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All I Ever Wanted by SpikedCoffee

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Derek stood in front of a hot stove cooking up a batch of his famous pancakes. He could not remove the happy smile that graced his features, a smirk playing lightly on his lips.

He was humming a song he didn't really know but couldn't get out of his head; thoughts of Casey whirling through his head at remarkable speeds. As he slipped the last pancake onto the plate a pair of hands slipped around him, the hands weaving intricate patterns over his skin. He could feel soft lips press kisses along his spine.

His grin only grew as he turned to face the young woman who haunted his dreams. Casey stood behind him only wearing his shirt and a smile, her hair tousled in just the right way.

Casey was enjoying the view; that was for sure. She had finally left the bed Derek demanded she stay in to venture into the kitchen, the smell of pancakes leading the way. What she found was Derek wearing just his boxers and humming. She paused behind him, silently thanking God that she was finally allowed to touch him how she wished, and he was allowed to reciprocate. She slipped her arms around him and kissed his back.

Derek and Casey finally stood facing each other. In this moment they felt mild awkwardness. This was the moment every morning where one would kiss the other, but never going pass the invisible line they had drawn. They had shared so many moments and almost moments there.

Derek carefully placed the spatula on the counter behind him, moving slowly as if not to scare her off. With the utensil placed behind him and his hands free Derek didn't waste a moment. He quickly gathered her in his arms and caught her lips in a strong kiss. Casey barely had time to react; she clung to his shoulders for support as she was swept away. Derek lifted her into his arms and Casey wrapped her legs around his waist. Derek's arms grew tired and he moved toward the counter as Casey deepened their kiss. He placed her gently on the counter.

Casey shivered at the shock of such a cold surface; but the heat that Derek was emitting was more than enough to warm her back up.

Derek knew he had to stop where this was going, he had just made breakfast and pancakes never tasted as good microwaved as they did fresh. But Casey was addictive and warm. Thankfully Casey's stomach interrupted his fun with an angry growl. Derek pulled away from her lips with a chuckle.

"Sounds like I need to feed you," he teased, poking her tummy, playfully.

"I made pancakes which I would like to eat and despite how delicious you are," he licked his lips at the memory, "if we eat real food now, the more fun we can have later."

Derek turned off the stove and grabbed the plate of pancakes and bacon from the counter and placed them on the table.

He turned to find Casey sitting with her legs crossed on the counter; just where he left her. "Just give me a sec, Case," he turned to leave the room, "Stay."

Casey gave him a small pout, "Yes, Derek."

At her agreement he ran from the room. He quickly ventured down the hall and into his room. His still packed bag from the trip lay on his bed. He went straight to the front pocket and pulled out the prize that lay inside.

Derek walked back into the kitchen and straight to her. He gave her a quick kiss and gathered her up in his arms and carried her towards the table. He pulled the chair out with his foot and set her down in it. Leaving her there he moved to go to his side of the table, but was stopped by the arms around his neck.

Casey at first was startled by his grab and go technique but quickly got over it as she swooned over his obvious upper body strength.

Casey pulled him down for another kiss, a hot passionate kiss. Derek had never really been known for getting weak kneed when he was kissed but that changed quickly. Obviously his body was saving getting weak kneed for when Casey kissed him. Derek had to get his bearings before slipping out of her embrace.

He sat down in his seat and took a deep breath before looking up at the girl across from him. Casey sat there smugly, a distinctive smirk playing on her lips. Derek looked away embarrassed before loading up his plate.

Casey looked at him with satisfaction; he was putty in her hands. She moved to get the plate of bacon when something caught her eye.

A little black box sat in front of her plate, right next to her orange juice.

She looked up at Derek who was pointedly ignoring her and then back at the box.

If the box contained what she thought it contained then he had been thinking about it before they had gotten together. It also could be a cruel prank. She looked back at Derek only to find him looking back at her. She studied his features for any signs of a prank. Yes his eyes were sparkling, yes he was smirking that smirk; but there was something else, something softer, hopeful even.

She picked up the box carefully and she looked back at him questioningly. He just gestured at the box with his head and eyes before breaking into a knowing smile.

She opened the box and immediately dropped the box. The box clattered onto her plate and her hands went to cover her mouth, hoping the catch the squeal she was about to let loose. The ring flew from its safe pillow in the box and landed on Derek's stack of pancakes.

Derek laughed at her reaction, picked up the ring, and got up from his seat and made his way over to Casey, getting down on one knee and looking expectedly up at her.

Casey was already crying and shaking her head in disbelief. He was serious earlier in bed. She believed he was serious about his original proposal, but part of her was hesitant to put him into the fiancé title. Scared that he was half joking.

But he was serious.

"Casey, Casey, Casey… you thought I was joking didn't you?" he smirked up at her, "I realized a while back that I couldn't go a day without fighting with you. Now that I can kiss you I can't go a day without kissing you either. I have also come to realize that you are a sex addict. So I've come up with a solution that will benefit everyone. A solution that would permit you to jump these bones any time you want and I would get to kiss and fight you everyday, that's all I've ever wanted. So Case," he grabbed her hand and held the ring up for her to see, "will you marry me?"

Casey was both laughing and crying throughout his speech. It was so "classic Derek" that it made her blood boil as well as cause her heart to flutter.


Derek slipped the ring on her finger and pulled her down to kiss him. Casey didn't waste any time burying her hands in his hair and giving herself over completely to him. He pulled her off her chair and into his lap. Her legs wrapped around his waist; her hunger forgotten.

They never did get to eat breakfast, but they did have microwaved pancakes for lunch.