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Travelin' Soldier

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The day had finally come. Nicole stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom, staring at the white dress that covered her toned body. It flowed to the floor and had a slit that ran up the right side to mid-thigh. It was backless and tied behind Nicole’s neck with an open space that showed just enough cleavage for Waverly’s liking. She ran her hands down her front to push out the wrinkles and looked up to see Maggie, Erin and Jethro standing behind her in the doorway.

“You look so beautiful, Nicole. That dress looks super good on you too. “ Jethro patted his sister’s shoulder.

“You really think so? Not too much?” No matter how many times her family told her how pretty she was, Nicole always questioned it. Side effects from the conversion camp, she suspected.

“Nic, you look perfect. You could walk down that aisle in a potato sack and Waverly would marry you. She doesn’t care what you’re wearing, Nicole. She just cares about marrying you.” Erin reassured her little sister. “Plus you have the three of us by your side. And we make everyone look good.”

Maggie rolled her eyes, an expression that Nicole didn’t miss and caused her to laugh. “How are you feeling, Nicole?”

“I mean, other than sad? Yesterday was a really hard day for all of us. Doc’s funeral hurt. And here I am, getting married without him by our side? It’s hard.”

“Yeah, but you know he would have wanted you to marry her. Doc loved Waverly.” Dolls said from behind the group. His suit was all black except the teal tie he was wearing, which matched Nicole and Waverly’s wedding colors. “Enjoy today, Haught. We both know there’s no promise of a tomorrow.”

“He would want us to be happy. He would want all of us to be happy. Today isn’t just about Waverly and I, it’s about all of us. All of our love, our fight and our friendships. There would be no Waverly and I if it weren’t for our found family. I love all of you...and I’m nervous as hell.” Nicole said with a nervous laugh to accompany it.

“Were you this nervous before your first wedding?” Erin snicked behind her hand, trying to stiffle the laugh.

“Look, I was super drunk for my first wedding. I don’t remember much of it to be honest with you...actually, come to think of it, I don’t remember any of it.” Nicole shook the memories from her head while she laughed once more. She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. “Do you guys think Waverly is as nervous as I am?”

“Waverly, I swear to God, if you don’t stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off, I’m calling off this wedding!” Gus demanded as she watched Waverly pacing back and forth in her off-white lace dress. Chrissy was running after Waverly trying to put her flower headpiece on her head.

“Waverly, hold still! I’m trying to get this damn thing on your head!” Chrissy yelled as she ran after Waverly again.

“What if she doesn’t show up? What if she gets cold feet or really doesn’t want to marry me?”

Waverly stopped dead in her tracks when Wynonna appeared in front of her, her hands firm on Waverly’s shoulders to hold her in place. “Babygirl, listen to this craziness that is coming out of your mouth. That Haughty with the body loves you more than anything in this world, including me and that says a lot. So, if you don’t stop, I’m going to bury your body out back and marry Nicole myself.”

“I think even if I were dead, Nicole couldn’t marry you. Chrissy maybe, but definitely not you.”

Wynonna placed her hand over her heart and her jaw dropped. “How dare you! That’s it! I’m going to see my Haught sauce and I’m asking her to marry me this instance!” Wynonna turned to head out the door and Waverly grabbed her by the hand.

“Don’t even think about it, Wyn. She’s mine!”

“Oooo, a little possessive today, aren’t we?”

“It’s my wedding day. I get to be possessive over my wife...oh my god...she’s going to be my wife. Nonna...” Wynonna backed Waverly to the couch and sat her down. She gave Waverly a giant hug.

“Baby girl, I am so proud of the woman you have become. From the military to just such an amazing person. You make my best friend happy and I can’t thank you enough, just like I can’t thank her for making my beautiful baby sister so happy.”

Waverly pushed Wynonna away and dabbed her eyes. “Stop. You’re going to make me cry and I can’t cry before the wedding.”

“We all know you cry over all the little things. You were going to cry regardless of what I said.”

Gus smiled at the two sisters and Waverly noticed her taking photos of them. “Come sit with us, Gus, please?”

“Of course.” Gus took a seat beside Waverly and wrapped her arms around both Waverly and Wynonna to pull them into a hug. “You two girls are just so perfect considering the things you’ve been through. I am so proud of the two of you.”

“Thank you Aunt Gus. We wouldn’t be who we are without you.” Waverly leaned her head against Gus’s shoulder and closed her eyes, just taking in the moment. “I’m going to miss you all. I don’t want to leave anymore.”

“You’re almost done. Then you can come home and who knows, babygirl, maybe we will have Alice home by then.”

“One can only hope.”

Wynonna jumped to her feet. “Come on, Babygirl, it’s time to get you married!”

“Do you think Nicole is this nervous?” Waverly shook her arms out, trying to drain her body of the nerves.

“I bet Haughtpants is more nervous than you.” Wynonna laughed as she took a swig from her flask. “Come on. Let’s go make an honest lesbian out that Haught.”

“You truly are ridiculous Wynonna.”

The homestead was decorated for the wedding. Sunflowers everywhere you could see, a beautiful wood branch archway for Nicole and Waverly to get married under. A banner that hung above them that read “Where you go, I go.” which was one of Nicole’s favorite sayings to Waverly and vice versa. Some chairs remained empty with the names of those who couldn’t attend the wedding, whether through death or just the short notice.

Nicole stood at the end of the aisle, her arm hooked around Nedley’s. “You ready to get hitched??”

“I am.” Nicole smiled at Nedley. “Sir, thank you for being a father to me when mine wasn’t. Thank you for finding me and offering me the job and thank you for bringing me to my family.”

Tears welled in the corners of Nedley’s eyes. He cleared his throat. “Now, none of that.” He wiped a tear away that had slipped past their barrier. “This place is so damn dusty. But I love you too, Nicole.”

Nedley walked Nicole down the aisle to Dolls, Maggie and Erin who were already waiting up there for her. Nedley kissed her cheek and then took his seat in the front row. As “Wildwood” begins to play, Nicole’s eyes found Waverly’s. Her breath hitched. Wynonna was walking her down the aisle, in a dark blue and gold dress and Nicole could see that Waverly was trying not to laugh at something ridiculous that Wynonna obviously said.

As they got closer, Waverly’s eyes wouldn’t leave Nicole’s. Tears had already started to fall as Wynonna gave Waverly’s arm to Nicole, who helped her into place. Nicole leaned forward to Waverly’s ear. “You. Are. A. Vision.”

“You clean up nice too, Sheriff.” Waverly’s eyes raked over Nicole’s body. Nicole didn’t respond, she just let out a soft sigh.

“Welcome all. Everyone has been asked here today to witness the marriage of Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp. We have all witnessed love in our time but I do not believe any of us have ever witnessed a love as strong as this. Their love has transcended plains. From serious injuries to near death, they have made it through with smiles on their faces and the biggest heart-eyes anyone has ever seen.” Jeremy’s statement caused a few chuckles. “The brides have decided to write their own vows, so I will turn it over to them. Nicole, after you.”

“Waverly, I have known since the day I ran into you in the airport that I was going to marry you. I had no idea how I was going to make that happen.” The crowd laughed. “But the second we touched, you owned my heart. I can’t explain how but I knew I needed you right than and there. You have this light about you, Waves. One that I am drawn to and I can’t stay away from. You are everything I have been looking for and I am so thankful that I am able to call you my partner, my best friend, sorry, Wynonna. I have loved every minute of our life together so far and I can’t wait for forever with you, Waves.”

“Waverly, please?”

“Nicole, you have shown me what it is like to be fully, truly, 100% loved. I never thought it would be possible to have someone love me the way that you do. And it’s show selfless. You truly love me for me, you truly love me for who I am with my flaws included. Forever doesn’t seem like long enough with you, Nicole. I want eternity with you. I want forever plus more. I have loved you and almost lost you. I have never been so thankful for a bulletproof vest until it saved your life. You own my heart, Nicole and I willingly give it to you. I love you, Cole.”

Neither girl could hold back their tears as they freely flowed down their cheeks. At some point, Nicole had reached for both of Waverly’s hands. “Nicole, do you take Waverly to be your wife, to have and to hold, through sickness and health?”

“I do...” The smile on Nicole’s face was the biggest it had been in a long time. She couldn’t stop smiling.

“Waverly, do you take Waverly to be your wife, to have and to hold, through sickness and health?”

“I do.”

Jeremy handed Waverly a ring and Nicole a ring. Nicole slipped the ring she had onto Waverly’s finger. Waverly slipped the ring she had on to Nicole’s finger. “With the power vested in me by the 24 hour ordain program I found online, I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

“Gladly!” Nicole slipped her arm around Waverly’s waist and pulled her close. She tilted her head down to softly plant a kiss on Waverly’s lips. Though, Waverly quickly deepened it.

“Yo! PDA! Get a room!” Wynonna yelled over the cheering. Nicole pressed her forehead against Waverly’s and her heart melted at the smiled on Waverly’s face.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, Cole, forever.”