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My heart goes to you

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It was a normal day in griffon rock. Boulder was painting a portrait of the bald eagle's nest, Chase was busying reading a book about,"How to cook", and Blades was watching TV about,"The masked singer", but heatwave was standing outside pacing back and forth, thinking about all the times they had fun with the burns family. Of course they are fun, but not Kade. He was always talking about going on a date with hayley and how cute she was, but to heatwave, it felt like if he was trying to get him a love, but he can find it himself. He just need to be patient for a while and wait till someone tells him that they have a crush on him for a very long time. When he was in high school, he had a crush on almost every ladies, but it seems that they all didn't like him which is tough. Besides, some of the girls likes him, but they weren't his type. The type of person he's trying ot find ia a person that believes in him, always on his side, spends time with him, and likes to get touch! But, there was no luck of finding one. Later one day, He notice how weird Blades is acting when he's around him. He remembered the other day when Blades was watching TV he hears a,"I love you" scene from a human television show and when he came by, blades would automatically change channel and would be watching a comedy show. Another day, Blades was singing a song about him and heatwave, but then changed a subject a sings,"This is me", but then changed the song back to him and heatwave!! Heatwave was thinking that Blades was acting strange around him because maybe... he has A CRUSH ON HIM!! He thought that could be the GREATEST thing to hear and he has an idea to test to see if Blades actually has a crush on him ^W^