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It Took Us An Apocalypse

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The buzzing noise of the siren slowly faded into the background as he quickly scrambles to find the remote to the tv. After what seemed like an eternity, Jimin finds the channel to the news and the air is knocked out of his lungs when he reads “The END is here, the apocalypse has started.” He shakes his head as new information continues to ramble from the Tv, explaining how the government has kept zombies a secret until a freak accident happened and the zombies infected everyone in that facility which happened to be located in South Korea. Images of zombies attacking people and running around sends chills down his spine and a sob slowly escapes the back of his throat. Jimin takes his phone out from his pocket and dials his mother’s number trying to push down the negative feeling in his gut. After he hears the voicemail, he starts to dial his father’s number until he looks up to the tv and finally surrenders to the tears threatening to spill from his eyes. In big bold letters the screen reports that Busan was one the first cities to be attacked and most but all contact with them had been lost. 


Jimin slowly backed into the corner of the living room and crouched down to his knees as he mourned the loss of his family. He couldn’t believe anything that was happening and after 30 minutes of the news drowning the sounds of his broken sobs, he got up and checked his kitchen and cabinets for foods and drinks. Seeing how mostly everything was full because he stacked up on snacks and food yesterday made him feel almost thankful for the tight schedule he puts himself on. Next he went to his room and went through his closet to search for the machete his dad bought him when Jimin had decided to move to Seoul to attend the most prestigious dance school. His dad was a little old school and Jimin being his only son made him feel the need to provide the most protection he could being 200 miles away. So his dad bought him a custom purple and silver machete that had a message on the handle which said “You’re stronger than you think, my precious son~ we love you, mom and dad.” Jimin lightly brushed the indention on the words and he started to cry again but this time he cried for all the victims of the families who died just like Jimin’s family. 


Brushing off the dust from his jeans, he set the machete on his bed and quickly ran to the kitchen where he gathered all of his knives he had, no matter the shape or size of it. When he was done with that he continued to look for all 7 scissors he had whenever he did crafting, and placed it on his bed. Looking at the array of “weapons” on his bed, he placed the machete at his desk by his bed, his biggest knife was at the entrance of his apartment, then 2 of his smallest knives were placed on both sides of his couch and slowly but surely Jimin’s apartment was filled with sharp objects placed for quick access just in case something were to happen. Next Jimin went to his closet and packed clothes that were comfortable, easy to put on and warm so if he had to leave he could easily grab the bag and go. The sky slowly got dark and worry started to fill Jimin’s stomach, he couldn’t fall asleep if he tried so he decided to pack another bag of essentials such as a first aid kit, some flashlights, batteries, a map, mask, gloves, more bandages and a photo album to remind him of his family and life before everything was going to change for him. Jimin was sitting on his bed looking out the window where if he squints just a little bit, he could see fire in the distance and he shivers at the thought of how close it could be to him. Then a knock on the door stiffens his whole body and immediately he puts his hand over his pounding heart as if it was going to calm it. Getting up slowly Jimin carefully walks on his toes to the living room where everything is dark except the light that is by the front door. Jimin grabs the knife by the counter and tries to calm his shaky hands until another knock makes him almost drop his knife. He finally looks through the eye hole expecting to see a zombie but when he sees the person on the other side of the door, he hastily opens the door, drops his knife on the counter and immediately engulfs that person in a hug.


“Ms.Choi, thank god you’re okay.” he mumbles into her shoulder.


She replies, “Oh my sweet Jimin you have no idea what it means to me to see you’re okay.”


Jimin lets her go and sees that Namjoon and Jungkook are with her. Looking around he quickly ushers them in and locks the door behind them and puts the coffee table back to where it was in front of it. When Jimin looks back he turns on the light in the corner and goes down to hug Namjoon where he opens his arms sleepily. 


“Aigoo, Namjoonie. Are you tired, baby?” Jimin said as he caressed his back.


Namjoon just nodded his head and Jimin looked up to where Ms.Choi was holding back her tears. 


“Let’s go to the couch and sit,” he said while picking up Namjoon and leading Ms.Choi who was carrying baby Jungkook in her sling. 


After a minute of silence Jimin looked up and broke it by saying, “I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t believe this is our life now. I..I..I think my parents are dead and everything hurts.”


Jimin feels a tear slip past his cheeks and he lets it drop as he caresses Namjoon’s hair who is holding onto him as he sits back on the couch.


“I saw the news about that Jimin and I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through, I actually was on my way home but my neighbor called me saying that it wasn’t safe to come back but I had to so I did. But the sight I was met with was so horrifying, there was so much blood so I quickly grabbed the boys’ clothes and some of mine and the quick essentials before I went to pick up the boys from their daycare,” Ms.Choi said as she tried to wipe the tears coming down.


“I felt like a maniac as I checked in and it seemed like they understood because even they were panicking. I didn’t know where to go or where it was safe so I thought I could go to my sister’s house but she wasn’t answering her phone and that’s when I knew but of course I had to be sure so I drove to her house but I couldn’t even leave my car because all I had to do was look out the window and see,” she paused to catch her breath, “so the only person I could trust was you Jimin. I mean you’re my favorite student which I have had the pleasure of teaching and you always come over to watch the boys so I just knew you were my only option, I mean the boys love you as if you were their parent.”


Her voice cracked at the end so Jimin carefully placed Namjoon on the couch and went to the kitchen and grabbed some water to give to Ms.Choi who graciously took it. Jimin waited for a minute and he took in the words that were just said to him. It’s true that Ms.Choi is one of the only people in Seoul that Jimin cares for and he doesn’t even need to think about Namjoon and Jungkook to know about his love for them, heck, he was even there for the whole pregnancy of Jungkook and before that he was there for Namjoon’s 2nd,3rd,and 4th birthdays. 


“Ms.Choi, you know you are always welcome to stay here with the boys’, I could use the company plus I have enough food for us and a spare room for you guys to use. Please don’t feel bad for asking me about this, I mean we have to stick together now and we have known each other for almost 4 years so it’s safe to say that I will always be here for you guys. When I first came here it was just you and Joonie and you guys welcomed me to your home for the first year and a half so I’m more than happy to have you here,” he said while getting up to give her a hug. 


Ms.Choi chuckled and silently returned the hug while kissing Jimin’s forehead to show her gratitude. 


“Let me help you get settled and then you can sleep with the boys. Don’t worry about anything else, I’ll be up the whole time and if you need anything just text me, okay? I’ll just be outside this door.” Jimin said as he picked up Namjoon and walked to the room that was on the other side of his apartment. 


Ms.Choi hummed in agreement because she was too tired to protest. After 15 minutes of making sure they were okay, Jimin closed the door and released a sigh of relief. He couldn't believe that his dance teacher and the kids were alive and okay, it gave him a little peace of hope in this chaos that was happening. 

When the tiniest bit of light showed, Jimin looked towards the clock and saw that it was 6:48 a.m. A yawn escaped his mouth and instead of admitting defeat to sleep, he got up and made a fresh pot of coffee to keep him awake. About 2 hours later, Ms.Choi opened the door and the first thing she saw was Jimin barely trying to keep his eyes open as he looked out the window/balcony. 


“Hey Jimin, you can go to sleep now, I’m awake so it’s okay now” she said while patting his hair back.


Jimin leaned into her touch and almost cried at how the touch was similar to his mom’s. 


“Okay, but I have to tell you that I basically turn this place into a non-children zone,” he paused when he saw Ms.Choi’s confused face, “what I mean is that, I put a lot of sharp objects around the house just in case something happened. Here I’ll show you all the areas where I put them.”


She nodded in understanding and followed him around the house. When Jimin got to the kitchen he made sure to mention that the food was free for her to use and to also keep the noise at low level just to be on the safe side. 


After the whole tour Jimin laid on his bed and with a flutter of his eyes, he was out just like that. 


~2 weeks later~


“Jimin! Jimin! Jimin wake up!,” Ms. Choi said as she shook Jimin as he was sleeping but the screams and sweat that was coming from him made it seem like he was in a nightmare.


Jimin sprung up and looked around to see Ms.Choi rubbing her forehead and immediately he knew that he was being loud again and that it was a dangerous level of noise. The blood and cries from his parents fill his eyes again so he forces himself to open his eyes and rubs the sleep out of them. Ms.Choi just smiles at him in pity because she knows that Jimin’s been having nightmares about his parents ever since the morning that he went to sleep. With nothing else to do he gets up and heads to the bathroom to start his day while Ms.Choi went back to the kitchen to finish lunch. The hot water that eases the first layer of muscle makes Jimin want to close his eyes and believe that he’s home with his parents and that they are waiting for him downstairs but he knows better so he quickly washes his hair and body with an organic vanilla scent wash. When he gets out of the shower, he inspects his body and sees that his stomach is still tone but not as before because he hasn’t been dancing since the day before the news broke out. Jimin quickly puts on his shirt and jeans while he brushes his teeth and hair which is starting to get healthy again because it hasn’t been bothered with hairspray, dye or heat in a while. Just as he opened the door to the living room, Namjoon launches himself onto Jimin’s body and looks up at him with the smile that shows his cute dimples while he greets Jimin with a ‘good morning.’ 


“Hi Joonie, have you been waiting for me to get up?” Jimin said.


“Yes, I have. Joonie wanted hyung to get a lot of sleep so he can play with me and Kookie,” he said while grabbing Jimin’s hand to lead him towards the couch. 


“Really? Well, thank you Joonie, hyung appreciates that a lot. Let’s go get Kookie and play okay?” Jimin said while kissing both of Namjoon’s cheeks.


Jimin waved to Ms.Choi who was cooking and went into the kitchen to see Jungkook in the playpen that Jimin had bought for the days when they would sleep over. He picked up Jungkook and sat with him on the floor while Namjoon was setting up the gameboard that they have been playing with for the past few days.


After lunch Ms.Choi and Jimin both put Jungkook and Namjoon down for their nap while they took the time to clean up and talk about their plan for the course of the next few days because although they had some more food for like 5 more days, they knew that it would be a matter of time before they would run out and Jungkook was also in need of more diapers.


“Why don’t we ask the groupchat,” Jimin said.


“That’s a great idea,” Ms.Choi said as she took out her phone.


After the first day, Jimin and Ms.Choi decided to send out a text to everyone they know to check in with them and get progress reports. Now they have this moderate-size group chat and they all check in with each other at specific times of the day. Besides Ms. Choi, Hoseok was someone who Jimin would consider a close friend because not only were they dance partners but sometimes Hoseok would babysit Ms.Choi’s kids with him so when he found out he was okay, Jimin was beyond happy and grateful. It turns out he’s safe with his boyfriend Yoongi, who’s someone Jimin has met many times after performances, and some guy that is a childhood friend of Yoongi and a little boy who has lost his parents which made Jimin sad for him. But Hoseok assured him that the little boy was okay now because he feels safe with the childhood friend, Taehyung.


“I got a text from Jayeon saying they have some extra diapers and that they are willing to meet but only if we go to them,” Ms.Choi said, interrupting Jimin’s thoughts of the poor boy.


“Okay, just give me a few minutes to get ready and then you can send me the coordinates,” he said as he got up.


“Jimin,” she said sternly, “this is the fourth time you have gone out by yourself. I thought we agreed to take turns, it’s not right for me to sit back and watch you endanger yourself every time. I’m going this time okay.”


“Ms.Choi, it’s okay I can do it. It would be easier if I just go all  the time, I mean I’m quicker and stronger than you, and don’t try to disagree with me because it’s no use, I mean you literally gave birth 5 months ago to Jungkookie,” he said while rubbing his face.


“Okay then, just go change and I’ll text you the coordinates then,” she said as she sat in defeat.


“Don’t be mad, Ms.Choi, you know I do this to take care of you guys, okay? I’ll see you in 10 minutes,” Jimin said as he pecked Ms.Choi’s cheeks and skipped to his room to change into more thicker clothes and his combat boots.


While he was adding his knives to his belt, he checked his phone for the notification and saw the text. Jimin then searched around for his machete and while he was looking for it he felt a sour feeling in his stomach. Thinking that Ms.Choi took it and left, Jimin quickly ran out the door and when he saw no one, he felt his world turn upside down. He was heading towards their room until a bright reflection blocked his eye and he saw his machete on the floor when he finally remembered that he was sharpening it earlier. A sigh of relief went out of his mouth and he knocked on the door before opening it to tell Ms.Choi he was leaving. But when he opened it there was no adult, just the boys sleeping next to each other. Jimin quickly turned around and scanned the extra bathroom to see that it was empty. Heading towards the kitchen, Jimin found a note on the fridge that read, I’m sorry Jimin but if something were to happen to you, I would never forgive myself. It’s only fair that I go this time and I don’t want you to blame yourself if something were to happen, take care of the boys and I’ll be back soon. Xoxo Ms.Choi


Jimin fell to his knees and couldn’t believe what he was reading. He looked down at the note again and sighed. He brought out his phone to text the Hoseok what happened and as soon as he got it, he got a call coming in.


Hey, Jimin did I read that right? -H


Yeah, gosh, I’m so stupid Hobi hyung. I mean I should have guessed she was going to leave but everything seemed so normal. -J


Jimin, you can’t blame yourself, Ms.Choi went on her own, okay? Plus it’s going to be okay, I mean she has a gun so she can protect herself. -H


I know but she shouldn’t have to. I mean she’s 40 years old with a 4 year old and a 5 month old, I should be doing it not her. -J


I know, I know but let’s just hope she comes back and plus we have Jayeon to text us as well. So let’s not worry unless we have to, okay, I’ll call you in a bit. -H


Okay you’re right, thanks hyung. Talk to you later -J


The call ends and not even a minute later Jimin receives a text message from Hoseok that says, “hey, Jimin. You got me okay, I love you.” 


Jimin just smiles and texts him, “I know and you have me too, I love you too.”


After 30 minutes pass by Jimin starts to worry and he prays silently for Namjoon and Jungkook to keep on sleeping until he knows the situation. Getting hot, he goes back to his room and changes into a light pink t-shirt and some loose black pants. When the clock reaches 4, Jimin sends out the text message for everyone to send in the code words and a message of how they’re doing currently. While he’s checking off the list in a notebook of everyone’s message and attendance, his heart drops when no messages have come back from Jiyeon or Ms.Choi. Not trying to panic, he sends a quick message to Hobi and tries to call Jiyeon. After the fourth failed call, Jimin begins to cry silently while he sends a quick prayer to anyone that can help him right now. And just like that his phone starts ringing and he scrambles, to the end of the couch where he threw his phone out of frustration, to answer it. The caller ID says Jiyeon and Jimin’s heart begins to beat fast out of anticipation.


Hello, Jiyeon noona are you okay? Is Ms.Choi with you? -J


Jimin, Jimin, oh my god, it’s horrible, everyone is gone. -MC


Ms.Choi? Why do you have Jiyeon’s phone and what do you mean by ‘everyone is gone’? Please tell me you’re lying and please tell me you’re on your way back. -J


A minute of silence goes by and Jimin knows that Ms.Choi wasn’t calling to check in but to tell him goodbye.


I’m stuck in a closet, Jimin and I’ve been bit. When I arrived everything seemed normal but it all happened so fast. Next thing I know, Jiyeon and I are stuck in a corner surrounded by zombies and we tried so hard but in the end Jiyeon pushed me in the closet and while she did that I saw a zombie coming up from behind her and I couldn’t leave her to die. So I shot it with my gun and when there was no one left we hugged until I noticed Jiyeon was shaking. That’s when I knew and I told her that I forgave her while she kept apologizing. Then she bit me before it was too late to move and even if I wanted to I couldn’t kill her so now I’m waiting to turn. -MC


Jimin slides down to the floor and shakes his head.


Ms.Choi you know it’s not okay to lie and joke in a situation like this so please and I mean pleaseee tell me you’re okay and that you’re behind the front door like you’re supposed to be. -J


Aww my Jiminie, you were always so hopeful whenever things started to turn bad. I remember after your first performance you were hoping that maybe no one saw your slip up and let me tell you Jimin, no one did because you were so radiant that night. Thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for staying with me until the end and thank you for watching over the boys like they were your own. When they wake up I need you to tell them that I love them more than anything else in the world and that I will always be watching them from the sky and stars. But Jimin I need you to promise me something okay because I don’t think I have much time. -MC


Jimin clears his throat and wipes the tears away from his face.


You can ask me for anything Ms.Choi, it’s the least I can do for everything you have done for me. -J


She takes a deep breath before continuing.


I need you to promise me that you will do everything in your power to protect Joonie and Kookie. I know how much you love them and how much they love you so I’m trusting you to care, love, protect and be there for them. I want you to promise me that you will be the best parent for them because you’re all they have now. -MC


I promise you Ms.Choi that I will never let them forget you. Pleaseee just stay on a little longer. I’m not ready yet, I’m not ready to be alone again. -J


But Jimin you will never be alone, just look to the stars and remember your parents and I will always be there watching you. Love is a funny thing, you never know when it comes and I just know you have so much love to give. Take care my sweet Jiminie… -MC


Ms.Choi! Ms.Choi! Ms.Choi hello. Hellooo...c’mon not yet, please. -J


Static came through the phone and after a few seconds, Jimin heard low growls and incoherent sounds from the other side and immediately he ended the phone call and went to the sink to throw up whatever he ate for lunch.


He wanted to scream at the world for being so unfair to him however before he could begin his meltdown, the bedroom door opened and Jimin could see the soft brown head of hair making his way to the kitchen.


“Hi baby, did you just wake up? Look at your cheeks so full and cute from your nap. Let’s go wake up Jungkookie and we can watch any movie you want to watch,” he said while grabbing Namjoon’s hands.


“But hyung, movie is too loud.” Namjoon said, rubbing his eyes.


“Yeah but tonight is special because we are celebrating a life and love that was bigger than the whole galaxy,” Jimin said, tearing up just a bit.


“Wow that’s a lot of love,” Namjoon whispered.


Jimin just smiled and walked quietly to where Jungkook was sleeping in the middle of the bed. Jimin gasped at how tiny he looked and brought his eyes to Namjoon telling him to stay there while he climbed over the bed and rubbed Jungkook’s back while moving his hair back to uncover his face.


“My little bunny, let’s wake up now,” Jimin cooed.


Jungkook whined a little bit but when he saw Jimin and his big brother, he became happy and all smiley. Jimin picked up Jungkook and the pink blanket that was wrapped around him just in case it got cold. When they entered the living room Jimin gave the remote to Namjoon and he ended up picking Princess and the Frog for the movie. Then Jimin walked to the kitchen to prepare dinner and every few minutes he leaned over the counter to check on the kids. After 30 minutes, Jimin placed their dinner on the table and paused the movie so they can eat dinner. While Namjoon crawled up the chair, Jimin picked up Jungkook giving him his bottle where he cradled him in his arms while sitting down as well.


“Hyung, where’s mommy, shouldn’t she eat dinner with us?” Namjoon said as he curled his chopsticks around the spaghetti.


Everything in Jimin stopped and he forced himself not to cry because he knew that this is where he is supposed to keep his promise.


“Joonie baby, come here, I need to tell you something,’ Jimin said opening his right arm for Namjoon to come in and sit on his lap.


“You see, mommy had to go somewhere really important. But this place your mommy is in is really far away and..and I’m afraid she’s not coming back,” he said while rubbing Namjoon’s back.


“Mommy’s not coming back,” Namjoon said while his eyes became watery, “does she not love me and Kookie anymore?”


“Oh no baby, she loves you so much she even told me herself, it’s just that she had a type of love that was bigger than the whole galaxy and this type of love has to be shared with everyone. Remember when I told you earlier that we were celebrating a life and love that was bigger than the whole galaxy?” Jimin said as he caressed Namjoon’s tear-stricken face.


“Yeah, I remember. I told you that it was a lot of love to have,” he said in a pout.


“Yeah well I was talking about your mommy, Joonie. Her love was so huge and she really wanted to come back home to be with you and Kookie but a lot of people needed her love. Don’t you think it’s a beautiful thing that she did that?” Jimin whispered into his ears.


“Yeah, it’s beautiful. But I miss her hyung. What’s going to happen with me and Kookie? Are we going to go away?” he said while looking at Jungkook.


“No baby, I promised your mommy that I would take care of you and Kookie so trust me when I say that I’m never going to allow anyone to take my babies away,”Jimin muttered into Namjoon’s shoulder.


“Promise me then,” he said while bringing up his pinky, “promise me that you will always be with us hyung.”


“I promise, Joonie, with all my heart,” Jimin said connecting his pinky to Namjoon’s tiny one.


“Before your mommy left, she told me that if you ever miss her all you need to do is look up to the sky and stars and talk to her and she’ll be there in spirit,” he said while looking into Namjoon’s eyes.


Namjoon nodded his head and hugged Jimin real tight because he was happy that his hyung was with him. After dinner was complete, Jimin cuddled with Namjoon and held Jungkook to his chest as they finished the rest of the movie. Even though his body wanted nothing else but to surrender to comfort, there was tension hanging from the distance of his hand and the hidden knife that was underneath the cushion. The credits rolled upon the screen and Jimin looked down to see Namjoon laying his head on his lap while Jungkook was curled against his chest looking so small and fragile that Jimin wanted to cry again because the weight of Ms.Choi’s words were hitting him. He looked down once again and this time he looked down not at Namjoon and Jungkook but at his kids who he will love forever.