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Mr Love Time's Will: Dates

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(Saturday 20th, June)

Watching as a large, bow mouth guitarfish swam passed, Nyla smiled absentmindedly. Lucien had decided to take her to the Aquarium to make up for his avoidance of her lately. Because that what he'd been doing. Avoiding her. He wouldn't admit to it, blaming it on his abundance of work and while Nyla didn't doubt he was busy, she could tell when someone was avoiding her. She was a doctor; patients tried to avoid her all the time. "Are you even watching the sea creatures?" Lucien's voice asked from behind her and Nyla turned, her smile turning bright.

"Of course!" She turned back to the tank and watched as a clownfish swan by. "See, it's Nemo!" Lucien smiled at Nyla and pointed at the blue one following behind it.

"Then this one is Dory." Nyla smiled at him before turning back to the fishes in the tank. They were swimming by, seeming content with their rather dull and uneventful exists. Nyla couldn't help but feel bad for the fish. Even if they didn't feel emotions on the same extent as humans, it must be boring to swim in the same tank day after day, never getting to leave and explore the ocean they came from. "What's on your mind?" Lucien asked.

"Fish probably don't enjoy being in here..." She said, not really thinking.

"Why do you think that?"

"Because they are trapped." She turned to look at Lucien. "Just because they don't feel emotions to the same extent as humans doesn't make them any less capable of feeling imprisoned." She turned back to the tank. "They spend their days in this tank, swimming about, doing the same old things. They don't have the chance to experience their natural instincts. All of it is suppressed in a place like this. For a human, it would be considered a form of torture."

"Understanding and true sympathy are not the same. And no one can be perfectly moral. We just do the best we can." Lucien offered, and Nyla sighed. She knew that but still. Looking upon those fish remained her of herself and how she used to be just like them. Trapped and incapable of doing anything about it, forced to do the same thing every day. Lucien suddenly flung an arm around Nyla's shoulder. "Let's check out the next zone up ahead." He dragged her down the hall, breaking her train of thought. They entered the next zone, where the larger, predator fish live. Nyla noticed that the Aquarium that their Orca separated from the others.

"An Orca." She said, wandering over. "Why sperate it?" She muttered, but Lucien must have heard her because he answered her quiet question.

"Because it's a ruthless killer. It would eat any roommates it had." Nyla sighed and turned to Lucien.

"I didn't expect you to be so out of date with your information, Lucien." She said, and he blinked at her. She turned back to the lone creature. "True, an Orca is an extremely dangerous predator, but it's not bloodthirsty. Orcas are pack creatures, like humans. They thrive off the company of their own species, in fact, family is a big part of their social hierarchy. To keep it alone and apart from its own species is just asking for behaviour issues, which is where rumours like it being a ruthless killer start." Lucien didn't respond to her, merely turning to look at the creature.

It was swimming, it's dorsal fin bent over, a sure sign of depression. It upset Nyla. Such a majestic creature should be swimming the seas, not spending its days alone in a tank too small to properly support it. She glanced at Lucien to see his face was shrouded in shadows. Then she yawned. "Tired?" Lucien question and Nyla nodded.

"A mass-casualty incident came into the ER earlier this week, and we are still feeling the effects of it. I'm going into work tomorrow to clock overtime, so the residents and interns get some time off." It had been an apartment building fire, and so far, they'd lost five people. Lucien directed Nyla to sit down on a nearby seat. He then patted her head.

"You some get some rest then. It's not healthy to treat patients when you are not 100% yourself." Nyla glanced around, feeling a wave of tiredness suddenly overtake her.

"Here? In the Aquarium?" She muttered, and Lucien smiled, taking a seat next to her.

"Just sleep. I'm here for you." He said. Nyla nodded, her eyelids feeling heavy. Her head landed on Lucien's shoulder as she drifted off to sleep, missing the cold, emotionless expression that overtook Lucien's features.


Lucien stared at Nyla's sleeping expression, noting how much more angelic she seemed asleep. A mysterious man clad in black walked out of the shadows, though Lucien didn't seem afraid. He gently laid Nyla's head down on the bench before turning to the man. "Show yourself." The man approached with caution.

"Ares, she might be asleep but is it really safe to talk in front of her?"

"It's fine," Lucien said, turning, so his body blocked Nyla from the mysterious man's view. "So you were following me?" He asked a smirk on his face and eyes icy cold. The mysterious man rolled his eyes and nodded slightly.

"I just wanted the current progress."


"We are monitoring Kiro. Everything is going according to plan expect for...them." The mysterious figure stared at Lucien as if waiting for something. Lucien made to move when something tugged on his shirt. He turned and saw Nyla had reached out to him, that peaceful expression gone, her eyebrows were furrowed like she was having a nightmare. She muttered something, but Lucien didn't pick up what it was. He leaned down, stoking Nyla's face, a fond look in his eyes.

"Shh, everything is okay." He whispered, and Nyla seemed to hear it because she let go and her eyebrows unfurrowed a little bit, but the look of anguish didn't completely go away. Lucien wanted to jump into her dream and crush whatever dark thoughts were plaguing her. He looked down at her with warmth all over his face, that icy, emotionless expression gone for now.

"Anything related to her, I will take care of it myself."

"Ares, are you sure you aren't getting to attached? This could affect our plans." The mysterious person asked, and Lucien frowned, the warmth in his expression disappearing instantly. The mysterious figure's features flashed with caution. "Ares, this is important. You can not let your feelings get the best of you."

"I've already said my piece. Do not make me repeat it." The mysterious figure nodded.

"And what of the other three?"

"Keep monitoring them, but don't get to close, especially to the oldest one. She is formattable and will not hesitate to take you out." The mysterious man nodded, offering one last glance at the sleeping Nyla before disappearing. Lucien continued to watch the white haired-doctor sleep, that look of anguish back full-force. "She's asleep. She doesn't know. It's fine." He said, though deep down, he knew it wasn't. Nyla wasn't stupid, far from it, and he didn't doubt she'd noticed something was up with him.

"That's my excuse, but looking straight into my heart makes me know all too well that I'm in too deep...So it's time, is it?"


'Do it!' A voice full of anger yelled, and Nyla continued to sob, lying across the bodies of the two people who meant the world to her.

'I can't!' She screamed but the man clad in a white, laboratory suit just chuckled darkly. Then he kicked her, causing her to fly off the two bodies, landing on the ground with a thud, feeling her skin rip through her worn-out clothes as she slid across the rough, concrete floor.

'Yes, you can! Stop being so weak!' Nyla opened her eyes, those brown orbs staring at the man she called her master, though, he was more like an abuser. The man pulled out a gun, shiny and pure black and Nyla's eyes widen. 'Now...DO IT!!!"

Nyla gasped, her eyes flying open and she shot up. She felt a large hand grab her arms, and she immediately began to struggle, not thinking in her panic. No, he was gone! He couldn't be here! "It's me, just relax." Nyla heard Lucien's voice, and she stopped fighting. She opened her eyes to see Lucien was staring at with worry and tenderness. She blinked and looked around. She was in an aquarium, not that man's laboratory. She was fine. Lucien gripped her hand and stroked it, waiting for her to speak.

"How long was I asleep?" She asked, slightly breathless.

"Not long. Are you alright?" He asked, and Nyla shook out her head. She was fine. It was just a memory. That place was far into her past. She nodded.

"Yeah. Just a nightmare." She said, and Lucien frowned.

"Seemed like a bad one." Nyla smiled at the man, though it wasn't as bright as her usual one.

"Nothing I can't shake off." She said and looked down at the ground.

"What was it about? If you don't mind me asking." Nyla frowned and looked at the hand Lucien currently had increased in his.

"Just a childhood memory." She said, offering nothing more. She wasn't ready to tell Lucien about that day. She didn't think she'll ever be ready. Lucien nodded then took her up in his arms, trapping her against the glass. "Really, Lucien. It's nothing." Lucien didn't say anything, just kept Nyla wrapped up in her arms. "You're reacting as if I'm in danger." She muttered.

"Have you ever consider I might be the dangerous one?" Nyla felt her heart sturred slightly. Had she? It was true she'd become suspicious of him recently, and suspicion often meant danger. So yes, she had considered him dangerous. But for some reason, it didn't matter to her.

"Even if you are dangerous, I still trust you not to hurt me." She said, whole-heartily believing it. Lucien's eyes flashed with joy and sadness, and Nyla lowered her head, feeling her face flush. "I want to be with you, to be close to you...I can't explain why but I just do." She sighed. "The heart wants what the heart wants." She muttered, knowing Lucien could hear her.

"Love can make you blind...Right now, you still have time to run." He said, and Nyla glanced back up at him. He looked conflicted, and she smiled at him, making him looked suddenly lost.

"Running is not in my nature." She said, before leaning forward and placing a kiss on his cheek. It was soft and brief, but in that moment, it meant so much more than any kiss on the lips could...