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Let me help

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Let me help

Chapter 11

It was the day of the dinner dance, Bernie had been off the whole week recovering from her fall. Serena had covered two spilt shifts, she wanted to keep busy, to have a valid excuse to keep some distance between her and Robbie.

She had not text Bernie, and Bernie hadn’t texted her, they were giving each other the space they both needed. She also hadn’t approached the cheating conversation with Robbie. She felt numb, confused and off sorts. She believed that the infidelity information was too powerful to just hand to him, she might need it if things get nasty, so for now she played her cards close to her chest.

She didn’t want to go to the dinner dance, she just wasn’t in the mood. She really wasn’t confident that the little heart to heart she and Bernie had, had in the car at Bernie’s apartment had worked. Did Bernie understand how hard this all was for Serena, did Bernie understand how much Serena wanted her, how much she wanted to be brave, how much she needed Bernie in her life?

Serena was preparing herself for the worst, she was preparing herself to see Bernie in her dress uniform, she was preparing herself for the realisation that Bernie would be leaving for the Army, leaving Holby, leaving her, going to fall. back into Alex’s arms and bed.

She had spent the last two hours praying for the phone to ring, for the hospital to declare a major incident and for her to be needed and called into work. She has prayed that Jason was having a rough time at the Holby City football match he was at in town, so she would have to cancel the dinner dance and go and collect him. She had contemplated texting Robbie and disclosing that she knew of his infidelity, just so they would argue and he would dump her so she didn’t need to go. However nothing of the sort had happened, she was destiny to go to the party tonight.

She has been at the hairdresser's that afternoon, she decided to have her hair cut back to the short pixie style she had been trending before Robbie came on the scene. She also had her nails done and had splashed out on a bright red colour.
She sat at the hair and beauty salon wondering what was she going to do and say when she stood face to face with the woman she loved when she would have to say goodbye to the woman she wanted so bad?

She now stood in front of her bedroom mirror in the black dress Robbie had picked out for her. For a man that supposedly wanted to show off his trophy ‘wife’, this dress was very boring. A full length black flowy number in satin and chiffon, the sleeves and chest area were seer chiffon, absolutely no skin on show. It was pretty enough but just not Serena. She looked at her feet and the black satin low kitten heels Robbie had also picked…. She then looked at the 6inch leopard print killer heels…. Her all-time favourite shoes…. She knew what ones she wanted to wear but Robbie would be angry he hated it when she was taller than him.

Serena’s phone beep, she reluctantly left her reflection and moved to the bed, she picked it up and saw a text from Robbie.

18:01 Robbie – Serena, change of plan, won’t be coming to collect you as I have been invited by the lads to go for a drink before the meal, so make your own way there. Remember it is 7:30 pm to sit down. Don’t be late. Why don’t you drive then we don’t need to get a taxi later.

Serena sighed, she wasn’t particularly disappointed about having to make her own way there, what bothered her was that Robbie was probably going to be pissed by the time she got there. She was also annoyed that he ordered her to drive, what if she wanted to drink? Her phone beeped again, she rolled her eyes expecting to see another text from Robbie, however this time it was Bernie.

18:04 Bernie Wolfe – Hey Serena, I hope you are OK. I understand work has been mad. Sorry I haven’t been around. But the week off has done me the world of good and I have recovered well. Hopefully, you can let your hair down tonight and relax a little. I am sure you will have a great time. Bx

Serena read it and re-read it… what was the purpose of that message, was Bernie testing the water, seeing if Serena was attending the dinner dance or not, maybe Bernie wasn’t going to attend, maybe she was going to attend and this was a warning that at she would be there fully kitted out in her dress uniform.

“Well, I have one last chance to impress that woman.” She said out loud, before kicking off the stupid and uncomfortable shoes. She unzipped the dress and left it heaped on the floor. She looked at herself in the mirror and had a Bridget Jones moment.

“Spanx or sexy,” She asked herself. “Fuck it, Bernie has seen all of this before and she liked what she saw…… if I get her in bed tonight I want her to be rewarded.” Serena had a newfound confidence, she was going to fight for her woman. She changed her underwear to a set that matched the leopard print shoes she intended on wearing. She sat and redid her makeup, Robbie likes the natural look but Serena wants a sex goddess. She adds black and grey eye shadow to create smoky eyes, a few more layers of mascara to lengthen and thicken her eyelashes, some blusher to give her a rosy glow and blood-red lipstick…. She wanted to ooze sex.

Her thoughts of the red low back dress were dissolved when she realised the little rolls of fat on her back (which had only developed since Bernie had been bringing her Pain Au chocolate from Pluses daily) were on view and she would be too self-conscious in it. But no fear she had an extremely sexy little black dress that left nothing to the imagination. It was satin, figure-hugging which showed off all her curves expertly. Strapless and low cut. She detached the straps of her bra and sprayed her most expensive perfume on her neck, wrists and cleavage.

She was ready!

The taxi was called and before she knew it she was walking into the ballroom at Holby Stately Home Manor. There was a military band playing live and waiters in white suits carrying trays of champagne to welcome the guests. Robbie was nowhere to be seen, neither was Bernie.

She looked intently at the seating plan. She was sat with Robbie and Alex and a handful of people she didn’t know, Bernie was sat at the head table. Serena sighed this was all the confirmation she needed to know Bernie was leaving.