learn about parenting"

"GREAT! Now, remember to take care of him very gentle and don't harm him. You all should help them also?"

"YAY! We're babysitting a baby that is made by Professor Heatwave and Blades-"

"Whirl, we didn't even made a baby. Doc Greene gave it to us and told us that we can adopt one so that way if I'm ready to have one of my own, but for now... It can wait"


Blades gave a small kiss to the Robo Baby and waved good-bye and left. Medix and Hotshot had to take care of the Robo baby. First, they had to change the diaper which was pretty disgusting for Hotshot, but Medix told him that it's normal for a baby to pee or poo. Then, they had to feed him with milk in the bottle and the best part is that Hotshot gets to hold the baby and when he looks at it, it makes him think about having childrens with his loved one Medix, but knew that it can wait till further notice. Later, Medix had to Burp the baby, which went well, until the Robo baby wanted to play. Hotshot decided to play "Catch the Cube" with robo baby, but a small cube. At night, Medix had to rock the baby to sleep and Hotshot was looking for baby blanket, until he find one and hand it to Medix. The robo baby fell asleep on Medix's arm and he also drifted off to sleep and Hotshot decided to join him. Once Blades and Heatwave came back from doing their work, they notice the Robo baby, as well as Medix and Hotshot was asleep peacefully.

"I think they did a great job taking care of our little adoptive child, don't you think so Heatwave?"

"I think I see what you mean by that"

Blades was carrying Medix back to bed and Heatwave had to carry Hotshot back to bed,including the robo baby. Later, Heatwave is starting to realized something in his spark... He wanted to start a family with Blades (*^-^*)