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Scales of Fire and Color[DISCONTINUED]

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Dream beat his wings frantically, trying to escape his pursuers. Though Dream was by no means unfit, the NightWings following him were better suited toward flying in open air. Seeing the tall mountains of the sky kingdom gave him an idea. He was a RainWing after all, and as long as he could stay calm, he could blend in with the grey rocks. He swiftly dove toward the rocks, and though the NightWings didn’t realize what he was doing at first, they soon quickly caught on.

Lucky for the RainWing, He dashed into a crevice in the rock before the NightWings could see where he went. Dream quickly calmed his breathing and set the changing his color to match his little hidey-hole. He heard footsteps nearing his crevice and could barely make out the deep blue scales of the NightWing in front of him. The dragon was smaller than the other two, and was leaner as well. His body wasn’t scarred like the other ones. Dream assumed that this NightWing was younger than the other two, and probably just joined the army.

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, the nightwing ducked down and peered his face into the hole. Dream was overtaken by fear and suddenly, his gray disguise was gone. He suddenly turned a pale green, and even though it was dark, the NightWing noticed the change on the RainWing.

“Hello, I’m George. I don’t want to hurt you. Stay here, and stay quiet.” Dream was too startled to say anything. Was this dragon trying to taunt him? Did he like to bask in his victims' fear? “I guess you’re too scared to change your color back. Just be quiet.”

The young NightWing quickly stood up when the two larger NightWings entered the cave. “I couldn’t find anything”
“Even with your mind reading?” Mind reading? Dream was doomed.

“No, either he’s gone, or really really stupid, and I don’t think that a RainWing would be able to outfly us if they were so dunb that they don’t even think.

“Whatever you say George,” The biggest NightWing said sternly. The three of them turned to leave the cave. When they were at the exit, George turned and shot a small look where Dream’s head was, then turned back, and flew off.

Dream let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, and didn’t sleep or leave his cave until the sun was high in the sky.


By the time Dream left the small crevice, his joints and muscles were aching. He stretched his wings out and turned in the opposite direction of the way the trio of NightWings went. He thought back to last night. The young NightWing, who could read minds, decided to spare him, a member of the tribe they were currently trying to eradicate. Why would he do that? Dream desperately wanted to know the answer, but as he didn’t want to die by trying to find the young NightWing, he decided against it. Dream walked down the side of the mountain as his wings were too sore to fly, and found a cluster of berry bushes. Seeing the food made his stomach growl, and he reached for the berries, but a voice stopped him.

“Those are mildly poisonous, and if you eat them, you are gonna be puking for a while.”

Dream turned to the sound of the voice and saw a SkyWing staring at him. The RainWing instinctively turned a pale green and bared his teeth, showing off the fangs dripping with venom. The SkyWing stared at the RainWing, unfazed at the threatening display.

“If you kill me, it will be very obvious that you were a RainWing. The SkyWings will tell the NightWings, and they will find you, and you will be a goner.” The SkyWing said, in a tone reserved for children misbehaving(Dream found this disrespectful, as he and the SkyWing looked to be the same age). “We are both on the run, so how about we help each other out.”

This was when Dream noticed the scorched earth around the SkyWing.

“You’re a firescales,” He whispered, as his scales turned emerald and light blue.

“In the flesh,” the SkyWing said with a small laugh. “I’m SapNap.”

“Dream,” the RainWing responded, his voice still at a whisper.

“You know you don’t have to whisper, it’s painfully obvious that we are a firescales and a RainWing.”

“It’s not that. I though Queen Vermillion killed all-”

“Almost all of the firescales are dead. I’m still here, aren’t I?”

“But she made sure that you were dead, she hired NightWing animuses to make dragons capable of killing firescales. How, how are you alive right now?” Dream was thoroughly confused.

“She made them immune to fire, the NightWings wouldn’t let her make them any more than that, they were just fireproof. I could still kill them by slitting their throats or snapping their necks.” He seemed guilty at the last sentence, but Dream couldn’t really tell, and he missed how easy it was to tell the emotions of other RainWings.

“I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize, you are just as much of a victim as me. The killing of RainWings sucks, and I want to help them, but entering me the rainforest would be as much of a death sentence as the NightWings.”

“Yeah. I was kinda focused on trying not to die to go help the firescales.”

Sapnap started laughing at this comment, and Dream soon joined in. His scales turned to a warm yellow.

“I guess we should go get some food so we can keep up the streak of not dying. You RainWings don’t eat meat right?”

“No we don’t, only fruits and vegetables.”

“Sounds boring, but everything I eat is burnt, so I really can't talk,” Sapnap stood as he said this and stretched out his legs and talons.

“Since you are a firescales I could throw food into your mouth, and as long as it doesn’t touch your scales, you should be able to eat unburned food for once,” Dream looked up to meet Sapnap’s eyes, just now realizing how tall the skywing actually was.

“That sounds cool, but the idea of unburnt food sounds gross. It would be all slimy and stuff.”

“Only fish would be slimy, and I don’t know how to catch fish, so the food wouldn’t be slimy.” The two settled into friendly bickering about the sliminess of certain foods, and Dreams scales stayed a warm yellow.

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Dream and Sapnap had spent the day looking for food, and had found some (non-poisonous)berries for Dream and some rabbits for Sapnap. The two had found a cave to settle in for the night, as the lack of vegetation would keep their existence a secret for a little while longer. Sapnap let off a slight orange glow in the cave, and Dream scooted slightly closer to him, grateful for the warmth. His thoughts drifted to the NightWing. His mind was filled with so many confusing thoughts that he was unable to sleep. He instead focused his thoughts on the even breathing of his friend, and the way the light brightened and dimmed with each breath.

Dream woke up to a cold and empty cave. He quickly looked around, worried, before he noticed Sapnap sitting outside, watching the sunrise. Dream walked out quietly, and Sapnap seemed to jump when he noticed the smaller RainWing. The two just sat in silence, watching the sunrise, grateful for the small break before they would have to start flying again.

Eventually Sapnap broke the silence, “Where are we gonna go? We can’t go to the Ice Kingdom, you will freeze to death.”

“The Rainforest would burn if you tried to enter.”

“Queen Vermilion, Queen Leatherback, and Queen Bonebreaker want us dead, so no Sky, Sea, or Night Kingdom”

“Sand Kingdom?”

“Sand Kingdom it is.” Sapnap said, matter-of-factly. “But, we can't go directly over the mountains, the SkyWings will notice us immediately.”

“We can’t go north, I’ll die, and that would be very unfortunate."

"South is where the NightWings are, and I could probably disguise myself as another SkyWing. I just have to get angry.”

“Hey,” Sapnap said, slightly offended. “Not all SkyWings are grumpy. Only most of us.”

“That’s not what I meant. RainWing scales change color based on our moods, and red is angry.”

“Oh, what are you feeling now? You’re green, maybe sick or nervous?”

“Nervous is right. I’m nervous, because we are both wanted criminals for the crime of existing,” Dream snapped, getting annoyed with Sapnap’s enthusiastic tone.

“Sorry. If it helps, I’m nervous too.” Sapnap said with a small smile. He was right, it did help. It was nice knowing the emotion of a non-RainWing.

“Thank you. We should probably start heading south west soon.”
The two dragons sat in silence, faced with the reality that if they failed, they would be killed.

“We should do it at night, NightWings have good night vision, but they see better during the day.” Sapnap said.

“Dude, you literally glow, it doesn’t matter when we travel. Plus NightWings are awake at night, so day travel would be the best idea.” Dream pointed out.

“Oh yeah. Day travel would be the best idea, but they probably have guards, so let me talk if they stop us, and by talk I mean kill them.”

“I’m perfectly capable of killing dragons,” Dream said.

“Yes, but the NightWings know that a firescales has been on the run, not a RainWing.”

“About that, they know I escaped capture. They sent a mindreader after me.”

“How the fuck are you alive if they sent a mindreader after you?” Sapnap asked.

“He spared me,” Dream said quietly, still not believing it himself.

“He spared you?!” Sapnap said, completely contrasting Dream in tone of voice and volume.

“Yes, that’s what I just said,” Dream said.

“Why would a NightWing spare you?” Sapnap said.

“I honestly don't know.”

“Well, let's hope that if we run into a NightWing, that it’s him.”

“Let’s lessen our chance of running into any NightWings by heading out now.”

“Good idea.”


The two dragons flew in silence, both thinking of the kindness that the NightWing had extended to the RainWing. Soon, it became apparent that Dream, used to the treetops of the rainforest, was falling behind Sapnap, who was used to flying in open air. Sapnap motioned downward, where an outcropping of rocks would hide them. The two dragons landed. The larger SkyWing landed smoothly, in between the rocks, but Dream stumbled, tired from flying, even though they hadn’t covered much distance.

“Are you okay?” Sapnap said, closing his wings in on himself so as to not touch the RainWing(Who’s scales were turning from the light blue they were to a dull white).

Dream took a few moments to respond after catching his breath. “No, my wings are burning.”

“Same, but do you want to take a break? You look like you need one.” The SkyWing made sure that his wings and tail were tucked into his body. The ledge was small and he didn’t want the RainWing to fall.

“I can keep going.” Dream said, determined. It was obvious that he was unable to continue.

“I still don’t know what your colors mean, but you are changing very slowly, so you must be exhausted.”

“I’m not tired,” Dream said with a yawn.

“Yeah right. I’ll take the first watch.”

“No, we can keep going.” Dream slurred.

“Ok, then stay awake with me,” Sapnap said, and before the end of his sentence, the RainWing was asleep. Sapnap backed himself up against the rocks, he might not have known much about RainWings, but he knows that they are vegetarians and they like the sun. Sapnap sometimes wished he was a RainWing. Oh how he would love to change his scales. Back before Queen Vermillion took power, Sapnap still had dragons that he could touch, the other firescales, but Queen Vermillion took them as a threat and killed most of them off. Lucky for Sapnap, he had been training as a soldier for Queen Carmine, Vermilion's mother. Though the SkyWing tribe had been surprisingly peaceful for the past few years, there had been rumors of the Sea and NightWings uniting. These rumors had been true, and the two tribes were in the middle of a genocide of the innocent RainWings. Sapnap felt bad for the RainWings, but he knew that if he tried to help he would only make things worse, like always.

Like how he made it worse for the firescales. He was just trying to defend his elderly queen, Vermilion would have taken the throne in a few years anyway. She took this as a personal attack from all firescales, and after she disposed of his Queen, she disposed of his friends.

Sapnap heard the beating of wings above, and saw two NightWings above him. He grabbed a rock and threw it at Dreams head.

“Dream, wake up.” He said urgently. “Dream, we gotta go. C’mon, there’s two NightWings above us.”

“Huh,” Dream said, waking quickly.

“Two NightWings,” Sapnap said, motioning upward.

Dream quickly woke up. “What do we do?”

“Camouflage yourself, hopefully they won't notice us.”

“But what about you?” Dream whispered, then paused. “I have an idea. Press your body as low as you can on the rock.”

“What are you gonna do, Dream? I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“Don’t worry, just do what I say.” Dream whispered as Sapnap did what he asked. Dream hopped above him, careful not to touch his burning hot scales, and spread his wings across the rocks as his scales turned a light gray. The two of them were completely hidden. They just had to stay silent.

They did not stay silent. Perhaps it was a rock, or just his aching muscles, but Dream slipped, and his wing made contact with Sapnap. He screamed, and there was no way that the NightWings hadn’t heard him. The turned and came barreling down toward the two dragons, one rapidly falling off the cliffside, as he couldn’t fly, and the other sitting on the ledge, unable to save his friend without hurting him more.

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The larger NightWing dove toward the firescales, unafraid because of the animus’ gift. The smaller dove toward the falling body, afraid for the RainWing.

Sapnap was caught off guard when the large body crashed into him, not because of their immunity, but because of how big they were. The other soldiers(Kids, they were just kids) were small and easy to defeat. Sapnap knew he wasn’t going to survive this altercation, but he might as well try. He fought back, and dug his slightly glowing claws into his assailants soft underbelly. The NightWing roared fire into Sapnap’s face, but the SkyWing barely felt a tickle. While the NightWings jaws were open, Sapnap did something he never wants to do again, he stuck his hand into the black dragon's mouth. The NightWing would have screamed, had his vocal cord been unburned by the time the thought of screaming had reached his brain. The NightWing was dead, and Sapnap was covered in ash.

His thoughts quickly returned to his smaller travelling companion. The SkyWing dove off of the cliff, forgetting that he would be unable to catch his falling friend if he was still falling. Sapnap made it to the ground before he saw his friend, and started wandering the small valley. His scales gave off a small glow, and he quickly saw the smaller NightWing dragging his friend away.
“Stop,” he said sternly. The NightWing froze, and slowly turned.

“You’re a firescales, aren’t you?”

“I’m literally glowing,” Sapnap said. “Put my friend down.”

“His wing is burning, and I just put out the fire. He probably won’t ever be able to fly again. How is he your friend?”

“He was trying to hide me from you, and if I recall, it's your tribe that wants him dead.”

The NightWing started opening and closing his mouth. “I don’t want him dead.”

“Why? You’re a NightWing.” Sapnap said accusingly.

“Because I can read minds and I was sent into the rainforest, and all I could hear was innocent RainWings pleading for their lives!”

The NightWing exclaimed, with tears welling up in their eyes. “I don’t want to kill innocent RainWings, I want to help them. I’ve saved countless lives.”

“How can I believe you? Maybe I could threaten to burn your scales off.”

“I’m invulnerable, all NightWing soldiers are.” The NightWing said. Sapnap couldn’t help the small amount of excitement that welled up from someone who could touch him without hurting. “If it helps, I can’t read your mind, trying to read it is like trying to read rapidly burning paper. It's very difficult.”

“Can you read his?” Sapnap said, pointing at Dream, wanting to know if his friend was still able to think, and wanting to know if he didn’t hurt him that much.

“Yes, he’s thinking about the desert, I’m assuming that that's where you are fleeing to.”

Sapnap was silent, unable to respond. The NightWing took his silence as an answer.

“We should probably help him out. I’m George by the way.”

“Sapnap,” the SkyWing said as George started to drag the Dream by his arms. Sapnap stood awkwardly, unable to help George. The SkyWing soon realized which cave his friend was being dragged to, and he walked into it. He settled himself against the back wall. Once George had settled Dream in the cave, the NightWing settled himself against the wall opposite Sapnap.

“So, Sapnap, how did you and the RainWing meet?” The NightWing said, picking at their claws.

“Dream, his name is Dream.”

“I’m sorry, how did you and Dream meet?” George said curiously.

“I stopped him from eating poisonous berries.” Sapnap said, chuckling. He had figured that RainWings would be able to tell when a food is poisonous or not, but he had been wrong. George joined in in his laughing.

“I would ask how you two met, but saving him from falling to his death is a hell of a lot cooler that ‘Hey, maybe don’t eat that.’ ”

“I met him before this actually. I found him hiding and I didn’t turn him in.”

“Dream told me about you. Thank you for sparing him.”

“It wasn’t a problem. You can take the first watch, since I’m pretty sure you still don’t trust me.”

George was right, Sapnap still didn’t trust the small NightWing. He was too kind, and Sapnap was cautious around kindness. He didn't fear the small NightWings prowess in battle, but feared the way he could call his comrades. The number of mindreaders were few, and only the strongest were allowed in the field. The SkyWing wondered if the NightWing training was more or less intense than the SkyWing training. Sapnap remembered his wings aching at the end of every training session. In the SkyWing training camps, it was expected that you spend weeks idealizing your body before you ever entered battle. The process was gruelling, and many SkyWings dropped out before their 7th birthday. Sapnap remembers his aunt telling him of her friends that couldn't survive the harsh winds and sharp rocks. Once Queen Carmine learned about the high mortality rate of trainees, she started the fitness program to lower the rate of SkyWings dying to the elements. The firescales wondered if Vermilion had kept the program. Probably not, as it lowered the number of soldiers and the rate of which soldiers were able to enter the military. Vermillion did not want a small military, even if it meant that she would have an under qualified military.

Sapnap left the cave, careful not to touch the other dragons(He didnät know if George was bluffing or not, but he didn't want to find out). He made sure to stay hidden in the small valley, and looked up at the sky. He remembered Hawk and Carnelian(his aunts) telling him the constellations. (“That one is called the hunter” “That ones the bear”). He missed them, and hoped that Vermilion had spared them.

He heard the NightWing walk near him before he saw George. His dark scales and light steps didn't make it easy to detect him, but Sapnap still noticed him. The NightWing layed next to him, and Sapnap instinctively moved away.

“I wasn't lying about being able to touch you,” George said softly, and to accentuate his point, he wrapped a wing around the larger SkyWing. Sapnap lost all ability to think when he felt the NightWing’s scales on his. Once he realized that the other dragon wasn't a pile of ash, he was able to relax into the touch.

“Thank you,” Sapnap said, barely above a whisper. The NightWing laid his head on Sapnap’s shoulder.

“I might not know what it’s like to be a firescales, but I understand the loneliness that comes from being different.” The NightWing said softly. “The Queen isolates her mind readers from every other NightWing. She likes to keep her secrets safe. As soon as my family found out I was a mind reader, I was sent to the outer edges of the kingdom with the other mind readers. The guards were older NightWings who were like us. If they heard any tratorous thoughts, you would be beaten.”

“Oh,” Sapnap said, sympathizing with the dark blue dragon.

“Queen Carmine was cool with the firescales, though she was wary of us, but she couldn’t harm us. Once Queen Vermilion allied with the NightWIngs, she had a way to kill us. I barely escaped with my life.”

The two dragons sat in silence, the weight of their words making the air thick and heavy. Eventually they heard a noise and looked over to their small friend. They both got up, and walked to the cave.

“Heya Dream.” George said.

As soon as Dream registered the fact that the dragon in front of him was a NightWing, he scrambled to the back of the cave. He flared his wings and frills, yet his color didn’t change from dull white.

“Sapnap, help me out here,” He said, desperation clogging his throat.

“It’s ok, Dream, he's a friend.”

“His tribe isn’t trying to kill you!”

Sapnap couldn’t find the best way to respond to this, so he just let George fill the silence.

“It’s me George, remember? From the cave?”

Recognition filled Dreams eyes, and he collapsed down, still weak. The two larger dragons rushed toward his side.

“I’m ok. Just sore.”

“I’m so sorry,” Sapnap said. “I didn’t mean to burn you.”

“It’s fine, it was a risky play, but we are alive, so I guess we succeeded,” Dream said. “I see you and George are getting along.”

“Yeah,” George said. “I don’t think that you are going to be able to fly for a while, if at all.”

“Wow, that's kinda harsh Georgie.” Dream said, laughing a little.
Sapnap started laughing, not because of Dream’s comment, but because of Georges shocked expression at being called Georgie. Soon George joined in, and the three boys were all laughing.


To say George was surprised when the other two welcomed him with open wings would have been an understatement. His tribe was trying to kill these two, but here they were laughing with him and telling him stories like they were old friends. The three dragons were so caught up in the euphoria of having friends(the first time for George, as NightWing mind readers were told to form no relations with anyone besides their captain), that they didn’t notice the small pair of dark eyes watching them from the bushes.

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The three dragons continued on toward the small pass in between the Sky and Night Kingdoms. Surprisingly, they made pretty good progress. George had put out the fire on Dream’s wing fast enough that his natural movement would be impacted, but the RainWing would probably never fly again. Dream didn’t mind, he wasn’t a particularly good flyer any way, and he preferred climbing trees to soaring through the sky. His scales were a nice yellow-green, and they kept shifting between the two colors.

“Dream, what do those colors mean, you keep shifting?” Sapnap asked, chuckling at how his friend kept changing colors.

“What do you mean, changing colors, he's just yellow?” George asked before Dream could answer.

“Yellow means happy, and lime is my favorite color,” Dream said. “But George, lime isn’t even close to yellow. Are you colorblind or something?”

“Yes, I think. In the Night Kingdom, colors are kind of unneeded because everyone is a similar color, and so I never realized. Yet, when we went to the rainforest, so many of my old comrades' thoughts were about colors, so I kinda figured out that I couldn’t see what they saw.” George said, matter of factly.

“Oh,” Dream said, unable to come up with a proper response.

“What color am I?” Sapnap said, excitedly.

“Like a gold color almost,” George responded with a slight head tilt.

“Ooh cool, what color is Dream?”


“Is yellow the only color you can see?” Sapnap said, laughing.

“No,” George said. “I can see blue, gray, white, and black.”

“So you can see yourself fine, but we look yellow,” Dream said, laughing with Sapnap.

“You could change your color to something that I could see,” George said.

“Good idea,” Dream said, as he stopped and started to shift his color to a dark blue.

“That's blue!” George said excitedly.

“It is!” Sapnap said, smiling.

Like the night before, the dragons didn’t notice their shadow.


Sapnap stopped suddenly, and George almost ran into him. The three friends pulled up to where Sapnap was looking over the cliff. It was a steep fall, and the only way down would have been to fly, or so the two larger dragons thought. Dream started heading down the steep cliff face, his years spent climbing trees coming in handy. The two dragons on the top of the cliff were in shock at the speed the lime dragon went down the cliff. Eventually they picked their jaws off the floor, and met their friend at the bottom of the cliff.

“Dude, you were so fast!” Sapnap exclaimed.

“Thanks, climbing trees was my favorite activity in the rainforest.” Dream said, remembering the times he hid in the trees and pranked his friends.

The three dragons left the conversation at that, as they started to notice the sun was setting. They wandered the ground near the base of the cliff, and George called them over when he found a cave large enough to hold the three of them and keep Sapnap from touching George. The three dragons settled in, with Dream spreading his wings wide(once again a remnant from his time in the rainforest), and Sapnap curled up near the entrance of the cave. George settled himself in between the two, and leaned up against Sapnap, grateful for the warmth.

The three were so exhausted that they forgot to set a watch, and the NightWing soldiers surrounding them took advantage of this.


The young NightWing woke up on cold stone, and was hauled to his feet by two large NightWing soldiers. The room was cold, and was barely more than a cave. A small dragon sat in the middle of the floor. The NightWing instinctively knew that this was one of the Queens Voices.

“Good job,” the small dragon stated, their voice much larger than the body it was coming from. “You did well, leading us to the two runaways. You have made your queen proud.”

The two NightWings let go of him, and the young dragon shakily stood.
“Of course, your Majesty.”

“You have made me very proud, George.”

Chapter Text

“Why would you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Give me credit for your deed.”

“You seemed like you needed a win, Georgie.”


Sapnap woke up as soon as he felt claws around him(he was hyper aware of dragons touching him as he didn’t want to hurt anybody). He kicked his legs out, and fought back. This was in vain, as the NightWings were immune to his fire and much stronger. These dragons were adults, and Sapnap was barely 6. The NightWings responded to his attempt to fight back by dealing a heavy blow to his head, and knocking him out. The last thing Sapnap saw was George, awake and unharmed, in front of him.


A group of NightWings sat at an ornate table, with platters of meat and exotic fruits(at least to them, as they had some large crops of apples and peaches, but none of the variety of the rainforest). The room containing the table was a large cave, with veins of gold in the wall and silver teardrops dripping from the stalactites. At the head of the table sat a malnourished dragon, not even touching their food, a Queens Voice took priority over the vessel’s health. The other dragons sat at the table, tall and proud, except for one. He slumped over, thoughts running back to his friends, who were most likely dead. He knew he could think freely here, he was the only mind reader. Eventually the Voice spoke.

“George, this feast is in celebration of you, because of your trickery and deceit, you brought us the last firescales and a living RainWing, something none of my troops could do. This is wonderful. We now have a connection to his tribe, and we will be able to crush their revolt against us. It is a shame about his wing, but that is nothing that one of our animuses couldn’t fix.”

Though the voice sounded proud of George, the dragon speaking didn’t change expressions from the blank and dead-eyed one it currently wore. George wondered why Queen Bonebreaker didn’t use statues, instead of living(dying) dragons.

“Thank you, your majesty. I strive to do things in the name of my Queen.” George responded, like he had rehearsed his entire life, for the time when he would finally make Queen Bonebreaker proud. Yet, he didn’t feel like he thought he would. He felt like he did when he stole from one of the guards protecting(imprisoning) him. He felt scared, and exposed. He was once again glad that there were no mind readers at the table with him.

“To reward your service, I will allow you one animus touched object. You have tonight to think about it, and tomorrow at breakfast, I expect your answer.”

“Thank you, my queen. I will make the most of this opportunity.” George said, then excused himself from the table with the other NightWings. It was no secret that the queen had animuses, but not much was known about them. He knew that as soon as a dragonet revealed the possibility of magic, they were taken away from their homes. Like mind readers, he thought bitterly.
George walked back to his room. It was only a temporary place of residence, and because of this the walls were bare, and the only decor was a grey gemstone. It was just like what he was used to. He curled up on his bed, missing Sapnaps warmth. He was always cold, and curling up next to the firescales was always nice. George exhaled a small flame, but it didn’t help. His mind wandered back to the Queen’s offer. An animus-touched object. He could have anything he desired, but all he wanted was his friends, and he couldn’t have them. He could ask for something that would make him stronger, and able to break his friends out of prison, but that plan would be doomed from the start. George was used to find RainWings, not kill them. He could ask for something that would keep him safe, and unable to be harmed. That could be useful, as long as he didn’t have to fight more than one NightWing at a time. That seemed like the best possibility. He would ask for something to make his scales invulnerable. George settled into sleep, dreaming of rebellion and warmth.

He awoke hours before he was supposed to. The young NightWing stood, and stretched his wings out. He walked out of his room, looking for a window. Eventually he came to one, but another NightWing was sitting outside of it. The other NightWing was larger than him, probably a year or two older than George. George sat next to the other NightWing, and sat looking at the stars. The other NightWing was thinking about the stars, but soon turned his thoughts to George.

“Hello,” The other NightWing said.

“Hi,” George responded. They did not speak after that, content to watch the stars together. The larger NightWing’s thoughts returned to the shimmering lights, and so did George’s.


When it came time for breakfast, George walked to the dining hall, confident in his choice of object. He sat at his seat, and waited for the others. He was not the first NightWing, the dragon from last night sat across from him, and a large adult NightWing was next to him. The three sat in silence as the others entered. Once the Voice awoke, the dragons turned toward the malnourished dragon and listened to what they had to say.

“Good morning,” The Voice said. “So, George, have you made your decision?”

“Yes, your majesty. I would like an object to make my scales invulnerable.” George said, with a steady voice. He could hear the doubts in the other dragons minds(“Why would he need invulnerable scales?” “He isn’t a soldier” “What is he plotting?”), and quickly added, “Though I am immune to fire, I believe it would be helpful to be immune to any RainWing venom. They also have claws sharpened from climbing trees.”

“Ah, I see. It would be a shame if you were maimed by those savages. That is a good choice, invulnerable scales. I will not make you invulnerable, but I will give you an object that will. It would be useful if any of your comrades needed invulnerable scales at any time.” The Voice stated, then turned toward the two guards. “Bring the animus in.”

The two guards left the chamber, and the NightWings at the table began to eat. George dug through the others thoughts to make sure he made the right decision. None of them doubted his motives. He continued to eat his food, which was roasted pork and apples(NightWing nobles always ate lavishly), until the two guards came back.

They walked uniformly and proud, like the perfect soldiers they were conditioned to be. In between them was a smaller dragon, who was probably George's age. The small dragon’s eyes were glazed over, and their head was weighed down by a necklace. The necklace was small and very lackluster. George only wondered why they wore it until he heard the thoughts of the other dragons. The necklace was animus-touched to allow the queen to control the animuses, and if they removed it, they would die. It was a death sentence for anyone who was caught as an animus. The dragon across from George tensed when he saw the animus, but George couldn’t read his thoughts. He assumed that the dragon had gotten an item that protects them from mind readers.

The small dragon walked up to George, and held a necklace in their hands. Their voice was raspy, and as soon as George heard it, he realized exactly how young this dragon was.

“I enchant this necklace to be indestructible and give the bearer invulnerable scales,” they said softly. When they looked into George’s eyes when they handed him the necklace, George heard one thought, clear as day.


George looked away, knowing that he would be unable to help the dragonet without killing them. He took the necklace and put it over his head. He didn’t feel different, but he did know that he was invulnerable from scanning the thoughts of the others. He straightened his back, and made sure to look like the soldier he was.

“Thank you, my queen, for your wonderful gift,” he stated.

“Anything for the dragon who brought us two traitors. They will be of great importance to us. The RainWing can lead us to their militia and the firescales is an excellent bargaining tool.” The Voice responded. Though George couldn’t read her mind, he knew that she was proud of him. George was glad no one at the table could read his mind, his thoughts would incriminate him if any loyal NightWing(which was almost all of them) heard them.

“Good job George,” said the NightWing to his left. “You are a true soldier.”

After the first NightWing said his congratulations, the others joined in. The NightWing opposite George said a brief congratulations(which wasn’t unusual, as most of the congratulations were brief), but George noticed the hesitation in his voice. The NightWing across from George was not loyal to the Queen, and George needed to know why.

Chapter Text


Sapnap woke up pissed off. George betrayed them, George fucking betrayed them. As soon as Sapnap got out of his cell he was going to murder the little shit. Sapnap should have never trusted the NightWing. They were deceiving and cunning, and Sapnap and Dream fell right into their trap. Sapnap’s temperature rose as he got angrier. He stood, and looked up. His cell was some sort of pit. Sapnap would have flown to the top, but being a SkyWing, his wingspan would have been too large. Sapnap wasn’t chained, so he could walk around, but the cell wasn’t even large enough for him to spread one of his wings. Sapnap laid back on the ground. He curled in on himself even though there was no one he could burn. His thoughts drifted toward George. He seemed so sincere, why would he betray them? Sapnap felt sick to his stomach at the thought of the NightWing lying to them. 

His depressing spiral of thoughts was soon interrupted by two NightWing soldiers above his prison. Sapnap strained to hear what they were saying. 

“Queen Vermillion is going to be very happy with the firescales.”

“I wonder what Queen Bonebreaker will want in exchange for it.”

Sapnap quelled the embers of anger in his stomach about being talked about like a product(He ignored the lonely feeling that appeared as he realized that the dragon had the same accent as George). 

“I hope the Queen kills it as soon as possible, I don’t like being around it.”

“Queen Bonebreaker can’t gain anything she doesn’t already have in exchange for it, so it should die.”

The SkyWing at the bottom of the pit soon realized that these guards were not very well versed in the territory the Sky Kingdom occupied. The SkyWings had a passage to the Ice Kingdom that went around the Great Ice Cliff. They used it for trade, but the NightWings wanted to use it for war. Sapnap was happy at this revelation. He would die, but so would the NightWings. The frost breath that some IceWings had could harm him, a firescales, so the NightWings had no chance of winning that war. 

Just the thought of the tribe of dragons brought Sapnaps thoughts back to George and Dream. Where was Dream? Probably dead . The NightWings would not hesitate to kill the RainWing. Sapnap was all alone once again. This time though, he knew he was going to die. He doubted that the SkyWings would allow him to reincarnate. This was his last life. Sapnap wondered if his past lives were ever in danger of breaking the chain. He got lost in his mind imagining his possible past lives.

He was soon snapped out of his thoughts by a large grinding sound. The ceiling above him opened up, and two large NightWing soldiers flew down. 

“Are you gonna cooperate?” One said, threateningly. Sapnap had no choice but to comply, so he nodded. The two guards flew out of the cell, and Sapnap followed them. They led him through the mess of caves, and Sapnap longed for the open sky. They stopped at an ornate enterenceway. The room looked like a throne room, though the dragon on the throne was weak, and seemed to be the opposite of regal(Sapnap also doubted that they would allow him anywhere near their queen). Sapnap and the two guards stopped about a dragon-length away from the throne. The two guards bowed, and Sapnap followed along, because he could use as much mercy as he could get.

“Your Majesty, we have brought the firescales prisoner,” one of the guards stated.

“Thank you, we will begin the interrogation now,” The dragon, the Queen, stated. “Bring in the mind reader!”

George. Sapnap would get his chance to kill the bastard. He turned as the dark-blue dragon entered the room, and immediately ran toward him. He tackled the smaller dragon to the ground George screamed. Sapnap tried to rake his claws across George's side, but they didn’t even draw blood. This only caused Sapnap to try harder, and continue to scratch George. The two guards pulled him off George and held him in place in front of the Queen.

“Well, George, your invulnerable scales sure came in handy,” the Queen said with a light chuckle. Sapnap stared in awe at the smaller dragon on the other side of the guard on his right. He had been rewarded for his loyalty. 

“Yes, your majesty. Thank you for the gift. It has been well received.” George said, bowing his head. Sapnap glared at George.

“So, SkyWing,” The queen said, turning her attention to Sapnap. “Where do your loyalties lie?”

Not with you, your subject made me learn that I can’t trust your tribe. Sapnap didn’t answer. With Dream most likely dead and George betraying him, he had no loyalties, other than himself. 

“Are you not going to answer me? It would do you good to, as I am holding you captive.” The queen stated. Though the dragon on the throne didn’t move, Sapnap could almost imagine the threatening smile that came with those words. Yet, the SkyWing held his tongue. “That's a shame. George tell me his thoughts, since he won’t.”

“Your majesty, I cannot read his thoughts, he is a firescales. It’s like reading burning scrolls.” George said.

“Bring the animus in to make yourself able to read his mind,” the Queen said to one of the guards. Sapnap didn’t care. It was obvious to the NightWings that he hated all of them. He would be killed anyway.

Sapnap turned when he heard the clicking of claws on the stone floor behind him. The animus had entered the room, and Sapnap was in shock. The animus was barely a dragonet. His thoughts were confirmed when he heard the animus speak.

“I enchant this dragon to be able to read any dragon's mind, no matter what, with the exception of her Majesty, Queen Bonebreaker,” the animus said, motioning to George. George looked slightly alarmed at this. 

“Escort them out,” the Queen said, once George had been enchanted by the animus. The animus left, and then the queen turned her attention to Sapnap. “I will ask you again, where do your loyalties lie?”

Like before, Sapnap knew that he was alone, and loyal to no one.

“He is unwilling to admit it, but he is loyal to you, your majesty,” George said, after a moment. Sapnap was confused, but he played along, and stayed silent.

“Oh, wonderful. Now, SkyWing, do you know any information about Queen Vermillion planning an uprising against me?”

Now this was an unexpected question. Sapnap had no information about this, but felt like he should make George answer the question.

“He knows nothing about it, your Majesty, Queen Vermillion had kicked him out before he could learn anything,” George responded. 

“Thats a shame,” the Queen stated. “I need no more information from him, but George, try and make him more willing to admit his loyalty.”

The two guards turned and escorted Sapnap out, with George behind them. The four dragons walked in silence, the only noise echoing through the halls was the clacking of their claws on the stone floor. Sapnap tried to memorize the tunnels that they travelled through, but as he spent little time in the halls of the Sky Kingdom, he soon lost track. The tense silence seemed to stretch the short walk longer than was bearable, but soon they came to Sapnap’s cell.

“Have fun down there, you two,” one of the guards said in a monotone voice, and shoved Sapnap down into the hole. Though the Queen harbored some respect for him, the guards did not. He was unprepared for the sudden movement, and landed awkwardly on his shoulder. He didn't pull any muscles, but he was sure that his shoulder would be sore in the coming months. George flew down, and right after he landed, the roof shut slightly, making it possible for George to escape, but not Sapnap. 

The two ex-friends sat in tense silence, neither of them knowing where to start. Sapnap sat up, and circled his wing, so as to loosen his shoulder. After a while, George spoke.

“The guards can hear what we say, but they can’t read our minds,” George whispered. “I’m sorry.”

You should be, you betrayed us.

“I had to, otherwise they would have killed me. I did not turn you in, I just took credit for it.” George said, awkwardly.

That makes it so much better.

“I’m sorry, how many times do I have to say it.”

As many times as it takes to bring Dream back. Sapnap thought bitterly.

“He’s not dead, so zero. I apologized 2 times more than I had to.”

He's not dead? Sapnap though, very happy at the sudden development.

“Yes, Bonebreaker needs him to lead the NightWings to the epicenter of the RainWing army,” George said.

RainWing army? They don’t have an army.

“A future seerer told the Queen that the RainWings were working on taking territory from her. I don’t believe that. I just think that Queen Bonebreaker wants to control trade.”

Oh. Why did you say I was loyal to the Queen even though I am not?

“So she would keep you alive and not give you to Vermillion.”

Though Sapnap was grateful for the NightWings kindness, he still didn’t trust him. Yet, being a prisoner of his ex-friend was better than being under the service of Vermillion. He was still alive. 

“You’re welcome, by the way.”

Thank you, you traitorous bastard .

“I am doing everything in my power to keep you and Dream alive, and get you two out of here,” George whispered angrily.

And how do I know that you won’t just turn us in again?

“Because we aren’t going to get caught again. We are going to get as far away from here as we can.”

Where are we going to go? We can’t go to the Rainforest, Sky Kingdom, or Ice Kingdom. You will stick out like a sore thumb in the desert, and none of us can breathe underwater.

“We can go to the Ice Kingdom.”

Dream will fucking die if we go there. It's too cold for him. And the Great Ice Cliff will kill all of us.

“You can keep Dream warm, and as long as we don’t cross the cliff, we should be fine.”

I’m a firescales, I can’t touch Dream without killing him.

“I have a necklace that has been enchanted to make the bearer have invulnerable scales, you will be able to touch him,” George said, motioning to the silver band around his neck. “It’s also indestructible, so you can touch it without it being destroyed.”

Sapnap reached out and ran his hand across the necklace. George was right, the necklace didn’t melt like other metals did. Sapnap was mesmerized by the metal, smooth, and unburned. He kept on running his hand over it, feeling the smooth texture.

George laughed at his interest in the necklace, and gently pushed his hand away. “If Dream wears this, you can touch him. If you keep him warm, we can escape to the Ice Kingdom.”

What happens when we get there? What will we do?

“Lets focus on getting out of here first.”

Ok .

“You guys are awfully quiet in there,” One of the guards shouted down.

“The prisoner is refusing to speak, but he is warming up to our Queen,” George responded.

“Good, but times up, you can continue to convince it tomorrow.”

“Ok, Fatestriker,” George said, before putting his hand on Sapnap’s and flying out of the cell. 

Once the NightWing had left, Sapnap heard the grinding sound that signaled the roof closing over him. Though Sapnap was happy about the information George had given him, he still felt sick. The betrayal left a bitter aftertaste in his mouth, and the enclosed space didn’t help. Sapnap was alone once again, and he missed the ghost of a feeling of George's hand on his. The SkyWing fell asleep, feeling bittersweet.

Chapter Text

Dream woke up on a cot. It was slightly different from the ones in the rainforest, as those were softer. Yet, this cot was still comfortable. Dream attempted to settle back into sleep, until he realized that he was on a cot. The RainWing sat up, and looked around. He was in a cave, on a cot, surrounded by NightWings. Dream backed himself up to the wall and spread his wings to make himself look bigger. He shifted his color to an angry red, to make himself more threatening, and displayed his fangs dripping with venom. All but one of the dark dragons backed up and away from him. A small(as he was the youngest in the room) NightWing stayed where he was.

“George, why am I here?” The RainWing said, desperately trying to sound calm. “You said they wouldn’t take us. You promised.”

George looked guilty at Dreams statement, and the (currently) red dragon would never forget the words that came out of his mouth next. “I lied to you. You thought that I, a NightWing would be friends with a RainWing like yourself. You are just a jungle dwelling savage. I was going to betray you from the start. You better tell us where the RainWings are hiding, or I will kill you.”

“Do it then. Kill me.” Dream said, now unable to stop the tears from falling and his scales from turning blue-gray and black. “Kill me, you traitor.”

“I was never loyal to you, so I am not a traitor,” George spat. “Now tell me.”


“Well, it's your loss,” George said, as he picked up a knife. “This is gonna hurt.”

The NightWing ran the knife across the RainWing’s neck, and Dream swore he heard George whisper “I’m so sorry”, before he bled out.

Dream woke up on a bloodsoaked cot. He was very confused. Didn’t he just die? He opened and closed his frills anxiously in the empty room. The room was a cave, but on the open side there were thick iron bars. Dream shot some venom at the bottom of the bars, and they sizzled a little, but soon stopped. He paced around the room anxiously and started humming to calm his nerves. It was an old RainWing lullaby and most dragonets forgot it, if they had ever been sung it at all, but Dream remembered it. He remembered it and hummed it.

“That’s a nice melody,” said the NightWing guard outside of Dream's cell. Dream just noticed the dark red dragon, and backed himself into a corner. The guard noticed this and responded. “No, no, no, I don’t want to hurt you. If I wanted to I would have already, you were sleeping kinda close to the bars. I just think that the song is nice.”

Dream slowly moved out of the corner, and started humming the song again. The dark red dragon closed their eyes and started swaying with the melody. Dream got a good look at the guard assigned to him. They were dark red, and he could only tell this from the light filtering out through the small window above them. The small “stars” under their wings were red, instead of the light blue that Georges were. Dream was very curious about this.

“Why are your wing-stars red?” Dream asked. 

“Oh, I was born under a blood moon, but out of the moon's light. NightWings have superstitions about mind readers and future seerers born under a blood moon. I don’t mind, I think it would be overwhelming to read everybody's mind or see the future.”

“Yea, probably. Though, in the rainforest, it's kind of like you can read the other dragons’ minds, RainWing scales change colors to represent our emotions, though some can control it voluntarily.” 

“That's so cool!” The NightWing said excitedly. “I wish I could change my scales. All of the other NightWings are hostile toward me, only because I was born under a blood moon.”

“Well, I think your scales are cool,” Dream said. “Here, watch this, just give me a second.”

Dream shifted his scales to match the NightWings, and it was a very good match. If someone were to look at them, and not register the fact that one dragon was smaller than the other, they would have assumed that the NightWing was looking in a mirror. Every detail on Dream was the same as the NightWing, even his bright green eyes(though this was pure coincidence). The NightWing looked at him incredulously. 

“Wow, you are really good at that.” The NightWing said. “I’m BadBoyHalo, by the way.”


The two dragons continued to talk and watch Dream change his colors, and BadBoyHalo gained new respect for the rainforest tribe.

“Dream,” a deep voice stated. “The Queen requests your presence.”

“Ooh, am I that important?” Dream said, mocking the guard’s accent.

“No, now get out of your cell.” The guard replied, and Dream was dismayed to notice his new friend was gone. 

“Come anywhere near me, and I will melt your face off,” Dream said. 

“George, the prisoner is acting up,” The guard called, and from his side, walked George.

Dream immediately spat acid at him, but forgot about the height distance, and the acid merely rolled off his chest.

“Wha- how- you’re immune?” Dream shouted.

“Yes, now cooperate, prisoner .” George made sure to put extra venom into his last word.

“I don’t have to listen to you, you piece of sloth shit!” Dream shouted.

“You don’t want me to do this,” George said, as he blew a stream of fire at Dream’s face. Dream screamed as he felt his face burn. He jumped out of the stream of fire, and slashed at George, but like his venom, it had no effect. The guard next to George opened the cell, and George stepped in, and used his natural bulk to knock Dream to the ground. The guard hit Dream on the head with one strong arm, and Dream blacked out. 

He awoke in a large cave, with a pounding headache. At the front of the cave sat a small dragon on a throne. Dream assumed she was the NightWing Queen(he also assumed she would be larger).

“Hello, RainWing. Welcome to my court. Obviously you aren’t talking to me, just one of my Voices, I am not stupid enought to let your venom near me. Now, where is your Kingdom?”

“In the giant rainforest, it's kind of hard to miss,” Dream said.

“Where is the capital?” The Queen replied, losing her patience with the lime dragon.

“I will never tell you, you piece of chameleon shit.”

“George, slit his throat.”

George walked to Dream, and stood in front of him. He grabbed the knife from its sheath around his shoulder, and brought it up to Dreams throat. He dragged it quickly across the RainWing’s neck, and Dream didn't just feel the pain of the knife, but the pain of betrayal.

Dream woke up in a pool of his blood, with his arms and neck chained to the floor and his snout chained shut. He stood up, and frantically jerked to get the chains off. They held, and Dream looked frantically around the room. He was still in the throne room, and was chained in front of the throne. The Queen was still seated on the golden throne.

“Now, Dream, I am sure you are very confused. You just died, did you not? Alas, you are alive once more. It is no secret that our glorious tribe harbors animus dragons, and that knife has been animus touched. When you are cut by the knife, you bleed to death, and are revived within the hour. It is quite useless in battle.” The queen said maliciously. “But wonderful during interrogation.”

Dream continued to yank at his chains. The queen laughed at his struggles, but only her voice indicated laughter, her body didn’t move. “I will continue to kill you and revive you, until you tell me.”

A guard picked up the knife, and walked over to Dream. He unclasped the chains around Dream’s snout. Dream took advantage of this, and shot venom into the guard’s eyes.

The guard shrieked, and collapsed to the floor. He squirmed, in terrible amounts of pain. When Dream got a good look at the guard’s face, he could see his scales melting off and clean white bone underneath the mess of blood and flesh.  

“What a pity,” the Queen said before Dream shot venom at her, yet she was too far away, and the venom stopped about half a dragon length away. “Guard, bring in George, as he is immune, and get the indestructible goggles.”

The guards walked behind Dream, as the chains around his neck prevented him from turning his head. He heard the clacking of the guards’ claws leaving the room. It was only him and the Queen. 

“Oh, stupid RainWing, you thought that I would leave you alone in here with me. I would never. This is just one of my vessels, designed to keep me safe from mind readers, traitors, and savages, like yourself. You cannot harm me. Oh, maybe I will use you as my next vessel. Though I wouldn’t like to be a RainWing, I could use your body to take me to your Queen. Yet, first I will need to know where she is, and I expect you to tell me.”

Dream was revolted at the idea of having his body taken over, and being controlled by the Queen. He opened and closed his frills anxiously. He continued to lay on the floor, partly because of the chains, partly because he didn’t know if he would be able to stand. He curled up as best as he could. He would never be able to escape. He had no idea where his Queen was. She had been the first to flee. He would be cursed to die, over and over again, at the hands of his ex-friend. As if his thoughts summoned the NightWing, George walked in. Dream glared at the NightWing. His eyes were bloodshot, as if he had been crying, and he was shaking. Though Dream despised the NightWing, he was still worried.

“Wonderful, now, Dream, where is your Queen?” The vessel stated.

Dream didn’t answer, already having resigned himself to the idea that he would die, many times over. 

“He does not know, your Majesty,” George stated, and Dream noticed how shaky his voice was.

“He has to know! He has to!” The Queen shouted angrily. 

“He doesn’t,” George said with his head down. He stood in front of Dream, as if to protect him from the Queen.

“Then kill him, he is useless,” The Queen spat.


“What did you just say to me?”

George raised his head, and looked the Queen’s vessel in her dead eyes. “No, I will not kill him.”

“You traitorous bastard!” The Queen shouted. “You will obey me! I am your Queen!”

“I will not obey you!” The NightWing shouted, as he lunged at her. The 3 guards in the room immediately moved to apprehend the NightWing. Dream shot venom at one, and watched as the NightWing hissed, and brought their wing in close to his body. Dream got ready to shoot more venom, but he felt the chains tighten around his snout. A large purple NightWing had come in from the hall. Dream had nothing to do but watch as his friend was held down in front of the Queen.

“Bring the animus in,” she said to the dragon who had chained Dream’s snout. The guard left, and Dream looked at George. He was bleeding and held in a very awkward position that, if he made it out alive, would leave him sore for weeks. Yet, that wasn’t what Dream was confused about. Why would George turn him in, then refuse to kill him?

The clacking of claws on stone alerted the dragons in the room to the animus. Like Sapnap and George before him, Dream was in shock at how young the dragon was. The animus was small, and a dark blue. Dream noticed how similar the animus looked to George. They held a bare silver chain in their hands.

“I enchant this chain to make the bearer obey any command given by Queen Bonebreaker,” Though Dream didn’t notice it, George noticed how the animus didn’t add on the words that would kill George if he took it off. The animus gave the chain to a guard, and they put it around George’s neck. George immediately stiffened, and stood up. 

“Good,” the Queen said. “Now, George, kill the RainWing”

The NightWing walked up to Dream, and though his body did what the Queen said, his eyes had true fear in them. George brought his claws up to Dream’s neck, and was tackled to the ground. BadBoyHalo, the guard who had refused to watch the small RainWing die, had tackled George to the ground, and removed the chain from around Georges neck. Bad tossed the chain into a far corner of the room.

“The RainWing will not die today,” He stated. 

The 3 living guards surrounded the traitors. The animus opened their mouth, to enchant the two dragons.

“I enchant George and BadBoyHalo to-” The animus said, then was cut off by Bad.

“I enchant the Queen’s animus to be unable to speak for the rest of their time under the queens rule.”

Everyone was silent. BadBoyHalo, the NightWing, born under a blood moon, was an animus.

Chapter Text

George was having a shitty day. The Queen was using him to interrogate Dream. This would have been fine, if it were an interrogation like Sapnap’s, but it wasn’t. George had to use The Knife. The Knife was a knife used specifically during interrogations with RainWings. It would kill them, and then they would come back to life within the next hour. George already had to kill Dream twice, and was currently sitting on the floor of his room, crying his eyes out. He had given the immunity necklace to Sapnap the night before, as he was planning on getting Dream out, since he heard that the RainWing woke up, yet when he got to his cell, 6 other NightWings were there. George stepped closer to Dream, and ended up having to kill him to prevent himself from being labeled as a traitor. The second time George had to kill him was just because George had already proven himself capable of killing the smaller dragon. 

Eventually a guard knocked on his door. It was the red dragon from dinner, the one who wasn’t loyal. 

“Hey, George, the Queen requests your presence.” The NightWing stated.

“Ok, ok, just give me a second,” George said as he wiped his eyes. He was glad that this guard was the one who found him crying. This guard was a traitor, and George still couldn’t read his mind. Even with the enchantment that the Queen put on him, his mind was still unreadable, like words that had been crossed out over and over again. Sometimes George would get snippets, but he couldn’t decipher their meanings.

Once George was satisfied with his appearance, he left with the disloyal NightWing to go kill his friend. When he entered the room, he could sense the RainWing’s fear and hatred of him. He almost broke down crying right then, but he didn’t. He almost killed his friend like his Queen asked of him, but he didn’t. He didn’t kill Dream. 

He tried to spare Dream, but now they were gonna die. His rescue plan had failed. He watched as they brought the animus in to take away his free will. He had watched this happen once before. When he was young, he had watched as a young mind reader’s free will was taken away, because they had refused to kill a RainWing. The small dragon walked into the room, and George made sure to pay attention to the sentence that would be his downfall. 

“I enchant this chain to make the bearer obey any command given by Queen Bonebreaker,” the animus said. George managed to hide his joy when he realized he would be able to take it off. That joy was short lived when he heard the Queen order him to kill Dream. It freaked him out to feel his limbs move of their own accord, and he tried to stop them.

He stopped in front of the RainWing and brought his claws up to Dream's neck. He began to cut Dream, but was suddenly tackled to the ground. The disloyal NightWing had stopped him from killing his friend, and he was never happier. The larger dragon grabbed the chain, and tore it off. 

“The RainWing will not die today,” he stated proudly. 

That was when George noticed the animus, getting ready to enchant him and the other dragon.

“I enchant George and BadBoyHalo to-” The animus said, then was cut off by Bad.

“I enchant the Queen’s animus to be unable to speak for the rest of their time under the queens rule.”

Everyone was silent. The larger NightWing traitor was an animus.

“I enchant all of the guards within this compound to fall asleep for the next 5 hours.” He said, as the guards slumped and fell to the floor. The NightWing pulled a set of keys from his pouch and unlocked Dreams chains. George immediately ran to him and hugged him. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry,” George said through tears. “I’m gonna get you out of here.”

“What about Sapnap, is he ok?” Dream said quietly.

“Yes, and I have a necklace that will give you invulnerable scales, so you can touch him,” George said, still crying.

“Good,” Dream responded. “Bad, I didn’t know you were an animus.”

“Yeah, no one did, until today, I was planning on taking the secret to my grave, but I couldn’t watch you die,” Bad replied. “Is it ok if I run away with you, I kinda need to?” 

“Yes,” Dream stated before George could respond. He walked up next to George, and laced his tail around George’s. “Let’s go find Sapnap.”

The three dragons left the room, Dream walking in between them, needing support. They eventually came to the pit and opened up the cell.

“What do you bastards want?” Sapnap said, without looking up.

“Language!” Bad said.

“I’ll cuss all I want,” Sapnap said, looking out of the cell. When he saw George and Dream, he immediately flew out. He landed on the opposite side of the three dragons, as he didn’t want to hurt any of them. He handed over the necklace to George. “Here Dream, put this on.”

Though George couldn’t see colors, he could see how hot the necklace was. “I don’t think he could put this on.”

“I could always just skip the necklace, and just be invulnerable,” He said, turning to Bad.

“I don’t like enchanting living beings, but since it’s just an invulnerability spell, I’ll do it,” The NightWing said. “I enchant this dragon to have invulnerable scales.”

Dream immediately walked over toward Sapnap, and laid his hand over the SkyWings. He did not burn, and he immediately wrapped his wings around Sapnap.

“Holy fuck dude, you’re so warm,” Dream said into Sapnap’s chest.

“Language!” Bad shouted. 

“We have to get going, the guards will wake up again, and then we will be hunted again. We have to go.” George said, urgently. The other three dragons nod, and head out of the cave. George and Bad lead them out, both used to the twisting tunnels. Eventually they come to the opening. The dragons all look at each other, knowing that there are no second chances, as they took off into the darkening sky.

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BadBoyHalo had spent most of his life hiding. Being an animus wasn’t easy, and since his aunt was one, he always had eyes on him, looking for the telltale signs of magic. The fact that he was born under a blood moon didn’t help his situation. Yet, he kept his magic hidden for 8 years, until his comrades were going to kill the young RainWing. He watched as George, one of the dragons that Dream talked about at length that night, was going to be forced by the Queen to kill his friend. 

Bad couldn’t imagine having to kill one of his friends(this was aided by the fact that he didn’t have any friends), and so he interfered. He interfered, and was now a criminal. At least the RainWing and NightWing were ok(along with the SkyWing, who Bad assumed was Sapnap). The four dragons flew as long as they could, at least until Dream needed to rest. He was a RainWing, and not suited for flying. The fact that he died twice probably didn’t help his physical fitness. The four dragons found a cave in the mountain, and Bad led them deep into it. He spent most of his life underground, so getting back out wouldn’t be a problem. Once they had found a cavern that would fit them all comfortably, they settled down. The small glow that Sapnap gave off was nice, and both Dream and George settled next to him, vying for his warmth. Bad chuckled at the actions of the two younger dragons, and how quickly they fell asleep.

“I guess we are taking the first watch,” Sapnap said. “I’m Sapnap, by the way.”

“I know, Dream wouldn’t shut up about you and George. I’m BadBoyHalo.”

“So, Bad, how long have you known you were an animus?” Sapnap said. 

“When I enchanted a rock to move. I was trying to see if I was an animus like my aunt, and I was. I knew what animuses were and what they had to go through, so I never told anyone. Until today.”

“Oh, I saw an animus. They had a necklace on, I’m assuming it controls them.”

“Yeah, and if they ever take it off, they would die,” Bad said quietly.

The two sat in silence. Bad knew that Sapnap went through something similar, being a firescales. Bad watched as the slight glow off of Sapnap increased and decreased with each breath. Though Bad would become a firescales if it meant getting rid of the animus magic in his claws, he preferred how easy it was to hide being an animus, or easier than it would have been to hide being a firescales. 

“What’s the NightKingdom like?” Sapnap asked after a while. 

“The capital is pretty large, and each building has a balcony of sorts, for the NightWings to sit in the moons’ light.”

“That sounds similar to the Sky Kingdom, though we don’t worship the moons, the sky holds an important role to us.”

The two dragons continued to discuss the skies role in their mythos, until the SkyWing fell asleep. He woke George to take the next watch with BadBoyHalo, as his sleep cycle was still set to the NightWing sleep cycle, and they stayed safe in the cave until morning.

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