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Mr Love Time's Will

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(Tuesday 28th, April)

A knock sounded on the reception desk, and Nyla looked up. It was Mira, and she was holding a bunch of files. "The documents you wanted." Nyla smiled and grabbed them out of her hands, putting them next to her before going back to the computer.

"Thanks." She typed out a few sentences, before pulling up Max Sky's psych exam.

"What are you doing?" Mira asked, and Nyla looked up at the woman.

"Checking on my patients." She said before looking back down at the computer and reading over Max's report. It said he was depressed and at high risk of becoming addicted to the pain medication. Nyla sighed. The man had been requesting more of it as of late, becoming deaf to the world. Lucien hadn't been back to visit yet, and his wife was still aboard and unaware of her husband's situation. Psych had put in a request to have him become one of their patients, though doing so would result in him no longer being Nyla's.

Without hesitation, Nyla printed the permission forms and signed them one by one, putting them in Max Sky's folder when she was finished. If no longer being the man's doctor would help him on a path to recovery, then Nyla was willing to let him go. After all, her role as a doctor was to help and heal people in any way she could. She then put away Max Sky's folder. "No longer going to be his doctor?" Mira asked, and Nyla nodded, going back to the computer.

"Yep. He needs psych more than a trauma surgeon." Mira nodded before turning her attention towards the pile of files she'd retrieved. "I don't get why you go there once a month." Nyla smiled and turned towards the files. She leaned forward and grabbed the first bunch, putting them down in front of her and going through them.

"Because they are just as worthy of medical care as everyone." She said, and Mira hummed before getting up and making her way towards the E.R. Nyla watched her go, frowning. Usually, the woman was a bit more nosy. Nyla sighed and shook it off. She couldn't linger on such things at the minute. Turning back to the first half of the pile, she continued going through them. They were the medical files of all the orphans at Loveland Orphanage, and she needed to familiarise herself with their medical history so she could give them a proper check-up.


"Thank you so much for coming, Nyla." One of the carers, Madam Kara, said, greeting her at the door. Nyla gave the woman a quick.

"Don't mention it. You know I'll always come if you call." She said, and Madam Kara smiled. "Besides, how could I go more than a month without seeing the trouble makers." Madam Kara laughed, and Nyla followed her towards the courtyard. The woman rang the dinner bell, gaining the orphans' attention.

"Guess who is here, children!" She called, and a second later there were a bunch of cheers as children ran up to Nyla, calling her name. Nyla laughed and took the time to hug and greet every single one of them.

"Are you here to have lunch with us?"

"Or dinner?"

"Will you continued the story you were reading last time?"

"Can we do an experiment today?" Questions came flying at Nyla, and she had trouble keeping up with it all.

"Now children, Nyla is here as a doctor today, not your sister." Madam Kara scolded, and all the children made an 'aww' sound. Nyla smiled at them.

"Tell you what? If your good during your check-ups, I'll sing you guys a song." She said and they all collectively cheered. A little while later, Nyla was set up in the health centre, checking out her first patient.

"Now Harrison, say 'ahh'" Harrison, a little boy with firey curly hair and freckles scattering his face, opened up as instructed. Nyla took a look around before taking down her findings. She then turned to Harrison. "You as a healthy as a new flower. The tonsillitis is all gone." Harrison grinned and stood up, hugging Nyla.

"Thank, NyNy." Nyla hugged the boy back before he went racing out of the health centre to go tell his twin brother, Hamish, the good news. Nyla checked out a few more orphans when Madam Kara peeked her head in.

"I hope you don't mind Nyla, but it appears we have another visitor today." Nyla smiled at the woman.

"Why would I mind?" Madam Kara flushed slightly.

"Well, he has quite the effect on the children." Nyla blinked. "As in they love him so they may become a bit...excited." Nyla chuckled, finishing off her writing about Sally, a shy but kind orphan girl. She then turned to Madam Kara.

"I've operated on a man who was bleeding to death while under gunfire. I'm pretty sure I can handle a few excited children."

"Now, that sounds like an interesting story." A smooth but familiar voice sounded, and Nyla stiffened. Lucien's familiar head of dark brown hair popped around the corner and his purple eyes locked onto Nyla's blue ones, that teasing glint very apparent. "Hello, Nyla." Nyla ducked her head, trying to hide her flush.

"Hello, Lucien." Lucien chuckled before making his way further into the room. Madam Kara blinked.

"Wait, you two know each other?" She asked, and Nyla nodded, smiling at the woman.

"She helped save the life of a friend of mine after an experiment failed," Lucien said, interrupting any attempt Nyla made at explaining herself. She smiled at Lucien but broke eye contact so he wouldn't see the pain go through her eyes. She may have saved Max from his injuries, but she couldn't save him from his mind. Madam Kara smiled.

"That sounds like Nyla." A knock on the door sounded, and Madam Kara made her way over. She exchanged quick words with one of the other carers before turning back to Lucien and Nyla. "The director is calling me..." She trailed off, and Nyla smiled at the woman.

"Don't worry, Madam Kara. I'll keep Lucien entertained." The woman offered her a grateful smile before dashing off. Nyla turned back to her files and organised them, feeling Lucien's eyes on her the whole time.

"I didn't realise you knew Kara." Nyla turned and smiled at him.

"Oh yeah. I've known her since I was little." Lucien frowned, a look of confusion passing through his eyes.

"How do you mean?" He asked, and Nyla blinked at him.

"I grew up in an orphanage similar to this one." Lucien looked shocked, and Nyla looked away. "I'm sorry I didn't realise you didn't know." She uttered, and Lucien chuckled.

"Why would you assume I would know?" He asked, and Nyla looked at him. Why had she assumed he would know? He seemed to know everything about her—her schedule, daily routine, what she liked to eat and drink. Now that Nyla thought about it, it was strange, but Lucien was a scientist and therefore an excellent observer. Nyla smiled and decided not to answer his question. She didn't have an answer, after all. Lucien seemed to realise she wasn't going to answer because he moved on. "So, Kara helped raise you."

Nyla nodded and looked out the window. "Yeah. When I was little, she didn't work at this orphanage but the one I was apart of. It's not located here in Loveland, but we would sometimes visit the city." Nyla looked down at the ground; a sadness overtook her eyes as she remembered those memories she'd tried hard to forget. "I was ten when I lost my parents..." She trailed off, flashes of a man laughing, her crying and her parents' bodies lying on the ground appeared before her eyes, and she couldn't bring herself to go on. She shook her head and offered Lucien a bright smile. "Madam Kara was one of the first people I met, and she helped me out." She looked back out the window. "In fact, she helped us all out."

"The rest of the orphans?" Lucien asked, a strange emotion in his voice. Nyla turned and smiled at him.

"Well, yes. But I'm mainly referring to my sisters."

"You have sisters?" Nyla nodded at the scientist and thought about those times she'd spent chasing Aria and Tessa around the little cabin they'd called home, Brooke watching over and laughing as they tried and failed to catch each other. Eventually, she'd step in and catch them all in a matter of seconds. But it was fun to try and outmanoeuvre the girl, to see if they could try and one-up her. They never could.

"We're adoptive sisters." Nyla looked back out the window, watching as the orphans ran around the yard, laughing and chasing each other. "While we all consider each other family, at my orphanage, we were separated into groups that would live in these little cabins. The people in your cabin were like your real family. We'd spend every day together." Nyla chuckled and turned back to Lucien. "Of course, on paper, we're are not actually related, either by blood or law. But it never really mattered."

A knock sounded at the door, breaking the peaceful and understanding atmosphere Lucien and Nyla had entered. She blinked and realised Lucien had come to stand closer to her during her little reminiscing period. He smiled at her, tucking a piece of her loose white hair before her ear, making her flush. "I hope I get the chance to meet your family one day."

Nyla never got the chance to answer because Madam Kara come bursting in and Lucien stepped away. She blinked and turned towards Madam Kara. "Nyla, I would like you to meet Coletta. She is moving to your orphanage in a few days." Nyla watched a little girl with pale blonde hair and striking light blue eyes peek out from behind Madam Kara's legs. Nyla slowly walked forward, kneeling, so she was on the girls' eye level.

"Hi, Coletta. I'm Nyla." Coletta peeked out a bit more, making her soft, baby features more visible. Nyla chuckled. "You are cute." Coletta flushed, and Nyla noticed her eyes changed to pink. She smiled. An evolver. She should have guessed if she was being moved to her old orphanage. "Just like you, I was raised by Madam Kara, and I promise you're going to love your new home." She smiled brightly at the little girl. "I did." Coletta smiled at Nyla and nodded. Nyla reached out and patted the girls head before standing up.

"Perhaps you could give her a once over while I go help Lucien out with his request?" Madam Kara asked, and Nyla nodded. She held out her hand, and Coletta hesitantly took it. "Come along, Professor." Lucien nodded and followed Madam Kara out of the health centre. Nyla picked up Coletta once they were gone and placed her on the table.

"I like your eye colour," Nyla said to Coletta and panic rushed through her eyes, turning them yellow. "Don't worry; I won't tell anyone," Nyla said, putting a finger to her lips and Coletta titled her head. Nyla did a quick glance around before leaning in close to the shy little girl. "I can change too." She then willed her white hair to change a light shade of blue and knew it had worked when Coletta's eyes lit up. Nyla winked before letting her hair return to normal. The examination went on as usual, and Nyla discovered that Coletta was mute. A little while after the examination, Madam Kara returned with Lucien. "All done?" She asked, and Lucien nodded.

"Yes." He turned to Madam Kara. "As always, you've been as helpful as ever." He said, bowing his head slightly. Madam Kara flushed and waved him off.

"Stop being so formal, professor." She giggled nervously then turned her attention to Nyla. "Oh, Nyla. It's lunchtime, and you have a song to sing, remember?" Nyla smiled and set Coletta on the ground, handing her the lollipop she'd been unwrapping. Coletta took it and sucked on it happily.

"Of course. How could I forget?" She smiled and followed Madam Kara and Coletta out of the room. She stopped at the doorway and turned to Lucien, who was simply watching her. "Are you going to join us?" Lucien blinked then smiled at her.

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it."


Lucien sat on the ground, one of the young orphans resting in his lap, watching as Nyla strummed on the guitar, her soft voice singing the words of a beautiful yet tragic lullaby. Like the orphans, Lucien was enhanced and couldn't look away. Nyla looked simply stunning, her colour filling up the room as she matched every note perfectly with her angelic voice.

Still, his mind wandered back to their conversation earlier, specifically the pain that had gone through her eyes at the mention of her parents. He could understand her pain but still, he'd had trouble ignoring the guilt that had coursed through him at that moment, knowing that he was going to cause her more pain. He felt his heartbeat increase as Nyla made eye contact with him and smiled. The guilt in his heart increased.


In the darkness of a patient's room stood a lone woman. She was dressed in a nurse uniform and was scrolling through her contact list, the phone's light being the thing in the room lighting up her face. When she'd reached the necessary number, she pressed call and held up the phone to her ear. "Speak." A robotic voice said.

"I've found a potential candidate." The woman said, tone devoid of all emotion, sounding just as robotic as the voice that answered her.

"Name." A sinister grin crawled onto her face, and she glanced at the sleeping figure below her.

"Max Sky." There were a few seconds of dead silence before the voice spoke up again.

"Keep monitoring him." The woman ran her hand along the sleeping Max's face, his features contorting into pain at her touch.

"Yes, sir." She then hung up the phone and put it back into her pocket. She lifted her hand away from Max's face, and the pained expression disappeared. Suddenly, the sinister grin faded, and she walked out of the room like nothing had ever happened...