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Mr Love Time's Will

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(Friday 17th, April)

Aria had so much excitement coursing through her that she felt like she was going to explode. In less than an hour, she was going to officially start the collaboration project with Kiro. Aria began bouncing up and down, needing to release some energy. "Can you stop?" She heard Bella say and Aria turned, smiling at her.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it. I'm so excited!" She said, doing a jump. Bella smiled.

"I can see that, but I still have lots of paperwork to do." Aria frowned but stopped bouncing. Instead, she took a seat at the conference table and unconsciously began tapping her hand up and down. She had so many ideas coursing through her head on the songs she and Kiro could write, on the music style they should do and on the music videos they could film. Love songs, sad songs, fast melodies, slow melodies, fun music videos and tragic music videos. Her mind was moving a mile a minute. A hand slammed down on top of hers and Aria blinked, coming out of her daze. She looked at Bella to see the woman quietly seething. "Why don't you join Kenny in the lobby and greet Kiro when he gets here?" She grunted out through gritted teeth, and Aria smiled.

"Okay." She got up and quickly left the conference room, not looking back to check on Bella. If the woman wanted her gone, she was gone. Aria wasn't brave enough to cross the woman when she was mad. She made her way to the stairs and started descending them. While the elevator was quicker, the thought of it moving up and down sent waves of nausea through Aria's stomach. While not a lot of things could slow Aria, her motion sickness was definitely one of of those things. She reached the bottom of the stairs and scanned the room, looking for Kenny. He was standing by the door, looking professional as always. She bounded over like an excited puppy. "Hey, Kenny."

He looked down and smiled at her. "Hello, Aria. What are you doing down here." Aria smiled up at the man.

"Bella kicked me out of the conference room, so I came down here." She said, waving as a familiar agent walked by.

"Excited about Kiro's visit, huh." Aria beamed, slightly flushed.

"Maybe a little." Kenny laughed but didn't say anything else. Aria decided to check out the lobby. It was busy, like usual, with agents and clients wandering about. Aria waved to anyone she recognised, but it wasn't a lot. While she was well known in the figure skating world, the superstar world was still foreign to her. She'd met other rising singers and actors before but none who were as well known and loved as Kiro. The fact that she was going to collab with him was a little nerve-racking. Scratch that, it was very nerve-racking. The last time she'd felt this nervous was when she'd skated in front of essential critics for the first time.

Aria felt Kenny touched her shoulder, and she looked at the tall bodyguard. He gestured to the front doors, and Aria looked forward and saw a black van had pulled up. The sliding door opened and Aria watched a familiar agent get out. She felt a joyful smile crawl onto her face. Savin talked with a few people before turning back and giving Kiro the get-go to get out. The blonde superstar was dressed in a cap, glasses and had his white hoodie pulled up. He looked ridiculous, but the outfit was doing its job at concealing his identity from any fans that could be watching.

They hadn't announced their collaboration project to the public yet, with Bella and Savin wanting to see if they could actually produce a song first. So they had to take care of where Kiro and Aria were spotted in public in case any nosy fans got a little too nosy. While Aria didn't think Kiro cared too much, she was worried about the backlash. Kiro's fans were extremely loyal and loved him to pieces so she couldn't help but worry about what they would think about her working with him. After all, a false rumour or nasty backlash can mean the end of a singers career. And while Aria much preferred skating, she wasn't ready for her dabble into the music world to end just yet.

Kiro made eye contact and offered her a smile and a small wave. Aria waved back and turned to Kenny. "I'll go tell Bella Kiro's here." He nodded, and Aria spun on her heel, racing towards the stairs and up them. She took them two at a time and quickly located the conference room Bella was in. She burst into the room, making Bella jump. "Kiro is here, Bella!" She yelled and opened her eyes. Just in time to duck the pen thrown in her direction.

"How many times have I told you not to burst into rooms like that! It freaks people out." Bella grumbled, and Aria chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Sorry. Guess I'm more excited then I thought." She said, and Bella muttered 'clearly' under her breath.

"Okay, why do you head to the conference room we organised, and I'll collect Kiro." She said, and Aria nodded, saluting her agent.

"Yes, ma'am." She then turned on her heel and raced down the hall towards the largest conference room on the floor. She stopped at the double doors and opened them up. Only to be met with her version of heaven. Food of all different kinds decorated the conference room table, and Aria felt her stomach growl at the sight. There were sweets and savouries, greens and meats, dairy and fruits. Aria sent a thankful prayer to whatever gods existed above before rushing in and taking a place at the table, digging it. Several minutes later, the double doors opened again, and Kiro appeared.

"Your superhero has arrived-Woah!" He said, dropping his hero pose to gap at the assortment of food before him. Aria giggled and waved. He waved back absentmindedly. "What is all this?" He asked once he'd recovered and stepped into the room.

"It's Aria's working food," Bella said from behind the shocked superstar, and Aria giggled at the jump Kiro made. Savin came in from behind her and looked at the assortment of food with a disapproving frown.

"Isn't this all incredibly unhealthy? What about keeping her in shape?" He asked, and Aria watched as Bella walked towards her, rolling her eyes.

"Firstly, that whole thing about keeping superstars fit is prejudice and completely unnecessary." Aria giggled at Savin's surprised look. "And secondly, I have to feed Aria this much otherwise, she would get incredibly sick."

"I could even die!" Aria said and a look of worry past over Kiro's face.

"What do you mean?" He asked as Aria unwrapped a chocolate stick.

"I have a very aggressive metabolism, meaning I digest food way to fast," Aria said, picking up a can of whipped cream. "I have to eat something filling at least once every hour; otherwise, my digestive juices would start eating my organs." She said, shaking the can and applying the cream to the chocolate stick. "It's not horrible, it just means I'm hungry," Aria said, taking a bite of the chocolate stick. She then opened her mouth and poured whipped cream straight into her mouth. "All the time!"

"It also means you can't lose weight or get drunk," Bella said, and Aria nodded and swallowed.

"That too." She said before taking another bite of the chocolate stick. Kiro looked shocked and worried, and Aria took pity on the poor guy. She smiled at him. "Really, I'm fine. I've lived with this my whole life. It really means I just eat more than everyone else." Kiro nodded, still looking daze slightly.

"Well, Kiro doesn't have an aggressive metabolism, so he is only allowed to eat the fruit." That snapped Kirpo out of his daze, and he looked at Savin, offended. Aria laughed and finished off her chocolate stick. Now that Kiro was here and she had food, her nerves at the collaboration had decreased. She shook the whipped cream can and poured more into her mouth as Kiro began arguing with Savin about his diet.


"My favourite sport is skating, obviously. What's yours?" Aria asked, and Kiro tapped his pen against his chin, pondering.

"Gaming." He said, and Aria laughed.

"That's not a sport!" Kiro looked offended.

"Yes, it is! Gaming is one of the most fantastic sports to ever be invented, and you can't convince me otherwise." He insisted and Aria smirked.

"If that's the case, then I change my favourite sport to eating!" Kiro put a hand to his heart.

"How could you betray skating so easily?" Aria smiled and picked up her sandwich.

"Eating keeps me alive." Kiro shook his head with false disgust.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" He said. They both stared at each other for a few seconds before bursting out into laughter. They have been doing this for a while now, joking around as they filled out the personality sheets Bella and Savin had given them. Apparently, getting to know each other was the first step in songwriting. To learn each other's interests to make the perfect collab songs. Aria found the activity very fun. She was learning all about Kiro, what his favourite foods were, his favourite past times, and he was, in turn, learning about her.

Their laughter died down, and they moved on to the next question. "So, do you have any siblings?" Kiro asked, tone light. The question made Aria pause. A heart-wrenching pain spread through her heart as memories she'd done her best to try and suppress flashed behind her eyes. She looked away from Kiro and took a bite of her sandwich so he wouldn't see the pain in her pink eyes.

"Yes." She said in the happiest tone she could muster. It sounded compelling to her ears, and Kiro seemed to believe it because he laughed.

"Lucky, I wished I had a sibling." Aria willed the memories into the back of her mind and ignored the pain in her heart. She looked up at Kiro and gave him a bright smile.

"They are a pain." She said, and he laughed. She changed the subject from their families, and they continued to make their way through the sheet. By the end of the day, Aria was feeling better and had forgotten about the incident altogether.


I had a lot of fun today - K

Aria smiled down at her phone as she stuffed popcorn into her mouth and sent out a reply.

Same. Can't wait for the next session, Super Kiro - A

Haha. Same, Miss Chips - K

Aria put her phone down and turned back to her computer. She logged on and started typing out a complicated code into a black window. A few seconds later, the black window turned into a database labelled 'JF' on all kinds of different things. Aria began her daily task of scrolling through it and updating it with all sorts of different things she learned. As she was getting to the section on hackers, her phone rang. She looked at the ID and smiled before picking it up. "Hello, Tess."

"Hey, Ari." The voice on the other side of the line responded. "How have you been?" Tessa asked, and Aria sat up, turning towards a machine that transferred the call onto an earpiece.

"Same old same old." She said, taking the phone away from her ear and inserting it. A few seconds later, the machine beeped, and Aria picked up the earpiece, putting it into her ear. "How about you?" She asked, lying back down and returning to her computer.

"Same old same old." Aria laughed at Tessa's mimicked reply. "I have a favour to ask." Aria frowned and stopped typing.

"What's up?"

"I was wondering if you could look up a name for me?" The police officer asked, and Aria nodded.

"Of course." She said, switching to a search engine of the same design as the database. "What's the name?"

"Tony McHens," Tessa said, and Aria typed out the name. A few seconds later, a list of information came up and Aria relayed everything that Tessa asked for.


Kiro sat at home, scrolling his phone, looking at the last text message Aria had sent. He smiled at the nickname. Super Kiro. He turned off his phone and threw it aside. He had a lot of fun today. Aria was a fun and cute girl to be around. She was just a ball of energy like she was always ready to run a marathon. And she ate like her stomach was a black hole. Which it kind of was if what she said about her metabolism was true. Kiro had search it up and didn't find any cases of metabolisms as bad as Aria's, but he lived in a world where people, including himself, had superpowers, so it wasn't that far fetched.

What was confusing was Aria's reaction to his sibling question. Before she'd taken a bite of her sandwich, she'd gone incredibly still, and Kiro thought he'd seen pain in her eyes. He'd allowed the woman to drop the topic because he didn't want to ever see that look in her pink eyes again. Aria was too bright to ever feel such pain. Still, Kiro was curious. What was the story behind that reaction? He hadn't found anything in his web search, so it wasn't public knowledge. Regardless, he'd keep searching. It was his mission, after all...