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Travelin' Soldier

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The morning light broke through the bedroom window, the warmth draping itself across Nicole’s face. She groaned and pulled the pillow over her face, hoping to get a few more minutes of sleep. Sleep hadn’t come easy the night before. Not only did they get home late from the hospital, a few stitches in her hand, Waverly was no where to be found and had pretty much ghosted her. Anytime she called all she got was a few rings and then Waverly’s voicemail.

Nicole reached over and pulled her phone up and clicked it on. She squinted as she waited for her eyes to adjust to the light coming from the screen. Disappointment fell upon her face as there was no new notifications from Waverly. Nicole pulled up Discord and found Wynonna’s contact.

Haught in Waves:
Morning Wyn. How mad is she still? I’ve messaged her but I still haven’t heard from her. Can you just let her know that I love her and I’m thinking of her, please?


With no reply, Nicole rolled out of bed and got ready for work. She pulled on her patrol uniform, slowly buttoning up the shirt and tucking it into her pants. With one smooth motion, she pushed the belt through the loops and tightened it. On top of her belt, she placed her holster, adjusting her gun and locking it in place. Nicole pulled on her black boots and her Stetson and headed out.

While driving around on patrol on the outskirts of town, an older man in a black and red flannel was seen jumping up and down, waving his arms in the air. Nicole pulled her cruiser over and stepped out of the car. With her hand on her holster, she slowly approached the man. “What can I do for you, sir?”

“Thank God you came along when you did. There is an accident up the road, near the cliff by Ghost’s Edge Ravine.”

“Is anyone hurt? Did you see anyone injured?”


“No. No one was in the truck but there is blood.”

“Ok. And what did the truck look like?” Nicole pulled out her notepad and had been writing down all the details the man had been telling her.

“It’s an older truck. Blue with white stripe and a ma...”

“A maroon door?” Nicole’s eyes shot open as the man nodded. Nicole instantly grabbed her phone. “Thank you, sir. Wait right here, let me call this in.” Nicole jumped in the cruiser and headed for the wreckage. As she approached, she saw it was Wynonna’s truck. Nicole stepped away and dialed Dolls.

“Good Morning Sheriff, what can I do for you?”

“A hunter came across an accident this morning. It’s Wynonna’s truck. Have you heard from either Wynonna or Waves?”

“No. No I haven’t I just figured Wynonna was taking the morning off, per usual. Where are you?”

“Ghost’s Edge Ravine. One mile up the ridge. Dolls...”

“Call Doc and the others. Let’s not think bad. They’re going to be ok. I’m on my way, Haught.”

Nicole hung up the phone and called Doc, Jeremy, Nedley, Erin, Jethro and then the station to get more deputies out for the search. Within 20 minutes everyone had arrived. Nicole had already searched the truck and found Waverly’s phone, broken against the back window. There was blood all over in the truck. One of them injured.

“Ok, listen up! We have two women missing. Wynonna and Waverly Earp. One of them is injured. Someone get EMS out here to be on the safe side. Lonny, take Jethro and Maggie, head out to the East. Doc, Dolls, Erin and Nedley, you’re with me. We’re heading West.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” The teams headed out in their respective directions. Nicole pulls Dolls aside.

“Doc, you see the drag marks, right?” Nicole pointed to the deep gouges in the ground.

“I do, indeed. We must assume that one of our girls has been taken.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that.”

“But, it also appears that one of our girls is also on foot. It is safe to say, she will need our help shortly.”

“Then I guess we better hall some ass then, shouldn’t we?”

“You would be correct, Sheriff.” With that said, Doc took the lead and the 5 started the trek towards their two friends.



Waverly awoke inside a steel cage. It was cold, hard and smelled of old blood. As she screamed, she noticed that she had no voice. It was gone. She looked around the cabin as a creepy man in fur walked in. He jumped around the cabin, seemingly avoiding traps that were set. He grabbed some traps and left.

Waverly started to pull at the door with no success of breaking loose. Wynonna busted through the door only stopping when Waverly motioned for her too.

“Babygirl! This is some kinky-ass shit.” Waverly gave Wynonna look of annoyance. “Hey, hey, no kink shaming on my part. Ya like what ya like.” Waverly rolls her eyes. Wynonna attempts to take a step forward but Waverly frantically waves for her to stop. “What? What is it, Lassie?” Waverly flipped Wynonna off and then gave a hand signal. “Hand job? Look, I really don’t need to know what you and Nicole are doing.” Waverly sighed and motioned again about the booby traps. “Traps?” Waverly nodded. “Can you walk me through?” Waverly nodded again and motioned for Wynonna to duct and slide. She did. She pointed and used her hand to indicate jumping diagonally across the room. “Man, I really should have stuck with that yoga bullshit you tried to get me to do.” As Wynonna took the final few steps, she grabbed on to Waverly’s hand. “I’m going to get you out of her, Babygirl.” Wynonna pulled the tire iron out of her belt and tried to pry the lock off. Due to her injuries from the accident, she wasn’t able to get enough strength to pry it off. Waverly pointed at the door, having heard her captor coming back. Wynonna managed to get herself up the stairs to hide.


Nicole, Dolls and Doc had made their way through the forest, finally coming across the cabin in the distance. Nicole wiped the sweat from her brow.

“What’s our plan of attack, Dolls? Trapping the captors?”

“Sheriff, I am afraid that it would appear that is already done.” Doc stood over a hole in the ground and pointed into the pit. A Revenant laying dead inside.

“Then where are Wynonna and Waverly?”

“Well, I have an idea where Wynonna is.” Dolls softly spoke as she moved forward, pointing at Wynonna hanging upside down from a rope in a tree.

“Hey guys! Fancy meeting you here.” Wynonna greeted her friends.

“Wyn, what the hell are you doing?”

“Oh, ya know, just hanging around. Takin’ in the view. Really beautiful morning, ya know? You look really good in those pants, Haughty.”

“Where is Waverly?”

“Cut me down and we can go get her. There are booby traps in that cabin. She’s in there.”

Nicole didn’t wait for them to cut Wynonna down. She sprinted towards the cabin. As she pushed the door open, she saw Waverly in the cage. “H...hey.”

“Babe, don’t! It’s booby trapped!”

“I know. Wyn told me. Walk me through it?”

Waverly walked Nicole through where each trap was. Nicole spent the time deactivating the traps and finally made her way to the cage. She pulled out her Leatherman tool and started screwing with the lock, popping it off. Pulling the door open, Nicole held her hand out to Waverly, who gladly accepted it. Waverly popped out in front of Nicole, her hands rested against Nicole’s chest, their bodies pressed together. “You came for me?”

“Of course I did. Why wouldn’t I?” Nicole tucked a strand of loose hair behind Waverly’s ear. The moment was such a normal thing for Nicole to do but Nicole couldn’t help but notice Waverly melt into her touch.

“Because I was a jerk...”

“You can be a jerk all you want. I love you, Waverly and I will always come for you.”

Waverly glanced down at Nicole’s hand. “Baby, are you ok?”

Nicole just laughed and nodded. “Yes love. I’m fine.”

“I’m so...”

Nicole placed a finger over Waverly’s lips. “We can do this later. Right now..” Nicole’s lips replaced her finger on Waverly’s lips. “Come on, babe, let’s go get Peacemaker back, then we can talk.”