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Travelin' Soldier

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5 months, 3 weeks and 4 days later:

The day had come that Wynonna and Nicole had been waiting for. Waverly was coming home. The last few months had been harder on the trio then they even thought it would be. Depression had taken over Wynonna after the bombing, so much so that she had given up hunting Revenants. Christmas was the worst for Wynonna. She was so miserable that she just drank the day away. Though once they were into single digit days on the countdown, Nicole noticed that Wynonna had finally started to come out of her funk.

“When we get there, Haughty, I’ll wait to the side and give you two a moment together. Maybe even record it for you guys.”

“I appreciate it, Wyn.” Nicole rubbed her hands on her pants, her palms sweaty. “Why the fuck am I so nervous?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because your super sexy girlfriend is about to get off the plane after not seeing each other for a year?” Wynonna took a swig of her flask. “You think she’s not nervous? If I know my sister, she’s freaking out right now.”

“A year, Wyn. Fuck. How did you guys do this every time she left?”

“It’s never been easy for me, Nicole. She is her own person and she sure does whatever she wants. Damn Earp.” Wynonna chuckled. “Do me a favor and wait to defile my sister until your home?”

“Oh my god. She doesn’t even know about our new house! What if she hates it? What if she doesn’t want to keep staying with me? Holy fuck...did we just Earp this up?”

Wynonna placed her hand over her heart, grasping her chest. “You wound me, Haught.” Wynonna faked being offended by her use of her last name.

“You know I’m right.”

“That’s the problem. Hell must have froze over.”

“Shove it, Earp.”

“You know she’s going to love the house, right?”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. I think she might be a little mad you didn’t tell her but Waves likes least she use too.” She handed the flask to Nicole who took a long drink. “Wow, don’t drink it all, Red.”

“You think she’ll be surprised by the party tonight at Shorty’s?”

“I think she’s definitely going to be surprised.” Wynonna leaned on Nicole. “You going to therapy today?”

“No. I don’t think it’s helping anymore plus I much rather spend today with you and Waves.”

“Good point. You’re gonna be boinkin all night.”

“What kind of woman do you think I am?”

“A horny ass Sheriff who hasn’t been laid in a couple years.”

“Excuse you! You know damn well...”

“You really wanna bring up the midnight hook-up with Shae when you went to go divorce her? Do you realllllly wanna talk about that?”

“I absolutely do not.” Nicole shuttered. “God, I regret that more than I regret marrying her.” She shuttered again. Nicole looked down at her phone.

Hey babe. Have you landed yet?

Girlfriend :)
Not yet love. We’re still in the air. Love Southwest though. I love that I’ve gotten to talk to you this whole flight.

I can’t believe you are almost home!

Girlfriend :)
Believe it, baby! And I’m coming for you!

Not yet you aren’t ;p

Girlfriend :)
A year apart has made someone a little horny. :)

Ha! You wish!

Girlfriend :)
Are you already at the airport? Nonna’s driving is the worst and I’m sorry she had to drive you there.

It wasn’t too bad.

Girlfriend :)
We’re descending now. See you soon!


“Her plane just landed.”

“You got 15 minutes to get your shit together, Haught. I’ll be at the bar, recording.”

“Recording? More like drinking.”

“I don’t judge your life, Haught. Don’t judge mine.”

Nicole got in position and adjusted her Stetson. She felt more nervous now then she did when they had first met. “Where the hell did all your confidence go, Haught?” She mumbled to herself and looked down at her legs, realizing the exact moment her confidence had left. She shook the thoughts from her head. It was almost time. Waverly was so close to being in Nicole’s arms once again.


Waverly nervously sat in her seat. Her sunflower dress she was wearing was the first time she had been out of her uniform in almost a year. She had decided to change out of her uniform at the last layover because she knew when she saw Nicole she wouldn’t be able to keep the professionalism that is asked of them when they were in uniform. She gripped a packet of papers tightly. They were her new orders and she had no idea how she was going to tell her family. The new orders were for 2 years. If she was still getting out, it would lead directly into her leaving the military. If she stayed, it would lead into another deployment after that. She shook the thoughts from her head and shoved the papers into the pack that sat at her feet. They had just touched down and she was about to see the love of her life for the first time in a year.

Waverly exited the plane, duffle bag over her left shoulder. She walked out of the gate and rubbed her eyes, trying to adjust to the fake sunlight that filled the airport. Her eyes searched for Wynonna but most importantly, her eyes searched for Nicole in her wheelchair.

She stood still for a second, her eyes finally falling on a Purgatory Sheriff Deputy standing with their back against a pillar. She only knew they were PPD because of the button up light blue shirt and Stetson. They were wearing tight dark blue jeans and brown cowboy boots. The person adjusted the Stetson, bright, straight, long red hair fell from underneath it. They pushed the brim of the hat up, a smile meeting Waverly’s. “Cole?” Waverly couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t in her wheelchair. She wasn’t on crutches. She was standing 100 feet away. Waverly dropped her bag and sprinted towards Nicole. Nicole kicked herself off the pillar and met Waverly half way.

Waverly jumped into Nicole’s arms, wrapping her legs tightly around Nicole’s waist. Nicole caught her, kissing her hard. They lips crashed together as Nicole’s hands slipped to under Waverly’s butt, holding her tightly against her. Waverly had kissed Nicole so hard that Nicole’s hat had transferred to Waverly’s head and Waverly’s hands were tangled in Nicole’s hair, pulling and pushing, trying to get Nicole as close to her as she could. After what felt like a life time, Waverly slowly pulled away. “I love you so fucking much, Nicole Haught.” Waverly breathed out, having wanted to say it for a year. She pressed her forehead against Nicole’s, her hands still tangled in the taller woman’s hair. “I love you.” Tears streamed down Waverly’s cheeks. She had never cried when returning home from deployment. This was new to her.

“I love you too, baby. I missed you so much.”

“When?” Waverly looked down.

“3 months now.”


“The new treatment that Eric was having me test. And honestly, getting jumped by Champ helped. It dislodged the piece of bullet that was pressed into my spinal column. I wanted to surprise you.”

“You sure have, love.” Both had tears streaming down their face at this point.

“Let me get your bag. There’s someone else who is somehow patiently waiting to see you.” Nicole finally set Waverly down and pointed towards Wynonna, who was standing at the bar. Waverly smiled bigger and ran at her sister as Nicole went to get Waverly’s bag off the ground. She threw herself into Wynonna just as hard has she had done to Nicole.

“Nonna!” Waverly’s arms wrapped around her sister’s neck. “I miss you so much!”

“I missed you too, Babygirl! I’m so happy to have you home.”

“Where is everyone else?”

“They wanted to give the three of us time together but now, I have to go. I want you and Nicole to have some time together before tonight.”

“What’s tonight?”

“You’ll see.” Wynonna kissed her sister on the cheek and left. Nicole wrapped her arm around Waverly’s waist.

“You ready to go home, babe?”

“Which home?” Waverly looked up at Nicole.

“Whichever home you want, beautiful.”

“I want to go to your home...our home...”

Nicole dropped the bag in the back of her truck and picked Waverly up, spinning her around in a huge hug. “I was hoping you were going to say that.” Nicole opened the door for Waverly as she scooted into the passenger seat and Nicole in the driver seat. Waverly didn’t care about a seat belt, she scooted as close to Nicole as she possibly could. “You look absolutely beautiful, by the way.” Nicole pressed a kiss into Waverly’s hairline which got a very content sigh to fall from her lips.

Waverly started to kiss Nicole’s neck, sucking and biting. She couldn’t help herself. “Mmm, I’ve missed the feel of my lips against your skin.” Waverly said with her lips still against Nicole’s neck, a hickey having formed. She reached in front of Nicole and started to undo her belt as Nicole drove.

“Mmm...babe....i....” Before Nicole could continue, Waverly was untucking Nicole’s shirts with one hand, while the other one sat on Nicole’s thigh. “Not yet, baby.” As much as Nicole didn’t want to wait, they had to. “We’re here.” Nicole said pulling into the driveway.

“Where are we, Cole?”

“Our new house...if you’ll have it...” Nicole said as she opened the driver’s door and slipped out of the truck. She held her hand out to Waverly, who gladly took it and slipped out.

“You bought a house?” Waverly wasn’t upset, she just felt like she had missed everything. “What else have you guys hid from me?”

“Why don’t you come inside and find out.” Nicole’s lips crashed against Waverly’s again. They hurried their way into the house, kicking off shoes as they went, hands pulling at each other’s clothes. “Couch.” Nicole said between kisses.


As they walked past the bathroom, Nicole pointed it out. “Bathroom.”

“Mm hmm..” Waverly pulled at Nicole’s shirt, ripping the buttons off, sending them flying across the floor.

“Gym.. your” Nicole quickly explained as she pulled Waverly’s dress from her body.

“Beautiful.” Waverly stated, not talking about the house. Nicole picked Waverly up. Waverly’s legs wrapping around Nicole’s hips once again. She gently laid her down on the bed, laying ontop of her.

“My bedroom.” Nicole breathed down. At this point the only thing between them was their undergarments, which Waverly made quick work of.

Before they continued, Waverly looked to Nicole for permission. “Are you sure?”

“More than ever before, Waves.” Nicole’s lips pressed into Waverly’s, her tongue dancing at the seam of Waverly’s mouth, asking and begging for permission which Waverly gladly gave.

Waverly’s hands roamed Nicole’s naked body, slow and steady, taking in every curve and ripple. Nicole’s hands were a little more rough, wanting to cover every inch of Waverly’s body in short amount of time. Wanting to make up for the last year of being a part. Her hand slipped down Waverly tight abs and stopped just long enough to ask permission once more. Waverly gave a quick nod before Nicole started kissing her way down Waverly’s jawline, sucking on her pulse point which pulled a deep moan from the smaller woman. Giving in to the pleasure, Nicole’s fingers danced in the one spot Waverly had been craving for them to be. She had wanted nothing more than to feel Nicole and to be touched by Nicole, to have that connection with Nicole.


It had been hours since Waverly had gotten home and yet, the only place she had seen since returning was Nicole’s bed, which neither minded. Nicole slowly opened her eyes, having taken a nap while cuddling with Waverly. She looked over at the clock, they still had 3 hours before they needed to be to Shorty’s. She looked down, Waverly sleeping peacefully on her chest. Their naked bodies still intertwined with each other and the sheets. Their love making session filled Nicole’s mind. It was the best sex she had ever had. All of the worry each woman had for the other, the want, the need but most importantly the love had poured into that very moment, spilling over like a cup left under a faucet. She had never connected with another person on such an emotional level before that moment and she never wanted to let that feeling go. 2 times, no 3, was the amount of times Nicole had pushed Waverly over the edge and by the time they were done, Nicole had lost count of how many times Waverly had brought her over the edge. Nicole was addicted now. She craved Waverly’s taste even more than she did before. She felt as if she were someone who had just had sex for the first time and craved it but she didn’t care. Being that close to Waverly, feeling her, tasting her.

As if her thoughts were being read by the woman cuddled against her, she felt Waverly’s hand starting to make it’s way across her stomach and slipping on to her inner thigh. Without thinking, Nicole spread her legs apart just enough to give Waverly access to where she was wanting to be. Waverly lifted her chin just a little, pulling Nicole into a strong kiss. Nicole wanted to devour Waverly again but right now, she was at Waverly’s mercy. She raised her hips into Waverly’s hand, wanting, needing her closer. Waverly placed kisses behind Nicole’s ear, knowing just what it did to her. “Mmm....Waves...”

“God, I love hearing you say my name.” Waverly growled, placing wet sloppy kisses on Nicole’s neck, biting a little as she went.

The bedroom door flung open, Waverly instinctively used her body to cover Nicole’s. Jethro threw some clothes at Nicole. “Come on! We’re gonna be late! Can’t have ya two screwing ALL day.”

“Wanna bet?” Waverly growled over her shoulder. She chucked a pillow at him, as Nicole pulled the sheets over their naked bodies. Nicole kissed Waverly’s nose as Jethro exited the bedroom. “We’re getting a lock for that door.”

“Oh, are we now?” Nicole’s eyebrows arched as she smirked. “Expecting to do this more, are you?”

“You bet your sexy ass, I am.” Waverly ran her hand down Nicole’s abs again. “I just can’t keep my hands off of you.”

“Mmm. He’s right though. There are some very excited people who want to see you. I can’t keep you all to myself. That would just be rude.” Nicole wrapped her arms around Waverly, pulling her as close as she could get. “Though, I’m going to be very selfish once we get home.” Nicole pressed a kiss to Waverly’s plump lips.

“You should probably show me around the house before we leave. I didn’t get to see much of it.”

“You saw the most important room.” Waverly laughed at Nicole’s cockiness.

“Come on, tiger. Let’s get moving.” Waverly slid off of Nicole and walked naked to the bathroom, turning on the shower. Nicole laid there for a minute, content. The happiest she had ever felt and nothing was going to take that away from them.