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With Our Paws and Claws

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Aizawa was annoyed at all the stares.

Yes, he is now a large animal, but did they really have to stare at him and his kid- the kid. He meant the kid. Why can’t they mind their own business? Protective and irrational thoughts make its way through his mind. He huffs in annoyance and realizes that’s he’s picked up a few animal like thoughts as well. This is going to be tiring.

He sighs, wanting to sleep his problems away.

When he got hit, nothing happened at first. He continued to fight the villain beside Midoriya, who of course, had to be nearby and wanted to help out. He gave him permission to fight after realizing he wouldn’t leave, despite how dangerous it was being close. Then an odd feeling overtook his body, thats when the pain started. A lot of pain. He couldn’t think straight but he knows, he just knows that all his bones are breaking. He can also feel them... rearrange themselves?? It’s hard to focus. It’s not the worst pain he’s felt, it’s like the breaking of all his bones were greatly dimmed compared to how it probably should have felt but it’s still hurt like hell.

Then in an instant, he was fine.

No pain, not even a lingering ache. He opens the eyes he didn’t realized he closed and everything seemed different. Based on his height and the fact that he was on all fours, did he transform into an animal? Hold on, there are more important things at the moment. It wasn’t until he was completely transformed- fur, sharpened senses, tail (?) he notes- that he sees the problem child take a hard hit and is knocked unconscious.


He took his eyes off once and this happens. He quickly ran and tackled the villain with ease, knocking his head down on the concrete hard enough to knock him out, but not cause any serious injury. Huh. That came naturally. Now that he’s taken care of that, what the hell happened?

At first he assumed he was a large cat, but quickly realized he is way too big to be any normal cat. Aizawa walks right over to a puddle of water and see’s for himself. Huh. He was a panther. Black shinny coat and the same dull eyes as before. Fitting. So the transformation keeps some of your physical appearance too. He still looked pretty intimidating as well, actually a little more than before. No wonder everyone started screaming. Not only that, but the problem child had been hit by the villains quirk too before he got knocked out. What animal will he transform into? Due to the delayed time for the quirk to take effect and the head injury, he needs to get to recovery girl quickly. A stable environment is best, and better than a hospital when we don’t know what animal he might become. Coffee sounds nice right about now.

Since the villain was apprehended, and the authorities saw the transformation (along with detective Tsukauchi), they didn’t freak out. Good. Makes things easier.

He nodded along when Tsukauchi rushed out an explanation that they would look more into the quirk and how to reverse it or how long it will take to ware off.

“Also, it looks we are not sure if we have the guy that did this. Some bystanders mentioned seeing a suspicious looking guy running from the scene but they couldn’t tell if he was apart of the attack.” He recalls. One villain might have escaped? Dammit! Aizawa cursed at himself. He must have taken a run for it during his transformation. It’s bad enough he doesn’t normally fight during the day time or in public, but luckily everyone had already been evacuated and the fight ended before any news people could show up.

The people in uniform run to Midoryia to assist the damage, even though Tsukauchi and him are already checking him over. He’s getting anxious though. Where the hell is the ambulance ride? As if on cue, one of the officers announced that the ambulance is still 15 minutes away. The urgent feeling to get the problem child some medical attention and away from everyone (untrustworthy strangers) arose again.

“I can drive you guys to UA since the ambulance is not here yet. Man Eraser, I think I understand why your tired all the time” Tsukauchi jokes. Aizawa glances at the man in thought. The reasonable thing to do was let Tsukauchi drive him and his problem child to UA, especially since seeing a panther running around will cause chaos but in this moment, Aizawa’s protective instincts went off. What if the head injury Midoryia had was worse than it looked? It’s traffic hour so what if they don’t get in a secure environment in time, and he transforms getting hurt in the process? He could be faster. He can bypass all the traffic and make a short cut straight to UA instead of following by road.

He turns to see his unconscious kid less than 10 feet of him being approached by some men in uniform. Tsukauchi is preparing to help carry him into his car so he can drive them. He’s not really injured, which is why he wasn’t too worried at first, but thoughts of these strangers near his kid makes him uncomfortable.

He does the only thing he can think of: he stuffs his snout under the kid and hoists him on his back. He shifts slightly so the kid won’t fall off and looks at his dangling arm near his shoulder. Instinctively, he takes a hold of his sleeve with his teeth for more security. He looks at Tsukauchi’s shocked and questioning face, nods, then runs off to UA. It’s faster this way. He needs to get there before Midoriya transforms. It could be any animal. And right now he doesn’t trust many people with his cub- kid- STUDENT. Student.

It’s amazing running like this. Completely different than running across rooftops during patrol but it gives off the same adrenaline. He’s faster as well. That’s a given, but it’s still a drastic difference, he couldn’t help but feel slight shock. He takes a turn on the sidewalk only for more people to scream. Great. His ears flicker backwards with irritation from the noise. To avoid people, Aizawa takes a turn near an alleyway that leads to a forest. If he continues this way, he’s bound to make it to UA in 10 minutes tops with this speed. Maybe sooner. If he would have waited for a ride it would have been at least 35 minutes since it’s traffic hour. He couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved he made this decision.

He runs through the forest and revels in the feeling of dirt under his paws. Much better than the hard cement. This feels more natural and fitting. He glances over his shoulder, teeth still clenched onto the kids sleeve, to check on the still passed out student. He eyes the dirt on his face and rolls his eyes. He swears this kid is always getting roughed up. Just as he turns his head to look straight ahead again he feels the kid slightly shift and subconsciously grab onto his fur. A slight warm feeling blooms in his chest but he dismisses it. Well now he doesn’t have to worry about him falling off as much.

Soon the UA gates are visible. How will he get in though? Surely that rat will let them in, he knows everything and Aizawa has long since learned to accept his cryptic ways.

As if reading his mind, when he reached the gates, they opened. He doesn’t hesitate to continue running to the main building and hope that no students will see him.

Of course luck is never on his side.
Even though classes are long since over, there is still a large number of students that come in to ask questions or to attend some side clubs. And seeing a large panther carrying an unconscious student while running through the halls is a bazar, if not worrisome sight to see.

Ignoring the gasps and screeches, he passes his own classroom which- oh. Wonderful. Most his students are there. But why? It looks like they are looking for something? Someone? Ah, maybe they noticed Midoriya was gone longer than he was suppose to when picking up groceries and came to look for me.

Well they got what they wanted. Here’s Midoriya. And here’s Aizawa.

His students lock eyes with him as he runs to move past them. The shocked and terrified expressions would have been amusing if he wasn’t so damn concerned these selfless idiots would try to stop him because the class’s cinnamon roll was on a natural predators back.

They seem to be too shocked to do anything though. Looks like they still need some training for reaction times then.

“Is that- oh my god MIDOBRO?!?” “IZUKU?!?”
“Why does that animal have Deku-kun?!? What’s going on?!?”
But what most caught his attention and surprise was todoroki’s response.

“Is that Aizawa-Sensei?”

Huh. He’s more perspective that he thought. Maybe all those conspiracies are helping him learn to piece valuable information together. He does wonder what gave him away however.

Aizawa glances down at his neck, now fully aware of the pressure resting there. Ah. His scarf and goggles are still around his neck. How did he not notice before? Normally he would have noticed something like that easily but was his thoughts too preoccupied with the kid? Hm, seems like it was. Never mind that.

At last he barges into the nurses office and hurried towards the nearest made bed. He hears a shuffle behind him and expects a surprised reaction from the heroine but instead gets nothing. He glances over and sees her rushing to check over Midoriya who just started tossing and turning uncomfortably, not sparing him a second glance

Recovery girl sighs before speaking up, “Nedzu briefly warned me of what happened. Now stop looking at me like that and help me clear the area a bit. He’s going to transform any minute now.”

Soon they have both moved some of the beds aside and placed Midoriya on the ground so he wouldn’t fall off the bed and risk more injury. Midoriyas eyes snap opened in surprise as his body flinches from what can be assumed as pain. It started.

It was painful to watch his cub- (why does he keep saying cub)- the kid struggle and grunt in pain as we hear his bones break and rearrange, but he seems to be handling it pretty well. The reason is probably because of how often he breaks his bones though.

At last, as the fur ruffles slightly and his spots fully appear, the greenette is shown to be a large cat as well (well not large, in fact he’s still a tiny cub). Aizawa is not exactly sure what kind of cat however. The problem child kept his green fur with some of his black highlights turning into spots, but he can’t quite decider which animal he is. Cheetah. No, not quite. It fits him well, and he’s obviously a small cub, likely because the kid still had a lot of growing up to do as a human as well. If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought the problem child was a panther as well (just green?). And.... oh. In a way he is. Midoriya seems to be a jaguar type, which essentially, is the same animal as him since panthers are jaguars- just slightly different in fur coats. His ears look more pointy as well, but that might just be his own characteristic taking part in this.

Sighing he sits down next to a bewildered looking problem child ready to explain. Can he understand me? Well it would’t hurt to try.

“Kid” he says, but noticed that it came out as a chuff rather than words in his left ear, yet his right ear heard the words that he wished to say. Interesting.

The kid looks up at him with confused eyes.

“Who- what happened to me? Where am I? A PANTHER?!? Wait but your not aggressive? Is this your quirk? Do I know you? How can u talk to me? Why are u so big? Or am I just small? This looks like- “

“Okay kid relax. It’s me, Aizawa. Now catch a breather.”

After calming down he explains everything he could recall. The problem child seems to want to ask questions but keeps quite until he finished.


“Soooo... we are basically stuck like this and we don’t know for how long?” Midoriya questions.

Recovery girl placed her cane down after giving a gentle kiss to the cub. Aizawa felt tense watching someone get close to him but restrained himself because he knew Midoriya would feel better. There was no concussion, just slight bruising that was easily fixed with the nurse’s quirk. She moves some beds back to there original spot and watches the two animals seemingly communicate.

Aizawa finishes helping her nudge everything back into place while answering his question “Well typically quirks like these go away on their own after a certain period of time. Most animal transformation quirks that affect other individuals will last from a couple hours to a couple days.”

Izuku hums (kind of?) while he checks himself out in the mirror recovery girl provided and marvels over how comfortable he felt in this form. It felt like if he was any animal, this would be the one he’d be most fitted for. He does not typically focus on what his “spirit animal” would be but if he had to take a guess, even if a Jaguar was a bit of a surprise at first, it fits. It’s just feels right. Same with Aizawa-Sensei. He seems to feel comfortable in his panther self. Not that he’ll admit this but he’s always seen him as a father figure after the USJ attack. Right now he can’t help but think ‘Panther dadzawa’ and snickers quietly.

He looks over to see where exactly Aizawa-Sensei is in the nurses room and once he strays a little too far, Izuku gets up and jogs over just to be closer. He doesn’t know why he does it, but it feels like he’s suppose to be near him. He feels safe near him, as if a bond has formed. Like Aizawa will protect him. Yes he is a hero and yes he has in the past, but it’s different now. Despite already seeing him as a father figure, this feels more solid. As if he was actually his cub. Izuku knows this is ridiculous but part of him wonders if this is part of their newly acquired animal instincts. Maybe it has to do with being hit by the same quirk while being in a certain radius from each other or both of them getting hit in such a small time frame. Either way, he can’t stop himself from trotting up to his teacher and rubbing his head against is side, like a cat would do to their owner for attention. This draws an amused huff from Aizawa when he looks down at his student.

Izuku, realizing what he’s done, blushes in embarrassment. “Sorry! I don’t know why I did that I just feel you give a parental vibe and I’m not sure if it’s the quirk but the quirk would make sense causethat’stheonlyfactorthat’schangedfromthenandnowandeventhoughyourmyteachermydadleftwheniwasyoungsoyourmoreofaparentthanheeverwasbutim-“

“It’s fine, calm down problem child” Aizawa says as he nudges his head against the green cub in attempt to calm him down.

He immediately relaxes and is no longer quite as anxious as before. Then he suddenly gets the need to run around and be childish. His curiosity is more enhanced than before and those ears on the panther’s head looks fun to playfully tug on too. He pushes the thought out when Aizawa starts speaking again.

“Listen here problem child, it’s seems that with being turned into these animals, other attributes kicked in as well. Admittedly, I got anxious when others started to gather around you after you were knocked unconscious. I suspect that we will have to be sticking together more often now. For most wild animals, if an adult finds a cub, they will likely take them in as their own. Since you didn’t have your mother with you at the time, my instincts wanted to claim you, so I apologize for future reference.”

Izuku sat down next to him in slight bewilderment as he wondered how he knew so much about wildlife behavior. Probably because he loves cats. Apparently that includes all kinds of cats.

Just as he sat down however, his ears twitched as they picked up some sound outside of the door. He looks at Aizawa and sees that he’s noticed the noise too based on how tense he is. They both stand up, with Aizawa standing in front of Izuku, trying to distinguish who’s approaching the door. Then a familiar outcry pases by their ears.



Ah. His students. Aizawa relaxes slightly knowing that these are people he knows and as of right now, at least partially trusts.

“YEA! We saw them go this way!” Sero eagerly agrees. Aizawa and the Midoriya can hear them getting closer to the door and wonders exactly how many of his students are on the other side.

“Maybe we should ask recovery girl if she saw anything?” Momo suggests. He can hear rounds of agreement as they approach the door and knock. From where he’s now sitting, he can see recovery girl roll her eyes as she goes to open the door.

“Hey recovery girl have you perhaps seen-“ Uraraka starts, but suddenly cuts herself off when her eyes lock onto the two animals. The rest of the class stares as well and for a moment everything is still.

Curious on how it would translate, Aizawa breaks the silence “What do you want?” Oh and how that sounded terrifying.

He loved it.

Suddenly the class shrieks (All Might included- and he sounds like a little girl) but the most prominent scream was definitely his husband. Out of habit, he glares at him and uses his quirk to avoid anyone’s ears from bleeding. Huh. He can use his quirk. That’s relieving.

Hizashi pauses when he realized what exactly just happened, “S-Shouta?” he asks with wide eyes. At least he’s calmed down a bit, the rest of his class still looks on the verge of an aneurysm. He nods and can’t help but suddenly just want to cuddle with his husband. It’s been a long day already, some coffee sounds nice right about now too.

“I told you” he hears Todoroki whisper proudly to a shocked Momo. In fact, the whole class is stock still right now.

“How- how did this happen? Some kind of quirk? Aw and who’s this little adorable listener over here” he coos, looking at Midoriya. The cub slightly shifts more behind Aizawa, however he doesn’t think it’s because of Hizashi, but instead of the many eyes on him now that he was announced. Luckily recovery speaks for him.

“Aizawa and Midoriya here got hit by an animal transformation quirk. These kinds of quirks last from anywhere between a few hours to a few days. Midoriya will have to be excused from classes and you all will likely have a different teacher for lectures until further notice” She explains. It takes a second but now that the class has finally wrapped what happened around their minds they begin to protest loudly.


“They can’t be in class?!?”

“Wait but whyyyy?!? Imagine how cool it would be if we had a PANTHER in our class!!” Kaminari whines with wide hand gestures, and promptly smacks Sero across the face.

“Yea! Can’t Deku-Kun at least attend if he can still understand us? I’m sure he wouldn’t want to miss classes because of this” Uraraka argues desperately.

Iida makes a scandalizes gasp as Uraraka expertly dodges his chopping hands, “That’s is most unacceptable! Clearly they need to rest because of this stressful transformation and U.A is far to prestigious to-“ Then a squeaky voice that you should very much fear (if you know what’s good for you) speaks up.

“That’s correct Iida! Aizawa here and Midoriya do need to rest! But I’d still like for them both to attend classes! Imagine this as a test to see how well you can stay focused with such distractions in your lessons! Midoriya here I believe can understand the lectures but his work will be excused or extended” the rat exclaims with that big unnerving smile on his face. The students don’t seem bothered, far too excited to notice. Aizawa is just glad they seem more relaxed now, but tenses briefly. A few brave students had decided to take a few steps forward. A couple still look hesitant to move, but those that are getting closer have their eyes locked on the little cub as if they eagerly want to hold or pet him.

All of a sudden, he can sense fear and distress radiating off his-the cub. Alarms are ringing in his head as he quickly looks down at the green kitten who is trying to make himself smaller. Instinctively, he stands up, steps in front of the cub, and gives a low, threatening growl. His stance is low, and eyes shadowed. His teeth bared as he stares down the people that made the cub overwhelmed. Immediately the class stumbles backwards in confusion and slight fear.

“Uh Aizawa-Sensei?!?”

“Oh my god what just happened”

“iS hE going to eat us?!?!? Waaaaaahhh! I can’t die yet! I haven’t even gotten to see Momo’s b-“

“Ew someone get this grape stain out of here”

“On it” Ojiro then grabs the perverted grape and yeets him out the window. No one spares a glance.

“Well it looks like Aizawa here doesn’t want you to crowd them. How about you give them some room and be respectful of personal space hm?” Nedzu smiles sweetly.

Aizawa wishes to say his thanks but then starts to wonder if the rat can understand him or not. “Thanks..?” he says hesitantly. The gleam in the rat’s eyes only brighten.

“Of course! Now, if you wish to sleep in your own rooms then you may, but you also have the option to sleep in the common room in case you would like the more opened space!” The rat offers, and starts to lead the way into the hall.

Before they can start moving, Midoriya scrambles to walk underneath Aizawa, right between his two front paws. A safe and efficient way to walk if Aizawa does say so himself. He strolls towards the doorway where most of his students are still lingering, and once he gets closer he notices just how big panthers actually are. Right now if he was to stand on two paws, he would be about 8 feet tall. Now that makes him think if his original human height goes into play with this since he’s quite a tall man as well. He passes by his students and trails behind the principal. Luckily most students have already gone off to their dorms so there shouldn’t be too many people around to see them. Aizawa doesn’t think he can handle another scream.


They finally reached the dorm doors and it suddenly comes to mind that there are a couple of students in there. Great. More explanations. As soon as they entered the building, shocked and fearful gasps can be heard from the couch area. They are quickly reassured though by the class rep himself. The lack of reaction was actually not too surprising since they were the quite kids, but something doesn’t feel quite right. It’s like there’s a mysterious lack of enraged screaming.


Ah right. Bakugo. That’s who’s reaction we were missing.

“Hey Bakubro calm down!!! It’s just Aizawa-Sensei and Midoriya! They got hit by a quirk but it’ll only last for a bit. Pretty cool though huh?” Kirishima is quick is explain.

“SHITTY DEKU OF COURSE HE WOULD GET HIT BY A STUPID QUIRK! And what’s that? He turned into some pathetic cat?” Bakugo yells as he moves closer to presumably get a better look, but is stopped when Aizawa steps even further above the cowering cub (who was still walking under Aizawa’s chest). Bakugo gets the message and huffs in annoyance, turning around and stomping into the kitchen.

“I’m making dinner so you all better be hungry!!! And if you don’t eat THEN I WILL FUCKING SHOVE THIS FOOD DOWN YOUR THROAT” he threatens.

“Aww you do care about us Kacchan~”


Aizawa turns around and heads next to the common room couch, Midoriya now comfortable enough to walk beside him. When he finds the right spot on the floor, with a sigh he lays down. Finally. He feels absolutely exhausted. He’s normally tired as a resident insomniac but right now it’s different. Maybe this is because cats are suppose to have more hours of sleep. He should know, he has two in the apartment on campus.

Nedzu offered to make Hizashi and him a sort of apartment space that’s connected to the dorms since they would be taking care of Eri. Right now though she is with the Wild Wild Pussy Cats who offered to have her for a few days so she can spend some time with someone her own age. Koda is also in need of a friend so it works perfectly. And good thing too, this transformation would have only stresses her out which is not what she needs right now.

Just as he is about to close his eyes, he feels something jump on his back. Are those, little paws? The little paws are struggling to not fall off as they make their way to the top of Aizawa’s head. He looks up slightly, only to be greeted with bright green orbs staring right back at him.

“How do you have so much energy?” He questions, because seriously, how does this kid have so much energy? Maybe he can give some to him?

“I’m not sure, but I want to play. Can I? Just for a bit?” The green cub asks. Aizawa notices that he’s acting slightly more childish than before, and he reckons that it’s fitting since this is the mindset most cubs would have at this age. Also- are those spots above his whiskers suppose to be his freckles?

“Sure, just make sure to stay close me and in my line of sight” he requests. Aizawa slightly curses at himself for sounding possessive but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure he’s safe. It’s just a precaution. Besides, sleeping can wait, he’s quite curious to see what the little cub would do (he’s not going soft shut up).

Midoriya excitedly climbs off of him, almost falling flat on his face in the process. There’s not much to do, but he manages to occupy himself with a loose thread in the carpet, chasing a fly, and trying to catch a glint of light on the floor which Aizawa’s pretty sure the students were responsible for based on the giggling. Soon he finds the cub trotting over to sit next to him for a break. As soon as he sits down though, he freezes.

What happened? Is something wrong? Why did he freeze? The problem child’s eyes narrows at something behind Aizawa as he crouched in a low stance, slowly creeping closer to the mysterious subject. He takes careful, silent steps and looks completely focused. The cub’s shoulder blades roll slightly and before Aizawa knows what’s happening, Midoriya pounces forward. Instinctively, Aizawa moves his tail out of the way which makes the cub miss his target.

Aizawa huffs in amusement as he directs his tail in front of the cub once more. Midoriya doesn’t hesitate to try to capture it, only failing a few times before finally tackling the tail to the ground much to Aizawa’s surprise. What was also quite shocking is when the cub started to tug and play with his tail it didn’t quite hurt. He knows that’s animal tails are sensitive, but he isn’t bothered at all. Maybe bigger animals have more resistance? He will search it up later.

He turns to get a better look at the brat who is staring down at his tail like it personally challenged him and notices just how dirty the problem child is still. His fur is all ruffled and he is still roughed up from the villain attack earlier. It bothers him more than it should.

“Come here problem child, your still dirty from before” he says as he lifts a paw to all but drag the cub towards him. He decides to ignore the puzzled look on the cubs face and promptly begins to groom him.

“Wha- hey! Let go! I don’t need to be cleaned!!” The cub complains as he struggles out of the panthers grasp. The panther just drags him back and continues.

“Tell that to your dirty and tangled fur” he remarks, eyeing an annoying tuff of fur that’s out of place.

“Th-this is embarrassing!!!” He tells the panther, still struggling slightly.

“Then stay still, it’ll be over faster. You can get a better bath later with soap and water but this will have to do for the meantime” he muffles out. Then he gives one final exaggerated lick on top of the cub’s head, proudly creating a mohawk.

The students nearby fail to muffle their snickers from watching the hilarious scene. Midoriya shakes to get dry, only for his already fluffy fur to become impossibly more fluffy than before. Aizawa struggles not to laugh at the adorable angry green fluffball glaring at him but fails miserably. Then he feels a sudden weight on his back again and finds the cub playfully tugging at his ears in the name of revenge.

Aizawa just rolls on his back, laying on top of green kitten. “Hey get off your heavy!!” He squeaks in surprise, still slightly chewing on his ears. He notices that he can feel the little cubs teeth here more than on his tail but it still doesn’t hurt.

“Never” the panther deadpans.

He hears Midoriya give a huff of defeat. “Guess this is where I die then” the cub jokes, which earns a low chuckles from Aizawa. He rolls back onto his stomach and manages to curl up around the cub who is now leaning on him.

“Take a nap problem child, it’s been a long day” he says. Luckily the cub agrees and easily snuggles closer for warmth, both ready for sleep to overcome them.


“Aww look how cute they are!” Tooru gushes as she bounces in place.

“Shhh! Keep your voice down!” Jiro whisper shouts, but is still smiling all the same. Just then, the whole class witnessed something that will forever bless their hearts.

Midoriya yawed. With his little teeth showing and eyes squeezed shut, the whole class coos at the adorable little sound the cub made.

Then Kirishima is swatting at his friend’s shoulders, “Guys look! Look! Aizawa-Sensei is going to yawn too!” He tells them excitedly. Everyone waits with anticipation of the next adorable yawn, ready for their hearts to melt all over again.

Instead, the student’s faces went pale and everyone stilled in fear. The panther showed his wide, strong jaw and sharp pearly white teeth meant to rip apart prey. His canines glinting under the common room lights, almost threatening them personally. Everyone steps back, slightly startled at what they just saw.

“... maybe we should just let them sleep, and wake them up for dinner later” Jiro suggested.

“Yea... good idea” Mina agrees, walking away to try to come up with an excuse of why she can’t be the one to waken the demon.


Once they are awake, Aizawa starts stretching to not feel so groggy. It was a good nap, but thinks he’d be able to sleep better after they eat. Just then Midoriya trots over to get a whiff of the food being set on the table. He sniffs, then turns around in disinterest and walks back towards Aizawa.

“What’s wrong, not hungry?” He asks the cub. His green ears twitch slightly as he shakes his head no.

“Nah, just doesn’t smell good. The thought of eating something sounds great but when I smelled the cooked food my interest just wasn’t there” Midoriya explains. Aizawa pauses in thought. Did their tastebuds change? It would make sense but would would that mean?

Just then the door opens and some bags rustle. Hizashi comes strolling in smiling brightly at the class. Then he spots the two animals walks a little closer.

“Hey guys! So Nedzu sent me to pick up some meat since he said your tastebuds and digestive system most likely changed! We don’t want complications after all!” The blond explains. Midoriya perks up after smelling the food the blond has and his tail begins to sway excitedly. Aizawa glances over at the other students and considers something for a bit before making a decision. He walks up to Koda.

“Can you tell Present Mic that we would like to eat dinner in a different room? You students might feel uncomfortable” Shouta asks. Koda is a wonderful student but he needs to learn how to speak up a little more in case he works with other hero’s or needs to comfort a civilian. This is perfect practice for him but he won’t push him too much. He nods with wide eyes and walks over to Hizashi who smiles at him encouragingly. Shyly, he manages to pass the message which has Hizashi giving him a thumbs up.

“Thanks little listener! Come on Sho, green bean!” He calls over, and leads them to a nearby room used for storage.

“Alright guys I have to go! Got some paper work to do but tonight I’ll be able to swing by okay?” Hizashi informs them, and sets the meat down. When he leaves Aizawa immediately lays down and extracts his claws to get a better grip of the raw meat and starts savoring it. He looks over to see Midoriya hesitating though, as if he wants to eat but something is holding him back.

“You alright problem child?” He questions. The green cub just looks at him then at the meat and decides to speak.

“It’s just... feels kind of wrong. I mean it’s like the animal was just killed”

Aizawa pauses for a moment. “Kid, you eat cooked meat almost every day without a second thought. The only difference is that it’s not cooked this time. Animal is dead either way” he says bluntly. The cub thinks about it for a bit before he sheepishly walks over to begin eating.

“Hehe.. right” he says slightly embarrassed. Aizawa just rolls his eyes and playfully nudges the cub with his shoulder.



“That was the best meal I’ve ever had” Midoriya dreamily states, currently laying on his back next to the bag their dinner came in.

“Crazy what a change of tastebuds can do” Aizawa says, because it’s true. That meal was suspiciously very satisfying. There wasn’t a single piece of meat left.

They both get up slowly (full stomachs and all) to walk back in the common room. Most students are either cleaning up in the kitchen, doing homework, or just lounging around. Now that they have full stomachs, Aizawa is sure they can sleep a little deeper tonight which is a nice thought, at least he can somewhat sleep well in this form- oh and he knows he needs it.

As they make their way to the spot near the couch, both animals feel a nice heat source radiating against their fur for a distance. Both look up to find Todoroki on the couch reading a book. Midoriya looks back at Aizawa eagerly, and he gets the message right away cause everyone knows, cats love heat sources.

“Sure sure cub let me just get his scent first. I think if I memorize it I’ll feel more comfortable with you being near him” he says as he walks towards the dual colored hair boy. Aizawa notices a lot of things are coming naturally to him and some information he just automatically knows, like memorizing someones scent. Maybe he’d question it before, but he’s too tired to really care now.

The fire and ice wielder looks up to see who’s approaching and their eyes lock. Aizawa props his two front paws on the couch to get closer and starts sniffing for his scent. A surprised expression briefly flickers across the boy’s face as the panther leans forward to be nose to nose with him. To cement his scent (and for a little bit of intimidation, almost like a test of sorts), he draws an inhale, holds it, then exhales through his nose. Todoroki’s hair ruffles slightly from the close proximity but remains calm. Aizawa nods approvingly and give the go ahead to the excited cub.

Midoriya attempts to hop onto the couch only for him to fall down the first try. He gets up quickly and on the second try, he makes it up partially, claws digging into the fabric as he try’s to throw himself up and over. Aizawa decides to show mercy and gives him a boost with his nose. Midoriya then happily stumbles on the cushions towards todoroki, sniffing the air for a second before deeming it okay. Aizawa theorizes that cubs are more trusting and can get scents quicker than adults. Or maybe it’s because Aizawa already seemed it safe?

The cub climbs onto Todorokis lap, mainly leaning on his left side for warmth and relaxes instantly. Todoroki’s eyes soften and looks like he wants to pet him but before he does, he looks over to the panther in question.

Asking for permission? Respect. He nods at the boy in question and watches as he gently runs his hand through the cub’s fur. Aizawa already knows he will be trusting todoroki more than the other’s, even if he gets their scents too.

Oh, that brings a sudden thought. He glances over at the rest of his students who were not so subtly watching. He should probably get their scents too. Ughhhh. It’s best if he gets this over with now he supposes.

“I’ll be right over there, your still able to see me so don’t worry. I need to get some of these brats scents” he explains to the kit. Midoriya hesitantly nods his head and Aizawa strolls over to the nearest group of students.

“Uh, hey Aizawa-Sensei. Whatcha doin?” Kaminari asks warily as the panther gets closer to him. He stills and everyone waits with baited breaths. Aizawa, knowing that they can’t understand him, explain anyways just in case Koda would like to translate.

“I’m getting your scents. Everything would run smoother if I had them memorized” he announces. With his left ear, he hears what they hear, which is a series of grumbling and incoherent noises. Everyone turns to look at Koda, waiting for the translation.

“H-he said t-that he wants to m-memorize your guys’ scents” he quietly explains. Aizawa feels some pride swell in his chest because that’s the fist time he’s said something loud enough for everyone to hear on the first try. Progress.

“W-why am I the first victim?!?” Kaminari complains and tenses when the panther starts sniffing his jacket.

“Guys help me”

“Try not to piss him off” Mina giggles. Kaminari’s face morphs into one of betrayal.

“Traitor! When it’s your turn, remember this moment. Cause I ain’t comin to help you! Any of you!” He declares dramatically with a huff as he slowly crosses his arms, afraid to make any sudden movements.

Some of the students were a little scared being so close to a wild animal, despite knowing it was their teacher - so after he got some of their scents, he rubbed up against a few and let them pet him to calm their nerves. It’s helped a great deal, and a few even took pictures to show that they were “petting a frikin panther” but doesn’t let it go on for long. He still as a reputation to hold after all.

Just then a loud blond slams the door opened, “I AM HERE-“ and breaks out into a series of coughs. Aizawa winces slightly at the loud noise but relaxes when he sees it’s only All Might. Even in his skeleton form the man is loud. The retired hero smiles reassuringly at the students but the smile wavers when he meets Aizawa’s eyes. If the panther revels in the fear he sees there, then no one is to know.

All might then begins.. searching for something? Someone? Ah, he was looking for Midoriya. The symbol of peace relaxes slightly and starts to move towards the young cub. Aizawa tenses, and so does the rest of the class, but it doesn’t seem All might notices. The hero’s in training all know by now that to get close to Midoriya, Aizawa needs to at least have your scent first. Voices cry out in protest.

“Wait All might stop-“

“That’s not a good idea-“

“Hold on-“

Nope. He’s too close to the cub. Aizawa’s anxiety and instincts begin to kick in as he sprints to stand in between the cub and blond, his deep vocal cords giving a low threatening growl that sends shivers down everyones spines. With his claws digging into the carpet, and bared out canines, it’s an understatement to say that All might stumble backwards. The man starts coughing up blood again and wipes it away with his sleeve, slightly trembling.

Listen, Aizawa doesn’t hate the man, he’s a good guy! Maybe he even respects him as a hero, but the dude doesn’t even have a teaching license! And he can be annoying sometimes- that comes from someone who married a literal human version of a cockatoo.

“Tell him to sit down, and to sit down now” he demands, but not in anger. He knows the man would never hurt his student, but tell that to his stupid over protective instincts. Gosh he’s ready for this quirk to go away, it’s tiring.

“Uh, h-he said to sit down and to do it now” Koda repeats to the shocked hero. All might looks at him, then back at Aizawa, then him again.

“M-may I ask why?” He stutters. Aizawa only growls louder and the man does as he’s told, now sitting with his legs crossed and leaning as far away from the panther as he can. Aizawa starts circling him, trying to get his scent. Of course it’s going to fucking take longer because of that stunt he pulled but the guy didn’t know any better. While he does this, his students start to explain what he’s doing and why it might take longer than usual.

Finally when he’s done he he starts making his way to his cub, giving a head tilt to All might. The blond scrambles to get up and follow the panther towards the couch. All might looks like he really wants to pet the green fluff but hesitates until Aizawa gives him a nod of encouragement. He gently pets the cub and coos. Aizawa still decides to watch them closely though.

Right when things finally dile down, another blond slams the door opened. What is it with loud blonds?!? Oh, but this blond he likes.

“SHOuttaaaa” Hizashi all but yells. “I feel like it’s been ages since I saw you even though it actually was only like 2 hours ago but I’m just so tiredddd and I’m glad I don’t have to work cause the radio station has been so busy lately and-“ Aizawa tunes him out to think of how he hasn’t been able to cuddle his husband all day, and it’s not fair. Every time he wanted to there was always too many people or it wasn’t an appropriate time. Well fuck that. He needs his daily cuddles now and he can use this form as an excuse of why he’s been so soft today, no one has to know. His student all know they are married anyways.

Aizawa takes long strides towards Hizashi and doesn’t waver, even as the loud blond gives him a questing look. He then stands on his back legs and puts two paws on Hizashi’s shoulders (just like a hug). He rubs his head against his husband’s face and neck persistently. The radio show host stumbled a bit in surprise but they don’t fall. He laughs at his husbands antics and hugs him back (sorta?), mostly for support.

“Woah! I feel like that lion whisperer from before the quirk era! Your so affectionate in this form please stay like this forever~” The blond jokes. Aizawa just half heartedly glares at him and continues. Wait when did he memorize his scent? Huh, he must have already had it since they are married. (an example of what’s going on, only watch up to the first 10 seconds of the video or between 4:01 and 4:05 but you can watch the whole thing if you’d like!)


“As nice as this is and everything, your death grip on my shoulders is making me want to fall down” hizashi laughs. Aizawa rubs his head against his face once more before licking him on the cheek and getting down on all fours. He turns to check on Midoriya and sees the kit on the edge of the couch closest to them, trying to get off. Aizawa walks over and as soon as he’s close enough, the cub jumps on his back trying not to fall.

“Wow cub a little warning next time” Aizawa chides.

“Sorry! I wanna see Present Mic though!” The green cat reply’s. It’s a bit of a shock that he’s more excited about him than All might though. He slowly makes his way towards his husband to stall for questioning.

“Really? I expected you to be more excited about All might” Aizawa deadpans. He’s seen the kid lean more on their side over time but he still thought All might would be his go-to teacher/staff member.

“Yea but I don’t know, maybe it’s cause your more comfortable with him. Also Mic-Sensei is my second favorite teacher!”

That threw him for a loop. Second favorite? He says that as if All might is not his first. Is he? Wait then who is his first favorite? Aizawa may or may not have a small part of him jealous of that person in first.

“Who’s your favorite teacher then” he asks casually. He just wants to talk to this person, that’s all. But what surprises him most is when the kid ducks his head into the capture weapon on the back of his neck.

“W-well, it’s kinda embarrassing but...” and just then he muffles a response that Aizawa’s excellent hearing can’t even pick up.

“What’s that?” He prompts. What could be embarrassing? Is it Midnight?

“Your my favorite” he hears his student shyly respond. And oh. How that warms his heart. He can’t really figure out why he would be someone’s favorite teacher though. In fact, being in this form is the most affectionate he’s been outwardly to his students all year. So why would anyone choose him as a favorite?

Either way, he can question it later. Right now, he’s got to reassure his cub. He crouched down and his student hops off of his back at Hizashi’s feet, but as soon as his paws hit the ground, Aizawa nudges his head against his problem child to calm down his nerves. The green kit responds by rubbing his head against the other as well.

“Thanks problem child” he murmurs. Then he hears a small content rumble from the smaller cat’s throat.

“... did u just purr?” He asks with a teasing glint in his eyes. That was adorable but it’s not like he’s gonna admit it.

“N-no! That was- uh- the vacuum..?” He try’s to defend.

“Your a shit liar Midoriya” he smirks. This gets his student to laugh nervously, probably because he knows it’s true.

“Honestly just call me Izuku. I prefer my first name anyways” he says solemnly. Aizawa has to wonder why, and finds himself getting worried at the idea of how his home life is like, but he’ll ask that later when they are both human again (little does he know, he’s going to be adopting this green bean, but that’s another story for a different time).

“You can call me Shouta then. Hizashi will be thrilled if he notices another person using my first name. Says something about me opening up. Ah it’s all bullshit.” He humors, and that got Izuku to laugh.

Izuku then turns to look up at Hizashi and scratches his leg, asking to be lifted up. Hizashi coos some more and picks him up, running his hand through his fur.

“Gosh little listener your so cute! Of course you had to be turned into the green fluff ball” hizashi gushes. Soon all three are on the couch contently, while everyone bids there good nights with a few pats and pets. Izuku is quick to sleep in hizashi’s arms and he can tell his husband is afraid to move in case he wakes up.

“Sho what do I do? I don’t want to wake the little listener up” the blond whispers. The panther just rolls his eyes because he knows that his husband really just wants to stay. So he sprawled half way across the blond’s lap as a message that he can and should stay. Hizashi just rests the arms that are carrying Izuku on top of the large black cat.

“You know me so well Sho. And don’t worry, I fed the cats already” he says quietly. He looks up at his husband and they briefly lean forwards to touch foreheads. They do this every night before bed, and when they have nights where the other is on a mission, then they do it twice the next day. It’s to remind each other that they are there, and will always come back to the other.

(so I’m switching to “Shouta” instead of “Aizawa” and to “Izuku” instead of “Midoriya” now that they are on first name basis -Author)

It’s morning before they realize it. And just like any other morning, Shouta wakes up to a tail slapping him in the face. His eyes open and finds that he doesn’t remember having a green cat. Then he looks down at his would be hands to find paws, and under him is his poor husband who is somehow not suffocating from having a 250 pound panther laying on top of him. He turns his head slightly to see the green tail that’s about to smack him in the face once again. He accepts his fate and lets it. Right. Izuku and him got hit by a quirk. If the police doesn’t have the correct villain by now he will hunt down the person himself.

He looks over to see if his cub is awake and by the looks of it, he’s just waking up. Good, seems like they got up right before everyone else. He can already hear a few kids upstairs getting ready to come down. He looks down at the dumb blond in consideration if he should wake him up or let Izuku do it. That would be a good way to wake Izuku up more though.

“Hey cub” he whispers, not wanting to make too loud of a noise. Izuku looks at him, eyes still half closed, and yawns. The little noise he made had Shouta heart clench.

“Yea?” Izuku questions. He’s also laying on hizashi, mostly on his left side while Shouta lays partially on Hizashi’s right side. So when Izuku sees this he freaks out in worry.

“Oh I didn’t mean to fall asleep! I hope I’m not too heavy what if he has trouble breathing because of me? Oh I don’t think I can handle being responsible for that kind of thing, why am I always a burden-“

“Problem child look at me” Shouta instructs. Izuku looks straight at him, worry evident the cub’s eyes.

“Your worried about your weight?” He jokes incredulously.

“Hehe, your right... sorry. But still... how is he breathing fine?” He asks sheepishly. They both look at him to see him sleeping peacefully, not a single bit bothered.

“Well I suppose he gets use to me, Eri, and two other cats dog piling him all the time” he retorts. Izuku smiles, well, as much as you can when your an animal.

“Go ahead and wake him up, I’m sure it would be funny waking up to a large panther staring down at him but I’m feeling nice today. He’ll appreciate a green fluffy kit” he offers. Izuku perks up at the mention of getting to wake him up and trots over from his stomach to his chest, looking down at his face. He puts both little paws on the man’s face and meows as loud as he can. It comes out has a half meow/squeak since most jaguars can’t do a full meow, but close enough.


The blond hero’s eyes flutter open and he takes a moment to comprehend what he’s staring at. A green cat-no a green cub with black spots. What? Then he looks over to the side to find a panther laying half way on top of him just staring. His eyes widen slightly and it takes a second, but he knows those eyes. Both of these eyes.


Haha so that wasn’t a weird dream.

“Hey little one, I’m glad your the one that woke me up and not my husband. I’m pretty sure I would have blown everyones eardrums off” he chuckles nervously. Other than that, what an adorable sight to wake up to.


Shouta wants to laugh at what Hizashi said because it’s true. He could have made their ears bleed, but he has his quirk so it would’ve been fine. Hizashi reaches over to gently run his fingers through Shouta’s coat and starts scratching under the panther’s chin. A deep rumbling makes itself known and Shouta startles at the sound he just made.

“Oh my god you just purred” Hizashi squeals in excitement. Aizawa can feel Izuku staring at him with a smug grin on his face and sure enough when he turns to look at him, the problem child is doing just that. Brat.

“Shut up” he says, slightly embarrassed. Izuku just snickers at his response.

They start hearing some of the students running down the stairs, ready to start a new day. Just when Shouta was wondering if they had enough meat left for breakfast, a phone begins to ring. Both Izuku and Shouta get off of Hizashi so he can answer the phone.

“HEEYyyyy it’s Present Mic who’s callin?” He answers, and of course Shouta had to use his quirk on him.

“Uh huh. Yep. Oh that’s great! Yea, that sounds good, but I’m sure this old grumpy cat would want to get to teaching as soon as he can, so you think we can do it over here? Plus we don’t want any civilians freaking out. Awesome! See yea soon Tsukauchi!” He hangs up. Shouta already partially knowing on what just happened, still looks up waiting for the news.

“Great news guys! They found the guy! Tsukauchi is going to bring him over so you can use your quirk on him and go back to human form! Isn’t that great!” His husband all but shouts. He can’t help but feel slightly relieved he can go back to teaching as soon as possible, and only miss one lecture. These idiots need as much help they can get.

“Wait wait wait, how does that work? If the villain that turned you guys into animals gets quirk suppressant cuffs on him, then won’t you guys be back to normal already?” Sero questions. Oh we had to go over these kinds of things more in class it looks like. Hizashi answers for him though.

“No little listener, but close guess! For quirks like these, the quirk suppressants will only suppress them from using their quirks again. However, if the person used their quirk before, then it’s still in effect. That’s where Shouta comes in! His quirk runs slightly deeper than that because if he uses his quirk on someone like him, then that last string connecting the quirk to his previous victims disappears! Pretty cool huh!” His husband brags. Shouta would blush slightly if he can at Hizashi’s praise.


(Do not quote me on that, I honestly just made it up cause it sounded cool and fit for the story - Author)


Sounds of understanding come from the students and they all get ready for breakfast. Shouta walks over to the now opened fridge and peaks inside. Hm. Nedzu somehow snuck more raw meat in here. Sneaky bastard. Hagakure sees him eyeing the contents in the fridge and moves to the side.

“Need something Aizawa-Sensei?” She asks, even though she can clearly see him looking at the raw meat. He nods and grabs the meat with his teeth, nodding once again in thanks for presumably opening the fridge door. He can’t see it, but she grins at the realization that he somehow managed to make eye contact with her again, just like any other conversation they have. It makes her feel seen, and just a little bit happier.

Shouta lightly jogs over to Izuku who is now waiting by the room where they ate their last meal. Looks like he woke up hungry.

After the meal however, it seemed like a majority of the students wanted to play with Izuku before classes. He let them play for a small bit but if they keep this up then they were going to be late to homeroom.

“Alright that’s enough, you all should be heading to class. Don’t want to keep Midnight waiting” he announces, waiting for Koda to translate. Once he does though, the kids still look eager to hold the green cub once again, or give a final pet. He already knows Izuku is getting use to the attention and no longer shy’s away as much, but classes comes first.

They start to walk outside of the dorms to get to the main building, and he can feel the anticipation from his students. If they were going to keep attempting to scoop Izuku up then he needs to put his foot down. Even if this is before classes, he told them that was enough so they should treat his request seriously. As a result, he does the only logical thing he can think of.

“Okay problem child, looks like your no longer walking” he vaguely states. Just when his student is about to voice his confusion he opens his mouth to show his canines and leans closer. He revels in the shock noises he hears from the students behind him.

“Oh mY gOd”

“Is he going to eat him?!?”

“HAH?!? I know he’s fucking annoying but I didn’t think you’d eat him”

“Sensei please don’t he’s too young!!!”

He gets closer to his cub’s neck and finds the pressure point that mothers use for their cubs so they won’t struggle when being held from place to place. The problem child’s back feet immediately curl up to avoid possible objects on the floor and the young kit goes relaxed. He lifts his problem child off the ground (unharmed) and looks the others in the eye, some looking quite pale.

“Is- is he okay?” A voice calls out, he can’t tell who though. He rolls his eyes and continues to lead the way, knowing that Koda (who knows a lot about all kinds of animals) will probably tell them that this is a natural and safe thing to do. Which he does, if his ears don’t deceive him.

“You know, you don’t have to carry me all the way to class. I think they get your point” Izuku laughs. He wonders if this hurts or not, he is being incredibly gentle even if it may not look like it. As if reading his mind, Izuku continues.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt which is really weird. I can feel your teeth but it’s not sharp or painful, just a slight pressure. Automatically my body just went relaxed. I can’t even struggle if I wanted to. It’s very interesting and as soon as I can, I am definitely going to search it up because I want to see if this has more to do with nerves, the spinal cord or-“ he rambles, but is cut off my Aizawa chuckling.

“Your rambling again” he explains, if only slightly muffled. The younger stutters and starts to apologize only for Shouta to cut him off again.

“You have nothing to apologize for cub. Don’t worry about it” Aizawa manages to somehow say, it honestly didn’t sound comprehensible but Izuku seemed to understand. He refrains from talking the rest of the way just in case he puts too much pressure on the younger’s neck.


Once they finally reached the classroom, he drags out his sleeping bag from behind his desk so he can keep an eye on his class. He drops the greenette on it and doesn’t bother on trying to unzip it. He might end up laying down partially on sleeping bag and partially on ground because of his size, but he doesn’t really care. And so Shouta curls up around his cub and shuts his eyes, listening half heartedly to the conversations around them. He feels content.



Of course something has to ruin it.

“Woowww Shouta! Nedzu wasn’t kidding! You really did turn into an animal. I wonder if when you turn back you’ll magically be an animal in-“

Just before she can finish that sentence he glares and uses his quirk on her in warning. She breaks down in mischievous giggles. Leave it to Midnight to say something like that.

“All right class! I’ll be your teacher for today while this lazy cat over here sleeps! Midoriya, you adorable little thing could just listen and will get an extension for the homework kay?” The heroine exaggeratedly explains.

The days passes by fast, with only a few more screeches from other students in the halls. The whole point of attending class with his students was so they can learn to work and not be distracted. Most did fairly well, only a few need to work on focusing at the task at hand (Mina, Kaminari, Hagakure and surprisingly Shoji).

Soon they are back in the nurse office waiting for Tsukauchi to come with the restrained villain. Midnight and Hizashi decided to come along just in case things go south with the villain, but he’s a pity thief and low threat so Shouta is not too worried.

“Wait Shouta before you turn back, I want to see if your paw has the pressure point that extends your claws” Hizashi says excitedly. He rolls his eyes and lifts a paw to give to the blond. Hizashi gently takes it and presses it to reveal sharp black claws extending dangerously.

“Wow~ so sharp!” He exclaims at the same time as Izuku. He doesn’t know why Izuku is amazed, he’s seen his claws multiple times before. Little fanboy.

Just then there is a knock on the door and Recovery Girl lets them in. The detective, an officer, and a villain in handcuffs arrives to the scene.

“Alright Eraserhead lets make this quick so I can take this guy to the station and get a proper integration on him. You and Midoriya still need to give your statements but you can just call me and tell me when your ready to give them” His friend states. Shouta nods at Tsukauchi and if he looks hard enough, he can see Tsukauchi’s eyes gleam.

“You owe me coffee” he finally says. Shouta glares at him because it’s always the other way around. He bets the detective is ecstatic that their rolls have been reversed.

“Ready?” Shouta asks. Izuku is looking a little nervous but nods anyways.

“Even if it hurts a bit, it’s nothing I haven’t handled before right?” The greenette says with determination. Well damn, if he wasn’t worried for his cub before, he sure as hell is now. Again, just another conversation to add to the list.

“Your strong problem child, it’ll be over before you know it” he responds. Maybe he didn’t need to sound that soft but it’s not like the others can understand him. And then he activated his quirk on the villain. Soon, both of them start to changed and shift. It doesn’t hurt as much as the first time but it’s still painful. How does one get use to bone breaking? He’ll ask Izuku for some advise.... on second thought that’s a terrible idea.

After a short period of time, both teacher and student are laying on the floor - once again human. Izuku’s smile rivals the sun when he looks down at his hands. Shouta was suddenly glad that they still had their clothes on them, that would have been uncomfortable.

Hizashi helps Shouta stand up who stumbles a bit. Feels a little odd to be on two feet again. He helps Izuku stand up as well as the officer takes the villain back to the presumably waiting police car.

Once the two strangers left, he finds that he can’t really wait to hug his kid any longer andd Izuku thinks the same. They briefly hug, despite the watching eyes.

“Thanks for taking care of me. I know I can be a hand full and most of the stuff I did was embarrassing but I appreciate it” Izuku says to his teacher. Shouta wonders how this green bean became so precious.

“No problem cub” he softly response with. Soon Hizashi is in the hug, then Midnight too. Brats.

“Shouta I told you your a softieee” Midnight teases. The group breaks out in smiles and small laughs. Shouta smirks only slightly.

“Tell anyone and you won’t live to see another day” he threatens. Midnight dramatically gasps as the group pulls away.

“Alright, wait in the hallway, I’ll be right behind you just give me a minute” Shouta explains. The greenette boy nods and walks out with only slight hesitance.

He hears the detective clear his throat and begin to speak “You and the kid might have some lingering affects from the quirk but nothing serious, so I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s possible that some habits may be permanent but for the most part it’s things that go unnoticed” Tsukauchi warns. Makes sense. He’s already acting softer than before towards Izuku. Before he wouldn’t even hug a student in front of his co-workers. He can feel his anxiety from being far from the kid slowly fade, but still linger there at the back of his mind. Looks like that might stay too. Does not look like it’ll be strong enough to affect their daily lives though.

“Here” Tsalty hands him something. When he looks at the papers, his eyes widen slightly.

“Thought you might want one, you know, just in case” he teases and winks. Hizashi looks over in curiosity and starts snickering.

“I mean I wouldn’t mind..” the blond tells Shouta with a small smile.

“Well, remember, it’s a just in case” and even if Tsukauchi gave them the papers as a joke, he seemed genuine about the ‘just in case’ part.

Shouta huffs and puts the adoption fill out papers gently in his bag.

“As much as I want to... he already has a mom. Although we should find out if he’s safe at home, I have a few concerns” he explains to his husband.

“Anything for the little listener” he reply’s all with a serious look. They share a knowing glance at each other filled with determination to keep the cinnamon roll safe. Even if there’s nothing going on at home, you can never be too careful.

Shouta and him walk out to the hall and find Izuku waiting, who promptly gives them a big smile.

“I need sunglasses and coffee” shouta says under his breath.

“Come on kid, lets get to the dorms” he announces louder. The kid happily walks between him and his husband as he thinks of how well he would fit in the family. Ah- he’s getting way too soft. Wayyy to soft. Okay, coffee, cats, work, coffee, cats, work.

The walk was peaceful, the three of them talking about some funny moments that happened when they were transformed. Apparently, Vlad King walked in Class 1-A’s dorms to ask Shouta a question and when he saw a panther, he slowly walked back outside- said something about “not today satan.” Shouta didn’t know this happened but Hizashi watched the whole scene struggling not to laugh. When they arrived at the dorm doors, Shouta speaks up.

“Good luck in there, they are going to swarm you like a moth to a light” Shouta deadpans as he approaches the door.

“Your saying that as if your not going in yourself either Sho!” Hizashi laughs, but shouta ignores that comment.

“Come on kid, I’m sure they missed seeing you with your red shoes and all that” he says, trying to hide the fondness from his voice.

Shouta reaches out and ruffles Izuku’s hair who leans into it. This makes a gentle but familiar rumble rise.

“Oh my god the purring stayed! Tsukauchi said some habits might stay and for you it’s the purring!!!” Hizashi exclaims with wide eyes. This only makes the problem child blush in embarrassment and rush inside.

“Theyarewaitingforuscomeon” he frantically explains while rushing in.

At the loud cheers and the warm greetings, Shouta could only hope no one saw the small smile he tries to hide in his capture weapon.


Key word: tries



~The end~




Bonus scene:


A certain grape stain walks their way into the doors, twigs sticking out of his clothes and dirt on his face. As soon as he enters everyone acts as if they don’t know him. He glances over at Midoriya and rushes to his side because surely he remembers him right?!? But before he can reach him some dark shadowy figure blocks his path and gives a threatening growl. Red demonic eyes stare into his soul. The grape pervert bursts into tears and runs out of the building never to be seen again.


“Shouta! You kept the growl! Intimidating~” Hizashi praises. Shouta takes a moment to think of all the possibilities he now has. A terrifying grin slowly adorns his face, one that only promises pain.

“Shouta no” Izuku warns.

“... Shouta yes” he responds.


All hell breaks loose.