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The Child and the Savior

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Long ago, There lived a kingdom that was under constant threat and terror.

The People faced dangers that haunted them from the brightest days to their deep slumber.

Seeking answers, a family of scholars were asked to grant a solution to the turmoil that plagued them.

Their response was to craft an all-seeing savior that would guide the world.

This savior would have power over legions at his command.

Power to build cities and the greatest weapons

Power to strike down from the heavens above.

This savior would shield the world and become a symbol.

A symbol of peace and security for all in the kingdom.

But, the Kingdom began to undergo a rapid evolution.

People with gifts began to rise all over.

Heroes began to rise, with people looking to them for hope and security.

The Scholar's Savior began to vanish into shadow.

With the Kingdom's leaders turning their back on the scholars and their savior.

Eventually the scholars fell

And the Savior was cast into the deep slumber with nary a name to put to the pages of history.

One day, the Savior was roused from his slumber.

His mighty gaze laid upon the form of a child, bearing the scars of a harsh society

He had sought to return a treasure belonging to the Savior .

This child was born with a lesser gift, but was viewed as with none.

He was a victim of torment, bullied and harassed for his dream.

To stand as tall as the titans he admired.

To become a noble hero.

The Savior was prepared to walk a long and winding road.

And the child was born with a gift to speak with those of code.

The Savior offered the child an outstretched hand.

Offering to guide the child to the platform where he would stand.