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All I Ever Wanted by SpikedCoffee

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Derek woke up on time, at 7:00. He opened his eyes and greeted his pillow, the now familiar humming returning to his body. About one week into the semester Derek noticed this weird humming feeling begin to spread throughout his body. He felt like a fuse ready to ignite, he just missed the spark. He became restless, and fidgety. The only time he didn't have the freaky humming was on the ice, when the adrenalin flooding his body over powered it. It was becoming incredibly annoying. Derek sighed and got up. He sat on the side of his bed for a moment, rubbing his eyes, and trying to get enough energy and incentive to move.

  I need to get the shower before Casey does!   He jumped up, grabbed a random towel from his floor and reached the door. With his hand on the knob he paused; realizing there was no competition for the bathroom any longer. Space-case ain't here. Ha. I can take my time.  His face showed no victory, he sighed and shook his head trying to dislodge those useless thoughts.

Derek sauntered lazily to the bathroom, slowly waking up and stretching the kinks from his exhausted frame.  Ridiculous practice last night.  

His shower wasn't ever hurried, he took his time; the time he never got during high school. Exiting the shower, the towel around his waist, he would look in the mirror. His upper body wracked with bruises, his eyes were tired from his late night studying; he styled his hair the usual way, brushed his teeth and left the bathroom. He got dressed and proceeded to Charlie's room. Opening the door carefully, hoping his roommate wasn't on the floor, he looked around the room, nothing.

  Evidently Charlie never made it home last night. Oh well.  

Derek grabbed his bag, turning off the lights and locking the door he made his way down to the parking lot. He was about to unlock his car door, when he heard a low groan from the bushes near the lot. He looked over; he spotted a pair legs sticking out of the shrub. He groaned, he knew it was Charlie. Placing his bag down, his keys in his pocket, he made his way to Charlie.

His roommate lay there like a slug; he was on his stomach, his arms laying haphazardly about him. Derek stooped down to turn him over. Grasping Charlie's arm, Derek hauled him out of the bush and carefully turned him over, that's when Derek got a good look at his face.

Charlie's face wasn't pretty. His lips were split in multiple places, both eyes were blacked out, he had a goose egg forming on his head, and several other cuts bleeding were on his face.

He got into a fight.

Derek groaned, he was thankful he didn't have a class until 11 otherwise this would be a great inconvenience. Derek tried to wake him up, slapping him on the face a few times; nothing. He was out. Derek looked around for Charlie's phone searching the bushes. He came across a puddle, thought nothing of it, then stopped.

"Are those teeth?" he asked no body in particular, he crouched down to get a better look, it was blood, vomited blood, at a few teeth.

"Oh Gross!" Derek gagged and plugged his nose. He looked back over at Charlie.

"Damn it! He needs a hospital!"

Derek managed to effectively drag his 'friend' to the Prince, getting him in the car in the seated position. He closed the door and leaned against his car taking a deep breath. His frustration level was through the roof. He had taken care of Charlie before, cleaned up after he puked in the middle of their hallway, the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, Charlie's room, Derek's room, and the front stoop, everywhere. He had had it.

Derek reached the hospital in record time; he pulled into the ER parking lot. He got out and entered the hospital and approached one of the desk nurses.

"Excuse me?" the nurse looked up at him her eyes quickly appraising him for any injuries, "Hi, yes, I have a friend in my car, I found him this morning passed out in some bushes, he was evidently vomiting blood and was beaten up, I believe he's also lost some teeth. Also, believe that he was extremely drunk." He said in one breath. The nurse looked at him carefully, she walked around the desk.

"Take me to see this 'friend' of yours" she said, gesturing to the doors. Derek led the way, walking to his car; he opened the door, catching Charlie as he almost fell out The nurse approached the vehicle, took one look at the boy in the front seat, and ran back into the hospital. Two seconds later, her, two paramedics, and a gurney exited the building.

Derek stepped back and allowed them to do their job. They quickly loaded him onto the gurney, swiftly wheeling him in. Derek followed knowing there would be questions and paperwork.

Entering the building, the nurse grabbed his elbow and dragged him over to the counter.

"I need you to fill out this form describing the condition in which you found him. Then this form describing your relationship to him and his personal information, if you know him. Can you do that for me?"

Derek nodded and began filling out the paperwork. After he finished Derek handed the completed pile of papers to the nurse and walked out of the building. He got in his car and rested his head on the steering wheel.

Urg. Why did I have to get such a stupid ass roommate! Why couldn't I have someone who wasn't drunk all the time, cleaned up after themselves and respected by apartment!

Derek took a deep breath; he counted to 20 and calmed down. Suddenly he began to laugh, truly laugh, for the first time in a long time.

Wow. His hockey career is over. I can't wait until he's out of my apartment.

With a renewed outlook on life Derek sped out of the parking lot. For a second he forgot about the humming and focused happily on his lack of roommate.