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Switching Platforms

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Sowon often stayed up pretty late. Not due to any form of insomnia. But due to her secret hobby that she had come to love. Even though the walls were thing, she had put up some padding along her walls to keep others from hearing her during her new activities. No one knew anything was going on. But unknown to them, she had begun live streaming at night.

In the early days, she just streamed games. Always wearing a mask to hide her identity. If anyone in her chat started to suspect it was her, she’d just deny it, and take it as a compliment. Always telling them that she isn’t Sowon, but she’s happy they thinks she’s as pretty as her. Either way, there was nothing to prove it was her anyway, so she was safe.

But as time went on, she started to get some new messages in her chat. Not as many viewers were up at these hours. And they started to tell her she’d be making more money if she tried something new.

“Unfortunately my job keeps me pretty busy.” She’d tell them.

But the chatters would continue to push her. Even if she couldn’t switch to daytime streams, she could try something else. Although it was against the terms of service for the site she used, she could switch to a new one, and start to stream topless and make more money. She refused the idea at first. But as week went by, and she decided to play around with the idea. Her streams ended with her giving a notice that she would be going to the new service. And most of her fans eagerly followed.

At first she wouldn’t go all the way with it. Usually deciding to just still play in her underwear. But as she got more comfortable, she started to joke around with her viewers that she might go further. As soon as she even teased the idea, tips came in, encouraging her to show them everything. She laughed at the donations. But she did have to take it seriously.

A few days later, Sowon returned to the new stream. Now topless and feeling a little less confident, she was worried at first that it might be a little uncomfortable for her. But as soon as people joined the chat, the money started to roll in. She had only been live for a few minutes, barely even booting up the game. And she had already made hundreds in donations.

Unknown to her, one of her viewers was someone very familiar. In another room of the dorm, Yuju had been on the site, and searching for something to watch for a bit. Stumbling on the page, she started to watch for the game. But after a few minutes, she thought something seemed familiar. She recognized the voice instantly. But told herself it was just a coincidence. But after watching a few more minutes, she recognized the body shape. It had to be Sowon.

After a few hours, Sowon had made an announcement. Her game focused steams were going to become much less frequent. The chat started to complain and ask her why she was giving up so soon. But she went on to explain.

“I’ll be focusing much more heavily on doing regular cam girl shows from here on.” She said, with a big smile under her mask.

- - -

Yuju was watching that night, and took note of the schedule she announced to the viewers. And right on time, there was Sowon going live again on the night she promised. Starting off with light clothes on, she felt a little more embarrassed than before.

“I’m not even sure how to start a show like this.” She said to the viewers.

The chat flooded with cheers and advice. Encouraging the tall girl to do her best. And to just relax. Yuju watched without participating in the chat. But still sat back and gave the girl her full attention. Sowon started by rubbing her breast. Her thin top showing how hard her nipples were already getting.

Yuju watched as the chat kept sending donations. Demanding she show them her skin from last time. Sowon delayed it a bit. But only to se how much money she could get before losing viewers. As Yuju watched her tease the audience, she started to slip her hand under her own shorts. Touching herself, and feeling her wetness already dripping out of her. Her lips were slick with her own juice in anticipation.

Sowon began to finally take her top off again. Teasing the chat theat they’d have to keep paying up if they wanted to see more. But the more she teased, the more bored they started to get. Calling her out, and saying she had no intention of doing anything else. And they were right. She didn’t expect to have to go into hardcore territory. But this was definitely a different crowd than what she was dealing with on the adult gaming site.

Trying to keep them pleased, she rolled over to one side of her bed, and grabbed a few toys. Holding them up to the camera, she told them her plans. “If everyone sticks with me, and you all show me enough love, I’ll give you a reward.” The girl’s promise at least kept them watching for now. She tried to show them she was serious by turning herself away from the camera, and putting a long dildo into her mouth. Sucking it, and trying to push it as deep as she could. But since she had to turn away to hide her identity, they weren’t pleased by missing most of the action. Only having sounds to go by.

As Yuju continued to watch intently, she could feel herself getting close, and soon soaked her hand as she fingered herself to to the point of cumming. She was convinced now. It had to be Sowon. She just knew it. The thought of their leader doing these kinds of activity in secret was so thrilling to her. She couldn’t believe it. The room seemed different to her. But it had been so long since Sowon had let anyone in her room that it could really look like that right now. The younger girl decided. If this was going on, she wanted to help. She pulled her shorts back up and into place, and got her shoes on. Dressed in just a top, shorts and shoes, she took off for Sowon’s room.

- - -

A few minutes later, the stream could hear a knocking. Sowon jumped from the sound. She had no idea what to even do in this situation. She quickly muted her mic, and put up an away screen to hide her cam’s feed. Ina panic, she threw her tight top back on, and ran to answer the door. Pretending to be half asleep, she opened the door slowly, and saw Yuju standing there.

“Yuju? It’s so late. What are you doing?”

“That’s you streaming, right? It just has to be.” Yuju said with an excitement in her eyes.

Sowon pretended to not know what she was talking about. And tried to deflect the topic for a minute. But eventually gave up. She pulled Yuju by the arm and brought her into the room. Closing the door behind them.

“No one can know about this. I got myself in too deep. And now I need to show off for the stream.” Sowon said, as she tried to catch her up. Yuju was already fully aware of everything.

“I want to help you out. I want ot be on the stream too. I’m willing to go as far as you need. Please. Just let me help you tonight, and you can get through the stream.” Yuju pleaded with her. Wanting nothing more than to feel the excitement of these kinds of viewers first-hand. Sowon looked down, and saw a stain in her shorts. She knew the girl wasn’t kidding. “I know that was you on the stream. I can see the toys laid out on your bed.” She said pointing into the room at them.

“Fine. But you’re going to have to wear a mask too.” Sowon said, as she handed her a matching mask to hide her identity. Yuju put it on, while Sowon quickly brushed out her hair to fix her up a little bit before presenting her on the stream. Followed by her taking her own top back off to get back into place for where she was before leaving the cam.

The feed and sound came back, and Sowon made an announcement. “I have a surprise for everyone. I will be having a special guest tonight.” She said to the chat. “This is Curious Pup. She’ll be here to play for tonight.” Yuju waved to the chat as she sat down next to her.

The chat went wild. Immediately sending new donations. And asking if they could have private streams with Yuju. She wasted no time taking her clothes off. “Ta-da!” she jokingly said, as she make a motion to show off her nude body.

“There’s no way this isn’t Gfriend!” a person in the chat said. “That must be Choi Yuna! I recognize that body!” others said. But still. Both of the girls denied they were the idols.

Sowon adjusted the camera, and got it ready to put the spotlight on the younger girl. Who now was laid back on the bed against the pillows. Her legs spread wide. Showing herself to the fans. Sowon crawled over on her knees, and rached down. Putting her fingers inside, and thrusting them rapidly in and out. A loud sloshing sound could be heard as her wetness started to get stirred up, and ran out of her. The older girl’s fingers instantly beginning to glisten from it. Yuju closed her eyes, and threw her head back. She reached down and started to tease her own clit as she felt herself starting to cum again.

A donation came in. Sowon squinted to try to read the text from far away. “I’ll double this if you make her squirt.” The chatter said.

Yuju laughed at the proposition. “I’m not sure if I'l be able to.”

“You’re gonna disappoint them and not even try to soak my bed?” Sowon asked, trying to push her limits.

Sowon grabbed the largest dildo she had. One that she was still working herself up to, and started to cover it in lube. “Maybe this will do it for you.” She threatened as she showed it to the younger girl.

Yuju felt shock as she saw the girth of it. She tried to push it away, but Sowon insisted. The tip started to slide in easily enough, but it just seemed to get wider as it went in. She could feel it pushing her walls further than she was used to. The girl moaned in a mix of pain and a newfound pleasure as she tried to take its size. She continued to push the base of it from her side, as the older girl pressured it to continue pushing deeper from her side.

Once it had gotten deep enough, the older girl gave up the fight, and let it rest where it was. Yuju panted as she tried to get used to it in a hurry. She could feel it begin to move. The ridges built around the toy were dragging and bumping all over her insides. She could feel the smaller tip touching almost to her cervix. The stimulation felt rough at first, but she got into the grinding feeling it gave her inside.

Soiwon watched as the girl’s toes started to curl, and hew knees buckled. She pulled the toy out, and immediately watched as she squirted. Gushing a stream out in front of her. The girl felt humiliated by the fact that she let herself do it on someone else’s bed like that. But the stream immediately paid more huge donations for the sight. Sowon tried to thank her for bringing in so much money just then, but Yuju was too exhausted to be able to pay attention.

“We have one more thing to show you tonight.” Sowon announced to the chat.

Yuju rolled her head to the side and tried to look at her. She thought they would be done after that display. But Sowon was fixing a strap on harness around herself. Over-top of her shorts. Yuju didn’t want to say anything. But she felt like it was a bit annoying Sowon didn’t even have to show her full body when she was going through all this.

The younger girl tried to move her body. Guiding Sowon to lie down along the bed, and climbed on top of her. Her pussy was sore. But she still did her best to insert the toy inside as she let herself lower down. Thankfully it was much smaller, and a more standard size.

Riding in a cowgirl position at first, Yuju leaned back and put her hands on Sowon’s body for support. She gave the cam a view of herself as the toy spread her open. And how wet the toy became as she slid up and down it. Leaving traces of her own cum behind as she’d go back up toward the tip again and again.

The viewers couldn’t get enough of her. Many new people kept showing up after hearing from adult forum posts that 2 Gfriend look-a-likes were having sex on stream. People still argued over if they were the real thing or not. While others continued to demand private shows and positions for them to try.

Sowon gave Yuju a tap to signal her that she was going to get up. The older girl got on her feet, and lifted Yuju up. Holding her in the air, she had the younger girl wrap her arms around the back of her neck, and slid her back down onto the toy. Sowon bounced her on the strap-on over and over. Yuju was almost helpless as she was being swung into it and back out again. Soon she was stopped in place. And Sowon changed so that she was thrusting into the girl while her torso was left hanging in front of her. Yuju screamed as she hit her orgasm. Her cum and juices ran down to the floor below. Making a loud sound as it hit.

The girls were exhausted. And even though viewers kept demanding more, Sowon decided it was time to sign off for the stream. Yuju was too weak to even make it back to her own room after all that, and stayed the night in Sowon’s room. The amount of money they had made was unbelievable. But even so, the older girl decided this was better as a one time thing. All of her streaming accounts became closed a few days later. Rumors still ran across the boards online about if it was really them or not. But because no one thought to screen record it, fans never found out.