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The Chemistry In Darkness

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The Chemistry In Darkness

Chapter Two

Monday 9th December 2019

An indeterminate amount of time later, Elly felt a sharp pain to her head and arm as she rustled awake from her unconscious state. Elly blinked her eyes wildly as she opened them, taking in her surroundings which were not familiar to her in the least.

A bedroom, the room was dark despite a bedside table lamp on. The walls of the room looked more like it was a cabin rather than a house.

Elly immediately placed her hand of her non-injured arm to her pregnant belly, soon feeling her baby kicking her, like he or she knew she needed to know the baby was okay. The relief Elly felt that her baby felt safe was enormous. Elly then sat up, leaning back on her non-injured arm, realizing she'd being lying unconscious on a bed she didn't recognize.

"Hello, Elly," came a soft and comforting voice from across the room.

"How do you know my name?" Elly immediately asked as she glanced down at her injured arm, seeing that it had been bandaged up in what looked to be a rather professional manner to begin healing from the wound inflicted on her by the guy whom attacked her. She wondered if she'd been taken to hospital and not known but then realized an unconscious woman would hardly be released by hospital staff.

"I checked your drivers' license in your purse. I haven't stolen anything from it, I only needed to know your name. I hope you don't mind, Elly," the voice explained.

Elly saw her handbag along with her purse sitting on a table across from the bed, wondering if her phone was still in her handbag and how soon she could get to it to call for help.

Elly eyed the woman sitting across the room from her. She'd never met her. She looked to be early to mid-40's, brunette hair with a tinge of blonde through it past her shoulders, pale blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a three-quarter length top and joggers. A casual comfortable enough look, not over or under dressed.

"Who are you?" Elly asked in concern.

"My name's Abby. I'm here to help you, my whole family is in fact. You'll meet the rest of them later, tomorrow morning as it's quite late and you and your baby need sleep tonight," Abby introduced herself.

"Did you rescue me from the man whom attacked me earlier this was this evening, right? I haven't been unconscious for days on end?" Elly wondered, her mind quickly flicking to whether or not she'd missed Chloe's wedding to Pierce, not by choice, frowning at having a thought like that when she was trying to figure out how long she'd been unconscious for.

Abby nodded, "It's still the same evening,'s almost midnight. I wasn't the one that was there with you when you were attacked. My husband, Romulus, was. He brought you here. I'm a surgeon, I patched up your arm for best I could but I couldn't undo the damage done."

Elly eyed Abby suspiciously, "My Uncle's a doctor, he can help me treat the wound from here. Can I have my phone so I can call my family and ask them to come and get me...from wherever your husband brought me to?"

"We're in my family's cabin out in the woods...about an hour's drive from where Romulas found Erinsborough," Abby replied before admitting vaguely, "You can't go home, may be a very long time before you see your family again."

"What the hell are you talking about? You took me an hour away from my home! Why would you do that? My family are going to be worried about me. They'll know by now I didn't make it home as I was with my sister this evening and she was heading home not too long after me. You can't hold me here, I'm going home to my family," Elly told her angrily.

"You'll only hurt them if you do," Abby replied.

"They are my family. I'd never hurt them. My baby is gonna need them. My baby's father was killed recently. I'm going to be a single mum to my baby. I still need my families support," Elly insisted, trying not to feel the sense she'd been so overcome with the past few months, especially the last few weeks since she'd lost her job as a teacher, that her life was spiraling into not knowing what she was doing with her life besides trying to stay positive she could provide a happy life for her child.

"Things have changed, Elly, since you were attacked. You have a new family now. My family and I will take you into our fold and help you with your baby...and with the...changes in your life," Abby offered.

"What changes? What is going on? You can't hold me hostage with your family and make me part of your family here...wherever here is!" Elly argued.

"We don't want to hold you hostage. We're not about that but you need to stay with us until Wednesday night and then you'll see why you can't go back to your family...for a while…you'll see why we're trying to protect you, your baby and everyone you care about," Abby explained, her vagueness still evident.

"What happens Wednesday?" Elly asked with worry, yet a minor tinge of relief knowing the decision not to attend Chloe's wedding could be made for her if she got back home later in the week, telling them she'd been kidnapped by a bunch of strangers.

Chloe would need to forgive her for missing her special day due to this ordeal and not because Elly wasn't sure if could go through with attending or not.

"The first phase of this month's full moon...the night before the full moon...there are three nights in a row every month that you will need to pay attention to for the rest of your life. The night before, the night of and the night after the full moon," Abby told her quietly.

"Why would I care about the full moon and it's phases? Are you some kind of hippies who worship the moon in the middle of the woods?" Elly frowned.

"The would-be-attacker from earlier this evening...he wasn't a man, Elly," Abby replied, ignoring Elly's questions, "There are beings like us that walk amongst the humans...they think we're just myths...we're not myths. We've walked this world for longer than you might believe."

"We?" Elly gulped gently.

Abby stared deep into Elly's eyes, "The would-be-attacker whom scratched up your arm…he was one of those beings you and your people mistake as being a myth…"

Elly shrugged, trying to remain unperturbed by what Abby was saying, praying she could find a way to get to her phone or to escape, even though she genuinely didn't feel any danger coming from the woman, "Guy seemed like a regular man to me. A little strange and dangerous on account of attacking a pregnant woman he doesn't know but a man who-"

"He wasn't a man, Elly," Abby repeated but before she could continue, Elly interrupted.

"Cut the cryptic crap! Tell me what's going on so I can damn well go home to my family and friends. I don't have time to be messed about. I've got a wedding I don't want to go to tomorrow…" Elly trailed off as she realized her own words and what they meant.

Though there was no time for Elly to address her own words and what they meant as Abby raised her eyebrow at her then spoke up, "Your attacker was one of our kind…a werewolf."

Elly opened her mouth but no words came out.

"Do you know what that means, Elly?" Abby asked quietly.

"Yeah…you're insane if you're about to tell me that werewolves and monsters exist in the world. I don't have time for this, I need to go home to my family now," Elly declared.

"I've told you, Elly, you can't go home to your family as you'll hurt them. You need to stay with my family now as you get used to your new life," Abby tried to tell her.

"What new life? I'm not staying here, why would I hurt my family?" Elly scrambled out, her mind running wild, trying to make sense of the mere idea of what Abby had said about her attacker.

"Elly, your attacker was a werewolf and when he ripped that gash down your arm…he turned you into one too," Abby finally told Elly, "You're not human anymore, you won't be again, I'm sorry as there's no way to reverse what was done…you're just like me and the rest of my family now… Elly, you're a werewolf."

Elly blinked wildly in disbelief, "Huh?"