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Bakugou Katsuki is the Thirst Trap Master

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Bakugou stares at the camera, tongue darting out onto his lower lip as he sways his hips, the little smirk that makes its way onto his face is the perfect ending to his thirst trap. He takes a moment to admire his work before posting it and sitting back, smugly waiting as the comments begin to flood in. So what if he loves superficial validation? At least it gives him some serotonin.

Pulling his way out of the little crop top he makes his way into the bathroom, rubbing the mascara off his eyes. He's spent the last five hours making tiktoks and he's got a 9am lecture tomorrow so all round great life choices. He peers down at his phone which is buzzing with comments. Most of them are along the lines of rail me or let me rail you which Bakugou isn't really complaining about. He thrives off the attention and there's the added benefit of some money too but it does come with the ever present fear of someone finding out he spends his free time eye fucking a camera in increasingly revealing outfits.

After he's washed off the makeup he crawls into bed, seeing a notification that makes him smile more than any of the comments.

From: Shitty haired sex god
Hey bro you up for gym tomorrow morning?? I'll even pay for coffee???

Despite what his name in Bakugou's phone might imply and much to his annoyance his relationship with Kirishima is purely friendship. Which in its own right is impressive because Bakugou's scathing and rude disposition had managed to scare almost everyone he's ever met away but not Kirishima. The redhead had bounded up to him on their first day of uni already hellbent on being friends and had won Bakugou's heart, maybe a little too well in hindsight. Now they spend practically every waking minute together if not at lectures or the gym then at coffee shops where Bakugou always ends up shrieking at Kirishima for being stupid (he isn't really but if Bakugou doesn't insult him he's going to start getting suspicious).

Bakugou's biggest fear is that somehow Kirishima will find his tiktok account, now he knows the likelihood is slim as he's pretty sure Kirishima doesn't even use the app. Despite this the worry doesn't stop because the thing is in daily life Bakugou comes across as your average straight guy. Is it an unhealthy defense mechanism against his internalised homophobia? Almost certainly but he doesn't feel like unpacking that.

When he's in the comfort of his own room, skirt and crop top on with a collar around his neck filming thirst traps in all his femboy glory he feels complete, like he's finally himself but this part of him stays inside his room with no inkling allowed to show elsewhere.

He falls asleep still worrying about Kirishima finding out which consequently leads to a very vivid dream of his best friend railing him in one of his more suggestive tiktok outfits.

The next morning he can barely meet Kirishima's eye because of his thoughts, it doesn't help one bit that he's working out with him and the redhead’s all broad shoulders and muscled arms and oh god Bakugou wants to be pinned down by them. That’s one of many things he loves about Kirishima, although they both work out Bakugou has a much slender build, more sinewy and elegant just perfect for Kirishima to utterly destroy.

'Bro what is the matter with you? Like you're really not focused if you drop a weight on yourself and break half your bones I'm not gonna help', he jokes looking at Bakugou inquisitively.

'Nothing dumbass, it's your fucking fault for waking me up at the ass crack of dawn'.

'Got a dirty mouth on you', Kirishima teases back and oh if only he knew how dirty and exactly what he'd do given the chance.

He tries to buckle down and concentrate, he really does but it's kinda hopeless, after last night's thoughts his brain is far too preoccupied and eventually Kirishima suggests they finish early and just get coffee because Bakugou is so out of it.

'Let me guess you're gonna get your gross sticky sweet syrup drink again huh?', Kirishima teases and Bakugou can feel the blush rise to his face. The first time they'd gone for coffee Kirishima had spent half an hour laughing at him because apparently Bakugou seemed like a scalding black coffee guy and his choice of anything with half a bag of sugar in it was hysterical to the redhead.

Bakugou nods and sneers at Kirishima in annoyance before stalking off to find a table. When Kirishima returns with their drinks Denki's with him already full of energy and talking energetically. Now Bakugou likes Denki but he's also insanely jealous of him, the other blond is out and proud. A self proclaimed violently pansexual whore who dresses like an eboy with zero sense of shame and Bakugou is green with envy. The confidence that radiates off him is the same energy that Bakugou can only muster in the comfort of his own room and it annoys him no end that Denki manages to command it with so much ease.

'So I mean I told Shinsou that I'm down for a threesome but why not make it a fivesome I mean I know Jirou and Sero would be down y'know?'.

Bakugou has no clue what he's just tuned back into but nothing about Denki's sexual escapades shocks him anymore so he settles down sipping his drink allowing their conversation to wash over him.

The good thing about Denki and his openness is that Bakugou has been able to confirm that Kirishima is very chill with people's sexualities, in fact he's super supportive and amazing but Bakugou has no idea if this is just because he's a great ally or because maybe he's not as straight as Bakugou assumes. Either way he knows he could come out to the red head but something stops him everytime he tries.

By the time they start walking to their lecture most of the memories of his dream have dissipated and he's actually able to concentrate through most of the content. Although as usual Kirishima spends half his time distracting him with various memes and sending him a copious amount of those fucking soap carving videos.

Leaning over after the fifth video of a fat cat running into a door reaches his phone Bakugou whispers angrily, ‘You know shitty hair if you just concentrated in lectures I wouldn't have to reteach you every single fucking bit of the spec later on?’.

Kirishima is unfazed and merely grins at him.

‘But bro you love teaching me that stuff, you get to spend even more time with me’, the teasing makes Bakugou’s ears heat up, irritated by how close to the truth Kirishima is.

As the lecture goes on his mind starts to wander and he slips open his phone reading some more of the comments on his latest tiktok, smirking slightly at the more explicit ones. He doesn’t notice how Denki’s eyes widen with shock as he spies what’s on Bakugou’s phone screen.

By the time they’ve finished Bakugou’s severe lack of sleep has hit him full force and he mumbles a vague sentence about going home to nap to the other two before slouching off back to his room.

The minute he gets in he throws himself onto the bed about to succumb to sleep when his phone starts ringing. The caller is Denki and he considers ignoring it for a second but then decides against it as he knows the blond will just scale the building and climb through the window or some shit if ignored.

‘What the fuck you want pikachu looking ass’, he growls down the speaker.


Bakugou feels his stomach drop and his mouth go dry as he tries to formulate a cohesive response.

‘How… how the fuck did you find it? Fuck if you’ve told Kirishima I will fucking strangle you with your own bondage roap’, he snarls, irrtated as Denki giggles.

‘Oh you are not slick, literally opening it during lectures, I’m coming over right now to discuss it and you have zero choice unless you want me to tell Kirisima?’, he says coyly.

‘NO! Don’t you fucking dare’.

Denki just laughs again and says something about seeing him in five before hanging up. Bakugou sits there considering whether it would be so bad to flee the country forever and set up a new life as a stripper somewhere, Spain’s nice right?

By the time Denki arrives Bakugou is filled with frantic, nervous energy, which is only fuelled more when Denki walks in with a bag full of suspicious looking clothing and an evil grin on his face.

‘And just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?’.

‘Broooo calm down, I’m here to help okay. I have a business proposition for you’.

Bakugou stares at him in pure confusion.

‘So you’re not the only one with a thirst trap tiktok okay and well what’s better then one cute boy… two cute boys! I’m just saying we make a tiktok together and we'll get double the views and I can rack up some more onlyfan subscribers’.

He stares at Bakugou expectantly. Now he doesn't know how to feel. On the one hand, the fact that Denki also is using tiktok means they are on a far more level playing field but he guesses unlike himself Denki doesn't give a shit if anyone finds out about it. It also isn't a half bad idea, more interaction means more money and patreon followers. However he has no clue if he’s comfortable to bring out that side of himself around someone else for the first time.

Denki doesn’t seem to think he has a choice in the matter as he begins rifling through the content of his bag.

‘So I’m thinking black ripped jeans for me and for you definitely a skirt, people go wild for that shit. I mean we could really spice it up and have you in a collar with a leash bet people would love that too’.

Bakugou splutters and tries to complain but deep down he kind of likes the idea, finally having something of a kindred spirit to talk about this is almost comforting.

‘Fine, but not a word of this to Kiri or you are dead, okay?’.

‘Yeah, yeah whatever. Why do you care whether he finds out or not so much anyway?’.

Denki winks at him and Bakugou wants to punch him but suppresses the desire in favour of routing through the clothes he’s brought. He has to admit Denki’a got way more options and some of them are incredible. He settles for a pastel pink tennis skirt and a black crop top and before he can complain Denki’s forcing a pink collar around his neck with a matching leash.

‘Do it for the views right?’, he teases as Bakugou sneers back.

‘You look fucking gorgeous though, really should join me and Shinsou some time. Maybe I could even rope in Kiri bet you'd like that hmmm?’.

The blush that makes its way to his face this time is even worse than before and he only manages to grunt back angrily which just seems to make Denki even happier.

‘So I’m thinking that hello kitty audio and what I’ll do is hold the leash and pull you closer until we make out?’.

Bakugou’s unsure how he manages to say it so calmly but he nods in agreement knowing it'll have the desired effect on their followers.

‘And then for my page how about the sex with a ghost song?’.

Again all Bakugou manages is a nod still completely weirded out by the entire situation but also weirdly happy it’s happening. Something about being around another person whilst like this makes him feel so much more valid.

He watches as Denki fusses about his own outfit and sets up his phone to film them, his eboy look perfectly complementing Bakugou’s egirl one.

‘Okay let's tryyyy!’, he yells excitedly and Bakugou watches in amazement as his normal excited face drops and a haughty smirk makes its way onto his face as he gazes at the camera then back at bakugou.

Come, come kitty kitty, you’re so pretty pretty

Bakugou goes along with it, eye fucking the camera and looking up submissively at Denki (in a way he would never in real life). Just as the song ends Denki gives the leash a harsh tug and pulls Bakugou’s mouth onto his. Kissing him ever so slightly before pulling away and stopping the video.

‘Woahhhhh bro this looks incredible. We might have done it in one take!’.

As Bakugou watches he had to admit they look incredible, both looking like the embodiment of sex appeal and the kiss at the end is just the right amount of suggestive.

‘If it gets taken down I’ll fucking sue’, Denki mutters before sending the video to Bakugou. He proceeds to hype it up until Bakugou caves and posts it right then and there. He just captions it as ‘good kitty’ before they get to work on Denki’s video.

After they’ve finished, Denki flops back onto Bakugou’s bed and sighs contentedly.

‘Oh my god the comments we are getting are insaneeee’.

Bakugou silently agrees, he’s never had this many likes so quickly and the comment section is exploding with people shipping them. He can't help but be a little bit smug.

‘Thanks dumbass, this was kinda fun I guess and well yeah we did good’.

Despite his inability to express himself Denki seems to understand and before Bakugou can stop him he tackles him into a hug.

‘Promise we can do this again?’.

‘Yeah fine whatever it was fun so I guess’.

Denki beams at him and does a little dance of joy before scooping his stuff off the bed.

‘Alright I gotta go to a lecture but I’ll see you later, you can keep the outfit cos it’s more your vibe than mine but give the collar and leash back, I need that for Shinsou’, Baugou makes a retching sound as he hands it back but Denki just laughs, waving as he leaves with a last parting comment.

‘You should dress like that in public might finally insight Kirishima to rail you like you want’.

He runs out the door before Bakugou can attack him leaving the blond to groan and put his head between his hand because fuck it doenst matter how many comments he gets all he wants is Kirishima to tell him he’s hot.


Over the next couple of weeks him and Denki film a couple more tiktoks together including one where Bakugou ends up sandwiched between Shinsou and his boyfriend (turns out his fans really like the look of polyamory on him) and he slowly starts to incorporate tiny bits of his online style into real life.

A crop top here and a pair of slightly too ripped jeans there, and even a choker when he’s feeling daring. He also begins to add a little mascara each morning and the slightest dab of highlighter to his cheeks. It makes him feel pretty and more like himself and yet there’s been no reaction from Kirishima. The redhead treats him like he always does which is fine but Bakugou wants a reaction.

Which is why he finds himself on a Saturday morning in front of his mirror, 10 minutes before meeting Kirishima for a study date, wearing a full on tiktok thot outfit.

He’s gone for a short black skirt with a baby blue oversized sweater over the top, chains around his neck and the slightest hint of winged eyeliner and oh he feels so fucking good. The looks he's going to get are going to be grim but for this it’s worth it. He’s going to thirst trap Kirishima so bad he can't resist. Denki had confirmed for him a couple days back that Kirishima was anything but straight so Bakugou decides there is no time like the present to go catfish himself a man.

Pulling on some battered black converse he surveys his outfit with a little grin before snapping a pic for his patreon followers.

The confidence only lasts till he leaves his building and then the panic sets in, what if Kirishima thinks he’s fucking weird and doesn’t want to be around him anymore. Sure he is friends with Denki but at least he’s used to his antics, this will probably seem massively out of character for Bakugou.

Despite his nerves he refuses to turn back and makes his way to the coffee shop admiring his reflection in shop windows as he goes by.

Kirishima’s waiting for him outside the cafe eyes downcast as he scrolls on his phone, only looking up when Bakugou’s almost by his side.

‘H- holy fuck’, Kirishima’s eyes dart up and down Bakugou’s figure getting wider and wider. Bakugou can’t help but smirk, that’s gay panic if he’s ever seen it.

‘What’s the matter Kiri, never seen a guy in a skirt before?’.

Kirishima tries to reply but just ends up stumbling over his words, making Bakugou grin even more.

‘C’mon we need to get inside and actually teach you all the fucking content you ignored this week’.

‘Y-yeah sure. Ummmm Bakugou you look really good’, his eyes narrow, ‘I feel like this has something to do with Denki’s horrific influence though’.

Bakugou just snorts and shrugs, ‘maybe, maybe not’ he says before pushing his way past the door with Kirishima trailing behind him still gaping.

Now if Bakugou was a logical person he’d choose to now express his feelings and ask Kirishima out but sadly for the universe Bakugou is not a logical person and his pride is telling him that he can't be the one to make the first move and so he blatantly refuses to act.

For the next week he goes to lectures in various scandalous outfits and flirts with Kirishima with an unabashed carelessness that manifests stronger each day. Denki finds it fucking hysterical and Bakugou can’t help but enjoy himself despite the fact that the redhead still doesn’t seem to be interested. Yeah he compliments Bakugou's outfits and yeah he goes along with the flirting but it never goes further and Bakugou can't help but begin to feel frustrated.

And then suddenly Kirishima stops talking to him, Bakugou has zero fucking clue what’s happened but when he goes up to him at their first lecture of the day Kirishima just says something about working with Testutetsu and goes off to sit with him. Bakugou is furious but more than that he's upset, sure he can be difficult but he swears he’s not done anything to warrant this.

Later that day finds him crying in his bed with Denki hugging him as he mouths off about how much he hates guys.

‘Like why the fuck can’t I be attracted to girls, they dont treat you like shit like this’ he snarls.

‘I mean bro that's not true, anyone can treat you like shit but I'm sure Kirishima has his reasons. It’s so unlike him to be unkind or anything’.

‘He blanked me the whole fucking day Denki’. He can’t decide whether he’s being melodramatic but this behaviour is so unlike Kirishima it scares him.

The blond looks worried, ‘do you think all the flirting and stuff upset him or something?’. Bakugou shrugs.

‘I’ve got no fucking clue. I don’t need him anyway stupid shitty hair’.

‘You know that’s not true, you’re head over heels for him. I don't know, I'll try talk to him and see what’s up, hm?’. Bakugou nods, silently grateful for Denki’s help and comfort.

Once he’s left Bakugou curls up on his duvet, staring at his phone and desperately willing it to light up with Kirishima’s name. It doesn't, and before long it’s night and Bakugou’s crying himself to sleep.

He wakes up in the middle of the night, panting hard, heart racing. He can't remember the dream but it’s woken him up regardless. Instantly he grabs his phone but there's no messages, irritation and impatience begin to crumble his pride and so without even thinking he goes to his contacts and rings Kirishima.

‘Hello? What the fuck Bakugou it’s 3 in the morning’. He genuinely sounds pissed off and once again it's so unlike him that it throws Bakugou for a second but he steadies himself, finding his resolve.

‘Why you been fucking ignoring me’, he retorts, ready to give as good as he gets.

‘I’ve not been ignoring you’.

Kirishima is a terrible liar.

‘Yeah you fucking have, man up and tell me why’, he growls down the phone.

He hears Kirishima sigh angrily, ‘When the fuck were you gonna tell me you and Denki are practically fucking each other on tiktok?’.

Bakugou feels sick.


‘Yeah Bakugou, when were you going to tell me about that? Or was your plan to continue to jokingly flirt with me whilst actually wanting him this whole time? You might have thought it was funny to play with my feelings thinking I would never see those videos but-’

‘You fucking idiot it’s not like that’, Bakugou interjects unsure of how he can even begin to explain.

‘Oh it isn't, sure okay. So you're telling me you two making out wasn’t real too?’, his voice is scathing and caustic, Bakugou hates it.

‘We were just doing it for views you idiot, I literally have no feelings for Denki we were just fucking about’.

‘Oh well how come you didn't want to tell me about your tiktok then, huh?’

‘BECAUSE I WAS FUCKING EMBARRASSED YOU DUMBASS’, he pratically screams down the phone and suddenly Kirishima’s quiet.

The silence hangs in the air for a couple more seconds before Kirishima mutters, ‘whatever’ and hangs up leaving Bakugou staring blankly at his phone knowing he's really fucked up.

It’s disconcerting to see Kirishima let his cheery disposition slip and so Bakugou knows he’s genuinely upset him and fuck why does he feel so bad. He reaches to make his second phone call of the night.

‘Denki, I fucked up big time’.

‘Ummm Bakugou I love you but now’s not really the time Shinsou’s balls deep in-’

‘Jesus shut the fuck and stop for a second and listen’. When Denki hums in agreement he recounts what Kirishima has just said to him.

‘Well that’s fine then, it's just been a little misunderstanding. Now you just need to go to his and let him fuck you’.

Bakugou groans audibly wishing he could poses Denki’s innate ability to solve every issue with sex.

‘I can’t just turn up at his door and expect him to be okay with everything you fucking idoit’.

‘And why not’, Denki replies as if his logic is scientifically steadfast.

‘Beacuse that would be fucking weird’. Denki makes a muffled noise of disagreement before moaning loudly down the phone.

‘Bakubro I gotta go and suck some dick and I highly recommend you go do the same thing’.

And then the phone lines dead and Bakugou’s left confused and stressed and completely unsure of what to do. His instinct is to race headlong into the situation and solve it as fast as physically possible but his reservations kick in as he remembers the tone of Kirishima’s voice.

With Denki’s advice still ringing in his ears he puts on his most scandalous tiktok outfit and starts filming. All he does for fifteen seconds is gaze at the camera with as much pure lust and want as he can, playing with his hair and grazing a thumb over his lips. Once he’s quite done being a whore for the camera he writes the caption, ‘when you’re thinking about your dumbass, red headed, sex god of a best friend’. And yes he knows this is petty, obnoxious and probably a solution that will not work but he doesn't care.

It only takes two minutes after him posting for Denki to ring him.

‘Holyyyy fuck Bakugou why are you like this, that’s fucking public, you’re outing yourself like this for what?’.

‘So Kiri fucking does soemthing’, he snarls backk.

‘You’re mad but it might just work, you know you could have just gone and seen him like a normal human?’.

Bakugou decides to not try and explain his stubbornness and inability to admit he cares in favour of huffing down the phone.

‘Yeah whatever, this is way more fun anyway’.

Denki snorts, ‘I mean all this teasing is gonna have Kirihsima all riled up so I guess you might have actually done something vaguely clever, now go get your mans you fucking cretin’.

Bakugou can’t help but smile a little as he puts his phone down, sure this is messy but that makes it all the more fun. His comments are going off with conspiracy theories of who the redhead might be but he ignores them all trying to work out what his next move should be or whether he should just leave it until Kirishima finally does something.

He doesn't have to think for much longer because suddenly there is a curt knock at his door and Bakugou’s heart begins to pound. Now sure that could be a random person in which case he does not want to answer the door looking like this however if that’s Kirishima this outfit is just about perfect.

His question doesn’t go unanswered for long, ‘Bakugou Katsuki let me in right fucking now’. And oh holy shit Kirishima sounds good when he’s angry and cursing, Bakugou is just about ready to let him rearrange his guts and that tone sounds promising.

He opens the door smirking a coy little smile as he locks eyes with his best friend who’s windswept, flustered and still panting; probably having run from his own dorm building.

‘Hey shitty hair’, Bakugou smirks, tilting his head, ‘what you doing here huh? Thought you hated me and were planning on ignoring me for the foreseeable future’. As he speaks he takes a moment to gaze at Kirishima whose hair is messy and down, framing his face perfectly and Bakugou will not start thinking about the grey sweatpants and skin tight t-shirt because he does not feel like cumming in front of Kirishima just yet.

‘Bakugou what the ever loving fuck is that on your tiktok?’. And oh he sounds so pissed which really shouldnt be making Bakugou as hard as he is but fuck it.

‘No clue, which one are you talking about?’, he feigns ignorance which only makes Kirishima look more angry.

‘No more bullshit, what do you want? I’m sick of you playing with my feelings like this’.

Now Bakugou feels the hint of remorse, maybe he’s been a little bit of an asshole.

‘I think I've made it pretty obvious what I want?’, he responds, staring incredulously at Kirishima. The redhead glares back at him.

‘Say it. Say it right now to my face. No more of your nasty little games, I want to hear it properly’. Kirishima snarls out the words as he pushes his way through the door almost slamming it behind him and oh god Bakugou is turned on.

So Bakugou licks his lips and locks eyes with the man of his dreams, all prior reservations deciding to promptly fly out the window.

‘Kirishima Eijirou I want you to rail me until I can’t think about anything but your name on my lips, I want you to make me yours and then I’d like you to take me on a date and stop being such a fucking coward’.

Kirishima just gapes at him as his eyes drink in Bakugou’s figure as if he’s only just become aware of what he blond is wearing (black fishnets, tiny skirt and a tight crop top if anyone wanted to know and yes he absolutely knows he looks gorgeous) his gaze settling on the collar around Bakugou’s neck.

‘I can’t believe you, why couldn't you just tell me that originally?’.

‘Maybe I got a kick out of fucking with you’, Bakugou taunts illiciitng just the amount of anger he wants as Kirishima grabs him and shoves his against the wall, red eyes alight with annoyance.

‘You’re such a little shit’, Kirishima mutters.

‘Yeah you gonna put me in my place Ei? You gonna make me pay for what I did?’. The look Kirishima gives him this time makes his knees go weak.

‘Yeah you want that you little slut? Want me to ruin you and teach you a lesson?’. Bakugou can only desperately nod in reply as he grabs a fistful of Kirishima’s t-shirt and drags him closer.

‘Can I be rough?’, Kirishima murmurs in his ear, suddenly gentle and concerned. He almost seems like his normal self again and well Bakugou can’t have that.

‘I said fucking ruin me, didn’t I?’, he growls in response and watches as Kirishima snaps, hand coming to grip Bakugou’s throat, forcing him against the wall whilst his other hand gropes his exposed thigh.

Bakugou decides this is heaven as Kirishima begins to kiss him, still choking him as they descend into a mess of moans and groping and want and desire.

‘You’ve been driving me insane for weeks you little slut, you know I went home every night after seeing you and jerked myself off to your pretty little face in all those tiktoks? Such an attention whore, huh?’.

Bakugou whines loudly bucking his hips up to desperately get some friction as he grabs at Kirishima’s waistband forcing it as far down as he can and then he's on his knees pulling away Kirishisima’s boxers and taking his cock into his mouth with a victorious little noise; gloating to himself that he's finally got what he wants. His triump only lasts a couple of seconds before Kirishima’s got his hands in his hair and is face fucking him with no remorse. Bakugou can feel the tears begin to spill onto his cheeks and god this is perfect, he wants to be ruined.

‘Fuck Katsuki, good boy, just like that yeah? You like having that pretty mouth all filled up? Makes you finally shut up for a little bit’. Bakugou has no idea where this Kirishima has been hiding but oh god he's in love. The normal bright, cheery exterior is gone and one of pure dominance and power has replaced it and Bakugou’s not complaining.

After a couple more harsh thrusts Kirishima pulls out of Bakugou’s mouth and smirks down at the blond. Bakugou knows he probably looks a mess, all teary eyed and with spit coating his lips. He’s already feeling fucked out, descending into subspace without even realising and the little brat inside him is yelling at him to rile Kirishima up.

‘I thought you promised to fuck me Eijirou?’.

With that Kirishima is grabbing him by his hair and throwing him onto the bed and Bakugou can only thank god that the redhead has spent so much time at the gym. Strong hands pin his arms above his head as the redhead begins to suck dark bruises into his neck and fuck he’s shaking badly, all the desire he’s pent up for Kirishima screaming at him to let hismelf be destroyed. He wants to be taken apart piece by piece until Kirishima has seen everything he has to give.

Kirishima pauses for a second and Bakugou watches as he pushes up his skirt till it's around his waist and with one deft movement he rips the fishnets off his crotch, smirking when he sees Bakugou is wearing panties. He rips those too even after Bakugou yelps.

‘You are paying for everything you fucking break asshole!’, he shrieks as the tattered shreds of his clothing get thrown off the bed.

‘Yeah, I will’, mutters Kirishima, grabbing Bakugou by his collar and dragging him closer until the warmth of his breath is dancing over Bakugou’s cheeks.

‘Top off now but the skirt stays on’. Bakugou can only comply, the way Kirishima’s voice commands him is not something he wants to ignore.

‘Yes daddy’, he simpers with a wink which earns him a withering glare from Kirishima.

‘You got lube?’, Bakugou nods reaching over into the bedside draw and routing around before eventually throwing some at him.

‘A condom?’.

‘You don't need one’, Bakugou replies with a smirk as Kirishima’s face flushes with red.

‘Katsuki you sure?’.

‘Yeahhhh’, Bakugou drawls, smirking even more. He knows that even if Kirishima is about to dom him into oblivion he’s still the one in charge.

‘I swear to god you’re the most chaotic person I know’, Kirishima murmurs as he coats his fingers with lube.

‘Only a chaotic whore for you, Ei’.

Kirishima rolls his eyes and Bakugou can't help but want to savour this moment of slowing down and tenderness.

‘And Denki’, he teases.


‘Sure, sure’, Kirishima teases again.

Bakugou huffs and turns away, ready to ignore the redhead till he starts to play nice but that doesn't seem to be his plan as he pushes a finger in with no hesitation and Bakugou moans so loudly he knows half the hallway will have heard.

‘Hmmm that shut you up nicely, huh? Much prefer your moans to you running your mouth’. Bakugou has no clue why being degraded like this is hot but he’s not gonna question it and so he grabs Kirishima’s free hand and takes two of his fingers into his mouth, sucking them as the redhead begins to scissor and stretch him.

They don't take their eyes off each other and Bakugou can feel himself melting into every touch.

‘You’re so messy baby. All flushed and tear stained for me’.

Bakugou can only moan softly around Kirishima's finger as he’s stretched even more.

‘You want my cock baby, deep inside you, filling you up?’. Bakugou nods violently as Kirishima removes his fingers from inside him, lining his cock up to Bakugou’s entrance and it's only now the blond realises how big Kirishima is.

He whines slightly, eyes widening and Kirishima sniggers, ‘Oh baby are you getting scared now, after all the teasing you've done and you can't even deal with the real thing when it's right in front of you’.

Bakugou sneers at him, ‘I can take it dumbass, shut the fuck up’. And then he’s being stretched impossibly wide and he's so full, his brain deciding to completely stop as all he can comprehend is Kirishima.

‘Eijirouuu, oh fuck, you’re so big so…’, he trails off words failing him, lost in a frenzy of pleasure as Kirishima begins to move.

He tilts his head up exposing his neck and Kirishima takes the bait, big hands wrapping around his throat as the redhead begins to pound into him. The skirt providing sinfully sweet friction onto his aching cock as he gazes up at the man he loves.

And then Kirishima’s going faster, hand tightening around Bakugou’s throat and everything is overwhelming and so perfect. He can barely comprehend what’s happening as Kirishima flips him onto his knees and pushes back in making Bakugou arch his spine, a vision of sin.

Then he’s going even harder than before, spanking Bakugou with every thrust. The way he growls into Bakugou’s ear sends shocks coursing through every inch of the blond’s body and it's utterly addicting.

‘Ei, fuck I’m so close’, he only just manages to get the words out, his body bouncing like a ragdoll as Kirishima grips his hips pulling him back over and over again. His head begins to feel fuzzy as all of reality dims and there’s only him and Kirishima. And yes he’s definitely too close considering it’s only been a matter of minutes but he finds himself not really caring.

‘Yeah baby? You gonna cum for me?’.

Bakugou practically wails as Kirishima curls his hand around his cock, jerking him off as he thrusts faster and faster until Bakugou is screaming and shaking as he rides out the hardest orgasm of his life.

Kirishima clearly has no intention of going easy on him though as he speeds up, chasing his own release with a wild abandon and Bakugou can feel himself being overstimulated till he's crying in aching pleasure.

Finally with a snarl of Bakugou’s name Kirishima collapses onto him, panting heavily as he sinks his teeth into the blond’s shoulder making Bakugou shudder violently. Then there’s finally silence, the only noise permeating the quiet is their heavy breaths mingling together as they bathe in the soft glow of the early morning street lamps.

Bakugou moans gently as Kirishima pulls out, glaring at him once their eyes meet.

‘What you looking all angry for Katuski?’, Kirishima teases running a hand through Bakugou’s hair.

‘I’m not gonna be able to walk tomorrow shitty hair’.

‘Oh that’s a pity I guess no date for you then’.

Bakugou doesn’t really have the energy to think of a witty retort so he just hums contentedly, knowing he’s being more docile than he’s ever let Kirishima see him before.

When he looks up Kirishima is grinning at him, ‘you look so cute like this all sleepy and quiet for once’. Bakugou tries to quell the blush that threatens to spread across his cheeks but he fails, mumbling an irritated shut up which only seems to make Kirishima all the more happy.

The redhead pulls him into his arms and they fall asleep on the tangled mess of bedsheets, Bakugou still in his skirt.

They are rudely awoken five hours later by Denki bursting into the room with Shinsou on his tail.

‘I FUCKING KNEW IT, FINALLY’, he screeches clapping his hands together as Bakugou and Kirishima jolt awake, yelping as they try to grab the sheets to restore some semblance of dignity.

They both watch as Denki gives them a sly grin, ‘I’m just saying really this calls for a foursome to celebrate!’.