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My heart goes to you

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Cody and frankie were playing go fish with Chase, boulder was helping Gram with fixing the air conditioner, Dani was hanging out with her boyfriend Taylor, Charlie was discussing with Doc greene about the new invention he has in mind, Kade was eating lunch with hayley, and heatwave was watching,"Tell me a story" on Netflix, and Blades was trying out a bunch of costumes that Dani offered him. They were very nice looking and whenever he wears them, he would get great replies from his friends. Chase would be saying that he looks spectacular, Boulder would say unique, and heatwave... he would say many things to him like cute, sexy, beautiful, and so much! Blades would be blushing and also replies to him that he's muscular and nice, but all he had in mind was to have fun with him in a private room which is only just the two of them!! One day, Everyone was cleaning the fire house, when suddenly a mailman came by and gave a letter to Charlie, he looks at the letter and it is for Blades."Blades, there's a mail for you" said charlie as he approach to him with a letter on his hand."For me?!" said Blades cheerfully. He grab the letter and looked at the mail and realizes it was from his good friend or should I said "best friend" Bumblebee! He opened the letter and everyone wanted him to read it out loud to everyone,

Dear Blades,

How was your day? I hope you're happy because ever autobots are in peace with the decepticons and the greatest news of all... I'm inviting them over to griffon rock. I hope you guys don't mind about them coming over and don't worry, we'll get along with each other and trust me I know for a fact you'll love the new people you've never seen!!

From your best friend bumblebee

"He's inviting other teammates over??" said blades nervously."Yes, why? I thought you're excited to see new people?" said boulder when he reads the letter that blades gave him from bumblebee.""I do, but I hope he doesn't invite galvatron! He's a creep!" Blades had terrible nightmares about Galvatron. Back home, Galvatron would be grabbing him out of nowhere and starts to rape him. Lucky for him, he wasn't pregnant, but he hopes that Galvatron would forget about everything and would be finding either another femme or a bot to rape with, but was hoping that he should be killed by the autobots by now."Blades, are you okay?" said heatwave and it made blades think about other things quick before heatwave will be curious about him."N-YES I'm fine..."Blades said while trying to back up away from him when suddenly heatwave grabs him by the arms and pulls him towards him."Just tell me what it is and don't be afraid to tell me what's going on or else I'll have to-""NO! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME PLEASE DON'T!!"and then blades push him away and runs off to his room alone. Heatwave felt heartbroken. He wasn't going to hurt him. The only thing he was gong to do with him is that if Blades doesn't tell him what's the problem in his mind, he would be either convince him to tell him or to make sure if blades wants to tell him about his issue with something. He wonders and asked himself,"What's wrong with you Blades? Why can't you just tell me what's with your problem with me? What have I ever done with you?" He let out tears from his eyes and cried, even Blades cried in his room and told himself,"I wanted to say,"I love you", but I just feel... bad that I ran away from you because I don't like it whenever anyone tries to do a scary body contact without letting me knowing what we're going to do, especially from you..." Later he drifted off to sleep after crying.