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Ich Will Die Ruhe Storen

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The girl doubled over in pain, a pained grunt slipping from behind her clenched teeth as the mans fist connected with her stomach. The other man shoved her onto her knees, fisting a hand in her hair to keep her head up as the first man punched her hard in the jaw. She spat blood onto the concrete and whimpered, struggling against their hold on her.

“When you asked if I was…was interested in a three…threesome, this wasn’t quite what I…I had in mind.”

The man punched her again, his off-sider letting her go so she hit the pavement. The men gave the girl a second to recover before hauling her to her feet by her hair, shoving her into the wall and holding the gun to her head.

“Any last words, whore?”
“Till Lindemann sends his regards.”

The man barely has the chance to register what the girl has said before he feels the knife enter his stomach, his mouth falling open in a silent scream. The girl stabs the man another two times before stepping over his body, smiling at his offsider where her partner is gripping him tightly by the hair.

“You took your time showing up.”
“You barely needed me it seems, my love.”

The girl giggles, holding her knife at the struggling mans throat.

“Please! I didn’t…didn’t know the girl was…was one of Lindemann’s I swear! I wouldn’t have touched…touched her if…if I knew.”
“Scum like you doesn’t deserve to live for putting your hands on a woman anyway.”

She says coldly, slitting the man’s throat with a smile settled on her pretty face.

“Don’t ‘my love’ me, Doom. Seriously, what the hell kept you? Feel very much like I copped a fucking beating for nothing.”

The girl shoved the man away from the bloody corpse that was slowly bleeding out, Doom having the smarts to grab her wrist so she couldn’t take a swing at him with the knife.

Beruhige dich, Riley. Die Lieferung war spat und ich wurde eingeholt.” 
Du warst nicht hier, Doom. Du hast es versprochen!” 
Ich weiß, Schatz. Es tut mir leid. Ich verspreche, Ich werde es wieder gut machen.” 

Sensing that she’s more upset now than angry, Doom lets Riley go and spins her around so he can hug her. Riley sighs softly and looks up to meet Doom’s good eye, smiling at him, standing on her tiptoes and then pressing their lips together.

Wir sollten gehen, bevor jemand die Polizei ruft.
Ja, wir sollten. Ollie wird sich fragen wo wir sind, und der boss wird die drogen wollen.” 

Riley wipes her knife clean on the corpse of the man whose throat she slit, pouting at the bloodstains on her suede boots.

Komm her, kleines Madchen.”

He laughs as Riley squeaks when he pics her up, tossing his girl over his shoulder and carrying her to the car.

Gottverdammt Doom! Lass mich runter!” 
Und riskieren Sei einen blutigen fußabdruck zu hinterlassen? Keine chance.

Riley pouts but stops complaining, letting Doom carry her to the car. Once their both buckled in safely the trip back to the club is relatively quiet, the radio playing quietly and the couple holding hands. When they arrive at the club, Doom and Riley head in through the back door, both of them covered in blood and not wanting to bother any of the patrons in the bar.

“You’re late and Till wants you in his office 15 minutes ago.”

Flake tells the two of them as they walk through the door, grabbing Riley around the bicep before she can follow Doom to see their boss.

Ihr zwei habt einen hauslichen ob den job?” 

Riley raises an eyebrow and scowls, pulling her arm free from Flake’s spindly fingers.

Ich werde es dir spatter erzahlen.” 

She kisses him on the cheek and follows Doom to Till’s office, slipping in and closing the door behind her.

“………I don’t pay you to give me excuses, Christoph. I pay you to get the job done, and to make sure this one stays out of trouble.”

Till points at Riley, his look darkening when he sees the bruises on her face.

“What the hell happened tonight?”
“You know me, Till, I was being a smart ass. Egging them on. He told me to shut my mouth but you know how I get when someone tells me not to do something. Especially when it’s You or Christoph because I know you get frustrated with me. He did his job perfectly fine. I’m the one that made it more difficult than it needed to be.”

Riley winks at Doom over her shoulder and turns back to smile at Till, who eyes her sceptically but eventually waves a hand at the two, dismissing them from his office. Till spent another fourty five minutes in his office and finished the paperwork he needed to do then headed out to join his colleagues. He was awfully fond of his little family, each with something a little off about them that made them fit in. The fact that they all worked for the most powerful mobster in the country was just an added bonus.

Till was the oldest at 38 and had been in the business the longest. He had short, black hair that was currently tied back in a low ponytail and off his face. He was 6’3, with blue-green eyes and pierced ears. He had several scars littering his body from run ins with other gangs and the police. He wasn’t fat, but wasn’t skinny either, but his arms were toned. He had a club foot and wore a brace on his right leg to help support it and walked with a cane, a thin, black, solid oak cane that had a sterling silver skull for a handle. Till had recruited his long-time friend and most trusted confidant Flake Lorenz next. Flake was 6’4 with pale blue eyes and a mess of brown hair that never agreed with him. He had thick, black framed glasses and was their resident medic. He was the only one who wasn’t squeamish around blood so being their medic hadn’t been his choice but he’d taken it in his stride. Flake was 35, but was wise beyond his years and that was why Till trusted him. Flake was mentally damaged though, having been abused for the majority of his life, he’d been beaten almost every day until he was 16, when Till had come blazing in like his Knight In Shining Armour and rescued him. Next to join had been one of Flake’s best friends, Paul Landers, and his serial on-again-off-again lover, Richard Kruspe. Nobody could work out why the two of them were together, they were polar opposites and spent as much time fighting as they did fucking.

Paul was 37, but rarely acted like it, and was as fierce as he was small. He was 5’6 and Flake and Till often teased him for his height, but a stern look from his stormy blue-grey eyes usually shuts them up. Till would have said that Paul was pretty, and he was, but the scars that took up the majority of the left side of his face marred that. He used it to his advantage though, and if anyone tried to pick on him because of his height, a sharp look scared them and shut them up. Paul also had a boyish smile that he used to charm himself into almost anyone’s bed, male or female. Richard was 34, with the maturity of a man half his age, with dyed black hair and pretty, blue eyes. His hair was almost always gelled into spikes and everyone used it as a way to push the man around when he was being immature and needed a reminder that he was there to work and not just to snort coke and fuck anything that moved. He was 5’8’ and the main reason Till kept him around was because he was very pretty, and the girls seemed to find his presence comforting. Richard was also pretty handy with a blade, even though he only had one good hand. His left had was prosthetic after an unfortunate incident with a dealer when he was a teenager, a story that had gotten him laid more than once. Richard’s boyish charm was what got him into trouble a lot of the time too, but Paul, or more often than not Riley, were the ones to get him out of it. The four of them had been working together for nearly 11 years, since their early 20s, but Riley, Oliver and Doom had only been with them for 5 years each.

Riley Meyer and Oliver Riedel had been an accidental, but happy find for the group. Oliver was 6’6’, with steely-grey eyes and short, black hair that was usually styled into a mohawk. He also had a short goatee that Riley liked to twist around her fingers when they made out, and he grew it to make himself look a little bit tougher. Ollie was only 30, and Till had taken the younger man under his wing and taught him about smuggling guns and money. He was very quiet and kept mostly to himself, only becoming chatty and opening up once he’d started drinking. Riley was the youngest of them at 28 and had waist length, dark red hair and had hazel eyes and high cheekbones. She was only 5’4 and was petite with C cup breasts and soft curves.  She was fiercely protective of all of the men in her life, and was deadly with a gun. If you stood close enough to Riley, or saw her with her clothes off, a privilege only awarded to Ollie and Doom, you’d see the scars that ran from her sternum to her left hip, the one on her right wrists, and the ones on her inner thighs. Riley’s mother had died giving birth to her and when she was 16 her father had attempted to kill her by cutting her up and dumping her in the River Spree. Luckily Riley had managed to save herself and Ollie’s parents had taken her in. The two of them had been together since Riley was 20, and Ollie was 22 and Richard and Paul had been upset about it but moved on not long after.

Till had caught the two of them trying to steal from him and had left Richard and Paul to deal with Ollie, while he had intended to take what he wanted from Riley. She had ended up seducing Till and managed to get her hand on his gun, threatening his life until he’d promised to let her and Ollie go. Till had been so impressed with Riley’s ability to get his gun without him noticing, he’d offered her a job on the spot. Riley had accepted and then gotten into a fist-fight with Richard, easily getting the upper hand because of how high he was. Till had held Paul back from getting involved while Flake had tended to Ollie, Riley seeming incredibly proud of herself for breaking Richard’s nose. It wasn’t the first fist-fight the two of them had gotten into, their similar personalities meaning they rarely saw eye to eye. Ollie and Paul never seemed interested in getting involved in their fights, only ever intervening to pull the two of them off each other. The two of them had gotten into it at a party at their bosses house, Till being so furious with the both of them that he’d gotten Flake to knock them both out and had locked them in the basement of the club for 3 days until they learned their lesson.

Their boss had insisted on bringing in Christoph after that, Till not having any choice in the matter and having to do as he was told. Christoph Schneider, nicknamed Doom because of his height, 6’3’, and his eyes. His left eye being a clear, crystal blue, and his right eye being cloudy. He’d lost his eye in a car accident, having a windscreen shattering and class embedding itself in your iris will do that. He had short, brown hair and a chiselled jaw. He could silence anyone with a simple look, and was annoyingly good at handling himself in a fist fight, and in a gun or knife fight. Things hadn’t exactly worked out according to their bosses plan, as it had taken Riley less than a week to coax Doom into bed, and less than 10 minutes to convince Ollie that it was fine if she was fucking both of them. It half worked though, because Richard was actually a little scared of Doom and he and Riley definitely fought less.

Till surveyed the room as he came out, like an overprotective mother hen checking on her flock. Flake and Ollie were playing pool and smoking, Richard watching them and offering the younger man advice he considered to be helpful. Paul and Christoph were sitting on the large, coffee coloured, leather sectional, playing poker, Riley curled up between them with her head in Paul’s lap as the short man pet her hair and for all intents and purposes, asleep, but Till knew better. He wandered over to look at the small pile of money in front of Paul, and the larger one in front of Christoph.

Wei viel geld hast du heute nacht verloren, Paul?” 
Ungefahr 300 euro Ich denke, jemand hat gluck!” 

Paul rolls his eyes good naturedly and Christoph just smiles quietly to himself and shrugs. Till nods and crosses one of his arms over his chest, leaning his head on the palm of his other hand,

Oder vielleicht betrugt jemand?” 

Christoph raises an eyebrow and smirks as Till reaches over the couch to dig his fingers into Riley’s ribcage until she squeaks indignantly and falls off the sectional and onto the floor in her haste to get away from Till’s fingers.

Du kleine scheiße!” 

Paul points an accusatory finger at Riley who just giggles, biting her lip and kneeling between Paul’s legs. Till and Christoph roll their eyes in sync as Riley rests her palms on Paul’s knees, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek.

Aww komm schon, Paulchen, wir wollten dir dein geld zuruckgeben und du kannst nicht sagen dass Reesh dir not hilft pool und karten zu bertugen. Vergib mir?” (

Riley gives Paul her best puppy dog eyes, sticking out her bottom lip and pouting at the man until he shakes his head and smiles.

Als ob ich sauer auf dieses hubsche gesicht bleiben konnte. Selbst wenn du ein bisschen scheiße bist.” 

Paul ruffles Riley’s hair and hugs her one armed, reaching around her to grab his money off the table as he does. Christoph lends Riley a hand and helps her off the floor and into her lap, kissing her neck and smirking as she pouts at Till.

Ich ruiniere meinen spaß, Till.

Till just laughs and Riley dodges his hand when he goes to mess with her hair, her pout disappearing as Doom works on sucking a love bite into her throat and she moans softly. He smiles against Riley’s skin and pulls away, cupping her cheek and running an apologetic thumb across the bruises. Till leaves them to it and go to team up with Flake, Richard having successfully talked Ollie into letting him and Paul play together. Ollie heads over to sit on the sectional next to Riley and Doom, smiling at his girl as she leans over to kiss him.

Bist du bereit nach hause zu gehen, meine liebe?” 
Ja. Bitte. Ich bin mude und mein gesicht tut weh.” 

Ollie kisses her forehead and stands, helping Riley to her feet. Doom stands as well and rests his hands on Riley’s hips and kisses the back of her head and she turns, resting her hands on his shoulders and leaning up to kiss him.

Ich werde sie nach hause bringen, Till. Um wie viel uhr brauchen sie uns am Morgen?” 
Helb neun. Ich werde mich freuen, wenn sie beide unterwegs fruhstucken konnten.” 
Naturlich. Wir sehen uns morgen fruh.” 

Everyone waves to Ollie as he goes over to collect Riley, leaning against the side of the sectional as she says her goodbye to Doom.

Gerne konnen sie sich uns anschlieen wenn sie mochten, Doom.

Ollie suggests nonchalantly, Riley smiling against Christoph’s chest before meeting his eyes. The three of them had never spent the night together, but Riley had been trying to talk Ollie around. He wouldn't admit it, but Riley knew that her boyfriend was curious about the three of them having some fun.

Nein, danke Ollie. Einander mal. Wir sehen uns am morgen, wunderschon.” 

Riley can't help but feel a little dejected, knowing how hard it will have been for Ollie to ask Doom to join them in the first place. Doom tangles a hand in Riley’s hair and kisses her roughly and breathlessly, chuckling against her lips as she whimpers when he finally does pull away. Ollie laughs and after shaking the other mans hand, wraps an arm around Riley’s waist and they head out to the car to head home.