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Fire emblem genealogy of the discord war

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Larcheistronk56 - Larcei 


Selioh - Seliph 


CHADMUID - Diarmuid


Astur - Arthur


Fee - Fee


Offer - Oifey 


SHANBAB - Shannan 


Nier boy 1 - Johan 


Nier boy 2 - Johalvier 


Lester - Lester


Lanan - Lana


Edain - Edain 


Wind-God - Lewyn 


Julia - Julia

Larchei has created the server: Issach gang💪

Larcheistronk56: Hi


SHANBAB: What the fuck. I leave Issac for two weeks and come back to Larcei spelling my home country wrong 


Selioh: Actually, have we even wondered how Isach is spelled? We always say it the same but never typed out.


Larcheistronk56: its issach, my mom was literally the only person in gen 1 from this place so i know.


SHANBAB: What about me. I was there. 


Larcheistronk56: uhhhhhh. U were babey u didn’t exist. 


Edain: But he did exist 


Offer: of course he did, I was babey too       


Larcheistronk56: fuck


CHADMUID 🇹🇩: Larchei said a bad word


Wind-God: Why was this made?    


Larcheistronk56: i just wanted to talk to y’all     


Selioh: But I’m right next to you 


Larcheistronk56: but, i'm too lazy to talk


SHANBAB : if you wanted to talk to me you could’ve just talk to me on phone. 


Ulster: Larchei wh


Larcheistronk56: idk read above


Selioh: Anyway why is ISACH spelled wrong?


Lester: Wait it’s Issach? I thought it was Isac 


Larcheistronk56: what the fuck Lester why u spell issach weird 


Lanan: Hey don't talk shit to my brother or i’ll bonk you


Larcheistronk56: i dont care im in feh at least idk


Selioh: but so is half of the people here. Oifey when are you coming to feh to meet ur boyfriend 


Random axe person: hey you have gold???????? *Isaach army theme starts playing*


Selioh: How the fu- Ulster how did they get access to server can you see any of them? 


Ulster: Larchei did you post the server invite on


Larcheistronk56: Maybe 




Offer: Eneny sighted Enemy Sighted


SHANBAB : Welp gotta go find Ballsmung u guys have fun 


Larcheistronk56: Bruh


SHANBAB is offline


Chad: We are on our way


Offer: Lester get off Twitter we need to save Seliph!!!


Lester: Okay okay let’s go where’s my iron pew pew 


Offer: Shut up you have a brave bow


Offer, Lester, and CHADMUID are offline


Larcheistronk56: what the fuck is a pew pew?


Selioh: Lana where the fuck are you 


Lana: I’m in the fucking bathroom hold on a sec


Selioh: Ulster are you going to tirnangog  


Ulster: yes


Arthur and Fee dm 

Astur: Fee where are you you’re supposed to pick me up!


Fee: Holy shit a group is being attacked in isaach, i saw it on 


Astur: Okay but that doesn’t answer my question, where tf are you? I need to go to Alster.


Fee: Okay im fucking coming astur


Astur: actually who is the group being attacke in ISACH? 


Fee: idfk, their name was Larcheistronk56 on twitter dot com. We are mutuals


Astur: Who is Larchei, was that the person with the person with link to a server?


Fee: yes that one. We should join.


Astur: Can your Pegasus take me to isaach then?


Fee: Yes

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Astur: Okay I’m waiting in Silesse village can you pick me up for the third fucking time!


Fee: Im on my fucking way. Just be patient



Welcome, Astur! To Issach gang💪


Welcome, Fee! To issach gang💪




Chad: Who are these people? 


Larcheistronk56: Oh shit its fee from twitter dot com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fee: holy shit Larchei is that u


Larcheistronk56: yes now come here and help us we are fucking under attack


Offer: Who the fuck is Astur?


 Fee: he’s my bf


Astur: No I’m not. You’re just here to take me to Alster. 


Fee: don’t be shy bby


Astur: Anyway where this Lord Seliph?


Selioh: me am I special? 


Larcheistronk56: ur all over twitter didnt you know?


Selioh: I don’t exist on twitter wym 


Larcheistronk56: i post about u, ur famous


Selioh: You’re the only one who has twitter 


Lester: but me 


Larcheistronk56: who are u


Lester: I’m Lester the bester and for some reason I look like lex 


9Larcheistronk56: you mean my dad?


Lester: apparently so my dad is Verdane man 👨 


Larcheistronk56: E


Ulster: why tf didnt u know


Larcheistronk56: i forgot


Wind-God: Seliph I have to ask you a favor get to Ganeishire asap please it’s important 


Selioh: what is it tell me now 


Wind-God: but plot 


Selioh: ok fine 


Larcheistronk56: what the fuck is plot?


Astur: Idk but fee and I are all the way at Sophara You guys go do your thing we’ll be here taking care of axe mother fuckers  


Fee: astur has this fucking stronk ass tome, we’ll be fine


Astur: it’s a fucking wind tome fee is nothing 


Fee: wasnt your dad lewyn?


Astur: idk I don’t remember 


Fee: ohhhhh


Astur: Oh shit oh fucky the Sophara axe guys found us and are heading towards mountain 🏔 fucking help.


Astur and Fee are offline 


Larcheistronk56: we are coming let us kill this person and seize the castle 


Selioh: but Nosferatu tome. 


Larcheistronk56: but no one uses magic here wtf


Selioh: We need it for plot relevance censor, go to Sophara pls laekche 


Larcheistronk56: i have the fucking leg ring i’ll be there quick enough


Welcome Neir boy 1 to Issach gang💪

Welcome neir boy 2 to issach gang💪


Larheistronk56: OH NO ITS THESE GUYS


Selioh: Larcei hurry 


Larcheistronk56: okayyy


Neir boy 2: Larcei pls come to me my brother is a weird ass mfker 


Neir boy 1: no im better i have hors


Wind-God: sekiph ur here


Selioh: Why u texting me still I’m right in front of you 


Wind-God: anyway here’s Julia, she has PTSD pls take care of her


Wind-God: also Shannan good he be back soon 


Selioh: Oh cool I like this girl 


Wind-God: good now I must go check on your cousin who you won’t meet for some time 


Selioh: oh you mean 🍁 


Wind-God: yes 


Julia: Hi, my name is Julia.


Selioh: wow so formal. I like u 


Wind-God: bye 💨 


Wind-God is offline


Julia: Good bye! please take care out there.


Selioh: bye Lewyn 


Welcome Julia! To the issach gang💪


Julia: Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good day. My name is Julia and i can use light magic! Hope i can be helpful!


Selioh: Hello this is the mage user 


Offer: She looks like Dee dra, I wonder 


*shanbab is online*


Shannan: I heard her name 


Lester: wow this mage formal af 


Larcheistronk56: she can ise fucking magic, she must be smart af


Selioh: anyway off to Issacch


Astur: But Sophara 


Selioh: but Nosferatu tank 


Lanan: oh by the way julia! Have this staff i found over here


Julia: Oh! Thank you so much Lana! I'll use it with caution.


Nier Boy 2: Larcei I see you coming over to me I am dying inside 


Larcheistronk56: no im going to see Fee from twitter dot com. shes my mutual


Nier Boy 2: Ok but can you take me with you on your way there 


Larcheistronk56: sure why not, Selioh said tou gave nosferatu to mage girl


Julia: I would really appreciate that! 


Nier Boy 2: Ok so my bro is dead good now take me 


tf i have hors i strong


Selioh: Oh was that that weirdo that I solo’d with my dads silver sword 


Nier Boy 1 has died


Lester: Help I’m being bombarded by Isacians 


Julia: Lester, I think you spelled Isaach wrong, It's okay that you did, hope you use the correct spelling from now on!


Selioh: Hey julia here’s nosferatu. *Nosferatu_FE4.jpg* 


Julia: Thank you Seliph! I'll use this to help others!


Larcheistronk56: cool now we have magic person


Lanan: i can use magic too! Once i promote that is.


Selioh: But that’s not for a few months Lana, you stay in backlines please


Lanan: My mom gave me this physic staff so yes


Shanbab is online


Shanbab: Okay update on my sword, it is literally in yield shrine but the fucking lopto sect is in it I need helppppppp 


Larcheistronk56: we could use some help here too you know


Offer: Shannan just stay there and hide we are almost done with Issacch saving 


Shanbab : Okay bby love u. Also Seliph thank you too 


Selioh: Yes e


Larcheistronk56: why the fuck you being gay in group chat


Shanbab: Oh shit I thought this was Oifey dm 


Selioh: But you just talked to me 


Shanbab: Oh hello goodbye 


Shanbab is offline


Larcheistronk56: what just happened


Offer: No clue anyway we almost to Roviduydyfub lets fucking goooooooooooooooooo


Julia: They were showing love to each other! Aww that is cute!


Selioh: Julia I swear you’re too innocent for this world 


Julia: Aww thank you Seliph! 


Larcheistronk56: *sends literal porn*




Julia: Um...


Selioh deleted post that larcei made


Larcheistronk56: why the fuck u have mod power


Selioh: idfk 


Lester: Guys I’m about to fucking die 


Selioh: Oh shit fuck you exist 


Larcheistronk56: uhhhhhh


Julia: Don't worry! we are on our way.


Selioh: Not me imma go to rough with my fucking leg ring come on mount gang 


Lester: wh 


Offer: yes


Larcheistronk56: but didnt i have leg ring wtf


Selioh: We had two. Also ur in sophara 


Larcheistronk56: fair


Astur: Fee bring me over the mountains we need to see Seliph 


Fee: but larchei is coming here. I told her we were gonna have a date here


Astur: wh- anyway we’re gonna be automatically teleported to rivough if seliph seize castle so pls wait 


Fee: cool


Selioh: Okay Ricough sezseds 


Selioh: Seized* 


Larcheistronk56: holy wow selioh u suck at tuping


Larcheistronm56: FUCK


Selioh: But you spelled my name wrong wh


Astur: Oh cool i got teleportedddsdij g




Astur: Yes im fine also why u call me astur that’s just my username 


Fee: its in your fucking discord name


CHAD: Hey guys remember me? i still exist




Selioh: Where the hell did you come from


CHAD: i was here the whole time 


Lester: *chad_fe6.png* Oh cool its the thief man