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  • 2020 Harry/Draco Sex Fair (hd_sex_fair) by phoenixacid, fanfairmod

    h/d sex fair

    16 Oct 2020


    H/D Sex Fair is the 2020 Fannish Fair hosted at H/D Fan Fair.

    H/D Sex Fair is a Harry/Draco fest, thus all stories and works of art must have Harry/Draco as the primary romantic/erotic pairing. Pre-slash should be marked clearly in the header information. Their relationship doesn't have to be the primary focus of the story/art, but it is important that both Harry and Draco play an important role.

    Our Theme: SEX
    For this year's Fair we'd love for you to come up with prompts, write stories, create artworks and read podfics that feature:
    * sexuality and sexual orientation - e.g. mating rituals or sex cultures of Wizarding world, kinks or sexual practices, virginity, coming out, bisexuality, asexuality, discovering sexual preferences
    * any sex-related occupation - e.g. sex education professor at Hogwarts, escort or rentboy, sexual health medical specialist, sex toy designer
    * any sex-related tropes - e.g. Alpha/Beta/Omega universe, BDSM AU, aphrodisiac or sex pollen made them do it, friends with benefits

    This means that your entries must feature sex-related themes, as the key component of your story. Your entry does not have to be smutty or have an R/NC-17 rating to be accepted.

    (Closed, Moderated)