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Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs Dunphrey: My Thoughts

I’ve been reading this book called Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs Dunphrey by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and it’s very well-written and awesome, as well as inspiring and brilliant.

The main character, Tish Bonner, reminds me of myself a bit, as I like to express my thoughts, ideas and stories through writing and sometimes on my laptop (except thankfully, my parents are different from hers, and I have an older sibling who is really nice to me).

Of course, the character of Bud Turner, Tish’s boss at the Burger Boy, was very well-developed as well. However, his cutting Tish’s hours, and then firing her from her job, made me feel bad for Tish; from my perspective, he should’ve accepted that she wouldn’t go out with him back in the fall, and apologized to her, and then maybe gave her a promotion — like maybe to co-manager or something, or maybe even added a raise on her salary. And similar to Tish, I too liked the manager, Mr. Seagrave, as he sounded kind of cool, and I don’t know why he hired Bud as her boss either. It’s too bad he then gets a new job somewhere else (although it’s never fully explained what the new job, is or where Mr. Seagrave went), and that Bud had to replace him as manager.

Plus, Tish’s dad (Ray Bonner) is charming but abusive, while his wife, Tish’s mom (whose first name isn’t given), is kind of weak and is unable to stand up for herself.

Finally, Tish’s dad leaves for California the day after Christmas, and her mother then leaves to go find him two months later on February 12. Then all these bills come in that have to be paid, and Tish starts worrying that she has to keep everything secret. Finally, after the electricity is shut off, she decides to tell her teacher Mrs Dunphrey about her problems, and everything turns out OK for Tish and her little brother Matt in the end.

Anyway, this book is very neat and very cool, as well as very inspiring, and I highly recommend it too.