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Oh God...She's Hot

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After stepping off the train, dragging her travel bag behind her, Weiss paused on the platform and looked at the bustling city in front of her.  New buildings altered the skyline and new advertisements lined the walls of the station, but the familiar sounds of the city - vehicle congestion, mostly - filled the night air.  The pre-recorded voice announcing arriving and departing trains sounded the same.  The street names printed on the low wall across from her were the same.  Even the graffiti-covered benches looked the same, much to her amusement.

“Feel familiar?” 

With her bag slung over one shoulder, Blake stopped beside Weiss and studied the train station with a level of discernment Weiss had come to expect from her closest friend. 

“In some ways, yes.  In others, no.”  

It still looked like Vale, sounded like Vale, and smelled like Vale, but it lacked the childhood gleam she once cast upon it.  Standing here, she felt a little silly for ever being sad about leaving this place, especially with how much better off she was now.  Or how much better off she used to be...since that better life would soon come to an end - temporarily, at least.

The thought of moving back to Vale was...less than thrilling...but she was determined to make the best of it.  This weekend would serve as a reminder - just dipping her toe into the water, so to speak - of what living here again would be like.

“Let’s head downstairs.”  

Motioning Blake after her, she joined the stream of travelers using the staircase to exit the station.  Upon reaching street level, they were greeted by Vale’s infamous traffic - taxis, buses, and private vehicles jockeying for position on the roads while bicyclists and mopeds darted between them.  Pedestrians only added to the chaos, rushing along the sidewalks or waiting at the crosswalks for the lights to turn.

“Is it always this busy?” Blake asked as a family of three rushed in front of them and hailed the closest taxi.

“Pretty much.  This part of town is, at least.”

When Blake nodded and gave the city another good inspection, Weiss dropped her bag on a nearby bench and checked her phone.  One new message waited for her, and the number of exclamation points in it made her smile and shake her head.

“They’ll be here soon,” she told Blake while putting her phone away.

“Ok.”  After setting her bag beside Weiss’, Blake stood and watched traffic ease along the street outside the train station.  “What do they look like?”

“Yang’s blonde.  Ruby’s brunette.”  When the response earned a scoff, Weiss gave Blake a look.  “What?”

“Real descriptive,” Blake replied with a playful roll of her eyes.

“I haven’t seen them in like fifteen years,” Weiss pointed out.  “All I remember is that Yang’s blonde, taller, and kind of annoying.  Ruby’s shorter, with brown hair, and can hardly get her feet moving in the same direction at once.”

“Hopefully she’s grown out of that,” Blake offered with a smile, but Weiss shook her head.

“I don’t know...that girl belonged in a protective bubble.”

After chuckling at the response, which was beyond accurate, Blake sent Weiss a thoughtful look.  

“Are you sure we should stay with them?”

“Well, since someone didn’t want to pay for a hotel...”

“I don’t want you to keep paying for things -”

“Then this was the most economical alternative,” Weiss concluded.  “Besides, they were always very kind.  I might not have kept in touch, but I’m sure they’re still decent people.”  Briefly considering a few of the worst-case scenarios, which seemed impossible but could theoretically happen, she added, “And if they’ve changed, we’ll get a hotel anyway.”

“Deal,” Blake readily agreed.  “But we shouldn’t be in their way too much.  Just need a place to sleep after checking out those apartments and exploring.”

“Exactly.  We’ll probably only spend an hour with them.  Maybe we’ll buy them dinner or something as thanks, but that’s it.”  

The response pacified Blake, who nodded before continuing her thoughtful inspection of the buildings and the traffic passing by.  Realistically, a similar street - with similar traffic, sounds, and sights - could be found in downtown Atlas, but Vale made everything feel different.  

Maybe it was the architecture, which featured flat rather than pitched roofs.  Maybe it was the weather, which was warm but not yet warm enough to forgo a jacket.  Or maybe it was all in Weiss’ mind, as returning to Vale after being away for so long felt like reconnecting with her childhood yet being somewhere new at the same time.

And that was just the city; she had no idea how she would feel seeing Ruby after so long.  What would Ruby even be like now?  Would she still be happy-go-lucky, easily excitable, and sweet as could be?  That’s how Weiss always imagined her but...who knew what could happen in that much time.

“Sure you’re ok moving here?” she asked, breaking the silence and drawing Blake’s gaze her way.

“I don’t mind.”  Blake’s nonchalant shrug gave away no nerves, which was reassurance enough.  “Will you be ok moving back here?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”  When Blake’s brow rose, Weiss sighed and shook her head.  “I might’ve said some slightly derogatory things about Vale in the past, but that’s only because I like Atlas so much.  Besides, it’s not like this is forever.  It’s just...for now.”

“That’s true.  After a couple of years, you could always transfer back to Atlas.”


With Blake’s agreement, Weiss nodded and checked her phone again.  Ruby’s last message said that they had left their apartment, which was only a few minutes from the train station...


Spotting someone waving from the other side of the street, she turned that way and -

Well, she had planned on smiling politely.  Instead, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

Their hosts for the weekend were currently waiting to cross the intersection, talking amongst themselves while Ruby lifted a hand to wave one more time.  Even though so much time had passed, she was instantly recognizable...yet completely unrecognizable at the same time.

She was...all grown up.  Yang was also all grown up, but Ruby was all grown up...and they were both stunningly beautiful.

“Oh my god...” Blake breathed out, catching sight of the two girls and sending Weiss a look of dismay.  “You didn’t mention that they’re the most attractive people on the planet...”

“Because they weren’t...” Weiss whispered back, unable to peel her eyes away from Ruby.

Ruby wasn’t so short anymore - not by a long shot.  Now, she was just as tall as Yang - who’d always been tall for their age - with long, slender legs that would draw anyone’s gaze.  Her outfit was impeccable and flattering, clinging to her attractive figure in all of the right places.  Her hair looked messy yet perfect at the same time.  And that smile -

“Weiss!” she called out again and, as soon as the light at the intersection turned, jogged across.  The clumsy kid was no more, as long, graceful strides brought her over to Weiss in no time.  

“It’s so good to see you!” 

Before Weiss wondered how they were supposed to greet each other after so much time apart, Ruby wrapped her in a hug, lifted her feet right off the ground, and spun her in a circle.

“Look at you!”  After setting Weiss down, Ruby put her hands on Weiss’ shoulders and blatantly checked her out.  “Wow, you’re gorgeous.” 

The compliment brought a blush onto Weiss’ cheeks, and the night air grew considerably warmer the longer Ruby grinned at her. 

Weiss remembered the abundant happiness correctly.  What she hadn’t remembered was that Ruby’s eyes were the most stunning silver she’d ever seen, and that Ruby’s physique rivaled that of a professional athlete, and that she looked effortlessly beautiful in tight jeans and a nice jacket.

“Hi Ruby…” she managed to say while Yang walked over to Blake and extended her hand.  

“Hey, I’m Yang,” she introduced herself with a warm smile, and Blake shot another glance Weiss’ way before shaking Yang’s hand.

“Um, yeah.  Wow.”  

“You’re Blake, I’m guessing?” Yang added, her smile growing while she held onto Blake’s hand for a second longer than customary.

“Right.  Yes, I am.”

After chuckling at the response, which made her lilac eyes sparkle, Yang turned that brilliant smile towards Weiss.  

“Hey Weiss!  Good to see you again.”  

When Yang reached out for a hug, Weiss willingly obliged - this time for a traditional hug lacking in lifts or twirls.  Although Blake did mouth ‘she’s hot’ to Weiss behind Yang’s back...but Ruby quickly gained her attention. 

“Hey Blake!  I’m Ruby.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”  Finally regaining her ability to speak, Blake shook Ruby’s hand and shot another disbelieving glance Weiss’ way.  “You’re...not at all how Weiss described you.”

“Weiss hasn’t seen me since I was like six!” Ruby replied with a giggle that made Weiss’ blush grow.  

But, regardless of how warm her cheeks were, she couldn’t turn away from Ruby.  Was this really the same girl who used to follow her around on the playground?  The doe-eyed child she alternatively didn’t have the patience for yet couldn’t get rid of?

“It’s been a long time,” she agreed, and her heart fluttered when Ruby turned that silver gaze upon her.  

There was enough familiarity in Ruby’s eyes to confirm that she was the same person, but...she grew up astonishingly well.  So well that any thought of spending the weekend with childhood Ruby flew out the window.  In its place flitted some...decidedly more grown-up thoughts and desires...none of which Weiss had expected coming into this weekend.  Fortunately, it appeared she wasn’t alone, as the way Blake stared at Yang suggested they were both on the same page.

“See Yang - told you she’d be gorgeous.”

With that million-dollar smile aimed her way, Weiss couldn’t fathom responding to the compliment.  Even if she was pretty, she couldn’t compare herself to Ruby - or Yang, even.  The two of them radiated effortless charm and style, and Weiss might feel intimidated if she wasn’t already so drawn into that allure.

“Yeah, you grew up alright, Weiss.”  Smiling, Yang reached over and playfully tapped Weiss’ shoulder.  “Ruby was ready to fight anyone who thought otherwise -”

“Because they’d be wrong,” Ruby stated before touching Weiss’ hand.  The feather-light touch seemed like nothing more than habit, but it sent a tendril of thrill down Weiss’ spine.  “How was the train ride?”

“Long…” Weiss sighed, though that feeling disappeared the instant she looked at Ruby again.  “But otherwise fine,” she added.  “Fairly scenic.”

“How long is it from Atlas to here?” Yang asked.

“About five hours.”  

And you guys went to work today?” Ruby asked, reminding Weiss of just how long the day had been.

“Yes.  That...might not have been the smartest decision...”  

Like idiots, she and Blake figured that they could nap on the train if they were tired.  Instead, they spent the entire time discussing their plans for the weekend and beyond.  What they hadn’t discussed, or even remotely considered, was that Weiss’ childhood friend might now be drop-dead gorgeous, with an almost equally gorgeous older sister.  

“You guys hungry then?” Yang asked before sending another winning smile Blake’s way.  That alone was enough to make Blake blush and lower her gaze, though the modesty didn’t last long before she returned Yang’s smile.

“We ate on the train, actually,” Weiss answered when it became evident that Blake wouldn’t.

“Ah, smart.  Should we head back to our place then?”

After glancing at Blake, who snuck another look and bashful smile at Yang, Weiss nodded.  “That sounds nice.”  

At this point, they needed to walk, or move, or do anything that served as a distraction from the two beauties picking them up from the train station.  Otherwise Blake might melt into a puddle right there on the sidewalk, and Weiss didn’t trust herself to not immediately follow suit.  As soon as she reached for her bag, however, Ruby stepped forward and gently brushed her hand away.

“Let me get your bag!”  

After waiting for Weiss’ flustered nod, Ruby grinned and slung the bag over her shoulder.

“And I’ll get yours?” Yang asked before doing the same for Blake.

“Um, thank you...” 

“No problem!”  Yang must see Blake’s blush - Weiss could see it clear as day - but she just smiled and led them away from the train station.  “It’s not far,” she added while they approached the crosswalk.

When Ruby fell into step by Weiss’ side, Weiss glanced up at her and experienced yet another shock at who she saw.  It wasn’t often - or ever, actually - that she was so instantly attracted to someone, but Ruby was that person.  Ruby was absolutely that person…

“Sorry we’re late,” she said, thankfully oblivious to Weiss’ thoughts.  “Yang took forever picking out her shoes.”

When Ruby sent her sister a glare for the transgression, Yang just laughed and glanced Blake’s way.

“I wanted to make a good impression.  First impressions are important, right?”

The question appeared solely for Blake, whose gaze dropped a little far down Yang’s chest before snapping back to Yang’s eyes.

“You’ve made a great one.”

Weiss’ brow rose at the forthcoming answer, which wasn’t something Blake would normally say.  Blake also must have felt the divergence, as she took a deep breath and stared at the businesses across the street.  Or stared anywhere but at Yang, really.

“She could’ve picked out her shoes in advance like I did...” Ruby grumbled so only Weiss would hear.  When Weiss chuckled at the response, Ruby beamed and gently bumped her shoulder.  “It’s great to see you again.”

“Yeah,” Weiss said, her skin heating up in anticipation of something the longer she held Ruby’s gaze.  “Yeah, it’s great seeing you again too,” she added, only for that anticipation to grow when Ruby’s eyes slid over her outfit.

The glance might be nothing more than Ruby familiarizing herself with how Weiss looked now, but it didn’t take much imagination to believe Ruby was very blatantly checking her out.  Her skin tingled at the thought of it, and an unmistakable spark of hunger appeared when Ruby’s gaze finally returned to hers.

“You’re even prettier than I remembered,” Ruby said with the warmest, most heart-stopping smile.

The feeling was more than mutual, but Weiss’ mouth wouldn’t cooperate enough to say those words out loud.  Not with her heart fluttering, her skin warming, and her mind wondering how the hell this was who little Ruby Rose grew up to be.  From a clumsy child constantly covered in scrapes and bruises to a tall, graceful brunette heartthrob - had anyone else seen that coming?

“Does anything look familiar, Weiss?” Yang asked from up ahead, but Weiss was so caught in Ruby’s gaze that she shook her head before processing the question.

“Um, sort of,” she corrected herself, forcing her eyes away from Ruby in an effort to concentrate.  “I recognized the bigger landmarks on the ride in, but there’s a lot that’s new too.”

“Vale’s changed a lot since you lived here.”

“You could say that again…”  

Her gaze slipped towards Ruby before Blake turned around and gave her a knowing look.  Fortunately, she was saved from discussing what exactly changed by Ruby waving towards an apartment building standing in the middle of a block.  

“Here we are!” 

“Home sweet home,” Yang added, holding the door for everyone to walk inside.

“How long have you lived here?” Blake asked while following Ruby towards the elevators on the far side of the lobby.

“Couple of years now.  Yang moved here after graduation -”

“And Ruby decided she was sick of living on campus,” Yang finished for her sister, who nodded as they waited for an elevator to arrive on the ground floor.

“Living on campus is fun but a little...loud.  Besides, I couldn’t pass up the chance to live with my favorite roommate!”

When Ruby grinned and poked Yang in the side, Yang responded by rustling Ruby’s hair on the way into the elevator.  The quick interaction filled Weiss with an incredible sense of deja vu, having seen the pair repeat that same sequence who-knew-how-many times in the past.  Now that they were older, however, they looked less like cute kids and more like...adorable models.

“We figured you’d be tired,” Ruby added while pushing the button for the fifth floor.  “So you can head right to sleep if you want.”  Noticing Weiss’ brow furrow, considering it wasn’t very polite to arrive and go to sleep right away, Ruby smiled and gave her elbow a reassuring squeeze.  “Don’t worry.  Yang and I usually go to sleep pretty early anyway.”


When Blake gave Yang a look of disbelief, Yang laughed.

“Why do you sound so surprised?  Do I look like the ‘party-all-night’ type?”

She did.  They both did, with their casual-yet-flattering attire and effortless beauty perfect for a night on the town.  Weiss would have admitted it, but Blake kept quiet and shrugged.  

“It’s your hair,” Ruby teased, getting everyone to laugh as the elevator doors opened.  After catching Weiss’ gaze for a split second, long enough to make Weiss’ heart do more gymnastics, she pulled out her keys and hurried to one of the doors in the hall.  After getting the door unlocked, she pushed it open and stepped out of the way.  

“Welcome to Casa de Rose!”

“And Xiao Long,” Yang added, playfully nudging Ruby’s shoulder before following Blake and Weiss into the apartment.

Yang and Ruby’s home wasn’t overly large but more than comfortable enough for two people.  There wasn’t a formal entryway, so the front door opened right into the main living area.  A marble bar with several bar stools separated the kitchen from the living room, offering an additional eating area while also keeping the space big and open.  

Everything looked neat, clean, and perfectly hospitable for a weekend.  Although, considering their hosts, Weiss would have accepted far less optimal arrangements, and Blake would probably agree.

“Sorry it’s not much,” Ruby said upon joining them inside.

“This is perfect,” Weiss replied, and Blake nodded.  “Thank you so much for letting us stay here.”

“Of course!  How could I ever turn down the most beautiful girl in elementary school?”

Ruby gave the compliment as if it was the truest statement in the world, but Weiss blushed upon hearing it.  Having someone as gorgeous as Ruby call her beautiful was enough to fluster her.  If she felt capable of forming a coherent sentence right now, she would try to flatter Ruby in return.  But, somehow, she didn’t think that “Um, wow, you’re hot,” would make her look very intelligent or articulate.

But those were the words flashing through her mind right now, especially when Ruby ran her fingers through her hair and lightly shook every strand back into place.  The effortlessly-sexy motion only added to Ruby’s growing appeal, and Weiss only realized she was staring when Ruby caught her in the act.  

Some people might be curious or confused about being stared at, but Ruby just smiled.  Honestly, she looked happy to have Weiss’ full attention on her...and Weiss was more than willing to give it.

“I reminded Ruby that I was the most beautiful girl in elementary school,” Yang joked.  “But that I’d love to have the second-most-beautiful girl visit for the weekend.”

When Yang grinned at Weiss, Weiss rolled her eyes - not because she was annoyed, but because that was clearly the response Yang wanted.  Yang’s laugh confirmed as much, and the playful banter put Weiss even more at ease.  The two of them hadn’t gotten along exceptionally well when they were children, but she could see the possibility of being friends now.  If she learned how to not be intimidated by Yang’s beauty, of course.

“Regardless, we appreciate the hospitality.”

“You’re still so formal,” Ruby responded with an adorable little giggle.  “I love that.”

Ordinarily, Weiss would argue that using a word like ‘hospitality’ didn’t make her formal, but she didn’t mind being called anything if it made Ruby giggle like that.

“She says stuff like that all the time,” Blake pointed out, and Ruby turned towards her with a big smile.

“Does she?”

“Oh yeah.  She never misses a chance to be super formal.”

“I always thought it was so cute,” Ruby said so plainly that Weiss’ blush returned yet again.  Thankfully, Ruby didn’t dwell on that thought for long.  Instead, she glanced at Blake before shifting Weiss’ bag on her shoulder.  “Are you guys ok with sharing a bed?  I figured you could stay in my room.”

“That’s fine,” Weiss answered after Blake shrugged.

“Ok, cool!  Follow me.”  

With a hop in her step, Ruby headed towards the doors on the far side of the living room.  After following Ruby through one of the doorways, Weiss suddenly found herself standing in Ruby’s bedroom, surrounded by all of Ruby’s belongings, looking at Ruby’s bed.  

“I just washed all the covers and stuff today, so it’s clean.”

Clean sheets were the last thought on Weiss’ mind at the moment, but she pushed the others aside to focus on the big picture.  The bed would be perfectly fine for her and Blake to share, but there wasn’t another space in the room for Ruby.  And, as far as she could tell, the apartment only had two bedrooms.

“Thank you, but...where will you sleep?”

“On the sofa.  And don’t worry,” Ruby added as soon as Weiss opened her mouth to protest.  “It’s actually really comfortable.”

Weiss wasn’t sure how she felt about forcing Ruby out of her bed, but Ruby seemed more than willing to make the sacrifice.

“Besides, this way you’ll have your own bathroom.”  After nodding towards the other door in the room, Ruby raised a hand when she somehow sensed Weiss’ incoming worry.  “And I’ll share with Yang!  Which is no big deal - we’ve had to share everything for basically our entire lives.”

“But if you don’t want to share,” Yang added, touching Blake’s elbow to draw her attention.  “You can sleep in my room, and I’ll wrestle Ruby for the sofa.”

Surprisingly, Ruby didn’t look put off by the prospect of sleeping...on the floor, it sounded like.  Instead, she and Yang both patiently waited for Blake’s response.

“I, um, think we’re fine for now.”  Blake’s gaze inevitably drifted back to Yang, who only needed Blake to look at her in order to smile.  “Thank you,” Blake added at the last second, and Yang’s smile grew.

“No problem.  If you change your mind, or if Weiss kicks you in her sleep or something, just let me know.  

When Yang grinned at the joke, Weiss rolled her eyes and shook her head.  Apparently, Yang hadn’t outgrown her propensity to tease.  But being teased by an eight-year-old versus a beautiful, mature young woman were two entirely different experiences.  One was annoying, the other was...somehow flattering.

But there was probably nothing more flattering than the way Ruby was looking at her right now, with a radiant smile and inexplicable adoration in her eyes.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” she said, swinging her arms back and forth as if she had energy to spare.  “After all these years, you’re actually here.  In my room.”

“It is...pretty remarkable...”

“Pretty amazing,” Ruby corrected, her eyes shining with delight.  “But now that you’re here, I kind of want to keep you up all night.”

Yang’s brow rose at the comment, and Weiss glanced at Blake to confirm she heard that correctly.

“I meant talking,” Ruby corrected before sharing a look and laugh with her sister.  “Talking.  Totally talking.”

“Maybe you can do that tomorrow.”  Winking at Weiss with the suggestion, Yang set a hand on Ruby’s shoulder.  “But they had a long day, remember?  We should let them get some sleep.  Or at least rest a little before keeping them up all night.”

“Right.  You’re right.”  

After chuckling at what was likely a joke, Ruby stepped forward and lightly grasped both of Weiss’ hands.  The touch alone sent Weiss’ heart racing, but the earnest look in Ruby’s eyes made something closer to longing swell in her chest.  

“I’m glad you’re here,” Ruby said quietly, sharing that look with Weiss for several long seconds before turning towards Blake.  “Both of you.”

“Alright Romeo.”  Shaking her head, Yang grabbed Ruby by the shoulders and pulled her towards the door.  “Save it for tomorrow.”

“Do you need anything though?” Ruby added while slowly backing away.  “Water?  Food?  Extra pillows?”  

When Weiss and Blake looked at each other and shook their heads, Ruby nodded.  

“If you think of anything, you can wake me up.  I’ll be right out there.”  After pointing towards the living room, she sent them one last grin.  “Seriously, anything at all,” she added before Yang pulled her out of the room. 

“We’ll see you guys tomorrow,” Yang added, ducking her head back inside to wink and pull the door closed.

Unsure of what to say or do with herself right now, Weiss just stood there and listened to Yang and Ruby’s muffled voices in the living room.  Now that she wasn’t being blinded by their beauty, she felt capable of functioning normally.  Or, at the very least, functioning in a way that let her process the last few minutes.

“What just happened?” she asked aloud, turning to Blake for an explanation of recent events.

“We just met your childhood friend and her sister...”

There was a lot more to it than that, but Blake didn’t get into it.  Weiss didn’t want to get into it either, but her mind refused to get out of it.  Reconnecting with friends after such a long time apart was supposed to be fun, possibly awkward, yet nostalgic.  Then again, most childhood friends didn’t grow up to look like what everyone closed their eyes and imagined their soulmate to look like.

“Should we get ready for bed?” she asked after trying and failing to shake those thoughts from her head.  Fortunately, Blake nodded and knelt on the floor to open her bag.

They were tired from a long day of work and travel.  At least, theoretically they were.  Weiss felt tired yet wired at the same time, but she went through the motions of getting ready for bed regardless.  In the meantime, her mind never stopped thinking about Ruby.

Ruby’s room offered endless hints and possibilities of the type of person she was now.  From the textbooks stacked on the desk to the posters on the walls - all women, Weiss noted - to the scores of little knick-knacks lying about...there were plenty of clues to build out this new, more mature version of Ruby.

Just yesterday, Weiss would have thought nothing of sleeping in Ruby’s bed.  Tonight, she tried to think nothing of it.  Even with the lights off, and even if she closed her eyes, she could smell Ruby.  Or she could smell Ruby’s laundry detergent, but that wouldn’t stop her from imagining that this was what Ruby smelled like.

“So...” Blake said after they laid there in silence for a few minutes.  “Will you judge me if I say I’m ridiculously attracted to Yang?”

“Of course not.  She is really pretty.”

“But you weren’t expecting Ruby to be anything like her.”

Even without looking, Weiss could hear Blake’s smile.  There was no point denying it either; Blake knew her too well to fall for such an obvious lie. 

“I wasn’t,” she admitted.  Thinking about the girl she just reconnected with, who might as well be a goddess in human form, she sighed.  “God, she’s hot…” 

How had Ruby gotten so attractive?  Not only did she look and dress amazing, but her personality - the way she talked, smiled, and offered such willing affection - everything about her came across as charming bordering on enticing.  And Weiss definitely felt enticed.

“You should’ve told her to keep you up all night.”

“Blake!” she exclaimed while Blake chuckled beside her.  “We just got here.”

“So?  I wouldn’t judge you.”

“You’re unbelievable...” Weiss grumbled, grateful that Blake couldn’t see her blush in the dark.  “We’re here to look at apartments,” she reminded Blake...and herself.

“We will.  But we can also see what else Vale has to offer, right?”

Even though Weiss shook her head, she didn’t argue.  Their primary reason for traveling here was to pick an apartment, but they also wanted to explore the city.  With their moving date just weeks away, they wanted to get a good feel for their new, temporary, home.  If reconnecting with Ruby and Yang was a part of that, then...they would already know two people once they moved.  And that wouldn’t be a bad thing.  That could be a very good thing, actually.

“Well this should be interesting…” she muttered, and Blake hummed in agreement before they drifted into silence.

This was, in a sense, Weiss’ fault.  She was the one who expected to see Ruby Rose, the clumsy kid who spent most of her time picking out bandaids for various scrapes and bruises.  What she hadn’t expected was that Ruby grew up, and grew up well.  No longer clumsy, no longer shy, no longer hiding in the shadows.  Very much beautiful.  Very much a mature young woman who looked very capable of...doing mature young woman things.

With a soft sigh, Weiss closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.  The sooner she fell asleep, the sooner she could wake up and see Ruby again.

That was a great incentive.