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Tell Me What You Dreamed About

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"Phi, why are we not having sex yet?" 


Mew eyes widened while Gulf was slightly frowning at him, his eyes accusing Mew of being responsible for his current frustrated state. 

“Well … because you never asked for it before.”  

Mew fully turned his attention to the boy sat on the couch beside him, the screen of the TV displaying an angry "Game Over" as the both of them stopped playing when Gulf finally found the courage to ask the question that has been on his mind for weeks now. 

“Phi didn’t say anything either.” Gulf's eyes couldn't meet his Phi's anymore, all his confidence gone when Mew's full attention was on him. He desperately tried to find something to focus on, failing he chose to lower his gaze and stared at his hands gently folded on his knees. 

Sensing Gulf's discomfort, Mew grabbed one of Gulf's hands and stroke his thumb over his faen's knuckles. Gently. Reassuring. "Look at me Tua-aeng."

Slowly, the younger lifted his gaze until meeting Mew's eyes. He could only see warmth and love in his Phi's captivating eyes. 

“I was waiting for you to ask, I didn’t want to pressure you into something you were not ready for.” Mew’s deep and gentle voice appeased the younger of the two but Gulf still felt slightly agitated. An irrational fear that Mew didn't want him as much as he wanted his lover still lingering in his mind. 

“Let’s do it right now then Phi.”  Gulf's determined eyes trying to convince his Phi he was ready to take their relationship a step further. He wasn't thinking clearly anymore, his mind kept on producing images of their last kiss on the couch, an hour earlier, the heat of his Phi's mouth, the wetness of his tongue, he could feel the hardness of his cock when he was straddling his older boyfriend. Gulf tried to breathe, slowly, not to be noticed, and clear his mind of his explicite thoughts. He could see how Mew's was searching for any trace of fear and uncertainty in his eyes. He wanted to reassure him, explain that he was sure but he was incapable of forming a word, his hardening cock was distracting him. 

“Did you even think about what you wanted to do before asking me this?” Gulf couldn't decide if the older was serious or teasing him. His eyes were still gentle but a glint of something else, something mischievous was also there. 

Silence again. Gulf was thinking hard, trying to understand what his Phi meant by that. “What do you mean Phi?” 

“Well, what kind of sex do you want? We can start slow you know, no need to rush and go all the way before you are sure you are ready. I can suck you off if you want, or we can rub against each other, you know, just touching each other will be satisfying already.” Mew could see his lover getting redder with each graphic word, his blush spreading from his cheeks to his exposed collarbones. Beautiful. He wanted to devour him. 

“Phi!! I’m ready, I’ve been ready since forever, I've been having wet dreams for weeks now, I have to jerk off twice a day to not get hard just at the sight of your chest. I don’t think I’ll survive much longer without Phi touching me.” 
Gulf was now frustrated and embarrassed, he already had to be the one asking Phi for sex and his impatience made him blurted out the fact he was having recurring wet dreams. He was sure his Phi will use this to tease him until his whole body is flushed and hot. As if on cue, a teasing smile appeared on Mew’s face, the corners of his mouth slowly stretching, letting his white teeth appear in between his pretty lips. And Gulf just wanted to kiss him until they're both breathless. Before he could lean in Mew pulled Gulf against his side, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. His left hand gently playing with his adorable baby's ear, hot and read, while he never stopped holding Gulf's hand with the other. 

“Oooh what kind of dream does P’Gulf have huh? Come on tell me.” Gulf knew Mew was teasing him, his eyes were shining with mischief and lust. At least Gulf hoped it was lust. 

“I won’t tell you about my dreams Phi! It’s embarrassing.”

“I thought you wanted to have sex? We can’t have sex if you can’t talk about it you know?” Mew could see how embarrassed Gulf was, but teasing him was too much fun to let this go. 

“But it’s so embarrassing Phi, please don’t make me talk about it.” The younger was getting restless, shifting against his Phi, he hoped his whinny voice and cuteness would make Mew give in. Torn between his embarrassment and his want, he just wanted his Phi to fuck him, not making fun of him and his wet dreams. Sensing his faen's discomfort underneath his cute act, Mew tried to reassure him. 

“Baby listen to me, I won’t judge you, I won’t laugh and I won’t tease you about this ok?” His eyes were soft and loving but the mischievousness is unmistakably still here, and Gulf knew his Phi was up to something but what he didn't know yet. 

“Come on P'Gulf, sit on my lap, it will help you relax and that way you don’t have to look at Phi in the eye.” He pulled his Nong on his lap, making him rest his back against Mew's wide and solid chest. Gulf squirmed a bit, trying to find his usual comfortable position. An unexpected hardness under his soft bottom made him pause for a second before completely relax into his boyfriend's embrace. 

"Come on baby, tell Phi what happened in your dreams. If you're a good boy for Phi, maybe Phi will do everything he did to you in your dream, in real life. Would you like that?" Gulf could felt Mew's hot breath tickling his ear while his faen was whispering to him. He was embarrassed, so so embarrassed but he was even more turn on than embarrassed. He wanted to tell Mew everything, every details of his dreams and make them come true. 

One of Mew's hand was spread on his tummy, lightly tapping it and squeezing it. His other hand laid on his chest, slowly caressing his pectoral. Gulf was having a hard time focusing, his eyes watching his Phi's hand, hoping one of his veiny fingers would brush against his nipple. After a few seconds, the younger realized it wouldn't happen if he didn't start talking. 

"I ... You ... In my dream, huh ... Phi sometimes sucks my cock until I come." 

It was only half the truth. 

"Really? Phi lets you come that easily?" 

"Yes ..." A finger brushed against his nipple. A warning. "No ... Phi doesn't let me come until he allows it." 

Gulf was starting to breathe harder, his hips slowly rotating on Mew's lap, searching for frictions. He didn't want to touch himself yet, he was waiting for his boyfriend to touch him. 

"That sounds like something Phi would do. What do I ask you to do in your dreams?" 

"I have to ask permission." The fingers were now slightly pinching his hardening nipple. The hand on his stomach went south and rested on top of his cock, not applying any pressure. Gulf was bucking his hips into it, seeking relief from his Phi. 

"What else?" 

"Sometimes, Phi lets me fuck his mouth if I was a good boy, but I can't use my hands, I have to keep them above my head." 

Mew knew that Gulf was losing himself in his memories, his lover would never dare speak his mind so explicitly if he wasn't drowning in lust. He grabbed Gulf's wrists, one in each of his hands, and slowly brought them around his neck. "They stay here." Before returning his hands to their previous position. 

Gulf's breathe caught in his lungs and he wrapped both his hands behind his Phi's neck, anchoring himself by grasping at the older's hair. 

"Do you know? Do you know that Phi could take your cock all the way down his throat? I'm really good at giving blowjobs." 

Gulf's mind was producing a thousand images of his Phi taking him whole, his whole body was aching for it to happen. He was now thrusting his hips onto the older's hand more frankly and he made sure to rub his ass against the hard cock under him each time. He felt Mew bucked his hips and for a moment he got scare of how big his faen's was.  

"Tell me more. In your dreams, Phi sucks your cock ... but do you return the favor?" 


Gulf could feel his Phi's hard member twitch under him. He wanted to tease his lover too, make him lose control just like he is losing his. 

"But Phi is not really nice to me." Gulf knew he was playing with fire, his ever so loving and caring Phi could get worried and stop everything at the possibility of Gulf being forced into anything. As he felt his lover hands stop moving he quickly started talking again. 

"Phi is mean, he always makes me kneel on the floor so my knees hurt. And you tease me so much, you even make me ask for it." 

Gulf knew his tricks worked when he felt the hands he loved so much moving again. The one on his chest was traveling from a nipple to the other, pinching, twisting and rubbing continuously. Sweat was dripping down his neck and face, his boxer dampening as pre-cum was soiling it.

"Ask or beg? Be precise Tua-Aeng

Gulf held his breath for a second. 

"... Beg"  

Mew's hand on his crotch painfully constricted the boy's member. Gulf understood that his Phi likes this, he likes it when Gulf is being a good and obedient boy. He was determined to be as good as he could so his Phi would give him what he wanted. 

"And do you beg prettily for Phi's cock?" 


"Tell me, show me how you beg Nong."

When no answer came, Mew tightened his grib on his boy's cock, making it harder for Gulf to move and thrust into his hand. 

"Don't you want to be Phi's good boy? Come on, do it, show Phi what a good boy you are." 
Every words went straight to Gulf's cock. He didn't think he could get any harder. The words were making him squirmed in Mew's hold, he wanted Mew to touch him harder, he wanted to cum. So bad. 

"Please can I suck your cock Phi? Gulf wants to suck Phi's cock so bad" Gulf was making his voice whinier, cuter, it was dripping with lust and want. He doesn't think he could hold it much longer. 

"God, you don't know how much Phi just want to feed you his cock. You'd like that baby right?" Gulf nodded frantically, almost desperate. "But for now, turn around, straddle Phi's lap ok?" 

Mew helped Gulf maneuver on his lap, holding the boy who was shaking and trembling all over. Once Gulf was comfortably sitting, Mew captured his upper lip between his own suck hard on it, making Gulf whimper. They got lost in the kiss for a little bit, Gulf tongue lapping into his mouth wantonly until Mew pulled back, both hands firmly pinning down Gulf's hips to prevent him from getting any friction on his hard member. 

"Do you want to come baby?" 

"Please, please, please" Gulf wasn't sure he could talk anymore, his head was clouded with the sole thought of coming. 

Mew let his hips go and Gulf instantly began to rotate them again, seeking as much frictions as he could. He wanted to make his Phi feel good too, so he pushed his ass hard on Mew's cock, hoping it would be enough to satisfy his Phi. 

Mew lowered Gulf sweatpants, just enough to free his member. "Wait ... Phi ... wait ..." Gulf was having difficulties to talk and Mew instantly stop his hand which was almost in contact with his baby's cock. 

"What is it Tua-Aeng? Are you ok? Do you want me to stop? I can make you come right now, no more teasing baby." 

Gulf felt his heart swell at the softest of his lover's voice. But Gulf didn't want to stop. 

"Phi, no, I just wanted to ask you something." Gulf managed to say in between heavy pants. 

"What is it Nong?" Concern was still present in his voice, Mew was trying his best to make sure his Nong was comfortable. 

"Can Phi remove his shirt please? I want to see you, and touch you." Without waiting for an answer, Gulf began do undo the man's shirt, quickly, or at least as quickly as his shaking fingers were allowing him to. He was drinking in the sight of each new parcel of skin he was exposing. His fingers lingering on his lover's hard pecs, he wanted to tongue at the dip in between them. And he did just that. Extracting a moan from his Phi. He was interrupted before he get to undo the last buttons, forced to lift his arms as Mew removed his t-shirt. Gulf finally got to remove the older's shirt completely. Taking a minute to admire the chiseled chest before running his fingers on the firm abs. 

"You like them baby?" Gulf nodded, unable to speak. "Here, let Phi help you." Mew took a hold on his Nong's ass, pulling him closer to him, until Gulf cock was touching his bare abs. "Come on baby, rub yourself on Phi's abs, you love them right?" He laid one hand on Gulf cock keeping it flushed against his abs while Gulf was thrusting against him. He could feel his Nong get closer and closer to the edge.

"You're doing so good baby, come on, go a little faster, I know my baby can go faster" And Gulf quickened his movements, thrusting messily against his Phi, he wasn't following any rythme, his need to cum too overwhelming to care.

"That's it baby, keep going, do you want to cum?" 

"Yes ... please ... please I want to cum." 

"You know what to do to cum baby, just like in your dreams." Mew's voice was teasing but Gulf knew his Phi was close too, he could hear it in his voice. 

"Please Phi, can I come? Please, I need to cum." Gulf was begging, a litany of please escaping his lips. He felt Mew's hand gripping his hip tightly, like he wanted to hold on his last threads of control. 

"Come for Phi, Tua-Aeng, come for me. Phi says you can." And Gulf came. Instantly. His cum smeared all over his lover's abs and chest. He was panting heavily, his strength left his body and he let himself drop against Mew. Mew lifted his clean hand to Gulf's hair, caressing him softly, whispering in his ear how good he did, that he was proud of him, that he loved him so much. 

Gulf took a few minutes to get his breathing under control. When he shifted back to look at his Phi's face he felt that Mew was still hard under him.

"Phi you didn't come." He whined. "Let me help you? I can suck you Phi." 

Mew looked hesitant, tempted to let him do it before shaking his head. No. 

"Lend me your hand, it's enough baby." He opened his pants, just enough to let his cock out. Gulf gasped when seeing it, it was big, really big. He wrapped his hand around the member. He hesitated long enough for Mew to intervene. 

"Let me help you Tua-Aeng." Mew covered his boy's hand with his own and guided him. Mew moaned deeply, right in Gulf ear. The younger wondered if he could get hard again, just hearing his Phi's sounds of pleasure. 

"Phi can you come for me please? I want to see Phi come for me." 

Gulf didn't know if it was his voice or if it was because Mew was already close but he watched with fascination as his lover's face contorted in pleasure when he finally reached his climax. 

Both of them stay in each other embrace for long minutes. Lazy kisses exchanged and soft caresses. Contentment. 

Suddenly Gulf sat up straight, startling his boyfriend. "Phi!! You distracted me!" His tone was accusing and he was cutely glaring at Mew. 

"What?" Mew could only chuckled at his cute outburst. Wondering what has gotten into his Nong. 

"I wanted you to fuck me Phi! And you distracted me with a handjob!" Gulf wanted to sulk but his blissful state preventing him to so he settled on pretending, with a frown on his face. 

"I'm sorry Tua-Aeng." Mew was anything but sorry, his face only showing satisfaction and love. "I'll make it up to you. How about tonight baby?" 

Gulf was ready to argue with him, to tell him he wanted it now not tonight. 

"Please baby, let's wait for tonight hmm? Promise Phi you'll think it through and if tonight you still want to do it, we'll do it ok baby?" 

Looking into his boyfriend eyes, Gulf nodded slowly. Kissing him softly on the lips. 

"I love you Phi, let's do it tonight." 

"I love you too Gulf, you did amazing." 

Gulf didn't know why Mew looked so proud of him but he was happy his man was happy. 

"Come on baby, let's get clean up." 

"A few minutes more Phi, my legs are still shaking." A cute laugh followed the sentence and both closed their eyes, content to be in each other arms.