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“When I told you to relax, Sabina, I didn’t mean discharge yourself and travel alone across London,” Bosley shook her head, her voice giving away her relief at having all her Angels back under one roof.

Sabina had tucked up on the sofa with her feet under Jane’s leg, leaning back into Bosley’s side who had wrapped Sabina under her arm.

Elena was sat cross-legged on the shaggy rug in front of them, playing with a thread on her sleeve.

Sabina shrugged.

“I had to tell you about the distraction,” she mumbled.

“You could have called,” Bosley raised an eyebrow. “I know Saint dropped off your phone.”

“No one was answering.”

Jane felt a lump of guilt form in her throat at the thought of the message Sabina had sent her, and which she hadn’t responded to. She had wanted to keep her visit a surprise but now she couldn’t help but feel that she was the reason Sabina had left the hospital.

Then again, once Sabina had her mind set on something there was no one that would change it.

“You knew I was on my way back,” Bosley continued but Sabina only shrugged again.

“I called the number Emily gave me instead,” Sabina yawned and was sure she could feel Jane tense slightly at her words.

“You called Emily?” Jane asked with a frown. Was that hurt Sabina could hear in her voice? Or jealousy?

“No,” she smiled. “I called the other number.”

“The drug dealer in the club?” Elena asked, her mouth falling open slightly.

Sabina mumbled in agreement.

“He sounded like a creepy little guy,” she seemed to sink into the warmth of Bosley’s arm and Jane could tell by her voice that she was tired again. “Not Australian Jonny weird. More like- what was the name of the character played by- oh I can’t remember his name either. Franco. In that movie. You know who I mean?”

“James Franco,” Elena grinned, bouncing on the spot. “He played a drug dealer in Spring Breakers. I can’t remember his character name.”

“No, the other one,” Sabina shook her head.

“Pineapple Express?”

“No, the other Franco, not the other movie,” Sabina frowned in concentration. “Come on Boz, you’re the film buff.”

“Don’t start with that again,” Bosley rolled her eyes. “Ironically, you were talking about a distraction, Sabina.”

“Oh yeah,” Sabina nodded. “I phoned the number from Emily and the guy was weird. Which is to be expected given the reason we had his number. Anyway, he was happy to meet me behind the Bluebird at eleven to hand over whatever I asked for.”

Elena frowned and Sabina noticed.

“I think the street party is a distraction,” Sabina yawned again. “They’re going to create a scene outside the club to alert the police. Get as many officers as possible in the one location so they can do whatever it is they’re doing at the warehouse. And it’ll be happening around eleven.”

“How did you-?” Jane started but Sabina only shrugged. “Let me guess, you have your methods.”

“That I do,” Sabina smiled with a heavy sigh. “But we need to be ready at the warehouse to stop Gough and Robinson. And anyone else that’s involved. Let the police know to look out for trouble at the party but we need to be elsewhere. Remember what Robert said about having to work away from the party?”

“He’ll be at the warehouse,” Jane frowned and Sabina shrugged yet again.

“I could be wrong-”

“No, I don’t think so,” Bosley bit her lip. “We need to be at the warehouse. I’ll call in a few favours from the London Agency and make sure the streets are covered while we’re busy, we don’t know what kind of distraction they’re thinking of.”

“One big enough to stop Gough’s brother getting moved?” Elena asked, her eyebrows knitted together.

“I can almost see the gears working in your brilliant mind, Elena,” Sabina laughed and Elena blushed slightly before Sabina suddenly remembered their conversation from the hospital. “Oh, you said they were moving him to another prison!”

“Exactly,” Elena smiled. “So if the police are busy at the street party they won’t be expecting anything to happen to the van taking Harvey Gough across London.”

“And they’ll be busy tackling the crowd so will be slower to respond to any disturbances,” Jane nodded. “Sabina’s right, the party is all a distraction.”

“Don’t sound too surprised,” Sabina smirked and Jane couldn’t help but smile in return. “But we have less than a day to prepare.”

“Yes, we do,” Bosley nodded. “But ‘we’ doesn’t include you this time, Sabina.”

“We can argue about this later,” Sabina mumbled, tucking further into Bosley’s side.

Bosley shook her head with a roll of her eyes.

“It was Dave Franco in 21 Jump Street,” she added, pulling Sabina in tighter.

“See, I knew you’d know.”


“You look brighter,” Jane smiled from the kitchen table as Sabina entered early the next morning, a long, thick jumper covering her hands and a pair of dark sports shorts just visible underneath. Jane couldn’t help but notice how much she now looked like their Sabina again after returning to the outpost.

“I feel much better having been in my own bed last night,” Sabina smiled, sitting at the table and instantly leaning her elbows on its surface, a wry smile playing on her lips. “Were you up last night?”

“No,” Jane answered quickly but knew from the widening smirk on Sabina’s lips that she didn’t believe her.

Jane had barely slept, her mind on overdrive as she ran through every possible scenario of what could happen during their next mission. Every time she closed her eyes she was thrown back to the boat, or Istanbul, or a make-believe world just as terrifying as the real thing.

No matter where her mind took her there was one constant: the crimson red blood dripping off her hands and pooling around her. The body of her best friend lying motionless at her feet.

Twice Jane had left her room and peered round Sabina’s door, just to make sure she was ok. Saint had finally convinced Sabina to bed shortly after nine and had promised Jane that he would check on her every few hours, but it was Elena she had bumped in to after her second visit, both of them pausing in the hallway as if looking for an excuse to be there.

But neither one asked the other to explain themselves.

“She’s fine,” Jane had smiled and Elena nodded in response, turning back to her room with a simple “night”.

She had thought Sabina was sleeping each time she looked in, but now she wasn’t so sure.

“Where’s Saint?” Sabina asked as Jane continued to busy herself at the sink.

“Getting in supplies. Apparently he needs more food now that you’re back,” Jane smirked.

“Oh, so no pancakes?” Sabina asked and Jane shook her head.

“I’ve got you something else to try this morning,” Jane grinned as Elena padded into the kitchen with a yawn.

“You’re up?” She stopped as she noticed Sabina at the table and grinned widely. “You’re looking so much better!”

“I look a mess, which is concerning that I now look better,” Sabina frowned, ruffling up her hair. “But I need food before I shower.”

Jane joined Sabina at the table and placed a large plate in the middle containing three scones and individual pots of jam and cream while Elena leant over and gave Sabina a one-armed hug.

“One each,” Jane smiled before adding “And yes, I’m going to judge you depending on whether you put the jam or cream on first.”

“Which is the right way?” Elena asked as she sat beside Sabina and took one from the plate.

“You decide,” Jane smirked.

“Is this to work out whether we could ever pull off a true English disguise if needed?”


Sabina laughed and placed a pot of jam and cream on her plate, before spooning a lump of one into the other and mixing it together, spreading it across one half of the scone.

“Done,” she grinned, taking a bite and watching as Jane laughed, shaking her head slightly.

“Why am I not surprised?” Jane smirked. “When there’s two options available you always manage to find a third.”

Sabina shrugged and Elena giggled.

“You mean that’s not the right way to do it?” Elena asked.

“No!” Jane chuckled, something fluttering in her chest that had been still since the incident on the boat. There was a happiness returning now that they were together again, Sabina’s uniqueness and Elena’s giggles filling the room.

Sabina offered the other half of her scone with the jam-cream mixture on top to Elena who took it with a smile.

“If we eat it the same way then Jane’s the weird one,” Sabina stated.

She looked at Jane and took another bite, the cream coating her lips as she smiled.

“I give you cake for breakfast and this is how you repay me?” Jane asked jokingly and Elena giggled again at the look on her teammates’ faces.


“When we get back to LA I have so many boxes still to unpack,” Elena groaned as they all tucked up in the living area again, waiting for Bosley to finish a call with the London office so they could discuss the plan for the evening.

“We can help,” Sabina grinned. “Turn it in to a moving in party.”

“We’ve already had one of those, remember?” Elena raised an eyebrow. “You drank a bottle of tequila and fell asleep in my front room.”

“Which is probably why she doesn’t remember,” Jane muttered with a smirk.

“Well, we need an excuse for another party,” Sabina shrugged as Saint appeared behind them and perched on the back of the sofa.

He reached over and placed the back of his hand to Sabina’s forehead as she scrunched up her nose.

“I think your temperature has finally come down,” he stated, crossing his arms and looking satisfied.

“So no more poking and prodding?” Sabina asked hopefully.

“You still need antibiotics, but no more needles,” Saint nodded and Sabina leant her head back against the sofa. “And certainly no parties.”

“Until we get back to LA,” Sabina finished, holding up her finger. “We can all go to Jane’s place next time.”

“Do you spend any time at your apartment?” Elena asked.

“Sabina just uses hers as a closet,” Jane answered.

“I can vouch for that,” Saint raised an eyebrow. “Trackers, remember.”

“You three are no fun, leave me alone,” Sabina stuck out her bottom lip and they all laughed, Jane noticing how Sabina’s hand still found her ribs whenever she moved.

“Elena, I want to run through a new hacking device we have for this evening,” Saint nodded over his shoulder. “The downloads should be twice the speed but there’s a few extra steps to use it.”

“Great,” Elena jumped from the sofa and followed Saint from the room, leaving Jane and Sabina alone. Sabina instantly repositioned herself so that she was leaning into Jane’s side, her feet tucked up on the cushions again.

“How’re you feeling?”

“Good,” Sabina smiled. “Much better now that I’m out the hospital and away from the grumpy nurse. I don’t think she liked me.”

“I think it was us she had an issue with,” Jane laughed, remembering the look on the nurse’s face every time they had appeared on the ward. “Although pulling the needle out your hand probably didn’t help matters.”

“What? I have a hard time trusting people,” Sabina laughed once and shrugged her shoulders. “So sue me.”

Jane wrapped her arm around Sabina and pulled her in a little closer, letting Sabina’s hair tickle her shoulder.

“When did you start trusting me?” She asked cautiously, avoiding any eye contact. She was assuming, hoping, that Sabina did in fact trust her, even if she couldn’t trust herself.

“When you pushed me off a roof in Rio,” Sabina answered immediately.


“Mm hmm.”

Jane fell silent as Sabina’s response played in her mind, not noticing her mouth hanging open slightly until she felt Sabina’s soft chuckles against her shoulder.

“You’re joking, aren’t you? You just wanted an excuse to mention me pushing you off a roof again,” Jane asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No,” Sabina shook her head slowly, a content smile remaining on her lips as she took Jane’s arm and wrapped it tighter around her waist, her fingers gripping Jane’s jumper. “I’m being serious. You were being serious. The whole mission, I had no idea who you were. Other than a bad-ass ninja, obviously.”

Jane smiled slightly and bit her lip to stop the grin from growing.

“I know you didn’t approve of how I worked back then. Maybe you still don’t,” Sabina laughed slightly. “I remember you warning me not to follow Jonny back to his room, but it had to be done. The mission needed me to seduce him, because that’s what I do, isn’t it? I pretend. I make people like me as my job. I manipulate them.”


“No, I don’t mind it,” Jane felt Sabina’s grip tighten on her sleeve. “It’s what I do. It’s what I’ve been doing my whole life, pretending to be someone else. But you wouldn’t let me in, and I didn’t want to pretend to be someone else around you. I knew from day one how amazing you are, but you just weren’t interested. It was the mission first and everything else second. As it should be.”

They fell silent again and Jane wasn’t quite sure what to say in response.

“I really wanted to know you but I know how annoying I am,” Sabina sighed, leaning her head back against Jane’s shoulder. “I don’t blame you for not liking me. Not trusting me. And I thought I’d never get to see the real you until I annoyed you that little bit too far and you shoved me off the roof.”

Sabina smiled again and Jane couldn’t help but mimic her actions.

“It was actually quite fun, after the first few seconds,” Sabina laughed. “But I trusted you to have secured the harness properly. It was the first time I got to see the real you, even if it was at my expense. And I knew then that I wanted to be your friend.”

Jane reached over with her other hand and pushed the stray hairs from Sabina’s eyes, smiling as Sabina seemed to lean in to her touch.

“I know it may have taken us a while but I don’t want to ever stop being your friend, Jane. And I promise I’ll stop being so annoying and clumsy and stupid,” Sabina almost whispered and Jane froze, a frown between her eyebrows.

She pulled her arm away from Sabina, noticing how instantly cold it felt, and turned in her direction as Sabina sat up straighter.

“Don’t say that,” it sounded like a warning even though she hadn’t meant it that way. “Don’t ever say that again.”


“No,” Jane held up a hand to silence her and felt her heart rate quicken. “Sabina, you are not annoying. Well, you are. But that’s what makes you, you. I don’t want you to change, not ever. And I promise that we will always, always be friends. The best of friends. I won’t ever leave you.”

“You can’t promise that,” Sabina’s voice was still quiet, a sadness in her eyes that made a lump form in Jane’s throat.

“I can. And I have,” Jane took Sabina’s hands in hers and looked her in the eyes. “I promise, no matter where we are, whether we’re together or not. I will always be there for you. Ok?”

There was a pause before Sabina nodded her head slowly, not daring to speak.

“My life would be too quiet without you now,” Jane shrugged and Sabina laughed slightly. “The mornings haven’t been the same without you dancing around demanding pancakes.”

“Well I’m back to fix that now,” Sabina swallowed hard and forced a smile back to her lips. “You’re not getting rid of me either. Not ever.”

Jane felt her heart skip a beat as she turned from Sabina, the memories of sitting in the back of an ambulance pushing their way back into her mind. It had only been a few days since she had thought she’d lost Sabina entirely, and she had been so close to messing everything up once they had got her back.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Sabina spoke evenly, turning over her hands so she was holding Jane’s. “Please stop. We need to move on.”

“Was it my fault you left the hospital?” Jane asked seriously but Sabina only looked away, pulling her hands free. “I’m sorry I didn’t visit.”

Jane let the silence remain between them until Sabina was ready to break it.

“I didn’t think you cared about me any more,” she whispered eventually, looking back at Jane. “I know that’s not true, and I know I was just being impatient. But I missed you and Elena so much, I couldn’t stay there any longer.”

Jane sighed heavily and leant her head back on the sofa cushions, closing her eyes.

“I was a coward,” she spoke quietly. “I didn’t want to visit because every time I went to the hospital I was reminded of what I had done to you. I’m so, so sorry. I know now that I was only hurting you more, but I needed to- I don’t know. I needed to sort some stuff out first, and I promise I was on my way to see you yesterday just before you got here.”

Jane opened her eyes to see Sabina watching her intently.

“You didn’t do anything but save my life,” Sabina frowned. “We were unprepared, but it wasn’t your fault. You were the only one that thought to bring a gun with you in the first place! And Elena had her dots. I should have known better after some of the messes I’ve got in to over the years, but I didn’t. There was nothing we could have done differently once they had got there.”

“But why did you come in after me?” Jane threw her hands up, a desperation in her eyes she couldn’t hide.

“Because I’ve been telling you both for weeks how dangerous Mason is. You’re one of the strongest people I know but he’s physically stronger. I mean he knocked me out with one punch the last time we met. Dangerous!” Sabina waved her hands for effect and Jane smirked, realising just how much she has missed Sabina’s animated story telling over the past few days.

“You did call him the Hulk,” Jane shrugged and Sabina reached out her hands with a shake of her head in a manner that Jane could only guess meant “exactly!”

“Look, if it was the other way then you would have done the same,” Sabina shrugged. “Which is why we’re such good friends, right? We have each other’s back, always. Anyway, I owed you one after Istanbul until you one-upped me and saved my life again.”

Jane laughed.

“I’ll buy you a drink or two when we’re back in LA,” Sabina smirked, turning round so she could lean back into Jane’s side again and tucked herself under Jane’s arm. “If Boz ever lets us leave this place.”


Jane and Sabina remained in the living area, watching the morning sun struggle to make an appearance through the thick London clouds, until Bosley finally joined them and fell into the opposite sofa looking exhausted.

“You two are looking better today,” she smiled warmly at the tangle of limbs that were her Angels.

“You’re not,” Sabina answered before Jane could open her mouth and Bosley raised an eyebrow.

“Charming, thanks Sabina.”

“What, you just look a little-”

“Tired,” Jane finished before Sabina dug herself any deeper, and Sabina pointed up to Jane with a tilt of her head as if to indicate that she agreed.

“Yes, well I’ve been up for hours on the phone to the London office trying to work out logistics for this evening,” Bosley sighed and crossed her arms. “I just have a few more points to figure out before we can run through what’s going to happen.”

Jane nodded, feeling the uneasiness bubble in her stomach again at the thought of all the possible dangers that could be waiting for them in only a few hours time. She wasn’t usually one to worry and overthink this much, but after the past week everything in her mind seemed to shift.

Nothing was the same when they weren’t working together. She couldn’t bare the thought of putting Elena in danger too if she made another mistake.

“Where’s Elena?” Bosley asked and Jane nodded towards the door.

“In the closet with Saint,” she responded. “Saint has some new hacking thing-”

Jane trailed off with a shrug and Bosley nodded.

“Good, it’ll be easier to talk to you both down there anyway,” she sighed again and pushed herself to her feet, nodding her own head in the direction of the closet.

Jane reluctantly untangled her arm from around Sabina and let her slide on to the sofa behind her.

“I’ll be right back,” she whispered, falling into step behind Bosley.

But Bosley stopped before she got as far as she stairs, turning on the spot to face Sabina who had followed behind.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bosley’s hands were on her hips and eyebrows furrowed. It was a rhetorical question and yet Sabina answered it anyway.

“With you, obviously.”

“How is that ‘obviously’? You’re not going anywhere!”

Sabina knew she wasn’t supposed to argue with a Bosley and yet she had never been one to follow rules.

“If you don’t let me come with you then I’m just going to sneak out later once you’re gone.”

“You know that’s the truth,” Jane mumbled with a smirk, turning from Bosley.

“Sabina, two days ago-”

“You gotta stop living in the past, Boz. Focus on the now,” Sabina held out her hands with a playful look in her eyes.

“Stop talking to me like a self help book,” Bosley warned.

Sabina shrugged, head bobbing slightly as she waited for Bosley to concede. It was when she closed her eyes and let out a sigh that Sabina would have sworn was exaggerated if she didn’t know Bosley so well that she knew she’d won.

“You can come to the closet with us but that’s it. You can be involved in surveillance only-”

“No!” Sabina interrupted. “Come on Boz, you know I can do this. Elena will be busy shutting down their systems, Jane will be ninja-ing around the perimeter to make sure nothing gets away before we can stop them. You need Gough distracted. You know I can distract him.”

Bosley would forever be amazed at how much Sabina seemed to know without being told. She was right, of course. She had been on the phone to the London office for hours, organising additional Angels to manage the street party while Jane and Elena worked in the warehouse, but they hadn’t yet worked out how to keep Gough distracted while they were there. That was usually Sabina’s job.

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Bosley threw her hands in the air for effect. “That, right there. You’re persistent.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Sabina was sure that the exasperated look she received from Bosley was saved only for her.

“We’ll talk about this later,” Bosley muttered as she led them both to the closet and through into the armoury.

Saint and Elena were still huddled over a table with a laptop open between them, talking quickly as Saint’s fingers moved across the keyboard.

“Here we find two geeks at work in their natural habitat,” Sabina muttered under her breath and Elena looked up with a giggle, rolling her eyes.

“We got a little caught up with the new tech,” Saint tilted his head. “What are you all doing down here?”

They all understood his question and Sabina shot him a look of annoyance.

“Sabina seems to think that she can join you both this evening at the warehouse,” Bosley crossed her arms again and could see Elena tense.

“You need me there to-” Sabina began but the look on Bosley’s face made her stop in her tracks.

Saint moved from the desk and placed the back of his hand on Sabina’s head again.

“Dude, stop,” Sabina squirmed away, letting out a small gasp that was only heard by Saint. “I feel much better and I’ve taken my antibiotics, I promise. Now let me stay. Let me help!”

“I’ve told you, you can be involved with surveillance,” Bosley shot quickly.

“And I told you I can do this! I’ll just be keeping him distracted, I won’t be fighting anyone or running round, or doing anything that would jeopardise the mission,” Sabina’s hands were moving around quickly again, a determination in her eyes that Bosley had seen on so many occasions.

Bosley looked to Jane who shrugged.

“Sabina works the ground,” she said simply, as if wondering why Bosley needed any clarification. “No one can do it better.”

“Jane, can’t you-” Elena started but Jane cut her off.

“No,” her jaw tensed without warning. “I’ve tried that. The last time I worked the ground alone, Edgar died. I would have had a bullet between my eyes too if Hodak hadn’t picked up my gun instead of his own. So no, Sabina works the ground.”

Jane swallowed hard and pushed the thought of Edgar from her mind. She couldn’t focus on the blood that seeped through the water, or the look of fear in his eyes before they were driven into by Hodak. Jane couldn’t trust herself in that situation again, not without Elena or Sabina by her side.

But she was being selfish. Was Sabina really ready for this when she could see the effort it took her just to stay on her feet?

“We’ll be linked through comms,” Elena interjected Jane’s trance and she turned in her direction. “Any issues she’d just need to let us know and we’d be there. We should’t need him distracted for long, we just need enough time to shut down their systems and for Jane to make sure security won’t become a problem.”

“See,” Sabina opened her arms in Elena’s direction. “Even the sensible one is on my side.”

“That’s because you’re a bad influence,” Bosley muttered as she turned to Jane.

Jane shrugged with a tilt of her head.

“She is very good at distracting people,” she smiled and Bosley shook her head.

“And yesterday she could barely walk.”

“I still managed to get here from the hospital,” Sabina shrugged.

“You’re not helping your argument any, Sabina,” Bosley frowned, looking to Saint for backup.

Saint shook his head and raised his hands with a shrug.

“If it were up to me, she’d be on full bed rest,” he stated. “But I know the best I can hope for is she stays out the boxing ring for a few weeks.”

Bosley looked from Saint to Sabina, then Jane to Elena. She had spent so long on the phone with the London office, going over the plan again and again. And each time there was one sticking point: Gough. They had to keep him distracted somehow, and Sabina was the one to do it.

There was no other Angel as persuasive as she was. As Bosley was currently observing first hand.

“Fine!” Bosley sighed loudly, clenching her hands. “But the first sign of trouble and I’m pulling you from there, got it?”

“Yes!” Sabina grinned, running a hand through her hair and frowning. “Oh, I so need a shower before we go. I still smell like hospital.”

“I’m going to regret this,” Bosley mumbled under her breath as she shook her head and disappeared again, phone in her hand.

“Ok,” Saint exhaled slowly and tilted his head. “I’ve ran through all the new tech with Elena. Jane, I’ve upgraded your tranq gun which is now ready for you to play with. And Sabina, I’m running out of leather jackets but there’s a few new ones for you in the closet. I would say bring them back but I know you won’t.”

Sabina grinned and headed for the closet as Jane went to check the armoury, leaving Saint and Elena alone again.

“You knew we’d all be going?” Elena asked, noticing the strange look on Saint’s features.

“Of course,” he smiled. “There’s not much that would stop those two from jumping head first into a fight. Not even a near death experience, apparently.”

Elena blanched.

“Not that that’s what I think is going to happen!” Saint added quickly. “I just mean I know how stubborn they are. Both of them. Have you ever tried to stop them arguing? Impossible.”

Elena tried to smile and busied herself with the new gadgets laid out in front of her, not wanting to think too much about what their evening would involve.

“You’ll look out for each other, don’t worry,” Saint smiled, placing a hand on Elena’s shoulder. “I want Sabina to go as much as you do, but she’s right. You work best as a team, and you need her. Just please, stay away from anything pointy. I don’t think I could take much more of hospitals.”

Elena laughed nervously as Saint followed in the direction of Sabina, sure that he was going to take the opportunity to check her over again while no one was watching.

She hadn’t meant to agree so easily with Sabina, having seen the look of worry in Bosley’s eyes. And yet she couldn’t see any other option. The only real mission she had ever been involved with was prior to becoming an Angel, and she knew she was only alive because of Jane and Sabina. They had saved her life on more than one occasion and she couldn’t imagine going to the warehouse without them both.

But she’d have to focus. She couldn’t get distracted worrying about Sabina when she got there. She had a job to do, as did they all.

Sabina didn’t need Elena to worry about her, she’d been doing this long enough to know what she was capable of. They’d done the hard work, all they had to do now was to gather the evidence they needed to hand everyone over to the police. How hard could it be?

Bosley was waiting for them in the living area when they returned, tablet in hand and a frown between her eyes.

“As you’ve decided that all three of you will be going, I’ve had to change things up slightly,” she explained, tapping the screen of the tablet until it was projected on to the television. Sabina could see that she was avoiding eye contact and decided it was probably for the best.

She took a seat and hoped no one would notice the hand that instantly found her ribs as she bit back the pain that still lingered with every movement.

“The London Bosleys have agreed to position two of their Angels at the street party,” Bosley explained, clicking on the map of London right outside the Bluebird. Two small, gold dots appeared on the screen. “We’re expecting Gough, Robinson and Mathews to be at the warehouse.”

Three more dots, this time red, appeared on the screen at a different point on the map.

“And we think both Edward and Mason will be there too,” Jane added and Bosley nodded, two green dots now appearing.

“I’ve spoken to the police and told them to have a team on standby. They’ve also agreed to reschedule Harvey Gough’s transfer, although only a select few people at both prisons know about it. We don’t want anyone to realise that we know their intentions.”

Elena nodded and bit her lip slightly.

“So what do you need us to do at the warehouse?” She asked, the nerves just audible in her voice.

“I need you to shut down their systems,” Bosley explained. “It’s nothing high tech, but you’ll need to get into the actual control room to be able to override it. Once you do, the whole place will be on lockdown.”

“Just like at the quarry, right?” Sabina shrugged before remembering that Bosley hadn’t been around to witness what had happened that day, and pulled a face in Elena’s direction as if to say ‘oops.’

“That won’t be a problem,” Elena nodded quickly in an attempt to avoid any more arguments, knowing that Bosley was on edge as it was.

“Jane, I need you to keep an eye on everyone’s movements but especially Robinson’s. Stay hidden, but watch what he’s doing. We know Gough is the brains behind this, but Robinson is just as dangerous. He’s more likely to be giving the direct orders and we need to make sure nothing leaves the warehouse before the police get there.”

“So we want him to be caught in the act?” Jane nodded. “We need Gough, Robinson and Mathews together with the drugs and weapons.”

“Exactly,” Bosley nodded then turned to Sabina, letting out a sigh.

“Just do what I do?” Sabina asked, the playful smile returning to her lips.

“Keep Gough distracted as long as you can. His word will be final, so the longer you can keep him in the office then the longer Elena will have to shut down the systems.”

“Got it,” Sabina smiled.

“But what about Mason?” Elena asked, her voice wavering slightly again. “He knows what we look like and he’s bound to be hanging around Gough.”

“I’ll take care of him,” Jane frowned and Bosley instantly folder her arms. Jane noticed. “Please don’t give me the whole ‘Charlie frowns on revenge’ thing Boz!”

“I wasn’t going to,” Bosley shook her head. “But you’re only to engage if you really must. I don’t want any more unnecessary injuries, so stay away from him unless you have to.”

Jane stayed quiet, her hands clenched again.

“Sabina should be disguised though, right?” Elena asked and Sabina rolled her eyes. “I mean, Gough’s met you before. What if he recognised you?”

“He’s not the kind of guy to remember someone like me,” Sabina shrugged. “But if I have to go undercover then fine. I’m going as a red head.”

“You just want an excuse to try out your new lipstick that you insist will match your hair,” Jane frowned.

“Too right I do!” Sabina smirked, her leg bouncing as she quickly clenched and unclenched her fists.

To anyone else she would seem nervous, but Bosley knew that this was a sign Sabina was excited about the idea of the mission.

And that worried her much more.

“Isn’t it going to be weird if you just show up at the warehouse?” Elena asked, her voice higher pitched than usual. “I mean, if we were at the party or the club it would be easy to think of an excuse to talk to him.”

“Stop panicking, Elena,” Sabina smiled. “I have all that covered. It’ll be fine.”

“In and out ladies, I don’t want you in there any longer than you have to be,” Bosley sighed again and turned to study the map, the small dots almost glowing on the screen.

Elena couldn’t help the uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach that made her want to throw up. She could almost feel the acid burn her throat as she forced herself to swallow. Only yesterday she had been getting ready to join Jane at the street party and now they were planning on something that sounded must too like the quarry situation.

They had been lucky to all get out of there unscathed, other than a few bruises and the fact that she had managed to tranq herself. That was before the explosion that had torn them apart and nearly killed them.

No matter how much Bosley tried to convince her, Elena couldn’t help but feel uneasy at the thought of them walking into the warehouse after the week they had just had. She wanted nothing more than to get on a plane and leave this all behind. This hadn’t been in her training.

“No heroics and no risks,” Bosley warned. “From any of you.”

Jane didn’t miss the way Bosley’s gaze lingered on her.

“We have time to eat before we plan anything else, right?” Sabina asked, looking over her shoulder and towards the kitchen which Saint had disappeared to. “I’m starving.”

“That’s because you’ve barely eaten for a week, Sabina,” Bosley rolled her eyes. “But yes, go eat.”

She watched her Angels leave and let out a sigh that had been stuck in her chest, falling into the sofa and leaning her head in her hands.

Becoming a Bosley had been far from easy, but she hadn’t imagined ever having to make the kind of decisions she had done in the past year. Leaving them at the quarry had been one of the hardest decisions she had ever made, and yet she had that same strange feeling every time she thought of the warehouse.

She knew the dangers. Her mind had ran through each and every one of them last night, refusing to let her sleep. She had to be prepared for all of them, because if she wasn’t then she could lose them all. And she’d never, ever be able to forgive herself if something bad happened.

She couldn’t watch them hurting, knowing there was nothing she could do to help.

But she would be waiting for them this time, just outside. Nothing on earth would pull her away.

They were stronger together, she knew that. But it didn’t stop Bosley from worrying about every potential risk that had lined up in her mind and screamed at her when she stopped for just one second.

The sooner this was over, the better.

“Boz, you’re missing out on pancakes!” Sabina’s voice called from the kitchen and she smiled slightly at the thought of her Angels together again, a reminder than despite what had happened over the past week they were ok.

Battered and bruised in every way possible, but they were ok. And she was determined to keep it that way, no matter what.

“Saint needs to stop giving in to you,” Bosley shouted back, locking the tablet and joining them in the kitchen.