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Travelin' Soldier

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The day went as smoothly as it could be. Nicole drove Waverly to her appointment but headed to the station for a little while, while Waverly went through her physical therapy. She sat at her desk as Wynonna walked up, putting a cup of coffee in front of her.

“Morning, Haughtstuff.”

Nicole arched her eyebrow at her best friend, grabbing the cup to take a sip only to shoot straight up and swallow hard. “Jesus, Earp! Fucking whiskey already?” Her hand covered her mouth as she tried not to throw it up. “Are you ever sober?”

“Eh.” She leaned against Nicole’s desk. Dolls walked into Nicole’s office.

“Earp, Sheriff Haught, we have an issue. Can I please see you both?” Dolls stood at attention and nudged his head back towards the Black Badge office.

“Of course.” Nicole handed Wynonna the “coffee” back before the two strolled into Black Badge’s office. Dolls shut and locked the door behind them.

“Sheriff, as you know...”

Wynonna leaned over to Nicole, whispering in her ear as Dolls paced back and forth in the office, discussing another Revenant problem he had stumbled across. “You haven’t told Waves that you’re Sheriff of the town, have you?”

“Wyn, shut up. Dolls is talking. Act professional for once.”

“Nope. You didn’t tell her! Oh my god! Look at you hiding things from her already. You are in so much trouble.” Wynonna giggled while poking at Nicole’s side.

“Wynonna! Stop it!” Nicole shoved her away and walked to the other side of the room, trying to listen to what Dolls had to say. Wynonna watched as the gears started to run through Nicole’s head about all the things she was going to need to talk to Waverly about if they were ever going to consider having a future together.

“Earp, I don’t know what you’re doing over there, but you get your gun. We’re heading out!” Dolls commanded of his troubled employee. “Sheriff, meet us in an hour?”

“Yes, Deputy Marshall.” Nicole turned to Wynonna. “I’ll go pick Waverly up and meet you guys at the warehouse.” Nicole pulled a new black button up shirt from the cabinet and began to put it on over her tank top. She pulled her hair quickly into a tight bun and grabbing her black beanie off the desk. She tucked in her shirt and grabbed her belt from her locker and then placed her gun in the holster on her hip with her backup strapped to her ankle.

“Just keep it in your pants, will ya, Haughty?” Wynonna bit into a fresh powdered raspberry donut. “No bonin’ my sister before a case.”

“Oh, I’ll make sure to have all the sex with your sister.” Nicole teased.

“Is that so, Officer Haught?” Nicole froze in place when she heard Waverly’s voice come from behind her. Wynonna couldn’t hide the excitement of getting Nicole in trouble. Even Dolls was slightly uncomfortable with the look Waverly was giving Nicole.

“If you’ll excuse me, Sheriff. Earp and I will leave you two to talk.” Dolls headed out the door but when he noticed Wynonna was still in the corner snickering like crazy, he walked back and grabbed her by the arm. “Now, Earp.”

“Oh, come on, Dolls! This was just about to get good!” She struggled to stay in the room but Dolls pulled her away.

“So, you’ll have all the sex with me, huh? And Sheriff, is it?”

Nicole still hadn’t turned around, deep red was covering her face and her ears. “I...really didn’t mean it that way. I’m sorry. I never should have joked about it.” Her eyes slowly came up from the floor as a hand touched her back.

“Hey, who said I was angry about the comment?” Waverly snuck around the front of Nicole, her hand running from Nicole’s back, across her side and finally resting on Nicole’s abs as she moved around to the front of her.

“It still wasn’t ok for me to say. I shouldn’t objectify you in that way.”

“Cole, it’s totally ok. I really don’t mind. What I do mind is the fact that you didn’t tell me you were the Sheriff? How long has Nedley been gone?”

“He stepped down 2 years ago. Decided to focus on his fishing’” Nicole said with a laugh remembering the conversation she had with him.

“Good for him. He’s a good man.” Waverly looked around the office. “When did you join Black Badge?”

“About a year and a half ago. Wynonna got herself in a pickle and I was the closest so Dolls called me in. Guess after that, he thought I was worth keeping around.” Nicole stopped talking for a second. “Wait, why are you here? Your appointment shouldn’t be over for another 14 minutes.”

“You keeping tabs on me?”

“Always safer to know which direction the tornado’s coming from.” Nicole teased the sailor in front of her.

Waverly’s jaw dropped and her hand placed over her heart in being mock offended. “You wound me, Sheriff.”

“Well, tell me how I can heal that wound, Petty Officer?” Nicole gave Waverly a dimpled grin.

“Hmmm...” Waverly circled Nicole as if she were a shark circling her prey. She stopped behind her and snaked her arm forward, under Nicole’s arm to unbuttoning the top two buttons on Nicole’s shirt. “Leave these open, Sheriff. I think it’s really attractive.” She stepped back in front of Nicole. “How much time do you have before you need to meet up with them?”

“An hour.”

Waverly sighed. “Can we talk for one second?”

Nicole nodded, the flirty demeanor in Waverly had all but slipped away in the matter of seconds. “It’s probably a good idea.”

“I just want my intention with you to be completely known.” Waverly leaned against Nicole’s desk. “The reason I broke off our date was because I ship out again in 3 months. I’m not...”

“You’re not looking for a relationship, right?” Nicole stood tall in front of Waverly, her thumbs hanging off her gun belt. “I get it, but can you honestly say you don’t feel something between us?”

“That’s the issue, Nicole. I totally do. And honestly, if it weren’t for the fact I was in the military, I could see myself falling head over heels in love with you but...”

“I understand.” Waverly searched Nicole’s expressions. She expected to see hate, anger, disappointment but all she saw was understanding, compassion. “Look, let’s just spend the next 3 months getting to know each other knowing that there is no relationship on the back end. We spend some time together, no expectations. We can see other people, we can see each other and whatever happens, happens. It’ll be like one of those summer flings. Have a little fun and then go our separate ways.”

“And you would be ok with that?”

“Wouldn’t suggest it if I weren’t.” Nicole said with a shrug. Heading back towards her locker. “But if that’s not what you want, then we can just be friends. I’m good with too. Though, I’m still taking you on a date tonight, friends or more, just so ya know.” She looked over her shoulder at Waverly, giving her a subtle wink. “Gotta show ya that Haught charm everyone always talks about.”

“Who’s everyone?” Waverly grinned.

“Mainly just me, I suppose.” Nicole laughed out. Waverly couldn’t help but laugh. “So what do you say, Waves? You up for the best 3 months of your life?” Nicole leaned into her locker and grabbed out her bullet proof vest.

Waverly looked a little concerned by the sight in front of her but shook it off. “Well, with confidence like that, how could I say no?”

Nicole pulled a gun case out of another locker and opened it to reveal a sniper rifle. “Hello, beautiful.” Her hand caressed the barrel of the gun.

“God, remind me to marry someone who looks at me the way you look at that gun.”

“Oh, you should see the look at the women I date.” Nicole winked, causing Waverly’s heart to skip a beat and her breath the hitch. She wouldn’t deny the fact she could see herself falling in love with Nicole Haught, but she also knew she couldn’t let herself.

“And just how many has that been?”

“Uh...are we talking like actual relationships?”

“Let’s say 6 months or more.”

“Ok. Um...4. Including not serious relationships, 15 women total.”

The number shocked yet didn’t surprise Waverly. Nicole was super good looking, very sweet and had the charm to match. And Waverly loved how open Nicole was with her. “Ah, so you do this 3 month deal with all the women you meet then, huh?” Waverly smiled sweetly up to Nicole, letting her know that the number didn’t bother her.

“Let’s just say, women love a woman in uniform. How bout you, Earp? How many are notched in your bedpost?”

“Well, that travelin soldier bit I told you about earlier?”

“Ah. Gotchya.”

“No. Everyone assumed I was sleeping around at each base. Just a stupid name they gave me that isn’t true. I’ve had 2 serious relationships. 8 total with the hook ups, 3 of which were before I even joined the military.”

“Well, I wouldn’t care either way, Waverly. We all have a past. We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of, people we’re not proud of but it’s important to just move forward.” Nicole looked down at her watch. “We should get going. I’ll drop you off at my place.”

“Sounds great, we’re still on for tonight,1900 right?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything, Waverly.” Nicole walked with Waverly out to her SUV, where she threw everything into the back and opened the door for Waverly. She jumped in the driver seat and headed towards her house. “I’m sorry I have to cut our day a little short though. I was really looking forward to talking more.”

“Ask me anything, Cole.”


“Dead serious. Let em roll. I’ll answer as many as you can ask from now until we get to your house only thing I ask is that you answer the question too.”

“Fair enough. Um....favorite color?”

“Yellow. You?”

“Blue. Let’s see. Favorite food?”

“Prior to the military, pot roast while I’m in...still pot roast just MRE...oh sorry, Mea...”

“I know what it is, Waves. Never did like the pot roast one, myself. Was more of a stew kind of the girl.”

“What’s your current favorite food?” Waverly wanted to ask more about Nicole’s military background but knew it was probably a sore subject.

“Hm...honestly, right now I’m trying to eat better so a really good chicken salad or on my cheat days, just a really greasy cheeseburger from Shorty’s.” Nicole glanced over at Waverly before looking back at the road. “What are your plans for when you get out?”

“I don’t plan on getting out anytime soon.”

“Ah, a lifer huh?”

“Yup. What about you Sheriff Haught? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

“I’m not sure. As you know, being Sheriff of Purgatory doesn’t exactly have a long life expectancy.” Nicole laughed nervously. “But I would like to start a family eventually. How about you? Do you want a family?”

“Little Earps? I’m not so sure about that though I do think it would be super adorable to see baby Haughts running around.” Waverly laughed.

“Oh, yes, a sea of red hair and the fire to match it.” Nicole rolled her eyes and huffed. “Maybe I don’t want a family after all.” Nicole laughed.

Waverly leaned into her side and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek. “You’ll be a great mom and whoever has the chance to marry you will be one lucky woman.”

Nicole smiled at the contact as Waverly laid her head on Nicole’s shoulder. “Did you always want to be in the military? I know you mentioned being a historian at one point.”

“I really wanted to be a historian. Every thing history excites me.”

“Then why stay in the military? Why not go for that dream? Put that beautiful brain of yours to use.” Nicole pressed a kiss into Waverly’s hair.

“I’m not sure what holds me in the military but I guess it just feels like home after all these years.”

“Maybe, one day, you’ll find a new home.”

“Maybe.” Waverly nuzzled her face into the side of Nicole’s neck, taking in her smell. They sat the rest of the way in a comfortable silence.

Nicole knew she had agreed to a 3 month fling with Waverly. She knew that at the end of the 3 months, she would have her heart broken again but she couldn’t resist getting to have Waverly Earp for those 3 months. She couldn’t resist the chance to treat her the way she deserved to be treated and try and give her the world in those 3 months. The pain of falling in love with Waverly Earp would suck but the smiles, laughs and memories she would get to enjoy with Waverly would be enough for Nicole.

As they approached the house, Waverly kissed Nicole’s cheek one more time. “I’ll see you in 3 hours, right?”

“Yup and ya know what, why don’t I pick you up at the homestead? Let’s make this an official date.”

“That would be great. And if you’re going to be late...”

“I’ll text you, I promise. I know how you military people are with that whole late thing.”

“Hey! I’ll have you know, I was like this before the military.” Waverly stuck her tongue out at Nicole and crinkled her nose. Nicole just laughed. Waverly smiled at Nicole’s dimpled laugh and hopped out of the car. “I’ll see you soon, Sheriff Haught.”

“That you will, Petty Officer.” With that said, Nicole was pulling away from Waverly and off to meet up with Dolls and Wynonna.

The mission was simple. Dolls would be on the hill with the sniper rifle while Wynonna and Nicole would go in the backdoor. Nicole stood at the door, her 9mm pulled from it’s holster while Wynonna had Peacemaker in hand as well.

“Dolls, do you have eyes on Bobo?” Nicole spoke softly into the comms.

“Affirmative. He has 4 guys with him. All known Revenants. Wynonna, our mission is to get the intel that Bobo has stashed at the Northwest corner of the building without being seen. That information could lead us to every single living Revenant. That information could end the Earp curse.”

“Do we know it is here, for sure?” Wynonna whispered into Nicole’s ear. “Like, could this really all be over after tonight?”

“If we play our cards right, Wyn, Alice might be able to come home in just a couple of weeks.”

Alice. Her daughter. The little bundle of joy who she loved more than anything. The little girl who looked and acted exactly like Waverly. Wynonna often said that she prayed to have her sister by her side through it all and God had a funny sense of humor. “We can’t Earp this up, Haughty.”

“No, we can’t. For your sake and Waverly’s. You both deserve to leave Purgatory and never look back.”

“What about you, Haught? You deserve to leave too.”

“My place is here, Wyn. I learned that awhile ago.”

Dolls popped onto the comms. “Are you two in position?”

Wynonna took a flask from her belt and took a swig, offering it to Nicole who took a drink as well. “10-4.” Nicole answered back.

“On my mark...GO!”

Wynonna and Nicole slowly snuck through the door, sticking to the walls and the shadows, hoping to not be seen. Nicole motioned for Wynonna to move towards the forklift to the left of them. Wynonna hurried across the warehouse, scooting behind the forklift. Nicole quickly followed. Nicole motioned to the door 50 feet a head of them, motioning that it was the target door. She nodded for Wynonna to cover her. The plan was for Nicole to go into the office as she knew how to pick locks and recover the documents they needed.

Nicole slowly maneuvered her way to the office, pulling out her lock picks and jimmying the lock open. She closed the door behind her. “I’m in.”

“Good. The filing cabinet is trash. Don’t bother. It has an alarm on it as a trap. You are looking for a greenish box that says “DUMP” on it. The file that you want from inside will be labeled “TRAILER TRASH”.” Nicole nodded as if Dolls could see her. She spotted the box within a couple of minutes, quickly going through it and pulling out the file she wanted.

“Shit.” Wynonna spoke up. “In coming, Haught. 4 guys. I’ll get em away from your door.”

“Earp! Don’t you dare! Earp!” Dolls yelled over the comms but like her usual self, Wynonna ignored him.

“Hey! Assholes!” Wynonna pulled up Peacemaker and watched as it started to glow. “Consume a satchel of richards!” She yelled as she pulled the trigger, sending one of the men back to hell. The others started to head for Wynonna as she took off across the warehouse. Nicole shoved the file in between her chest and bulletproof vest.

“Haught get out of there!” Dolls yelled as he sniped a couple guys. “There are more than just 4 in there! Move!”

Nicole ran out of the office and spotted Wynonna pinned down in the corner of the warehouse. Nicole got within feet of Wynonna and pulled her gun out to shoot but soon her vision began to spin, everything going black as a 2x4 was broke across the right side of her face. She fell to one knee, shaking her head to get the cobwebs free as blood started to spill from her eyebrow and ear. Wynonna had taking out two more Revenants, including the one who had hit Nicole but one had his gun trained on Wynonna, she didn’t see him.

“Wyn!” Nicole yelled as she jumped in front of Wynonna, the gun going off as Nicole pulled Wynonna to the ground. The bullet hit Nicole’s vest but she could feel that it went through.

Wynonna quickly pulled up Peacemaker and shot the dark-haired man through his forehead, the gates of Hell opening beneath him. “Haught! Fuck!” Wynonna went to move Nicole but Nicole stopped her.

“Don’t...The bullet went partially through the vest...” Nicole mumbled out.

“Don’t you fucking do this, you attention whore. Don’t you go faking an injury just to get out of work so you can spend time with my sister, you asshole.” Wynonna’s voice was shaky. “Dolls, we need an ambulance. Haughtpants got shot.”

“Already called it in.” Dolls was out of breath as he was running down the hill.

“Why would you jump in front of me, you big idiot?” Wynonna pressed her forehead against Nicole’s cheek, a tear falling from her eye.

Nicole punched Wynonna in the boob. “You forgot your vest, ya dick.”

“Fuck me.”

“No thank you.” Nicole softly chuckled. “I need you to do me a favor, Wyn. Please? I need you to call Waverly and tell her I’m going to be late for our date tonight.”

“Nononono. I’m not givin her that news. You call her yo damn self! She’s gonna kill me. Getting her date killed and all.”

“Not dead, thank you very much.” Nicole’s voice was full of nervousness as Dolls got to the two women, covering them in case any one showed back up.

“Where are you shot, Haught?”

“In the back, Dolls. It went through my vest. I can’t feel my legs.” Nicole’s voice was shaky, full of fear.

Wynonna stood up and walked away from the two as the EMTs arrived, pulling out her cell phone. She quickly dialed Waverly’s number.

“Hey Nonna! How’d the mission go?”

“Waves....Nicole’s not going to be able to make your date tonight...” Wynonna’s voice cracked, her emotions finally breaking through.

The words stung Waverly’s heart faster than she had expected. Her knees gave out but thankfully the couch was right behind her. “W...what...”