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Bear Hugs (Gavin x MC)

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“This feels nice.” MC sighed happily as she breathes in the fresh air, staring at the camping site in awe. 


Big trees surrounding them, the chirps of the bird filling the air, the soft sound of the stream beside them adding to the relaxing atmosphere.


“Let’s hope you still feel the same without your electronics.” Gavin snickered as he unloads their camping stuff from their car.


MC huffed as she crossed her arms, “I’ll be fine, Gavin! Don’t be so mean.” 


Her boyfriend just shook his head before walking to her and wrapping her with his arms, “I’m just saying you don’t owe me anything for us doing your own thing, I enjoy them as well, you didn’t have to come with me here, I’ve been doing this alone for years now, I don’t mind it.” 


MC rubbed her head against his chest. She’s doesn’t really have much experience outdoors, used to living with what technology has blessed her, but after accidentally overhearing Gavin and Minor talking, she can’t help but think about how Gavin would always be willing to do whatever she wants.


“Isn’t your camping trip coming this weekend?” Minor asked before he takes another swing from his bottle.


“Yup, why?” Gavin raised an eyebrow at him.


They were both at Gavin and MC’s place, Minor had decided to invite himself in and watch a movie. While the behaviour is a common occurrence, MC just smiled and pulled herself away from Gavin’s arms to prepare some food, Gavin can’t help but feel a bit annoyed that his night will be filled with Minor’s commentary over the movie instead of just him and MC having their own little bubble filled with cuddles and just talking. But he did owe Minor for helping him finally ask MC out. MC is his everything so he guesses he owes Minor a lot, listening to his annoying commentary included.


“I mean, are you going to take MC with you?” Minor asked.


“Hm, never really thought of it. Last year I just asked her to stay with her friend while I’m gone.” Gavin asked, “She won’t really be interested in that.”


“Have you asked her though?” Minor raised an eyebrow.


“Er… no.” Gavin scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment, “To be fair, I know MC well, and I don’t think she’ll enjoy or be comfortable being out there.” 


At that point, MC had been curiously listening behind a wall, bowl of chips and sauce in hand. 


“Of course I do, I think it’ll be nice to spend time with her out there with just the two of us, but I would much prefer she be comfortable.” Gavin sighed.


“I don’t know, Gav, I mean think of the outdoor sex.” 


The couple blushed beet red at the statement, MC almost dropping their food and Gavin hitting Minor with their sofa pillows, “I’m not a  perv like you, Minor.” the brunette huffed.


“Yea and I didn’t have a glimpse MC’s neck full of hickeys and limping to her office last week.” Minor rolled his eyes.


“Can we change the subject?” Gavin grumbled.


“More like go back to the subject.” Minor laughed softly, “I really think you should ask her, I’m pretty sure she’d appreciate the atmosphere, we just finished a really big project so you don’t have to worry about her work, she needs to unwind and it’s only for the weekends anyway.”


Gavin hummed in thought, “I’d consider it.”


They didn’t say anything else after that so MC had revealed herself. Minor must have gotten impatient or didn’t trust Gavin in asking herself to his trip so he asked MC, much to Gavin’s annoyance. Without thinking, MC had agreed to it and she swore Gavin’s surprised face and the happiness in his eyes melted her heart.


“Is that how you feel?” MC frowned up at him, “That I went with you because I owed you something?”


The statement surprised Gavin, the look of hurt in his lover’s face stabbed a pain in his heart, “It’s not that… I’m just worried you’re not comfortable.” he explained.


MC pouted, “I’ll be fine! I wanna spend time with you.” she said with a smile, “Plus it’s not often we go to trips, as long as we’re not in a crowded place, I’ll enjoy every second with you.” 


Gavin, not being that great with words, just gave her a soft smile and a kiss on her forehead, “Well, let’s set up everything then, let’s do everything together.” 

MC giggled as she submerged her feet in the water, enjoying the coolness of it, “So, we’re doing fishing?” she asked while watching Gavin cast his line, admiring how his arm muscles flex, “Didn’t we pack enough camping food already?” 


“Yes, but it still feels different from eating your own catch,” Gavin explained as he tries to cast his line farther, setting the rod between the rocks to keep it up when he found a promising position, “Now we wait.” he smiled at her before sitting next to her and pulling her inside his arm.


“What else do you do here?” MC asked as she leaned on him.


“Well, after lunch I take a stroll in the forest and just enjoy the walk. There’s already a designated path for campers to take so it should be safe for us to go there later.” Gavin explained, “How are you feeling so far? I hope it’s not boring for you.”


MC chuckled, “No, this is nice. The scenery is peaceful, no work popping out to stress me, the temperature is cool, plus we’re here together.” she hummed, “It’s really relaxing.”


Gavin chuckled, “There’s also some pretty flowers in the forest, I think you’ll really enjoy those too. Plus the stars will be beautiful tonight according to the weather.”


MC perked up at that, “Then I’m looking forward to it!” she exclaimed in excitement.


The line of the fishing rod began to move, getting the attention of the couple. Gavin had quickly moved to catch the fish.


While MC isn’t really the one controlling the fishing rod, she still can’t help but feel excited as she cheers on Gavin.


“I think I got it,” Gavin said.


They excitedly wait for their catch to reveal themselves.




It looks like the fish escaped.


“Uhm…” Gavin blushed in embarrassment.


“That was exciting! No fish but it was fun watching!” MC said in amazement, “Let’s cast it again!” she smiled at Gavin.


The encouragement made Gavin grin as he cast his line again, hoping now Mother Nature wouldn’t embarrass him in front of his girlfriend this time.

Excited as she was, she didn’t think she would dare watch Gavin prepare the fishes for cooking. They had caught 2 large ones and Gavin think they have more enough since they had also packed some other stuff to cook. 


MC had just placed their campfire stew on the fire, humming to herself as she waits for Gavin.


It didn’t take too long when 2 fishes on a stick joined the fire.


“I can’t wait to finally try a real campfire smores later!” MC said excitedly as she watches the fire, “I bet it will be a hundred times more delicious!”


Gavin sat next to her as she pats her head, “You and your sweets.” he chuckled.


MC laughed, “I’ll have you know that it’s pretty much the reason I’m here.” she teased.


Gavin gasped playfully, “And here I was thinking I’m the main reason.” 


“Smores is number 1, you’re a close 2 though.” 


Gavin just chuckled before pulling her in a tickle fight.

“Wow, this is so pretty,” MC said in awe as she looks at the beautiful patch of different coloured flowers in front of her.


Gavin can’t help but feel happy as well even if he was only watching her. He appreciates the flowers before, but the contentment and happiness feeling he has this time when he’s with her is way more satisfying.


It was really peaceful until they heard a whining noise.


“MC, get here.” Gavin immediately said.


MC quickly went behind Gavin, holding his arm as they look for the source of noise, “Gavin, look.” she said quietly when she spotted something brown and furry.


After checking their surroundings, Gavin and MC had cautiously walked to the animal.


“Oh, poor thing,” MC said in sympathy when they saw an injured baby bear, an ugly wound on his leg, “What should we do?” she looked up at Gavin.


“His mother doesn’t seem to be closeby, she should’ve rushed to him by now.” he observed, “That wound isn’t lethal but it would help if I clean it up a bit. I have a medkit back at camp, so we should head there now, but unfortunately, I need you to stay there just in case his mother would arrive, it’ll be a bit dangerous.” he looked at MC.


MC frowned, “We can’t just leave him alone in here! He’s still a baby and helpless! What if something hurts him?”


“MC, I’m not leaving you here, if his mother did come and find him, you’d be in danger.” Gavin said sternly, “Let’s go.” 


MC stayed on her ground, “Gavin, no.” 


Gavin sighed, “MC, please, I can’t take it if something happens to you.”


“I know, Gav, but I’ll feel so bad when something happens to it. I promise I’ll be fine, I can hide somewhere I’ll spot the mother, even from a distance, I swear I’ll hide or even go back to camp.” MC explained, “Please?” she begged with the eyes she knows Gavin can’t resist.


Gavin sighed in defeat, “Promise me, even if it’s just a glimpse or even a random sound that’s out of the birds or water stream, you’ll come back to me. Got it?” he looked at her straight in her eyes.


MC nodded, “Promise.”


Gavin took something from his pocket, “Here’s a pepper spray just in case, and my pocket knife, I’ll be quick.” 


They shared one look before Gavin rushed to their camp. 


“Don’t worry, little guy, Gavin will make sure you’d be fine.” MC cooed at the bear whose cries are now quieter, MC liked to think it’s because the cub felt safe with them.

‘Gavin is taking a bit longer.’


MC thought in worry before turning to the cub. The cub was just staring at her as well, can’t really move with how he must be hurting with his leg. 


A growling noise grabbed their attention, and like she promised Gavin, she quickly hid on a nearby tree. Her eyes widened when she saw a lone wolf sniffing nearby, at this point, she should really go back to Gavin, but the cub had begun crying again, making MC’s heart too heavy to leave the cub. 


“Gavin is going to kill me,” she mumbled under her breath as she stayed close to the cub.


The wolf had spotted them now, he’s eyeing the cub hungrily. MC swallowed the lump on her throat, she grabbed the knife and prepared just in case the wolf would attack them. It’s growling at them now, hunger glazing its eyes. 


“Stay back! I don’t want to hurt you!” she glared at the wolf. 


MC’s heart races as they stared at each other until the wolf decided it’s hungry enough.


It runs to them with a growl. It leapt and about to land on MC, thankfully for MC’s instinct. She had raised her hand and used the pepper spray as she dodged. The wolf whined as it hits its eyes, however, it still tried to get a bite out of MC. In the middle of panic, MC had slashed her knife blindly.


“MC!” she heard Gavin’s voice.


The knife had hit the wolf on the leg, it wasn’t deep but just enough to draw out a wound. Hearing another voice, however, discouraged the wolf to attack and instead limped away as fast as he could.


"Why did you do that?! You could've been killed!" Gavin can’t help but raise his voice in worry. 


He had immediately gone to check on MC, “You promised to come to me!” 


Gavin had proceeded to lecture her and MC had just bowed her head. She had never seen Gavin so pissed and now that she did, she can’t help but feel horrible. 


“Don’t ever do that again.” Gavin’s voice cracked, like MC’s heart.


“I’m sor-” she was cut off with Gavin pulling her in a tight embrace.


“You did great in defending yourself, that’s my girl.” Gavin breathed, “But I should still teach you some self-defence. I was so worried.” 


“I’m sorry.” MC rubbed her head in Gavin’s choice, “I was-”


“It’s fine. It’s over now, I’m just glad you’re safe.” Gavin said before pulling away, “Now let’s just fix the cub up. It took me a while because I had to call the wildlife control.”


MC nodded, “Well, let’s fix him up.”


Gavin nodded before tending to the cub.


The wildlife control didn’t take too long to arrive and took care of the rest. 


MC and Gavin bid their goodbyes and started their walk back to their camping site.


“Today’s really something,” MC said as she sat on the log.


“Would you still want to go back after that?” Gavin asked curiously as he sat next to her.


“Of course! As long as there are no more injured animals.” MC chuckled, “And of course, as long as we’re together.” she said before giving Gavin a kiss on his cheek.


Gavin smiled at the gesture, “Well, next time I’d probably bring the medkit with me already so you don’t have to stay there alone.” 


MC hummed in approval, “It’s getting dark.” she looked at the sky.


“Well, we still have some leftover stew, and since you’ve been very brave…” Gavin trailed off and just let the treats in his hands finish the sentence.


“We’re finally making smores!” MC said in excitement as she accepts the ingredients Gavin’s handing out to her.


Gavin can’t help but feel content and relax again, and after watching MC squeal for the third time of closely setting her marshmallow on fire, Gavin had gently pulled her on his lap, hand wrapping over MC’s as he angled them to a perfect position for marshmallow roasting.


MC can’t help but melt at the position, she smiled softly and made herself comfortable as she leaned in Gavin’s embrace.


She could get used to this.