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Looking for Digimon fanfic recs

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As it says in the title, I'm looking to see what fanfic everyone can recommend me since, it can be hard to find specific fanfic with just filters. I'm okay with anything from Archive of our Own or

So I'm looking for Digimon Adventure fanfic that go into a bit more detail about the whole killing vs not killing Digimon issue in Digimon Adventure 02. I found one or two fanfics with this issue, and it was really interesting because those fanfic mentioned what the original digidestined went through as part of the argument as to why they could kill digimon easily, and one of them involved TK talking about this issue to the Tai who brought together the whole original gang (except Hikari) for a sleepover and it was sooo fluffy!! Not only that, but I enjoy reading the parts where it's like "Oh, you guys had no idea what we went through" because I don't think the 2nd gen really understood what the og 7(or 8 if you include Hikari) went through, and I enjoy reading them coming to learn what the og 7/8 ACTUALLY went through.

The killing vs no killing problem does not have to the main part of the fanfic, as long as its there then I will read it. Also in regards to ships, the ones in the description are the ones I prefer, but they don't have to be included in the fanfic. THOUGH any fic rec that has a Tk or Hikari ship that is not TAKARI is forbidden. I'm sorrry, they're my OTP.

I'm really sorry if I'm asking for too much, and I hope some of you are willing to recommend at least one fanfic for this poor fangirl.