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Mr Love Time's Will

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<{~*~Victor x Brooke~*~}>

(Monday 13th, April)

Why were all the buildings so tall? Like really tall. Her apartment building was 30 stories, new and her 'friend' had decided to make her new apartment the top one. Standing on the sidewalk, Brooke continued to stare up at her new home. It was hard to believe that this was where she would be living for an unknown amount of time. She closed her eyes and let out an exhausted sigh, her friend sure did have expensive taste. Good thing she could afford the rent; otherwise, it would make for very temporary accommodation.

She turned her back to the building and started her journey. She'd moved in yesterday and was now taking her tiny medium-haired tuxedo coloured kitten to the vet for a check-up and to be microchipped. She'd rescued her from the streets in her old town when she was two months old, all dirty and thin. Now, a month later, the kitten was back to full health, and she'd officially adopted her, named her Haya, and they'd moved to Loveland City.

Brooke stopped at a crossing, waiting for the lights to turn green and held the cage she was carrying up to her face to see Haya sitting at the door, posture relaxed and eyes curious. It was the same cage she'd rescued her in and the only one the kitten wasn't afraid of. Granted, no cat liked being put in a cage, but Haya tolerated this one. The kitten offered her a meow and held her paw up in a little wave, and Brooke smiled. She was so adorable.

The lights turned green, and Brooke began to cross with everyone else. Her phone began to vibrate, and she stopped in the middle of the crossing to fish it out of her pocket. A distance car beeping halted her, and she looked in the distance to see a car rushing towards her very quickly. A brief glance at the lights told her they were still green, and the driver was going way to fast to stop in time. She made to move out of the way when everything around her froze like time had stopped.

And she was suddenly in someone's arms. She looked up to see a handsome young, well-built man with black hair and violet-blue eyes wearing a well-fitted black suit holding her in his arms. She couldn't hold back a gasp, and he looked down, locking his eyes with hers, a trace of surprise came over his. "Evolver?" He inquired in a deep voice, and Brooke blinked. What did she being an evolver have to do with what was happening?

Her eyes went to the world around her, taking in the leaves hanging in the air, the cars no longer driving and the people standing still, frozen in action. She gaze went back to the man, and she offered him a small nod to his question, confirming what he probably already knew. "Do you-" But he stopped himself from saying more. "Never mind. You should forget about what I said, and you better forget that this ever happened." He said with annoyance and Brooke blinked again. Who was this guy?

"I..." She started but trailed off. What was she going to say? He frowned

"You should watch yourself. Somebody won't come to your rescue every time." She frowned. She knew that. She knew that fact better than everyone.

He put her down on the sidewalk, and when she turned to thank the man, he was gone and time had resumed. The car that had been about to hit her drove past, and she quickly took down the number plate, just in case. Her phone was still vibrating, and she put the whole incident aside, grabbing out her phone and answering the call. It was her boss.


He was a dead man. Totally and utterly dead. Who did he think he was? Calling her to have a meeting on the day she moved in of all days? And it's not like he didn't know that was today because he totally did, in fact, he had recommended it be today. Slowing down a bit, Brooke sighed. It was pointless to get work up over something so small, but she was mad, damn it. Today was meant to be relaxing and non-stressful. She was meant to be touring Loveland, familiarising herself with her new home not rushing off to the Loveland Financial Group's building to have a last-minute meeting with her boss.

Why did he want to have the meeting at LFG anyway? Wasn't Loveland Publishing House much closer? Brooke stopped walking and looked up, spotting the building she was heading to almost immediately. At least it stands out. And it was close to her new place. She looked back down and continued pouting. At least Haya was okay. She was glad she'd been heading to the vet when he'd called her, it means she could leave the kitten at the vet until she was done.

She pulled out her phone and checked the time. The vet had said the check-up would take a half-hour but that Haya could be picked up when she was finished with this meeting. It was now 10:40, meaning she had twenty minutes to reach LFG. While her boss, Mr Heralds, wouldn't really care if she was a couple minutes late, Brooke wanted to get back to Haya as soon as possible. She put her phone back before noticing a silhouette out of the corner of her eye.

It was the same guy who'd been following her for about a block. She'd hoped he'd keep on walking when she stopped, but he hadn't, which meant she was most likely his target. Brooke sighed, she no doubt had that 'new to the city' air about her to be targeted by a mugger so easy. She continued walking, acting like she hadn't noticed him. He continued walking as well though as she neared the end of the block, he began to speed up. Brooke acted like any ordinary panicked civilian would and rushed into a nearby alley after pretending to finally spot him.

She leaned up against the wall and pretend to catch her breath. He rounded the corner a minute later, and when he spotted her, a sickening grin sprouted on his lips, causing a real shiver to run down her spine. Men could be so creepy sometimes. She faked a panicked look and made to move further down the alley when he rushed forward and forced her up against the wall. She held in a groan as pain shot up her back and watched his grin grow bigger "Where are you going, baby?" he asked, voice husky.

This guy clearly had more on his mind then mugging. Brooke bit back an insult and considered her options. She couldn't do anything that would cause attention, that would defeat the purpose of moving to Loveland in the first place, meaning no Evol usage. Instead, she fought against his grip and opened her mouth to cry out like she was truly scared and, as predicted, he covered her mouth with his hand. "Uh, I don't think so." He smirked and put his thigh between her legs "You and I are gonna have some fun." She narrowed her eyes, glaring daggers into his eyes.

His hand went to her top, and she quickly looked at the entrance of the alley, eyes widening in more fear like something unbelievably scary was there. Her assailant fell for it and looked too, and that's when she took her chance. She bit his hand hard, and he cried out in pain, wrenching his hand from her mouth, she then grabbed his shoulders and kneed him somewhat hard in his exposed crotch, and he grunted in pain, stumbling back, allowing her to spill away. She watched as the mugger got on his knees, holding his crotch and glared viciously at her.

"B-Bitch!" He grunted again in pain "You'll p-pay." He made to get up but never got the chance. She quickly moved and using her the side of her hand, hit him forcefully across the face, sending him to the ground, unconscious. She blinked then stood up straighter, a frown on her face. He clearly wasn't a very good mugger to have let his guard down so easy. Brooke sighed and shook her head before reaching into her back pocket and pulling out her phone.

She dialled the police and reported what had happened. After hanging up, she looked back down at the man and crouched beside him, eyes running over his body. He possessed no tattoos or scars to indicate he was a part of a gang or cult, his clothes were flat and even, showing no trace of hiding any kind of weapon. Brooke closed her eyes in relief and stood back up. Seemed he was just a noob who thought intimidation and strength would be enough. She proved him wrong.

The police arrived a moment later, and Brooke recited her tale though she told them he'd pushed her into the alley instead of her leading him there. They confirmed her suspicious of him being a multiple offender though this was the first time he been so bold and tried something else. She promised to come back later and file an official report. After saying goodbye, Brooke took out her phone and shouted in surprise at the time. It was 10:50, and LFG was still at least 15 minutes away. She put her phone away and booked it, rushing along the street.

8 minutes later she arrived out front the LFG, panting slightly, internally grateful for her unnaturally high stamina. She used the reflection of a window to quickly tidied up her long brown hair, patting the braids that kept her hair half up and ran her hands down her face to be sure there was no sweat. She then took in a deep breath and strode towards LFG's entrance where a bunch of businesspeople seemed to continually be going in and out.

By the time she'd gotten through security and reached the elevator, she was only running a couple minutes late. Silently thanking the fact her boss didn't care about tardiness, she patiently waited for the elevator to reach her floor. This sudden meeting better be worth it, or there will be hell to pay. She heard the dinged and looked up only to see the elevator hadn't reached her floor. The doors opened, and a man wearing glasses and a brown messenger bag hoped on. He looked to be out of breath.

He pressed the top floor before leaning against the wall, trying to catch his breath. Brooke offered him a smile, and he returned it with a small one of his own. It was then that's she noticed all the documents he was carrying. Must be an assistant then. She went back to studying the pale floor of the elevator. The elevator then dinged a second time, and she looked up to see it'd reached her floor. She offered the out of breath man a wave before getting off and heading towards the agreed conference room.

Turning the corner, she spotted Mr Heralds sitting in a conference room with glass walls having a conversation with a pudgy, bolding man. They were laughing as if they were the funniest people in this world. She took in a deep breath and pushed down any feelings of anger and annoyance before making her way over. She knocked on the door and opened it, gaining the attention of both men. Mr Heralds grinned.

"Brooke!" He got up from his chair and made his way around the table "There she is! There's my shining superstar!" She smiled at his boisterous actions and walked into the room, meeting the man halfway. He pulled her into a hug, and she chuckled slightly but returned it. Even though he was annoying and impulsive, Mr Heralds was still an awesome boss and a good friend. She pulled away, and he gripped her shoulder, a genuine smile appearing on his face "How have you been?"

She scoffed "Good, though I would be better if someone would stop calling sudden meetings like this." Despite her teasing tone, her boss flinched and let her go.

"Yeah well, this time it's important." She raised my eyebrow at him.

"So the others weren't?" She teased, and he shook his head.

"No, this one just has a higher amount of importance." He raised his hand to emphasis his point, and she chuckled.

"I hope so. I got mugged on the way over here." Shock and worry passed over Mr Heralds features and he opened his mouth, but she waved him off before he could say anything "Don't worry, it was nothing. I'm fine, and besides, I can handle myself, remember?" Mr Heralds frowned but didn't press the issue, instead, turning to the other occupant in the room.

"Mr Bailey, this is Brooke Rosette, the gem of Loveland Publishing House although you would most likely know her under the pen name Ariana Night." Mr Bailey got up from his seat and made his way over, a business smile on his face.

"Yes, I've heard about and read some of your work, Miss Rosette." He held out his hand. "It's an honour to meet you." She gripped his hand and returned a small smile.

"I'm pleased to meet you and Brooke's fine. Miss Rosette is my sister." She said and let go of his hand, Mr Bailey nodded his head in understanding before Mr Heralds stepped forward and gripped Mr Bailey shoulder.

"Mr Bailey here is on the board. This guy helps determine which companies get investments or not." Brooke nodded her head, pretending to totally understand what that meant. They engaged in small talk for a few more minutes before Mr Herald glanced at his watch. "Ah sorry, Mr Bailey but Brooke and I have a meeting scheduled with the big boss and we best not be late." Mr Bailey nodded his understanding, and they said their goodbyes.

Mr Heralds directed her out of the conference room and towards the elevator. "The big boss?" She questioned, and he pressed the up button.

"With the CEO, Victor." She gave Mr Heralds a confused look. Why would she need to meet him? He sighed. "During our investment meeting this morning, he insisted on meeting one of the authors we handled as 'clarity' and, since your one of our best and now live in Loveland City, I figured you'd be the best choice." The elevator doors opened, and they stepped on.

"Okay, but you could have told me that over the phone, I could've come prepared." Mr Herald shook his head and smiled.

"No need. You're at your most charming when yourself." The elevator reached the CEO's floor, and they stepped off "Why do you think everyone always loves your acceptance speeches? Or why your our number one author?" She smiled at Mr Herald's compliments, and they made their way down the hall to the door of the CEO's office. Mr Heralds glanced at his watch before taking a deep breath and knocking on the door. A deep 'come in' sounded from the other side and he opened the door, allowing Brooke to enter first. She walked in and looked around.

Only to see the same young man who had saved her life earlier that day leaning over his desk, signing document after document, she gasped and muttered 'time freezer' under her breath. The man must have heard her because his pen stopped and she quickly looked away, doing a scan of the room instead and saw the assistant from the elevator standing in the corner sorting out documents of his own. She turned her attention back to the CEO and found him looking at her with a hard gaze. Mr Heralds moved ahead of Brooke.

"As I promised, here is one of our author's." He pointed a hand at her. "This is Brooke Rosette, she writes under the pen name Ariana Night. She is one of our most accomplished authors." Victor hardened his gaze at the author.

"Why do you write under a pen name?" His tone was sort of accusing, and Brooke resisted the urge to stand straighter under that deep scrutinising tone. It was so different from how he'd talked to her early. She cleared her throat.

"Well, since I started writing at a young age, it was easier to stay under the radar." She wasn't even lying, she'd just left out the main reason. Victor's eyes narrowed as if the answer displeased him, and he muttered something similar to 'pathetic' under his breath. She fought the urge to insult him back and continued on. "It also allows me to pursue other interests." Victor raised his eyebrows.

"Such as?" he inquired and Brooke smiled.

"Leading an underground cult that worships cats." She said joyfully and saw Mr Heralds smile out of the corner of her eye though Victor's mouth didn't move. He ignored her joke and continued with his interrogation because that's what it was—an interrogation.

"So, you're well accomplished in the publishing industry?" She looked at Victor, head slightly titled and nodded.

"Yes, I am." He levelled that cold stare at her before offering a small smirk.

"Then write something for me." She blinked at him. Huh? Mr Heralds frowned too and went to open his mouth, but Victor shot him a look, and he quickly closed it. "I want you to write something for me. It can be about what you want as long as it has some relevance to Loveland Publishing House." She gave him a confused look.

"I don't understand." He closed his eyes in irritation and frowned.

"Then you're a moron." She once again held back a retort and tried a different angle.

"What I meant was I don't understand what this has to do with the investment." He opened his eyes, and that smirk returned.

"For an author, you suck at phrasing your words." She didn't hold back her glare this time, and he chuckled "Experiencing your writing first hand without the influence of an editor, media or critics allows me to get an insight into the company you work for I couldn't get by reading your published work." Even though she didn't like it, it sort of made sense. Well, not really but finance was something she'd never understood like politics. Sighing, she gave a quick glance at Mr Heralds before closing her eyes and nodding her head in defeat.

"Okay. I'll do it." The frown returned full force on Victor's face.

"Good. You have two days." She opened my eyes and look at CEO in shock. Does this jerk have any idea how much time and effort goes into writing an article, let alone a book? "It must be at least five pages long and have relevance to Loveland Publishing House or the investment. Goldman will email you the details. You can hand-deliver it to me in two days." He then went back to signing documents, effectively telling them to leave. But damn it, Brooke was pissed and had a few things to say.

Fighting back the urge to go over there and slap the CEO, she planted her feet and crossed her arms instead. "I'm sorry sir but two days is unacceptable" Victor looked up in slight shock.

"What?" He asked, tone hard, but Brooke ignored it and continued.

"Writing your article in two days is unacceptable. That would be like telling someone to fully paint a house in a day. Possible but the end result would be sloppy and not be a true reflection of the painter's skills." She met the CEO's stare. "If you want me to write something that reflects LPH's skills, then I need more than two days. Six days at least.

Victor stared at her for a couple of seconds before frowning "Four days." Four days. She could write a kick-ass article in four days, she'd done it with less.

"Done." Victor nodded, frown still present, before going back to his documents. Satisfied, she turned around and went to walk out when she heard a quiet 'idiot'. She couldn't hold back the insult she muttered as his assistant extorted them out of the room. "All that frowning is going to make you look like an old man, jerk."


Victor looked up as the insult reached his ears, but they'd already left. He put down his pen and stared down at the document on his desk, his lips quirking despite himself at her insult. When he'd ask Mr Heralds to introduce him to one of his authors, he'd expected a middle age person with years of experience. Not the beautiful young woman with long brown hair, wide brown eyes and an inexperienced air about her that had entered his office. The same one he'd rescued earlier. He honestly found it hard to believe the girl had any accomplishments at all. She seemed like such a dummy when she'd mixed up her words.

She was unbelievably cute, though. Victor's lips twitched as he remembered the way she was flustered with anger and the glare she'd levelled him was pretty impressive too. Her joyful smile, that silly joke, the dumbfounded look she'd had given him when he'd told her the time frame and the way she'd fought against his decision only cemented the idea that she was a moron in his head. He'd no doubt have to do research on her when he got off work tonight.


Brooke was watching Haya play with a tiny stuffed mouse on her bed when her phone vibrated with an incoming text. She put down the bowl of ice cream she was enjoying, which she'd totally earned after nearly getting run over and assaulted in the same day by the way, and picked up her phone, seeing the text was from an unknown number. She groaned. What did he want now?

She unlocked her phone and opened up the text.

Don't forget, you have only four days - V

She frowned. Victor? But why was he reminding her of her deadline? And why did he have her number? She huffed and wrote out her reply.

Mr CEO! Hello! Why do you have my number? - B

It wasn't that hard to obtain. - V

Meaning her boss had given it to him. She shook her head, smiling at the image of Mr Heralds cowering before a scowling Victor, handing over her number fearfully.

Don't worry, sir, I'll write you the best article you've ever read. - B

I'm looking forward to the results. - V

You have my number too now. If you can't complete your end of the deal, feel free to beg. - V

She decided not to justify him with an answer on that one and closed her phone. Haya was still playing with her mouse though she'd moved closer to her owner. Brooke sighed and picked her bowl of ice cream back up. Oh man, what had she gotten herself into...

<{~*~Lucien x Nyla~*~}>

(Tuesday 14th, April)

Today was the day—the day of fresh starts, of new beginnings. Today was the day she officially moved. At least it would be if the landlord would pick up his phone. Sighing, Nyla clicked on his contact info once again and held the phone up to her ear, listening to the ringing and closing her eyes when it went to voice message again. Man, what could he possibly be doing?

Putting her phone in her pocket, she stared up at the tall apartment building before her. Her new home. Or at least it will be as soon as she got the key. The receptionist hadn't had it when she'd tried to check-in, and now here she was. Locked out of her new apartment on the day she was supposed to officially move in. Despite the situation, she couldn't help but laugh at her misfortune. A few people passing by looked at her strangely, but she was used to that by now.

Once her laughing fit was over, Nyla decided to wait for the landlord in the lobby and entered the building, finding a nice empty seat by the elevator to sit down and wait on. She opened her messenger bag and took out one of her patient files. She officially started back at work tomorrow and wanted to be as prepared as possible. She sat there for a good ten minutes, reading over things she already knew. Good thing it was only 8:40, and she had nothing to do all day. Lost in reading the file, she didn't notice that a figure had crept up in front of her, not until a cough sounded.

She quickly straightened up and lowered the file, posture tense only to see the overweight landlord she'd been trying to get in contact with the entire morning. She relaxed slightly and put the file back in her messenger bag then stood up. He grinned widely at her, and she could see he was missing a tooth. "Ya must be Nyla?" He questioned, voice gruff, smelling of smoke and heavy with an accent. She resisted the urge to step back and instead moved around him, so her back was to the lobby.

"Indeed, I am." She said kindly as he took her hand. She nearly flinched at how sweaty it was.

"I'm sorry about not answerin' ya calls. My phone went flat ya see" She nodded her understanding and let go of his hand, this time taking a small step back. He reached into his pocket and held out a pair of keys "These are ya keys. We give out two pairs in case there's someone ya wanna allow into ya place when ya not there. We also keep a spare one at the desk."

She reached out and grabbed the keys "Thank you." She said, offering him a small smile. The overweight man nodded and grinned.

"No problem, now if ya'll excuse me." He bowed his head slightly before walking away, not giving Nyla a chance to respond. She looked down at the keys in her hand before looking up at the elevator. She gripped her messenger bag and pressed the button for the elevator. It opened with a ding, and she pressed the 16th floor. It was a 20 story apartment building, one of the newer ones close to the hospital. She leaned against the wall and watched as the numbers climbed, a small smile playing on her lips.

The elevator reached her floor, and she stepped out. There were only two apartment complex's on the 16th floor, and since the elevator went up the middle of the building, she had the one on the left side. Nyla quickly glanced at the door on the right side before making her way to her door. She put the key into the lock, turning it and hearing it unlock. She glanced down at her feet and muttered a quiet 'this is it' before looking back up at the door. That was when the one behind her opened.

Turning around, she watched as a handsome young man with dark brown hair and violet eyes dressed in a lab coat exited the opposing apartment, a look of surprise crossed his features when he saw Nyla, but it soon vanished, and he nodded at her. She smiled at him "Hello! You must be my new neighbour."

He blinked before smiling "Oh, and what makes you say that?" he asked, voice velvety and a bit deep. She blinked at him, and he continued "I could just be visiting a friend." His tone was teasing, and while she was sure he was only joking, she still stuttered her response

"Umm, w-well..." She was feeling slightly flushed and struggled to come up with a sensible answer. Her reaction seemed to only make him happier, and he chuckled slightly.

"I'm only teasing," He said and walked closer to Nyla, the slight height difference between them becoming more apparat. "Yes, I am your new neighbour." He didn't offer a name, merely smiling happily at her. She smiled back and turned to fully face him.

"I'm Nyla," She glanced at his attire "Are you late for work?" She asked, and he nodded his head.

"Yes. I accidentally lost track of time." He put his hands in his pocket and continuing smiling kindly but remotely at her as if she was a strange new being he was inspecting.

"Are you a scientist? Do you work at the local laboratory?" She asked, and he nodded his head.

"Yes, I'm also a professor at the university." He expanded, and her smile brightened.

"Ooh, a professor! That's cool, do they call you 'Professor' there?" She inquired, the 'professor' a tone deeper, and he chuckled slightly, bringing his hand to his face in thought.

"Why yes they do," He said before leaning down slightly, so their faces were closer "But you can just call me Lucien." He said coolly, and Nyla's face began to feel a little hot at their proximity. A tiny beeping sound broke the atmosphere, and Lucien leaned back. Nyla reached into her messenger bag and felt around for her pager. She took it out and looked at the messenger. Code red. Lucien followed her hand and looked at it with curiosity. Nyla's eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh! An emergency!" She glanced up at Lucien "I'm being called into work." Lucien watched her with some sort of fascination, his smile seemed to be warmer than before.

"I see, well then, I best not keep your co-workers waiting. I apologise for holding you up." He said, and Nyla shook her head.

"Don't be, besides I've probably held you up and made you even later for work as well so we're both at fault!" She said brightly, and he nodded.

"Yes, I suppose that is true," He said warmly but made no move to leave. "Though I don't really mind being held up if it means I can continue to talk with you a little longer." He said quietly, and she looked at him with confusion.

"What do you mean?" He shook his head and took a step back.

"Never mind. You best go get ready now." He said, and she smiled before turning and opening her door. She offered Lucien a wave before rushing into her apartment. When she left a couple of minutes later, night-bag packed and lab coat on, he was gone.


When she'd arrived at the hospital, it'd been hectic. The ER had been swarmed with victims from a multi-pile car crash, and while they hadn't lost anyone yet, it was still too soon to see if it would stay that way. Nyla had been called in because of a lack of hands and had quickly been rushed into surgery, not having time to change into scrubs. She'd been called out multiple times until being put in charge of the ER when the clock struck 12pm.

That was two hours ago and her clothes now smelt of smoke, blood and disinfectant. When she'd finally scored a 10-minute break, she almost felt like crying and immediately went to change out of her clothes, feeling much better in her dark blue scrubs and her back-up lab coat. She'd stopped by the cafe and brought an energy bar as she hadn't eaten anything since 8am. Smiling sweetly at the cafe lady, she quickly paid and jogged back to the ER, eating her energy bar along the way.

She got to the ER and saw it was full of people this time, though none of them looked to have any fatal injuries. She walked over to the information desk, glancing at the TV screen above that showcased all the patients' data, their names and colour rank, if they had been looked at, if they needed surgery or were currently having surgery. She looked back down to the resident desk nurse, Mira, who was sorting patient charts "What came in?"

The nurse looked up and smiled at Nyla. "An experiment gone wrong at the local research lab." Nyla nodded in understanding and watched as a woman in a white lab got directed to one of the free bed by a surgical resident, clothes filthy. She looked a bit irritated. Mira sighed. "Prepare to have everything you say be doubted because having a PhD in biology definitely makes you a qualified medical doctor," Mira muttered, and Nyla smiled, grabbing the chart Mira handed her.

"So does having a complete residency." Nyla quipped back and let out a soft laugh at Mira's offended look, deciding to read over the chart instead. She started making her way over to bed 7 as that was the one on her chart when she was stopped. The young doctor looked up to see Henry Fields, the chief of surgery, staring back at her "Chief Fields, what can I do for you?" she asked politely. The dark-skinned man looked down at the chart in her hands and took it, placing a different chart in her hands.

"Got a call from a friend who was at the scene of the failed experiment. Want's a qualified doctor to look at his friend and you're the best I have on right now." Nyla opened her mouth to argue that every doctor was equally great, but Dr Fields held his hand up "Please don't argue, I owe this man a favour and this is the best way to repay it. The patient is in Trauma Room 1", and with that, Dr Fields left the ER, handing off her old chart to one of the surgical residents on ER duty. Nyla sighed and looked down at the new chart in her hands. 2nd-degree burns. Potential 3rd degree. Sounded pretty bad. Nyla read over the rest of the chart as she made her way over to Trauma Room 1.

Using her shoulder, she opened the door and stood in the doorway a few seconds, a small smile on her face. Once she'd finished reading the chart, she looked up and saw Danny and Aiden standing over the patient. "Hello, Danny and Aiden, I didn't realise you would be in here" Her smile widened, and the two surgical residents turned towards her.

"Dr Correa. We were just examining the patient." Danny explained, and Nyla's eyes shifted to the man lying on the table.

"Then this must be Max Sky." She muttered and walked around the gurney, so she was standing on his left side. She placed his chart on a clear medical trolley then took the stethoscope around her neck off and placed it onto Max's chest, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration as she listened to his heartbeat. It was a little slow but steady and strong. After a minute of moving the stethoscope around his chest, she took it off and looked at the heart monitor. It confirmed what she had heard. She then heard someone shuffle and turned her head.

Only to see Professor Lucien smiling happily at her, leaning against a medical trolley by the window on the other side of the patient. She stood up straighter in surprise "Professor Lucien! I didn't realise you'd be here." His eyes shined with amusement, and she fought down a blush.

"Well, it had been my research centre, and I'd been there when the accident had occurred." She nodded, and Lucien looked down at the patient, the amusement fading. "How is he?" he asked, and Nyla looked back down at the man.

"Your friend has received 2nd-degree burns along his arms and collarbones, the majority of the burns on his chest are 3rd-degree though. All of the burns will require cleaning and debriding." Lucien nodded his understanding and Nyla turned towards the two surgical residents. "Prep him for 2nd and 3rd-degree cleaning and debriding." They nodded and both left the room to go get the necessary equipment. Nyla turned back to Lucien. "What about you, Professor?" She asked, and Lucien gave her a confused look. She smiled a glowing smile "Are you injured? You said you were there when the experiment failed." She clarified. Lucien shook his head, offering her a smile.

"Fortunately, I was not. I'd been standing outside the room when the accident had occurred. I'd also been checked at the scene," Nyla nodded and turned back to Max's chart, picking it up when he spoke again "And please, it's Lucien." She flushed slightly and did another small nod, before taking out a pen and starting to fill out the sections on the chart one by one. She felt Lucien's gaze on her but didn't look up, wanting to get the chart filled. "You look too young to be a certified surgical doctor."

Nyla looked up at the professor to see his gaze was curious and not mocking. She smiled at him "Well, you look too young to own a scientific institute." She said back, and Lucien smiled, he made to open his mouth when Danny and Aiden returned with the necessary equipment. "Perfect! Start prepping him" The two surgical residents nodded, and Nyla went back to filling out the chart when her pager went off, she took it out of her pocket "Damn it." She muttered under her breath, and Lucien stood up straighter.

"What's wrong?" He asked, but Nyla didn't respond. Instead, she turned towards the two surgical residents.

"Danny and Aiden, your gonna have to do the cleaning and debridement, don't worry a nurse will come to help you if you need it. I don't want you two to feel any pressure just because this is a VIP patient. Take your time, and don't be afraid to ask for assistance." The residents nodded and got back to preparing the patient. Nyla turned to Lucien "Please forgive me Prof-uh Lucien but I am being paged elsewhere. I will be back to check on him later, though." And with that, she rushed out of the trauma room, not giving Lucien a chance to respond.


Lucien watched the young doctor disappear around a corner, long white hair and glowing blue eyes vanishing. A smile small played on his lips. How interesting. He'd heard from the landlord that he'd be getting a new neighbour, and while the news hadn't exactly annoyed him, he hadn't been happy about it either. He'd purposely been late to work so he could see his new neighbour and whatever he'd been expecting mattered little now that he'd actually met his new neighbour.

She was beautiful and talented. He was sure she was around his age, and the fact that she was a full-blown surgical doctor was an amazing accomplishment. Her white hair indicated that something was different about the women, and Lucien felt a strange desire to figure out what it was. He thoughtfully looked out the window. Perhaps that experiment failing won't be such a failure in the end.


When Nyla got out of surgery, she headed straight for the ER, checking her phone along the way to see she'd got a text from an unknown number. Her frown deepened and stop walking, moving off to the side. What did he need with her?

She unlocked her phone and clicked the text.

I feel honoured to have you be our doctor today. - L

Her eyes widened. Professor Lucien? Though he seemed to prefer Lucien. But how did he get her number?

Lucien! I'm glad I was able to help. How did you get my number? - N

I asked the landlord for it, I hope you don't mind. - L

Nyla smiled. Seems that her landlord was a very trusting person. That could prove to be problematic.

Not at all. Was there something you needed? - N

I just wanted to thank you for helping us after our mistake. - L

I was required to go back to the lab so I couldn't tell you in person. So I thought I would do it here. You have my number now too, so feel free to use it. - L

Nyla's smile widened, and she put her phone away. After losing her patient in surgery, she'd been feeling down, but somehow Lucien had brightened up her spirit. She sighed and continued making her way to the ER. What a strange man...

<{~*~Gavin x Tessa~*~}>

(Wednesday 15th, April)

It was around lunchtime when the chief finally walked through the door, having taken his sweet time in getting here. He strutted in, head held high as if he could do no wrong. Tessa suddenly felt the very strong desire to bury his face in a wall, after all, he'd made her wait three hours for their appointment when he was the one who'd told her to come to the police station early. Suppressing the urge to kill her new boss, Tessa sighed and directed the draggers she was glaring his way to someone else. Like the criminal dickhead who'd been ogling her for the best 10 minutes. Did he think she was blind?

The perv made eye contact with her, and a creepy smirk crawled across his lips. Tessa was really glad she didn't have her guns with her in that very moment because there was no way that guy was leaving the room breathing if she did. She instead decided to glare pretend bullets into his head, and it must have done something because that stupid smirk disappeared and he looked away, suddenly becoming very pale. Satisfied with his reaction, Tessa scanned her surroundings for the umpteenth time that morning. The station was pretty hectic, the massive car crash yesterday still causing panic. She was sitting outside the chief of police's office, Chief Colon, waiting to see him so she could confirm she was set to start duty tomorrow.

It was supposed to be quick and easy, she'd planned to go wondering the city once the meeting was over, to continue familiarising herself with its layout but since the chief took so long to get here, she'd have to ditch that idea. Sighing, Tessa watched as Chief Colon exited his office and headed over to the receptionist, documents in hand. He put them on the table and exchanged quick words with the woman. A look of confusion briefly passed over the chief face when the woman pointed a hand in Tessa's direction. The confusion was replaced by horror and Tessa almost groaned.

The man had obviously forgotten about their appointment if his reaction was anything to go by. The woman handed him a document, and the chief nodded, making his way over to his new employee. Tessa immediately wiped any trace of annoyance off her face and put on a small smile, waiting for the man to get closer before standing up. "Officer Pace corrected?" Tessa nodded in confirmation, noticing out of the corner of her eye that the perv in handcuffs was being taken away by an older officer. Chief Colon extended his hand "I'm very sorry about the delay in getting here this morning, an unfortunate incident occurred which prevented me from getting here earlier."

Tessa shook the man's hand, picking up a strong amount of deodorant coming off him, and immediately knew the man was lying. The unfortunate incident was probably him waking up with a hangover and, realising he was late, putting on a bunch of deodorant to cover up the alcoholic smell. This man clearly thought she was some kind of noob or that he was a genius. Tessa nodded her head in understanding, pretending to believe the man's story.

"It's okay sir, I completely understand, sometimes these things just happen." The chief nodded as Tessa let go of his hand.

"Yes, they do." The chief stepped aside and point a hand towards his office "I assume you're here to begin active duty, why don't we discuss this in my office?" Tessa nodded and made her way towards the office, Chief Colon in toe. Once inside, she watched him close the door, turn around and gesture to the uncomfortable chair in front of his desk. She sat down, resisting the urge to squirm to find a more comfortable position, and watched the man place her file on his desk and sit down in his giant office chair.

"I'm glad to see you finally begin active duty," Tessa looked up at her new boss in surprise as he picked up her file "I'll admit I was a bit against having you transferred here, but after reading your file, I must say I'm impressed. You've managed to make the rank of captain so quickly and proved yourself quite capable at handling yourself in a bad situation, overall very impressive for a young female police officer." The chief emphasised the word female and Tessa fought down her irritation.

She was glad to have impressed Chief Colon and didn't want to get on his bad side by snapping at the man, besides she could understand his surprise. Female police officers didn't generally raise the ranks so quickly "Thank you, sir." Tessa said, nodding her head respectfully.

The chief smiled and put her file back on the table. "However, even though you are an experienced police officer, Loveland City is quite foreign to you, and I believe it would make things a lot easier for the both of us if, for the first month or so, you had a partner to help you navigate the city and teach you the ways of being a city cop since your last placement was in a small country town."

Tessa had expected this and her first instinct was to refuse the man, to tell him she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but the man was right. Loveland city was entirely new to her and, as she saw earlier, the life of a city cop was clearly much busier than that of a country one, plus this man was her new boss, and she didn't really want to get fired before even starting. Tessa put on a smiled and nodded her head "I was thinking the same thing." Chief Colon's smile grew at her agreement, and she internally sighed. She just hoped he didn't pair her with a dickhead.

The chief picked up the phone and called someone. They quickly exchanged words before he put it back down and stood up "It seems your partner is already waiting outside if you will follow me." Tessa nodded and stood up, following her new boss out of his office and into the bustling station. It somehow seemed even busier than before though they'd only been talking for about five minutes. Chief Colon stood still and scanned over the place, eyes searching for her partner. They stopped when they spotted them, and Tessa followed his gaze.

It was a handsome young policeman with chestnut hair and golden eyes that were staring fiercely at the man he currently had pinned to the ground beneath him. Tessa's eyes widened when she realised it was the perv from before. The chief shook his head but made his way over, Tessa following suit. As they got closer, she could hear the conversation going on.

"Don't even think about moving." The young officer's tone was fierce but even. The chief cleared his throat, and he looked up, a scowl on his lips.

"Officer Gavin, what's the problem?" Gavin looked back down at the man below him, eyebrows furrowed in anger.

"He tried to attack Kara, so I tackled him." He said bluntly, and the man struggled against Gavin grip once again "Don't even try to deny it. You were caught a few days ago trying to assault a civilian. I've got the police report to prove it." He got off the man and yanked him off the ground. "I won't let you try and hurt another." He handed the struggling man off to someone else and took in a deep breath, hand on hip.

He turned around and looked straight at the captain "Was there something you needed, Chief Colon?" he asked, and the chief stiffly nodded.

"Yes. Your new partner is here." The chief stepped aside and presented Tessa to the young police officer. "Officer Gavin, this is Officer Tessa Pace, your new partner."

Gavin's eyes seemed to widen in surprise, and Tessa furrowed her eyebrows. Now that she was standing in front of him, he seemed familiar. Suddenly fragments of a chilly autumn day, a white grand piano and golden ginkgo leaves floating in the wind flashed behind Tessa's eyes before quickly disappearing, not staying long enough to form a memory. Gavin cleared his throat and wiped his face of surprise, instead, holding out his hand.

"Hello, Officer Pace. It's nice to finally meet you." Tessa smiled and grabbed his hand, deciding to worry about the fragments of memory later.

"You too, Officer Gavin, and Tessa is fine. If we are going to be partners, no matter how temporary, I prefer we be on a first-name basis." He nodded in agreement before letting go of her hand, the warmth he'd provided leaving too. Chief Colon nodded his head.

"Good. I'm glad to see your both going along with this. I know it is not ideal, but until Officer Pace here is more familiar with the city, this is the best course of action," Tessa nodded and so did Gavin. "Great. I'll leave you too. Your uniform and guns are with Kara at the reception desk, be sure to get them before you leave." And with that, he headed back to his office.

Tessa watched him go before turning back to Gavin, who was watching her curiously "Guns?" he inquired, and Tessa flushed slightly.

"Yeah. I feel more prepared when I have two guns on me." Gavin nodded but didn't continue the conversation. He stood there awkwardly, not seemly knowing what to do, gaze directed at the ground. Tessa smiled and leaned forward slightly.

"So what case are we working on tomorrow?" Gavin looked up, ears slightly red and coughed.

"Right. The multi-pile car crash. Some evidence has been found that suggests it wasn't an accident, and we been task with confirming that theory." Tessa nodded. She'd watched the live steam of the crash on the news and decided she couldn't put off starting her new job any longer.

"Okay." She then furrowed her eyebrows "Well if we're gonna figure out if the crash was on purpose then we need to find out everything about who was in the crash so we should probably start by talking to the victims." Gavin offered a small smile.

"I was thinking the same thing." Tessa smiled back at him.

"Great. I have a contact at the hospital I can call to help us out." Gavin nodded his approval, and she clapped her hands together "Awesome." She glanced at the clock. "I better get going, I still have some tasks I need to complete."

"Okay. I already have your contact number so I'll text you later to confirm a meeting spot." Smiling at her new partner, Tessa turned to leave.

"Cool. Until tomorrow, Gavin." She waved and walked over to the reception desk.


Gavin watched her walk away, eyebrows furrowed. He didn't know why but she looked so familiar like he'd met her before. He sighed and pushed the thought aside. It didn't matter anyway. A small smile came upon his lips. He'd been mad when the chief had told him that he'd be the one breaking in the rookie and the commander hadn't been happy about it either but his new partner was better than expected.

She seemed to know what she was doing, having no trouble leading an investigation, and she was confident in her abilities to carry two weapons with her. And, according to the chief, a few strange rumours surrounded her about her 'abilities' meaning she could possess an Evol, but that was yet to be seen. Plus, she was beautiful. He watched as she walked out of the police station with all her belongings. This partnership was gonna be something else, he was sure of that much at least.


Tessa's phone vibrated just as she'd finished cleaning up after dinner. She dried off her hands and wandered over to her changing phone, unlocking it. She had gotten a text from an unknown number. She closed her eyes. Why was he bothering her now?

She sat down on her couch and opened up the text.

Meet me outside the police station tomorrow. - G

Tessa let out a sigh of relief. The text was from Gavin.

Got it. Outside of the police station. What time? - T

8:30. - G

Did you get home safe? - G

Tessa blinked. He was inquiring after her safety? Well, partners are meant to look out for and look after each other.

Yeah. No issues. It the only place I know how to get to. - T

Don't worry, I'll help you find your way around. - G

You have my number now, so be sure to save it. And remember outside the police station tomorrow at 8:30. - G

Tessa put her phone down, a smile on her lips. She got up off the couch and grabbed the file on the victims of the multi-pile car crash, a glass of water and made herself comfortable again before grabbing her phone and calling a familiar number...

<{~*~Kiro x Aria~*~}>

(Sunday 12th, April)

This had been a horrible idea. Absolutely horrible. Why she'd thought it would be a good idea in the first place had since escaped her. Aria ran through the streets, occasionally glancing back. Yep, they were still following her. She felt like crying. Now don't get her wrong, she adored her fans, but this was too much. Being chased through the streets!? She wasn't even that popular! How was this even happening?

Deciding to leave B.S Entertainment for some fresh air after a morning full of boring meetings had seemed like a fantastic idea. Aria had taken the necessary precautions by wearing a hoodie, but after she'd clumsily bumped into a fan at the local park, all her efforts had been ruined. She'd apologise and signed the fan's hat, expecting it to end at that. But then another fan had spotted and shouted her name, and now here she was. Running for her life through the streets of Loveland. This was not how she wanted to tour her new home.

She reached a corner and came to a halt. It would take too long for the lights to change, and Aria was not a jay-walker. She turned down the street to her left instead, not really caring where she was going. She'd gotten lost a few blocks back anyway. Man her agent was gonna kill her. If she didn't kill herself first. She'd been running for the past 15 minutes and hadn't eaten anything for almost an hour, so her stomach was being to hate her. Damn her abnormal metabolism.

She turned another corner into an alley, looking behind her to see if she was still being followed. And ran right into someone's chest with enough force to send them both tumbling and rolling. Everything seemed to go black for a few seconds as the world spun. When it finally stopped, Aria was lying on the ground in pain and no breath. She groaned and made to get up before realising something heavy was lying on her. And crushing her already dying stomach.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry." A young but cheerful voice laced with worry sounded in her ears, and the weight disappeared. Aria took in a deep breath at being able to breathe again. "Are you okay?" The voice continued, and Aria sat up, putting a hand to her spinning head and opened her eyes.

A blurry image of a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes was staring back at her, features unclear. Aria shook her head, willing her eyes to focus and opened them again. Only to see The Kiro staring at her with worry. She gasped.

"Kir-". His hand quickly went to her mouth, and he leaned in close, finger to his lips. She nodded in understanding, and he took his hand away. She tried again "I'm so sorry for running into you!" She whispered "I didn't mean too! Honest!" Kiro shook his head, a big smile on his lips.

"Don't worry about it. Accidents happen." Aria smiled right back, expression joyful. A bunch of distant voices caught her attention, and she quickly got up, ignoring the splitting pain in her stomach and jogged to the entrance of the alley, peeking her head around the corner. The fans that had been chasing her were standing a couple of meters away, hands pointing in different directions. They were looking for her. She quickly ducked into the alley again, back pressed up against the wall.

Kiro was standing now, looking at her curiously. She motioned for him to join her against the alley wall and he did. Once in whisper range, Aria leaned towards him "I'm being chased" and motion toward the entrance. Kiro did the same she'd done and peeked his head around the corner, eyes widening slightly before retreating back into the alley.

"So you are that Aria." He muttered, and she nodded, deciding to deal with the fact that The Kiro knew her name later. He thought deeply for a second before motioning his head for her to follow him. Aria did, and they hid behind a dumpster, crouching. She gagged at the smell, and Kiro smiled. "What are you doing here?" He inquired quietly, and Aria smiled at him.

"I was being chased by crazy fans remember?" Her voice was joyful, and Kiro laughed slightly.

"That isn't what I meant." He said, and Aria looked at him with confusion.

"But that's why I am here. I was being chased, not caring where I was going, and now here I am in this alley with you, completely lost." The smile never left her face, and Kiro raised his eyebrows, eyes wide.

"You're lost?" A bunch of voices close by rose above Kiro's quiet question, and Aria crouched lower. She waited for the voices to retreat before speaking again.

"Yep. Loveland is still very new to me." Kiro nodded then smiled and stood up.

"No need to worry now, your superhero has arrived." Aria let out a laugh as he struck a pose. "I'll show you where you need to go so just follow me." He held out his hand, and she grinned, taking it and being pulled to her feet. Kiro pulled her out the alley and did a quick glance around. The street was pretty bare. He turned and looked at, face thoughtful. He reached forwards and raised her hoodie, hiding her face "Where do you need to go?"

Aria smiled "B.S Entertainment, I having meetings there all day." She said, and Kiro's eyes brightened.

"That's where I'm also going!" Aria's smile brightened.

"Really?" Kiro nodded.

"Yeah! Don't worry, I'll lead us back." He tugged on her hand, and they started moving before Aria gasped.

"Wait!" He turned and looked at her, frowning with worry.

"What is it?" She didn't respond, just smiled and reached up to pull his hoodie over his head. Kiro blinked before smiling as well, and they both chuckled as he pulled on her again, leading them out of the back street.

He navigated his way through Loveland city, making sure to not let go of her hand. They kept their heads down, not talking for fear of being recognised, and twenty minutes later, they'd arrive at the back alley door of B.S Entertainment. Kiro winked at her and input the passcode, the door clicking open a moment later. He led her inside and up the stairs to the main lobby like he did this all the time. Aria looked around at all the agents rushing about and smiled.

She turned and gave Krio a big hug, squeezing his middle "Thank You!!" Kiro coughed.

"No p-problem." He sounded breathless, and Aria let go, taking a step back, smile bright. Kiro coughed again, rubbing his stomach as he caught his breath and Aria felt pain rush through hers. She bit her lip and flinched at the intensity. She needed food! Now! She looked up at Kiro to see he hadn't noticed her discomfort.

"I don't know about you, but I'm starving! I gonna go and find my agent." Kiro blinked at her. She turned and raised her hand, waving "Thank you again!" She started jogging off, waving at him when she crashed into something hard and stumbled back. She looked up to see her head of security Kenny looking at her in concern. "Kenny!" She said, smiling.

"Are you okay?" He asked, and she waved him off.

"Of course. Say, have you seen Bella?" She inquired, looking behind the solid man.

"I'm right here." An angry feminine voice said, and Aria flinched. She stood up straighter and turned to look at her pissed off agent.

"Bella!" She said cheerfully, and the frown on the woman's face deepened.

"Aria," She said evenly before taking in a deep breath "Where have you been!?" She shouted, and Aria flinched. "We have been looking everywhere for you? How could you just get up and disappear like that? Do you know how worried Kenny and I were?!" She questioned loudly, drawing the attention of everyone in the lobby. Aria hung her head in shame.

"I'm sorry," She looked at the ground, pouting "I didn't mean to make you worry. Honest! I'd stepped outside to get some fresh air and burn off some of my pent up energy after all the meetings we'd had, and I got recognised by some fan." She looked up at her agent's face "Some turned into lots, and they chased me through the city!" Kenny tensed behind her and Aria bowed her head again. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was leaving. I didn't think I would be recognised. I'm so sorry."

There was silence for a few seconds before Bella sighed "It's okay." Aria looked up, smile bright. "Just don't do it again." She said sternly afterwards, and Aria nodded.

"Don't worry, I'm never leaving without a bodyguard again." She turned and smiled up at Kenny, who nodded at her. "Nor will I leave without some food." She gripped her aching stomach, pain washing over her face "I'm so hungry." Bella rolled her eyes but pulled a massive bag of chips out of nowhere. Aria grinned and grabbed it, muttering a thank you.

"How did you find your way back here anyway? Isn't Loveland new to you?" Aria nodded, chewing happily. She swallowed and smiled.

"Yep! Someone helped me back." She took another handful of chips as Bella frowned.

"Who?" Aria pointed behind her agent at Kiro who was being growled at by his agent. Bella's mouth hung open as Aria swallowed and took another handful of chips out of the bag. Kiro noticed her gaze and smiled, waving at her. Aria waved back, grinning as well. His agent noticed and looked at Aria, eyes widening. He exchanged quick words with Kiro before making his way over, Kiro in toe.

"Hello. I'm Savin, Kiro's agent. You must be Bella, the agent for Aria." He held out his hand, and Bella shook it.

"Indeed, I am." Savin smiled a business smile.

"It would appear as if your charge is causing you trouble..." He trailed off, and the two agents began to converse. Aria watched, happily eating her chips when she heard a 'psst'. She turned her head to see Kiro standing next to her.

"Hi." She grinned and waved at him, mouth full of chips. "Those looks really good." He said, and Aria swallowed.

"Thanks! My agent gave them to me" She said and took some more chips. Kiro smiled sadly.

"You're so lucky, my agent doesn't let me eat chips. He's so strict when it comes to my diet." He said pouting and Aria blinked. She looked down at her bag of chips and took one out, offering it to Kiro. He blinked and glanced at their agents. They weren't paying attention. He grabbed the chip and threw it into his mouth. His eyes widen in surprise, and he smiled down at her. "Wow! So good." Aria smiled up at him and went to open her mouth when a voice interrupted.

"What are you two doing?" The two superstars turned to look at their agents.

"Just talking," Aria said innocently, and Kiro grinned widely, joining in.

"Yep, just talking." He said, and they both giggled. Savin rolled his eyes.

"Well, we were just talking too and have come to the conclusion that perhaps you two should do a collab since you obviously get along." Aria blinked and looked at Kiro who was smiling at her. Collab with The Kiro? She lowered her gaze to the ground. He had a more extensive fan base than she did and the back last could be huge but if her agent thought it was a good idea then who was she to judge. She looked back up, smiling.

"That sounds awesome!" Kiro grinned widely at her. Bella nodded in approval.

"Good. Now I'm afraid we need to go back upstairs. There are still a few meetings to get through." Aria sighed but nodded, finishing off her bag of chips. Bella handed her another one as Aria turned to Kiro.

"It was nice to meet you, and I look forward to our collaboration." She held out her hand, and Kiro took it, smiling.

"I'm looking forward to it as well." He said. Aria's smile brightened, and she waved, turning to follow her agent upstairs.


Kiro watched the enthusiastic blonde disappear up the stairs, giant chip bag in hand. He continued to grin even after she'd vanished from his sight. That had been fun. When he'd been slammed into at the alley, he thought it'd been a fan. He hadn't expected to meet Aria, the rising superstar and a figure skating champion. His agent had told him she was his age.

She'd been so cute and joyful, he'd felt the need to stop what he was doing and help her. Which he did, bringing her all the way back to B.S Entertainment. He'd felt warmth surge up inside him at the thankful hug and bright smile she'd given him, and he knew the detour of coming back here had been worth it. He was confused as to why she was eating chips and why she'd taken the stairs when the elevator was quicker, but that was something he could find out later. Man, he was so looking forward to the collab.


Aria was lying on her bed, typing away at her laptop when her phone buzzed. She paused the video she was watching and sat up, grabbing her phone. She'd gotten a text from an unknown number. What did he need to bother her?

She unlocked her phone and opened the text.

Hello, Miss Chips! - K

Thank you so much for letting me have a chip. - K

Oh, it was a text from Kiro. Aria smiled brightly

No! Thank you for helping find my way back to B.S Entertainment. - A

It's was no problem at all. Happy to help. - K

She grinned then frowned. What had he been doing in that alley so far away from B.S Entertainment anyway?

I'm glad I ran into. You were like my superhero today! - A

Haha. Perhaps superhero Kiro can treat you to something better than chips next time. - K

This is my number. Be sure to stay in touch. - K

Aria put the phone down, smiling before laying back down and pressing play on the figure skating video. She hoped this collab was as good as she was hoping it would be...