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All I Ever Wanted by SpikedCoffee

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Casey barely had time to take a breath before Derek, finally , claimed Casey's lips. His kiss was soft and earnest. Casey had never been kissed like that before; his kiss left her breathless and weak-kneed. She felt like she was on a rollercoaster and she had no intention of getting off.

His lips confidently learned hers, mapping out his new territory. Casey finally snapped out of her daze to return the kiss, pressing back against him and moving her body to press against his. Derek groaned into her mouth his approval. His other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her the extra few inches. At the full body contact Casey whimpered; her heart leapt in her chest as her arms twined around his neck. One had clutching the skin of his back while the other buried itself in his hair. Derek tilted his head for more access and to deepen the kiss. Casey happily obliged.

They stood in the dimly lit hallway wrapped around each other. They had no sense of time or of the world around them. Both were wholly focused on the other.

Derek was the first to pull away, his mouth slowly leaving hers with smaller kisses; unable to get enough of what was finally his. After his last lingering kiss, Derek leaned his forehead against hers, his eyes closed and his arms pulling her tighter against him. He sent a silent prayer that she was real, that she really was in his arms.

Derek tentatively opened his eyes. He was met with the bright blue gaze of one Casey McDonald. He couldn't help the smile that formed on his face. Casey, while trying to catch her breath, smiled shyly back. Her eyes began to tear; all the tension and doubt had left her mind and body in one frightening and beautiful kiss and it was almost too much for her to handle.

Derek found his voice, it was shaky and raspy from the kiss, "I'm in love with you, Case." His voice was a mixture of amusement, seriousness, and slight embarrassment.

Casey released a watery laugh with a big smile. Her chuckle-sobs continued as she grinned up at him.

"I'm in love with you, too." She placed a soft kiss on his lips and then stepped back to smile at him some more.

"God, I love you." Derek back swooped down and caught her lips again, not allowing her too far away from him. This time his kiss was forceful, demanding, and passionate. Casey barely had time to respond before he had lifted her up in his arms and pressed her against the wall next to her door.

Casey wrapped her legs around his waist, causing him to growl into her mouth. When his hand met the skin of her lower back they both moaned. His hand continued to move up her back, pulling her shirt up with it. His fingers met the base of her scar and traced its edge. Casey whimpered, the sensitive skin tingling in unexpected ways. Casey's mouth left his to release a relief filled sigh. Derek's mouth didn't leave her skin. His mouth worked its way along her jaw and down to her neck. He feasted on the skin that had escaped him the morning before. He nipped, sucked, nibbled, laved, and kissed on her skin, marking her. She wasn't going to escape him this time; she was his.

He finished his task with a final nip, leaving Casey whimpering, shaking, and breathless in his arms.

He found her lips again; he couldn't get enough of her taste. Derek traced her lips with his tongue, hoping he would let her in. She didn't hesitate to open her mouth and invite his tongue to play with hers.

One would expect the typical 'battle for dominance' to happen between them, but it didn't. Their mouths danced together. Each step was fluid and beautiful, each knew their partners' next step and gladly followed. Casey finally ripped her mouth from his. She couldn't take much more. The kissing was too hot, the wall was too hard, and her clothes needed to come off.

"Derek," she breathed his name, Derek stilled against her.

"Yeah?" he hoped she wasn't backing out, he was already in too deep. She used a hand to force his face to hers. She planted a reassuring, but short kiss on his lips.

"Are you mine?" That wasn't what he was expecting.

"What?" he looked into her eyes, the electric blue burning back at him. He saw passion, love, and questions.

"Before we do anything else, I have to know if you are mine. This can't be a one-time thing or a two-month thing. I won't be able to handle it. Derek, are you mine?" she asked in earnest.

"I'm yours, forever. I promise," he replied, knowing exactly what she was asking.

"Thank you," she sighed with a smile. She placed a kiss on the corner of his mouth and then continued. She left open-mouthed kisses along his jaw until she reached his ear. She nibbled on his earlobe, pulling it into her mouth with a firm suck.

Derek was a puddle under her kisses. Thankful for once that he didn't botch the words. For the first time in his life Derek had admitted to love, romantic and sugar coated love. If he knew this would be the outcome he would have tried it a long time ago.

Casey's voice startled him out of his mindless haze.

"If you're mine then I am yours," she paused.